Top Convertible Strollers Side-by-Side Comparison


Convertible strollers can be used in a single or double mode. If you are having your first child and planning on having a second one in the next three years, buying a convertible stroller can save you a lot of money.

You can use it as a single with the first child and convert it into a double by adding a 2nd seat. Once the first child gets older and doesn’t need a stroller anymore, you can remove the 2nd seat converting it into a single stroller again. Very convenient!

Keep in mind, that convertible strollers weigh a few pounds more in a single mode because the base of the stroller needs to be larger and heavier to be able to hold two fully loaded seats. That being said, I wouldn’t buy a convertible stroller if you are not sure about the second child. Now, if you are having twins, you definitely need one.

A few words about double strollers: I personally like inline strollers more than side-by-side models, because it’s much easier to maneuver at the store, mall, doctor’s office, or busy city street. It also has more seating combinations than a regular side-by-side stroller.

The most popular convertible strollers on today’s market are Uppababy Vista 2015, Bay Jogger City Select, and Britax B-Ready. Let’s take a look at them side-by-side!

 Uppababy Vista Baby Jogger
City Select
Britax B-Ready
Image convertible-strollers1 convertible-strollers3 convertible-strollers2
 Stroller weightSingle: 27 lbs
Double: 34 lbs
 Single: 28 lbs
Double: 34 lbs
 Single: 27 lbs
Double: 36 lbs
 Weight limit
(main seat)
50 lbs 45 lbs 55 lbs
Seat from
(main seat)
3 months6 months6 months
 Canopy sizeHuge Large Large
 Canopy height21″ 24″ 24″
 Handlebar height39″-42″ 38″ – 41″ 33″-44″
Handlebar typeTelescopingTelescopingUp/Down
 Recline LeverLeverLever
 Adjustable leg rest YesYesYes
Basket size HugeHugeHuge
Wheel size 8″ and 11″ 8″ and 12″ 8″ and 11″
Suspension All-wheel Front-wheel All-wheel
Brakes Foot
 Hand brake Foot (not
Fold size26.5″W x 14″H x 33″L 26″W x 12.5″H x 42″L 26.5″W x 16″H x 30″L
Automatic lock Yes No/Manual Yes
Travel system-Uppaaby Mesa

-Graco Classic Connect (NOT Click Connect)

– Chicco KeyFit 22 & 30
 -Second seat low weight limit of just 35 lbs
-Less leg room in double mode because the handlebar does not telescope
-Britax/BOB B-Safe and Chaperone  

-Chicco KeyFit & KeyFit 30

-Graco SnugRide 32 & 35 Classic Connect (NOT the Click Connect)
-Peg Perego Primo Viaggio (not the 4-35 model)
Bassinet Yes Yes Yes
Second seat weight limit 35 lbs45 lbs35 lbs
Second seat from3 months6 months6 months
Second seat recline 5 positions 4 positions 3 positions
Second seat canopy Yes Yes Yes
Seating combinations 8 combinations 16 combinations 14 combinations
Second seat fold -No automatic lock
-Seat material a little scratchy
-Front heavy because 2nd seat attaches to the front of the stroller
-Needs adapter for use with car seat
-Folds only with the main seat facing forward
-No accessories included
Remove second
Folds with 2nd
seat attached
Accessories includedbassinet, bug net, rain shield, bassinet bug netnonecup holder, bumper bar
Pros Remove the second seat -Good price
-High weight limit for both seats
-More car seat options
-Has 16 seat combinations
-Remove the second seat
Cons -Second seat low weight limit of just 35 lbs
-Has only 1 combination for a newborn and an older toddler (who is over 35 lbs)
-High price
-Front heavy because 2nd seat attaches to the front of the stroller
 -No automatic lock
-Seat material a little scratchy
-Front heavy because 2nd seat attaches to the front of the stroller
-Needs adapter for using with car seat
-Folds only with the main seat facing forward
-No accessories included
 -Good price
-Folds with 2nd seat attached
-No adapter is needed for Britax/BOB B-Safe and Chaperone
Price $820 – $860 $360 – $499 $360 – $400
My review My review» My review» My review»

Uppababy Vista


As you know Vista got recently upgraded. The main upgrade was the second seat. Now, it’s a full-size seat that has a recline and a nice canopy. That upgrade added extra weight to Vista pushing it into a convertible stroller category.

It does cost more than B-Ready and City Select but does come with a beautiful matching bassinet. What I like about Vista is the design of the frame and the seat. The canopy is huge and the telescoping handlebar leaves a lot of legroom in double mode. Also, the all-wheel suspension makes the ride very smooth.

What I don’t like is that you need to buy separate adapters for different seat combinations. Also, there is only 1 seat combination that you can use if you have a newborn and an older toddler that is over 35 lbs, because the second seat weight limit is 35 lbs your older child has to be in the main seat.

This leaves no room for a newborn that has to be in the front of the bassinet. You can NOT have your newborn in a car seat with a toddler in the main seat. Something to keep in mind.

Since you attached the 2nd seat to the front of the stroller, it makes it pretty front-heavy. When folding you will need to remove the 2nd seat, unlike Britax B-ready where you can fold with both seats attached.


I think that Vista is of amazing quality and will last you for years. I also like the quality and style of the Vista bassinet more than the other two. Together with the Mesa car seat, it’s a beautiful and safe package for your little one.

It retails for around $860. If the seat combinations work for your kids and the price is not an issue, I would get Vista over B-Ready and City Select. Here is my full review»

Britax B-Ready


Britax B-Ready has a lot of luxury features without a luxury price. The frame design is surprisingly very similar to Vista.  It has a large canopy with a magnetic closure, an easy-to-access large basket, never-flat tires, and an adjustable leg rest.

I really like that you can use it with a Britax car seat without any adapters. This saves you money and time. While it does not come with a bassinet, you can purchase one separately. It has 14 seat combinations! Another thing that saves time is that you can fold it with both seats attached.


As perfect as B-Ready might sound, there are some drawbacks. Because in B-Ready you attach the 2nd seat to the back of the stroller and the handlebar goes up and down instead of telescoping out like in City Select and Vista, there might be not enough legroom for a tall parent.

Also, the 2nd seat just like in Vista has a weight limit of 35 lbs. For an older child, you can get a stroller board that easily attaches to the stroller.

Overall, I really like this model. It looks almost like Vista but costs half of the price. It retails for around $400. The pluses definitely outweigh the minuses. For a $400 difference, I think you can get used to making shorter strides and keeping your handlebar a little lower. LOL. Here is my full review»

Baby Jogger City Select


Just like B-Ready, City Select is full of great features but has a reasonable price. It weighs 28 lbs in a single mode which is heavy if you compare it to a regular stroller, but is an average for a convertible model. 

It has a large canopy with a magnetic closure, a large basket, forever-air tires, a telescoping handlebar, a hand brake, and an adjustable leg rest. As you can see it’s very similar to the B-Ready model.


The 2nd seat has a weight limit of 45 lbs which is more than on B-Ready and Vista, and it attaches to the front of the stroller. This 2nd seat position makes the stroller more front-heavy but leaves a lot more legroom.

City Select has 16 seat combinations!  You can also turn it into a pram or use it as a travel system with a car seat. Thankfully, there is a long list of popular car seats that work with City Select.

Let’s talk about cons. While it works with a wide range of car seats, you will need to get an adapter because there are no car seats that click right into the frame. When folding the stroller, you will need to remove the 2nd seat completely and make sure the front seat is facing forward. There is also no automatic lock so you have to lock it manually.

Also, there are no accessories included! If you want to get a cup holder or bumper bar, you will need to purchase it separately.

The bumper bar costs $30 and the cup holder is $25. The price for the car seat adapter ranges from $25 – $69 depending on the car seat. It retails for around $400. You get the math… Here is my full review»

Final thoughts

In the end, all three strollers are so similar it really comes to small details. I can’t say that one stroller is much better than the other. If price was not an issue, I would probably pick Vista 2015 because I just like the frame design, the seat colors, and the quality of the seat material a little more.

Now, if you have twins, City Select is your only choice because both seats have a higher 45 lbs weight limit. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the 2nd seat once your child is over 35 lbs (which might be 3-year-old).

My daughter Sophia is 3.2 right now weighing 35 lbs and she still needs a stroller if we go for a walk at the park or to the mall. This energizer bunny can run for hours, but once we walk away from the car far enough it’s like there is a spell that makes her little legs very tired. I don’t work out enough to carry 35 lbs child across the mall. So, I ALWAYS take a stroller with me.

My husband the other day when we went to the park with a big beautiful lake said that we don’t need a stroller and he can carry her if she gets tired. Guess who was laughing 30 min later when he had to carry her around the lake for 30 min? Ha!

I didn’t want to say I told you so, but I just couldn’t help myself. I noticed that Sophia is 10 times worse around Daddy.

I mean toddler tantrums are nothing new, but they intensify around him because she knows I am just going to walk away leaving her on the floor, but not Daddy! Daddy has a super low tolerance for crying children, so she always gets it her way.

I have one solution for a screaming toddler – BRING A STROLLER WITH YOU! It takes only a few minutes to strap your child in and wheel them out to the car, where you can transport them into a car seat and close the door giving yourself a minute of silence.

I am sure at that moment you fantasize about walking back to the mall leaving your screaming child in the car. Oh, dreams…

Anyway, if you still have a hard time choosing the right stroller for you, drop me a note in the comment box below and I will try my best to help you! Remember, this is not the end of the world. Our parents had horrible strollers and we turned out to be just fine :)

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  1. Thanks for the direct Vista and city Select comparison. I know they are both front heavy when used as a double. Is one easier than the other to maneuver?

  2. Hello Katrin thank you for the great review. My son will be 18 months when our second boy will be born. He is currently 14 months and weighs 28 pounds already and is pretty tall. I first had my eye on the City Select but when I finally tried it I realized how it would be impossible to maneuver with 3 heavy weight boys (I live downtown, there are a lot of hills and small sidewalks… And it snows 5 months out of I also need good wheels ).

    I’m hesitating between the Britax B-ready, which seems much easier to maneuver (and less expensive) and the uppababy vista. Where I live I can only see the models in single mode so it’s hard too see how they would handle with 2 kids. Also my husband has concerns about the Britax second seat being at the back and so low.
    I would love your advice! (We had also considered the bugaboo donkey… But I’m concerned my kids would outgrow it fast)
    Thank you!

  3. Similar situation except my son is 18 months and only 19 lbs! He will be 2 when his sister comes. I need to be able to curb pop. We live in LA with hills and bad sidewalks. Often no handicap ramp.

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