Top 10 Best Selling Lightweight Umbrella Strollers for 2014


Lightweight umbrella strollers are the most used type of strollers among parents. When your child is young, you need a lot of different features to keep him safe and comfortable.

You are also stuck carrying a huge diaper bag with everything in the world in it. As the kids get older, they become more and more active and need less stuff.

Most of the time my 2-year-old doesn’t even want to sit in the stroller, so I take it with me just in case she wants to take a nap or needs a diaper change.

So, why do parents love umbrella strollers so much? Well, the lightweight umbrella stroller makes it easier to take it in and out of the car. The compact fold allows you to fit more stuff in your trunk. Also, it’s great for public transit. The small footprint lets you navigate in tight spaces like narrow store aisles, elevators, parking lots, and doctor’s offices with ease.

While there are a lot of pros, there are also some cons. Because of the compact fold, most umbrella strollers have small hard-to-access baskets, so don’t plan on going grocery shopping with it.

The canopies are not as big as on full-size models. There are usually two handlebars that are non-adjustable. A deep recline is not always an option. Also, many don’t have very good seat padding.

Despite the disadvantages above, umbrella strollers are the most convenient type of strollers for traveling, running errands around town, going to theme parks, and public transit. Wondering what umbrella strollers parents buy the most? Here is the list of the top 10 best-selling umbrella strollers that parents absolutely love.

1. Maclaren Techno TX – $349


Maclaren is known for its top-of-the-line umbrella strollers that will last you for many years and many kids. They are almost indestructible! The durable lightweight frame and folding mechanism can withstand a lot of use and abuse. While being lightweight and compact, they also have a lot of features of a full-size stroller.

If you visit NY, you will see Maclarens everywhere you go. The Techno TX  is one of the most popular models because of the deep recline suitable for a newborn, a HUGE canopy, an adjustable leg rest, an all-wheel suspension, a good size basket (for an umbrella stroller), storage pockets, easy compact fold, and a 5-point harness.

Do you have a tall child? Not a problem. Techno TX has an adjustable canopy that goes up the frame giving your child up to 30″ headroom. This is super high compared to all other strollers.

Taller and shorter parents will love the adjustable handlebars which is not often found on umbrella models. They go from 42″ up to 44″ from the ground. Maneuverability is outstanding! When your child is younger you can even push it with one hand.

The roomy seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. All this goodness weighs only 16 lbs, which is an average weight for a stroller with so many features. It does NOT take an infant car seat.

I absolutely love Maclarens because it’s a very sturdy stroller that will last you for a long time. I know many parents who were able to use it with multiple kids. It’s not one of those cheap umbrella strollers that will break after one trip to visit grandparents. Speaking about the price, it’s definitely not cheap.

The Techno XT model retails for around $349 which is a lot especially if this is your second or third stroller. Although it’s expensive, I still think it’s totally worth it. 

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2. Baby Jogger Vue – $200


Baby Jogger created a huge buzz right after the release of a new Vue model. The Vue is becoming more and more popular because of its reversible seat which is very unusual for an umbrella stroller.

The innovative design allows you to reverse the seat without taking it out. All you need to do is push the back of the seat forward and it’s done! The HUGE reversible canopy is also very easy to switch when you switch modes.

Another important feature of Vue is that it takes an infant car seat which not many umbrella strollers can do. This can be the ONLY stroller you buy. Because of the deep almost flat recline, you can even put a newborn right into the seat.

The high seat weight limit of 55 lbs should last you till high school. LOL. It also features an adjustable leg rest, tall handlebars, an adjustable 5-point harness, and a compact easy fold.

It has a typical umbrella fold that makes it a compact package. There is a carry handle for easy transportation. This baby weighs 17.5 lbs which is about average for the full-featured umbrella stroller. It’s probably NOT your over-the-shoulder kind of stroller unless, of course, you have a very big and strong shoulder. It comes with a cup holder.

The basket is very small and hard to access, but there is an additional storage place in the back in the forward-facing mode. I gave Vue my top rating of 5 out of 5 stars because I think it has EVERYTHING parents want in the umbrella stroller like deep recline, reversible roomy seat, travel system option, huge canopy, compact easy fold, lightweight, and affordable price.

It retails for around $200, which is a very reasonable price for such a great stroller. 

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3. Chicco Liteway – $139


Chicco created a serious competition for Maclaren by releasing the Chicco Liteway umbrella stroller. The Liteway model has been named the number one lightweight stroller by many websites because of the combination of its features and value.

While it is super affordable retailing for only $139.99, it also has a lot of great features that parents want like deep recline, adjustable leg rest, rear-wheel suspension, medium size canopy, medium size basket, and 5-point harness.

The one-hand lever recline is very deep making it suitable for a newborn. The roomy seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 40 lbs. I think that deep recline is always a big plus: it makes the naps and diaper changes much more comfortable.

The seat has a hide-away boot which offers cold weather protection during winter. The fold is very easy and compact. The Liteway weighs 17 lbs which is an average weight for a full-featured umbrella stroller. There is an automatic lock and a carry handle for easier transportation. It does NOT take an infant car seat.

This is a very sturdy stroller that has great maneuverability. It comes in eight beautiful colors. Pink of course is my favorite color. The black frame makes it look very stylish and sporty. I personally think that the black frame makes it look much more modern.

I also love how they put “Liteway” in white on the side of the frame. Great, great, great stroller! It costs only $139, which is not bad for a second stroller. 

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4. Summer Infant 3D Lite – $79


The Summer Infant 3D Lite is one of the best options for parents on a tight budget. It costs ONLY $79 which is a super price and more importantly, it weighs ONLY 12 lbs which makes it great for travel. You can easily carry it over your shoulder while at the airport or using public transit.

The 3D Lite is not only very light and affordable but is also full of great features. It has a very deep recline that allows you to use it from birth and up to 50 lbs. Taller parents will be happy to know that the handlebars are located at 42″ which is higher than your average handlebar position (40″).

It also features a 5-point harness, medium size canopy with a pop-out sunvisor, medium size basket, a front wheel suspension, a roomy seat with plenty of headroom for a taller child, and rear storage pocket.

The fold is easy and compact but requires a little balancing act. You will need to use your foot and one hand. They advertise it as a one-hand fold, but I would say it’s a one-foot-one-hand fold. It has an automatic lock and a shoulder strap for easy transportation. Comes with a cup holder.

The 3D Lite is not a perfect stroller, but overall I think it’s a good option for the price, or maybe even the best option for the price. I haven’t seen any strollers in the same price range with that many features. It’s hard to beat $79

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5. Joovy Groove Ultralight – $189


Joovy has recently released a new umbrella stroller Groove Ultralight which created quite a buzz. I am not sure how they did it, but it weighs 5 lbs less than the original Groove. I am telling you – strollers are getting better and better!

With Groove Ultralight, Joovy is trying to show everybody that lightweight does not necessarily mean fewer features. While it weighs ONLY 12 lbs, it still has a lot of things parents are looking for.

The canopy is a great size and has a ‘follow-the-sun’ option meaning you can move it down in front of your child’s face to provide complete coverage when your child is napping.

Unlike many other umbrella strollers, Ultralight has a deep 149-degree recline so your child can stretch out and take a nap. To provide your child with even more stretch room, you can lift an adjustable leg rest. The seat is suitable from 3 months and up to 55 lbs.

Plenty of storage! There is a medium size basket, two mesh pockets inside of the seat for your child, a zipper pocket in the back of the canopy for adults, and a mesh bottle holder.

The fold is easy and compact and there is an automatic lock that keeps the stroller folded. Since it weighs only 12 lbs you can easily throw it over your shoulder by using the attached shoulder strap.

The wheels are small at 4.5″, but maneuverability is great. Of course, it’s designed for flat surfaces like shopping malls, doctor’s offices, airports, or public transit. It’s not your let’s walk-at-the-park for hours kind of a stroller. Although it will do OK at the theme park if the pavement is even. It retails for around $189.

As you can see both Infant Summer 3D Lite and Joovy Groove Ultralight weigh 12 lbs, but 3D Lite is listed above Ultralight. I think 3D Lite is more popular because of the larger wheels (6″ vs 4.5) and much lower price. 

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6. Summer Infant 3D Zyre – $139


The Summer Infant 3D Zyre is a new lightweight stroller that is an upgraded version of the 3D Lite model. The main differences are a larger canopy, thicker handlebars, one-hand lever recline, heavier weight of 15 lbs, and higher price of $139.

This still is a fantastic price for all the features you are getting. The roomy seat has a deep recline that is suitable for a newborn and up to 50 lbs.

If you have a taller toddler, you will be happy to know that it has a very tall canopy with 28″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. For comparison, most umbrella strollers have it at 24″. It also has one of the best canopies I’ve seen on the umbrella stroller. The canopy has two large panels and a third zipped-in panel that you can expose for extra sun protection.

The tall handlebars are located 42″ from the ground which is great for taller and shorter parents. The heat-resistant soft foam cover with a contoured grip on the handlebars makes it very convenient and nice to hold. It retails for only $139 and comes in three colors. 

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7. UPPAbaby G-Luxe – $259


The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is a very popular luxury umbrella stroller that got some minor upgrades for 2015.  Now it has a robust profile and a one-action brake. It also features a deep one-hand lever recline, a roomy seat with plenty of headroom for a taller toddler, a great canopy with a large SPF 50+ sunvisor, tall handlebars, and an adjustable footrest.

While the stroller does NOT have a travel system option, it can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 55 lbs. The light weight of only 15 lbs is great for traveling, running errands, and public transit. The compact fold with an automatic lock and standing fold makes it easy to fold and unfold.

The high-performance wheels together with all-wheel suspension will provide your baby with a smooth ride. I really like that the wheels are more robust than on your typical umbrella model and that they’ve decided to add an all-wheel suspension system which is rarely found on umbrella strollers.

There is no bumper bar, but a removable cup holder is included. The padding on the seat is very soft and is made out of stain and water-resistant material. It is removable and is very easy to clean.

This luxury umbrella stroller is not cheap. The retails for around $259. I know that this is a lot for an umbrella stroller, but the quality is outstanding! This stroller will last you for many years and multiple kids. The new 2015 colors are very bright and modern.

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8. Baby Jogger Vue Lite – $179


The Baby Jogger Vue Lite is a lightweight umbrella stroller that is a lighter version of the Vue model. While being lighter and more compact than the original Vue it still has a reversible seat and is full of great features like a large reversible canopy, tall handlebars, an adjustable leg rest, a deep recline, and a very roomy seat.

Despite weighing only 14 lbs, it still has a travel system capability which is rare for such a lightweight stroller.  You are probably wondering if it’s safe enough for the car seat. I found it to be a very sturdy umbrella stroller and felt comfortable using it with an infant car seat.

The Vule Lite model is perfect for parents who travel a lot and need to have a compact, light stroller with a travel system option. Since the wheels are only 5″, it does best on even surfaces. The one-hand lever recline is very deep with plenty of room to stretch. It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs.

Because of the reversible seat, the small basket is very hard to access, but there is a space in the back of the stroller that you can use for storage when your child is in the forward-facing position.  It comes in four beautiful colors and retails for around $179. The cup holder is included.

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9. Summer Infant 3D Flip – $129


After seeing the success of the Baby Jogger Vue, designers at Summer Infant decided to create their own reversible seat umbrella stroller. In 2015 Summer Infant released the 3D Flip Convenience model which is a lightweight reversible-seat umbrella stroller that looks very similar to the popular Baby Jogger Vue. I think the designers at Baby Jogger had a heart attack when they saw 3D Flip.

And the best part is that it only costs $129 vs Vue which retails for $200. I still can’t believe it! Now parents can get this cool model with a reversible seat and many other great features for MUCH less! Just like on Vue, there is no need to take out the seat to reverse it.

All you need to do is push the back of the seat forward and reverse the canopy. Done! Basically, it has two seats that share the back of the seat. Very clever!

It also features a deep one-hand lever recline with 3 recline positions in both modes, a large reversible canopy with a peekaboo window, plenty of headroom for a tall toddler, tall handlebars with a heat-resistant contoured foam cover, two side pockets for extra storage, automatic lock, and compact fold.

The basket is not large and hard to access, but you can use the space in the back for storage when the seat is in the forward-facing position. Although the recline is very deep, it does not have a flat position, so you can’t put a newborn into the seat. The seat is recommended from 6 months and up to 50 lbs.

This model weighs only 14 lbs making it great for traveling and running errands. The compact fold and carry strap make it very easy to transfer in and out of the car.

While this 3D Flip only comes in black and gray, I still think that it looks very stylish and modern. Love the logo on the side and butterflies on the canopy.

This is a serious competition for Vue and Vue Lite models because it has a lot of the same features, but costs MUCH less. You can’t get a better stroller for $129!

And let’s face it, when you are traveling your stroller can easily get damaged so you don’t want to spend a lot on it. For only $129 you can use it for a few years and just through it away. 

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10. Baby Jogger City Mini Zip – $249


The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip is a lightweight stroller that is somewhere in between the full size and an umbrella stroller. It has a very compact 3D fold that not only vertically, but also horizontally.

This makes it 50% more compact than your typical umbrella stroller. While saving a lot of room, the Zip doesn’t lack features. It still has a large canopy, very roomy seat, front-wheel suspension, and adjustable leg rest.

It even has a bumper bar as an option which is very rare for umbrella strollers. The removable bumper bar is swing-away and is made out of softer material so you can actually fold the stroller with the bumper bar attached. How cool is that?

The Zip is designed for running errands, quick trips to the store, and traveling. It has a travel system option and works with the most popular car seats. It weighs only 17 lbs!

The seat has a deep recline that can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. The basket is not really big, but there is a large mesh storage pocket on the back of the seat that you can use for small essentials. It also comes with a cup holder.

It rolls on 5.5″ and 7″ wheels which is not big, but larger than on most umbrella strollers which have 6″ max. size wheels. If you are planning on using it mostly on flat surfaces, this could be your ONLY stroller.

It retails for around $249 and comes in three colors. I think that it’s a little expensive for a second stroller, but ok for only one stroller.

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You can also see my side-by-side umbrella stroller comparison chart. If you have any questions or need help choosing a stroller, let me know by using the comment box below. I am always happy to help.

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