Nuna Mixx vs Stokke Scoot V2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Comparison


It looks like Nuna Mixx, Stokke Scoot V2, and UPPAbaby Cruz are the most popular reversible seat strollers right now. 

I’ve been getting tons of emails about them asking how they compare to each other.

Before getting into it, I want to say that all three of them are great quality strollers that can be used for everyday life like going to the grocery store, running errands, or going to the park.

So, no matter which one you choose, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Here’s a detailed comparison chart to help you in making your decision.


Nuna Mixx

Stokke Scoot V2

Yes; Footrest
Weight25 lbs25 lbs22 lbs
Weight limit50 lbs45 lbs50 lbs
Folded size18.6″H x 23.2″W x 35.5″L12.6″H x 21.6″W x 28.3″L14”H x 22.25”W x 37”L
Suitable fromBirthBirthBirth
Recline typeOne-hand lever reclineStrap reclineOne-hand lever recline
One-hand foldNoYes No
Included Car Seat CompatibilityNuna PIPPAStokke iZi Go X1 by BeSafe (no adapter needed)UPPAbaby Mesa (no adapter needed)
Optional Car Seat AdaptersNoneMaxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, Peg PeregoChicco, Maxi-Cosi, Graco Classic
Reversible SeatYesYesYes
Recline positions5 positions3 positions5 positions
Adjustable leg restYes

-Compact Fold

-True flat recline for a long stretch

-One-hand recline

-Good size wheels

-Huge canopy

Adjustable Handle Bar38″ – 42″36″ – 42″39″ – 42″
 5-point harnessYesYes Yes
 CanopyGreat; HugeGood; Large + SunvisorGreat; Large + Sunvisor
Peek-a-boo WindowYes; Dark MeshYes; Dark Mesh PanelYes; Dark Mesh
Peek-a-boo Window ClosureMagneticZipperMagnetic
Storage BasketLargeLargeLarge
Bumper barYes; IncludedNo; Not availableYes; Included
SuspensionFront & RearFront & RearFront & Rear
Parking brakeOne-step;
Flip-flop friendly
One-stepOne-step; Flip-flop friendly
TiresHard rubberHard rubber; Foam filledHard Rubber; Foam filled
Front wheels7″8″6.5″
Rear wheels10″10″8.25″
Bassinet optionNoNo; Only SoftBagYes; Full size UPPAbaby bassinet

-Strap recline that requires both hands

-No bumper bar available

-No child’s tray available

-No adjustable leg rest, only adjustable footrest

-Compact fold

-One-hand fold

-Nice large wheels

-Huge canopy

-Lightweight 22 lbs

-Bassinet option

-One-hand recline


-Can be only used with PIPA Car seat

-No cup holder available

-No child’s tray available

-Strap recline that requires both hands

-No bumper bar available

-No child’s tray available

-No adjustable leg rest, only adjustable foot rest

-Bulky Fold

-Smaller wheels

Comes withBumper bar, car seat adapter for Nuna Pipa, rain coverRain cover, bug net, cup holderRain cover, bug net
My reviewMy full review »My full review »My full review »
Price$499$599$499 – $529

As you can see a lot of them have the same features as a reversible seat, large basket, large canopy, 5-point harness, deep recline, and all-wheel suspension. Which stroller is better? I think that you have to decide for yourself. They all have their own pluses and minuses.

I am a little surprised that there are so few accessories for Nuna Mixx and it works only with the Nuna Pipa infant car seat.  It looks like Nuna was in a hurry to release the stroller because I can see a cup holder and child’s tray as an accessory on their site, but it says ‘coming soon’.

The fact that Nuna Mixx comes with an infant car seat adapter for Nuna Pipa and doesn’t have any adapters for any other car seats, makes me think that they want you to buy Nuna Pipa.

Don’t get me wrong, Nuna Pipa is a great car seat but is a little on the expensive side. Not everybody wants to pay $300 for a car seat. Also, it would be nice to have a bassinet option like Nuna IVVI has. Why not?

The Scoot V2 has improved wheels that can handle a lot more terrain and they’ve added one more recline position, but recline itself is the same pain-in-the-behind strap system. I would like to see a one-hand lever recline instead.

More importantly, where is the bumper bar? It’s not even available as one of the accessories. This is very surprising because its sister model Stokke Crusi comes with a bumper bar. The Crusi also has a bassinet as an optional accessory. I am wondering why Scoot V2 only has a SoftBag.

The Uppababy Cruz has bigger wheels and includes a bumper bar. Yay! The only thing I can complain about is the bulky fold.

If you need help narrowing it down, let me know by leaving a comment below.

92 thoughts on “Nuna Mixx vs Stokke Scoot V2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller Comparison”

  1. I was looking forward to a reversible seat comparison post, but would love to see how the Armadillo Flip/ Flip XT stacks up against these too. What made you exclude the Flip?

  2. I am debating between the stokke scoot and the Nuna mixx. Is the nuna mixx a bigger stroller? How do you like the material on the seat of the nuna mixx? The black melange on the stokke scoot is gorgeous! And is the no thread harness much better than the stokke scoot harness? I am also concerned because stokke has 3 year warranty and Nuna only has 1. Do you think this makes a big difference?

  3. Hi Thuy. I know it’s a tough one. If you told me to choose right now I don’t know which one I would get. Nuna Mixx seat is made out of baby certified Oeko-Tex® fabric meaning it’s environmentally friendly. The fold on Scoot V2 is more compact than Mixx. It’s also one hand fold. :) The only thing I don’t kike on Scoot is the strap recline. Like with cars you can get a lemon stroller. LOL. I would got with the stroller you like and not look at the warranty as a deciding factor.

  4. Thanks! I really like the flat recline and the extended footrest on the mixx. I’m going to order it and compare it o the scoot :) I plan on having one more baby so the scoot might be a better choice bc of the different option for car seat adapters. =\

  5. What I mean, is the Flip/ Flip XT very different from the compared strollers? From what I have seen the Armadillo has a lot of buzz too. Really hoping for some further insight on this. Thank you

  6. My baby boy was 2.5 years . so I need the seat width and a high rear backrest.
    I am looking for a stroller that stand tall from the ground. where nuna mixx or uppababy cruz.
    higher where the holder of the land between nuna seat mixx or uppababy cruz ???

  7. The Nuna Mixx is compatible with more than just the Nuna Pipa car seat. The Pipa adapters that the Mixx comes with fit most European car seat models — they work perfectly with our Cybex Aton car seat, for instance.

  8. I personally compared all 3 stroller and ended up choosing the Nuna Mixx. The fold is very easy and I love how you can roll the stroller behind you like a suitcase. The seat is much more comfortable on the Mixx vs Scoot! My son also loves the bumper bar that comes with the Mixx. The Stokke Scoot is a very nice stroller but it is not as functional as the Nuna Mixx.

  9. Hi Katrin,

    I need your advice, I’m deciding between the uppababy Cruz and the Stokke scoot v2 for my 18 month old son. I want to make the right choice that will certainly meet my son’s comfort as he grows to be 2 years old, 3 years old , all the way to 3 1/2 years of age. I love that the scoot has great big wheels, but I’m uncertainly about the recline as my son gets older. It will be difficult to lift him up and strap the buckles to sit him up right . As for the uppababy Cruz, I’ve only seen this stroller in pics, it looks like a snug fit for children, but I don’t know… Which stroller would be best for a growing child ?

    Thank you

  10. Hi Sergio. I think that it depends on your lifestyle. If you want to travel with the stroller, I would choose V2 because Cruz has a bulky fold. The wheels on Cruz are also a little smaller, but it might be not a big deal if you use it mainly on flat surfaces. After 2.5 years, kids usually don’t want to sit in the stroller and that’s when parents get a lightweight umbrella stroller for long trips. My daughter is 2.5 right now and I use a lightweight stroller only for trips to the mall so I can strap her when I want to get out of the stores and don’t have to carry her out of the mall. She is heavy now! When we go to the park she runs around. As soon as she is tired I put her in the car and go home. The recline on the Cruz is nicer and easier. Another thing that I like about Cruz and that V2 doesn’t have is a BUMPER bar. I feel like having bumper bar is a big plus especially when you have a toddler. It’s like an extra safety feature. Now, I don’t even use harness at all because my stroller has a bumper bar. I just put my daughter in to the seat and we go. Quick!

  11. I was trying to decide between the Nuna mixx and the mamas and papas armadillo flip xt ( has it already!). I am in love w the seats which are similar but was interested in finding out how comparable the leg rest is in terms of length. Also how do the folds compare? I just can’t decide!

  12. Hi Marisa. Both are great stroller. I think the main difference are the wheels. Mixx has larger wheels that can handle more terrain. Also, Mixx has an adjustable handle bar and comes with a bumper bar while Flip does not. When it comes to the fold, Flip is more compact.

  13. Good day Katrin,

    Thank you for the information. I finally had the chance to go inside a store and check out the Uppababy Cruz strollers. Your right! It does have a bulky fold, that required both hands. But I also noticed that the entire seat reclines, and since the canopy is attached to the seat, it reclines as well, which won’t cover my son very well during naptimes outside. I saw your review on the Britax B Agile 4, and I absolutely love this stroller! I saw in person, and went ahead and bought it.

    Thank you so much for your help Katrin, hope my son likes his new stroller

  14. Hey Katrin,
    Would you say the V2 is comfortable for the kids? Some pictures they look it others they don’t. Also your comparison says it has an adjustable foot rest, can you move it up and down or what do you mean by that? My head is spinning with what stroller to get my 5 month old son but I love the way the scoot looks! I will mostly be using it for walks to the park but our sidewalks aren’t very flat most places around here… I live in the middle of nowhere. That also means it will be in my small trunk a lot since we have to drive a ways to go do anything. My son also gets hot easily so breathability in fabric is important to me.

    Thank you,

  15. Hi Brianna. The V2 is very comfortable and safe for the baby. The higher on the frame positioning allows for better bonding with your child. The foot rest can be moved from one side of the frame to another when you switch modes and it also moved up and down the frame. It does not provide more flat surface since it’s not part of the seat. I think this is a great compact stroller that will fit in a little trunk. Another great option is Armadillo Flip XT ( I just did a full review on it). It has very roomy reversible seat, super compact one-hand fold, standing fold, huge canopy, adjustable handle bar, mesh in the canopy for better air flow and good size wheels (9″ and 6.5″). Amazing stroller! Take a look.

  16. Hi there!
    First, thank you so much for all of your excellent reviews. I had no idea this process would be so overwhelming! I’ve got it narrowed down to the Nuna Mixx VS the Uppababy Cruz and wondered if you could help break the tie? Do the wheels on the Mixx make a big difference in handling slightly bumpy terrain? Which one do you find handles better? Which fold do you find easier? Do you have any feelings about their intended car seats? I would probably go with either the Pippa or the Mesa. Are there any other factors I should consider? Thanks so much in advance for your help!



  17. Hi. I wanted to tell other moms that you really cannot go wrong with the Mixx. I have had it now for nearly three months and it’s awesome. The steering is so smooth and the width is narrow enough to easily fit through aisles and doorways. The wheels are also large enough to walk through most terrains, plus, the front wheels can be locked. I like the reversible seat, ample storage basket and peekaboo window in the canopy. The Mykonos Blue is beautiful as well. The fold is also very compact (for a full size stroller) and despite the chair weighing 25 lbs, I have had no problem loading and unloading it from the trunk. While it is a two handed fold, it is a quick one step process that has never been a problem for me personally. Although I do not use the shoulder straps of the five point harness anymore, I found that the design that connects them to the lap straps is very smart and prevents entrapment – so its very easy to get the baby out of the chair. One other thing, assembling and even disassembling the chair is a breeze.

  18. Hi Katrin. Have you heard back from nuna about whether their pipa adapter works with cybex Aton or cybex cloud car seats?

  19. Do you know if the Stokke stroller is compatible with the Cybex Aton 2 carseat?
    And on another note, would you know if the Quinny Buzz Xtra 2.0 is compatible with the same carseat?
    Thanks !

  20. HI Mg. The Stokke is not campatiable with Anton 2. There are 4 adapters for Stokke that are compatible with:

    1st Multi Car Seat Adaptor
    Maxi-Cosi® Pebble
    Maxi-Cosi® Cabrio Fix
    Maxi-Cosi® Mico
    Maxi-Cosi® Prezi
    Nuna® Pipa™
    Cybex Aton Q

    2n Adaptor for Chicco
    Chicco KeyFit 30 (US/CAN)
    Chicco KeyFit (EU)

    3rd Adaptor for Peg Perego
    Primo Viaggio SL
    Primo Viaggio Tri-Fix K
    Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30

    4th Adaptor for Graco®
    SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat*
    SnugRide Classic Connect 30*
    SnugRide Classic Connect 35*

  21. Hi Robin. I did. They said officially it’s ONLY compatible with PIPA. I am sure it’s because each adapter goes through tons of testing to make sure it’s 100% safe. Even if it works with Cybex it might not be safe because it has not been tested.

  22. I have the same question as Tiffany. I’m considering these strollers as well as the armadillo flip and the peg per ego book plus. How do these stack up?

  23. Hi Dana. I like Mixx a little more because of the larger wheels but mainly because of the flat bed-like recline. On Cruz the seat is never flat. The fold is also better on Mixx. The Pipa car seat is a great seat but a little expensive. That’s the only con really.

  24. Hi Sergio. I am happy I was able to help. The B-Agile is great! I am sure your son will love it!

  25. Hi Kat. At the time of this post, the XT was not out yet so I couldn’t test it. Another problem is the width of my page which can only have three strollers side by side. I am thinking about making another post including FLip and Flip XT. What would you like me to compare it to?

  26. Hi Katrin,
    Can you please tell me what the seat back height to the canopy is on the Nuna Mixx? I can’t seem to work out if it would accomdate a taller child. As i have tall kids. My little one is only 1yrs old so needing to get as much use out of the pram as possible.

    I’m in Australia and they aren’t coming out here till the end of the year apparently but i can’t wait that long and would like to purchase from overseas by wanting to know what you think about it. Is it worth buying from overseas like from Nordstrom, have people needed to have warranty repairs done from your experience on this pram since coming out?

    I would be using it daily for long walks, shops, parks, in and out of car often, and all other mummy terrain, would you say it’s suitable for that?

  27. Hi Katrin!
    I love your website!
    I would like your opinion on two infant seats and two strollers. I was set on going with the Cybex Aton 2 infant seat and paring it with the City mini GT until I found the Nuna Mixx strollers. I’m now thinking about doing the Nuna Pipa infant seat and the Nuna Mixx Stroller. Price wise the Nuna combo is only about $100 more than the Cybex/City mini GT (and adapter) combo. I can’t decide what would be a better combination. From what I’ve read the cybex Aton 2 cannot go with the Nuna mixx stroller even with an adapter. I also read that the cybex doesn’t have a great canopy. Do I even need a great canopy? I’m torn because I’ve heard that the nuna mixx has huge safety label warning that are eye sores. Also is the Nuna seat a lot higher off the ground? It looks like its raised up pretty high compared to the city mini. I’m concerned about the city mini GT b/c I’ve read it can tip very easiy.

    I’m a first time mom and really don’t have any idea of what I need in a stroller. I want to use the stroller for every day errands i.e. going to mall, grocery shopping, walking for exercise in our neighborhood and traveling. I will be putting it in and out of a Mercedes ML 350 and also want to make sure that the nuna pipa car seat won’t give me any problems. I don’t want to spend more than $300 on the infant seat and not more than $600 on a stroller.

    Must haves…

    Not to heavy
    Easy to use and fold
    Can use you for walking outdoors and at parks

    I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  28. Hi Rachel. These both car seats are great and so stylish so you can’t go wrong with either or them. Remember that the best and safest car seat is the one installed correctly since 70% of car seats are installed the wrong way. The canopy on the car seat is really not important. You can always put a blanket on top to provide complete coverage. I would more concentrate on the stroller since you will be using it for years! GT is a great practical stroller but it’s not as fancy as the Mixx. Mixx is definitely more stylish and has that cool reversible seat that I think you will enjoy. They are both compact and easy to fold, have good wheels, great recline and huge canopies. The GT has snack tray available while Mixx does not. I think that Mixx has larger basket, is more stylish, and has the reversible seat. It’s a hard choice. I think I would go with Mixx because of the reversible seat. It’s nice to see your baby while he is a baby. LOL. But if I had a large baby, I would probably go with GT because it has larger roomier seat. Hope this helps.

  29. Hi Glenda. You can always get a lemon, but in general this is a high quality stroller that shouldn’t break. It measures 25″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy, which should be enough for a tall child. I think you will really like it because it’s one of the best selling strollers right now.

  30. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you for your reply, I do love the Mixx. I was wondering though, i’ve had trouble trying to buy it in the Black and the Slate as international shipping charges are through the roof to send to Australia. So my only other option is to get it in the Mykonos Blue. But I have little girls and worry that the blue is maybe a bit too masculine in colour. I silly quandary, i know what does colour really matter if you have a fabulous product that ticks pretty much all the boxes. But because i’m faced with paying so much more to buy from Oz, i’m really thinking about it. In your experience in real life what shade of blue is it? Is it quite bright and in your face kind of pop of blue or is it a more tame looking blue. I can’t find photo’s of it in normal day settings, rather photo’s of it in an exhibition show room, or shop website? I’m finding it annoyingly difficult to gauge what shade it is and if i’ll like it.


  31. Hi Glenda. I think color matters a lot! In fact, that’s how I usually buy my cars. LOL. It’s hard to describe the color but this blue is a nice blue, not blue in your face. But I think you are right, if you are paying so much money for the dam thing you should have it all. Let me give you other options with very nice color options. Have you seen Joovy Qool? It has nice leather cover on the bumper bar and the handle bar. The colors are so beautiful! Also, have you seen Stokke Scoot V2? It has such a nice pink color :) Let me know what you think.

  32. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you for getting back to me about the colour :) I actually bought a Joovy Qool but have to return it because the seat back is a lot shorter than i thought with my little one though she has room to grow in it, it won’t be long befor she will have her head hitting the canopy. Also the harness straps that go over the legs when fully extended only has a little more give to go and she’s only 1yrs old and she’s actually on the small side. Plus the worst is that the storage basket underneath is tiny and only holds max capacity of 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds). It’s an awesome pram but not very suitable for us and my bad back, i need a large basket to help with that issue.

    I like the Stokke Scoot V2 but not too keen on the seat, too me it’s recline is too limiting and the seat looks uncomfortable when she gets a bit older and i’m looking for a pram that will stand the test of time and her growth. Sorry to go on and on..

    Ok, well i’ll have to go with the blue for the Nuna Mixx. I don’t suppose you know of any retailers that do international shipping?

    Thank you ever so much for getting back to me and suggesting other prams, i do like to have options.


  33. Thanks for the response!! Does the nuna mixx has huge safety label warning that are eye sores? Also is the Nuna seat a lot higher off the ground? It looks like its raised up pretty high compared to the city mini. I’m concerned about the city mini GT b/c I’ve read it can tip very easiy. What are your thoughts on these questions?

    Thank you!!

  34. Hi Rachel. Mixx is a pretty safe stroller so far. No recalls and no complains. The seat on Mixx is a little higher on the frame than on GT but it’s not something I would look at as an important feature. I did hear about tipping, but never had this problem. I think some parents like to hang large heavy diaper bags off the handle bar resulting in stroller tipping back. GT basket is a little smaller and harder to access so I can see parents just hanging the diaper bag off the handle bar.

  35. Hi Katrin,
    Me again lol! I decided to go with the Nuna pipa car seat but now I’m torn on the stroller. Ok now I’m trying to decide between the Mixx and the Cruz?? Which one do you like better?
    I really like the look of the mixx better but a sales person told me the mixx weighs more than the Cruz and will be harder to get in and out of my car. She also said that the Cruz has a stand up fold which will make it easier to pick up without having to bend over. I can’t decide which one will be easier for every day use. I will mainly be using the stroller to run errands and for walks in our neighborhood.

    The other thing i thought about was just waiting and not buying a stroller right away and doing the maxi cosi taxi with the nuna pipa and buying the citi mini when my son is around 6 months old. I’m a first time mom and i have no idea if that’s even practical or not.

    thanks in advance!

  36. Hi Katrin,

    I’m looking at purchasing my first stroller and loved your review on the Nuna Mixx. I can find any pictures that show the seat on the Mixx comes off and the car seat can be attached to the base. Is that possible? We are interested in purchasing this stroller just before our baby is born and really won’t need the seat for awhile.

    Thanks for your help!

  37. Hi Rachel. I think you want to get something practical, but also enjoyable. Reversible seat is probably not very practical but I think it’s so much fun to look at your child that it’s worth it. Trust me, you will want to look at your precious child for more than 6 months (that’s how long he/she will be in the car seat) With this in mind, I would get a stylish stroller with the reversible seat instead of the frame. In the beginning you can replace the seat with the infant car seat or bassinet so it wont be that heavy. Between Mixx and Cruz – hard to choose. Mixx is more convenient for the child because of the flat recline so your child can stretch and take long naps. But, what I like about Cruz is that it has a bassinet option which is wonderful for a newborn (You don’t want your child to spend more than 1 hour in the car seat if you want to take long walks at the park).

    When it comes to loading into the car they both are bulky so I wouldn’t look at that as a deciding factor. The weight is very similar too and with the bulky fold you wont feel the difference in the weight anyways. Once your child is older, I would get a lightweight stroller for quick trips and traveling. Later you will just use that and will forget about full-size stroller.

  38. Hi Katrin,

    We’re deciding between the Cruz and Mixx for our October baby. I know that the Cruz requires a newborn insert to use the infant seat with the baby up to a certain weight. Does the Mixx also require a similar insert? I can’t find any available for purchase so I assume not but want to be sure. Thank you!

  39. Hi Kelly. The MIxx does not require an insert. The seat on mixx has completely flat recline while Cruz does not. I would recommend using Cruz with bassinet.

  40. Hello, Katrin:

    I am trying to decide what’s the best stroller for my baby due on july 2, 2015. My only option (because is the one I mostly like for their colors and weight) was the UppaBaby Cruz with the UppaBaby Mesa, but the carseat is taking too long to be available that I do not have time to wait for it.

    My question is if I can use the Nuna Pipa carseat in the UppaBaby Cruz stroller.

    Thank you in advance for your comment, I am running out of time and I need to make a choice ASAP.

  41. Hi Mariana. The only car seats Cruz works with are Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Graco Classic. Sorry. It does not work with Pipa.

  42. Hello! We are expecting early October 2015 and having some trouble deciding on a stroller. We love the Cruz but are concerned about the wheel size and whether it will do well in the snow? The stores we have visited told us the vistas and city mini gt”s are their most popular sellers because of there all terrain tires, but we do not want to go as big as the vista and don’t like the sporty look of the gt.. Just wondering what your thoughts were on the Cruz in snow and sludge? Thanks in advance for your help!

  43. Hi Jilian. The wheels on Cruz are way too small to handle snow. So I would suggest looking at a stroller with larger wheels. Have you looked at Mamas&Papas Sola MTX or Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT? Very stylish and with nice wheels. There is also a new stroller called Valco Baby Snap Ultra that has good size wheels but you can also buy all-terrain wheels for it separately and use them when you know you will be tackling snow. Great option!

  44. Thanks for your advice Katrin! We have considered the Armadillo Flip. Unfortunately we really don’t like how the Flip dosnt have the handlebar (even as an add-on) and we don’t know about or seen any Valco’s on the road so we’d have to do some more research on that brand. Have you done any research/reviews on the Baby Jogger City Versa? I saw online they have a GT model with the better all-terrain wheels, Except for the heavier weight, this stroller seems to have everything we’re looking for. Do you have any insights on this stroller? Once again, thank you so much in advance for your help!

  45. Hi Dee. Not really. This is not an all-terrain stroller. The rear wheels are pretty large but still not for snow. For snow I would get an all-terrain stroller like BOB Motion, City Mini GT, Sola2, or Bugaboo Cameleon 3. I think that BOB Revolution would be the best!

  46. Hi Katrin,
    You note that Nuna Mixx is suitable from birth – is this only when using it with the car seat? Or, would it be safe to put an infant directly into the regular seat if I were to use an infant insert and recline the seat 180. Also, how would you say the Nuna Mixx compares to Mama & Papas Armadillo flip XT or sola mtx, as these are some other options I am considering.

  47. Hi Ilana. Mixx has a very deep recline so you can put a newborn right into the seat. I would recommend getting an infant insert to provide more support for a baby. I think that Flip XT and Mixx have a lot of similar features like great recline, huge canopy, adjustable leg rest and etc. The main difference the folded size, Mixx only works with Pipa car seat, and lack of bumper bar on the Flip XT. I like both of them!

  48. Hi Katrin! I love love love your website! I am soon to be a first time mum and I have been reading your reviews ALOT with HUGE interest! I love your reviews and how they are all organised and easy! really very good!!! After reading quite few, I was so ready to try and buy Peg Perego Book Pop Up or Nuna Mixx…… Then found out that they are NOT available in UK / London!! (Peg Perego Book Pop Up was available until quite recently but not anymore….). I was seriously gutted….. So now I have to look for an alternative…. I am considering now between Uppababy Cruz 2015, Stokke Crusi and Stokke Scoot V2. Your wonderful comparison table above compare Uppababy Cruz and Stokke Scoot V2. How does Stokke Crusi compared against them in your opinion please. Also if you have any other great buggies I should be paying an attention to to use from birth, it would be extremely helpful. Just for your information I have tried Armadillo Flip and Flip XT and didn’t like the feel of the push too much and I am not planning on having another baby (a way too old now ; )). Your comment would be seriously appreciated by me and my first little baby girl! Thank you very much.

  49. I would love to see a comparison between the Stokke Scoot V2, Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT and the Phil & Teds Promenade. But then again, those are my top three contenders at the moment so that listing is probably a bit biased :)

  50. I would like to see a comparison of the Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT, the Stokke Scoot V2 and Phil & Teds Promenade. I am a little biased though, because those are the 3 contenders that I am currently debating between.

  51. Would love to see a comparison with the armadillo flip, stokke scoot, Nuna mixx! Thank you! Such a helpful website!

  52. Can you also compare the cruz to peg perego book plus? They are at about the same price point and also very similar features. I like the true flat decline nuna mixx and book plus have, but cruz and book plus have lighter weight. Cruz and mixx have cooler look but I like the book plus has a lot of accessories included already. Book plus and cruz can stand when folding, but mixx seems handle the pavements best. Really struggling!

    Can you include the seat height in your reviews? My local stores do not carry these nice stroller that I can not check by myself. I think that really matters because a lot of time my kid want to see through and also the parents want to take the advantages of do not bent too much to protect the lower back. Thank you!

  53. Great review! We’re deciding between scoot v2 and the mixx. Are bumper bar and leg rest really that important for a newborn? The Mixx can recline all the way to flat position which is a plus for us. What else the plus and minus between these two? Oh.. Is the mixx handle bar strong enough to be dangled with bag? Any infant insert/soft bag you can recommend? Thanks

  54. Hi Katrin, i came across Mutsy Evo dan Igo. They are pretty much the same model as v2 and mixx. What do you think? Any review? Thanks

  55. Great website, Katrin! My head is spinning with so many wonderful options. My second child was born a few months ago and I’m looking for something that fits the following three criteria: 1) reversible seat, 2) attach glider/ride along for older child and 3) reasonably easy to get in/out of car. I’m considering Peg Perego Book Plus, Uppa Baby Cruz and Nuna Mixx. Can you guide me in any direction? Also, I want to make sure the seats are cushioned and comfortable (I read that the Armadillo xt is hard). Thank you!!!

  56. Me again! I should add that I would love a super smooth ride and stroller that is easy to maneuver- a plus when also dealing with a rambunctious toddler :)

  57. A comparison between the Flip XT and Nunable MixX would be great! I have only seen the Flip XT in person but the MixX seat doesn’t look like it would accommodate a toddler.quite torn between the two!

  58. I’m trying to decide between the Uppababy and nuna. Any preferences? I’m a first time mom and looking for something easy and lightweight. We would also get need a compatible car seat. Thanks for your guidance!

  59. Hi Lauren. Which Uppababy do you want Vista or Cruz? Cruz is easy and light. The fold is a little bulky but other than that it’s an amazing stroller. The Mixx is definitely larger and heavier but has better wheels. I think that Cruz could be your only stroller, while with Mixx you will probably need to get a lightweight umbrella stroller. I would base your choice on your lifestyle. If you like to walk trails, you need larger wheels. If you mostly walk on flat surfaces, Cruz is a great option.

  60. Thank you so much for your help! The stroller/car seat can get so confusing. The 3rd stroller we were looking at was the Chicco travel system. Is it worth spending more on the Uppababy or Nuna? I know I need to get the matching car seat if I get the nuna. Do you have a preference between Uppababy and nuna car seats? I’m looking for the safest option. I also heard that nuna car seats don’t always fit into smaller cars. My husband has a 3 series BMW (4door). Would this be a problem? I was attracted to the nuna car seat because it was lightweight. Is it better to have a lighter stroller or car seat if i can’t have both?

  61. Hi Lauren. I would definitely get Nuna or Uppababy instead of Chicco. The Chicco is a budget option that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. Also, Nuna and Uppababy are very high quality strollers that will last you for many years and multiple kids. I love Nuna car seat! When choosing a car seat keep in mind, they are all safe as long as you install them correctly. Most of the car seats are installed incorrectly! So I would recommend choosing a stroller first, and then finding a car seat that work with it.

  62. Would you please consider the joovy qool for the comparison? I’ve been going jumping from reversible to reversible for a few months now and every time I lock my attention on one I discover a new one ????. For my first kiddo I had the baby jogger city versa and loved it, but I gave it away long ago and am on the hunt for new and more modern features. Thanks for your reviews btw, they are VERY helpful.

  63. Hi Laura. Thank you for kind words. I haven’t included Joovy Qool because it’s less popular than others. I think that Joovy Qool is a great stroller for a newborn. It also works with the most popular car seats and weighs only 21 lbs! In comparison to other reversible seat strollers, it has everything you really need. The only negative is a bulky fold. Is compactness important for you?

  64. Hi I am due in December and I am trying to decide between the Nuna Mixx and the Stokke Scoot V2. I recently purchased the Nuna Pipa so that’s why I was considering the Mixx, but now that the Stokke is on sale, I am reconsidering. I would be using the stroller for shopping trips, farmers market, and light walks in the neighborhood. I want to use the stroller for as long as possible. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you! :)

  65. Hi, I’m also considering Nuna Mixx. The only question I have now is how high is the seat? Is it comparable to Scoot ? Thanks!!

  66. Love your website. I love Uppababy strollers because of all the accessories that are available. My favorite accessory is the piggyback that I think would be super useful when the child grows up and we have a second child.

    I prefer the one hand folding and compact size of the Stokke. And I think it looks a little better than the Cruz.

    Any thoughts on the piggyback accessory? We’re expecting our first child in March 2016.


  67. Hi Katrin, I’m a first time mom and my husband and I just tested the Cruz and Mixx at a Magic Beans store today and left leaning towards the Mixx. However after putting more thought into it, what do people do once their infant has grown out of the infant car seat and moves to a convertible car seat? Do most people no longer want to transfer that car seat directly to a stroller? Do they just remove the child and put them into the seat that comes with the stroller? Or do they make strollers that you can click in the convertible car seat to? We are ok with investing in a better stroller like the Mixx but don’t want to have to buy a new one in a year when our baby outgrows the Pipa. And if that’s the only car seat that can work with the Mixx is it worth it? Or should we go with a stroller that can have other bigger car seats click in? Can you give some advice? Thanks!

  68. Hi there!
    Thanks for this comprehensive review. We are expecting our first baby and have narrowed the choice down to the three you have reviewed here (Stokke scoot v2, uppababy cruz, Nuna mixx) and also the m&p armadillo flip xt.

    Unfortunately they are not all available where we live so may end up ordering online without seeing the stroller in person – so I’m hoping for your advice on which has better manoeuvrability for urban living (no snow!). Have seen the armadillo flip and felt it was a bit clunky to move around – do any of these models feel smoother to use in your opinion?


  69. Katrin – I’m a bit torn/confused. We had initially selected the Pipa and Mixx, primarily due to the larger wheels vs the Cruz. I intend to have another all terrain stroller so this stroller would be more our car stroller. We live in the suburbs and parking lots etc can be rough. The Mixx or Cruz would be used simply for quick trips, errands, shopping, in the beginning more as a snap and go, etc.

    The boutique that we are registered at strongly recommended the Cruz to us saying it had a smoother ride than the Mixx. So now I’m confused. Knowing how we plan on using the stroller which one do you think is a better fit? I do worry about the structure of the Mixx since it is a newer stroller but I like the flat recline option and that the Pipa would snap right in.


  70. Ok so I’m torn between the Mixx and Cruz. We selected the Pipa and originally I was going to go with the Mixx for the larger all-terrain tires and the lay flat seat. I have recently heard feedback that the Cruz is still a better stroller, smoother ride better quality.

    This stroller would be primarily for use at the mall and quicker trips, I plan on having an Indie for more all terrain. This is our first so we would use it as a snap n go and then for shopping and other trips. We both drive SUVs so no concern about size or weight (marginally different). I know the boutique likes all the extra accessories that the Cruz has but I’m not sold that we need them.

    Knowing how we intend to use it, which would you recommend?

  71. Hi I am looking for a stroller with a large basket underneath that can hold an oxygen tank, as my baby is on oxygen. I’m having a hard time finding a store near me where I can go in and actually test drive.. Please help!! I’m leaning towards either the nuna mix or the uppababy Cruz??? Which one has the better basket?

  72. Hi there.. thanks for great info!
    As I compare the stroller for our yet-unborn baby; I also see that you have given great rating for Britax Affniity – Would you consider it to be at par with the quality/functionality of these premium brand names?
    Affinity also seems to be hugely discounted these days.. so that can help in the decision too. Please share your thoughts.

  73. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi there!
    Thanks for this comprehensive review. We are expecting our first baby and have narrowed the choice down to the three you have reviewed here (Stokke scoot v2, uppababy cruz, Nuna mixx) and also the m&p armadillo flip xt.

    Unfortunately they are not all available where we live so may end up ordering online without seeing the stroller in person – so I’m hoping for your advice on which has better manoeuvrability for urban living (no snow!). Have seen the armadillo flip and felt it was a bit clunky to move around – do any of these models feel smoother to use in your opinion?


  74. thank you for your review!!! i’ve narrowed it down to the Nuna and Cruz. my main concern is i’m on the very petite side and i would prefer a one-hand fold yet fully reclinable stroller. we also travel a lot and i originally wanted the Cruz but it doesn’t recline as far back as i want and you say it’s bulky when folded. that said, what would you recommend? thanks! also, i don’t want to have to purchase an umbrella stroller anymore. with any of the three, is this possible till toddlerhood?

  75. Hi Francine. Since this is reversible seat strollers, when folding you can remove the seat first and then just fold the frame separately. That way you are not lifting the whole stroller. Much lighter and easier. All of the reversible seat strollers with large wheels are bulky so that you can’t change. You will need an umbrella stroller because your toddler will get tall and grow out of the reversible seat stroller. Also toddlers like to jump in and off the stroller themselfs and with the reversible seats being higher on the frame it’s not convenient. If you want to buy only one stroller, I would recommend getting a mid-range stroller with non-reversible seat. :)

  76. Hai, I am currently torn between mixx and Cruz,
    Originally I fell in love with xplory because of the seat height enables a better contact between me and my baby, but due to the budget I am trying to find other options.

    Could you tell me between mixx and Cruz which one has a higher seat? And a more comfortable seat for the baby?

    Thank you.

  77. Hi Widya. I think both are about the same height. I don’t usually measure the height of the seat because it’s not very important feature in my opinion. The seat is more comfortable on Mixx because it reclines to a flat position unlike Cruz that has always a sitting position.

  78. Hi Katrin, i consider between nuna mixx and uppa cruz. I really love uppa cruz because it has an amazing bassinet . However , it isnot flat recline at all rite. I dont know my child will be comfortable with it. Can i use uppa bassinet for nuna mixx ?

  79. Can you use a buggie board with the Nuna Mixx? I like the Mixx and have a Pipa but would want t a buggie board.

  80. Hi,
    I have a stokke xplory – original model from when I had my daughter. I love it apart from size. I now have a 5 month old son and want something that folds up without having to have a separate seat and chassis. We are in the uk so can’t get the nuna mixx. I like the bugaboo bee apart from the low seat so have been looming at the stokke scoot and uppababy cruz 2015. I don’t know which one to have! My must have list includes parent facing seat, folds in one piece, good size canopy, good size shopping basket. I like the bumper bar, leg rest and one hand recline of the cruz but not sure if swapping parent facing seat position to fold will annoy me?! We are travelling to Florida from uk in the fall so will be bringing the stroller with us to go to Disney so want something comfortable for baby to sleep in during trips to the parks especially in the evening. I like the stokke but not sure it will comfortable for baby to sleep in as no leg rest. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks

  81. Hi!

    First of all, thank you for all of this great advice. It has been very helpful for a soon to be first time parent. My wife and I have narrowed it down to the Mixx or the Cruz. We ended up getting a 20% off coupon on the Cruz so even though we love both that was hard to turn away. With the Cruz we are now trying to decide between the Chicco Key Fit Zip Air from Babies R Us and the Nuna Pipa. My friends have the chicco car seat and are fans, but the Nuna Pipa seems more secure and I like the canopy and fabric and it seems more secure. The Pipa is more expensive, so I’m wondering if you think it’s worth it. Thanks for your help!

  82. Hi Katrin,

    I am also torn between the uppababycruz and the nuna mixx. I’ve tried them both out and here are my concerns. The cruz seems too bulky of a fold and carry for me (even though it is a few pounds lighter than the mixx) – and it has no strap or real grip for lifting it. I also don’t love the “ride” or maneuverability of the cruz, and think it’s too “tall” for me (even at the lowest setting, the handlebar is too high for me and not so comfortable). I do like, however, that seems compact and narrow, and the features of the large canopy (including peekaboo and extra spf extendability) and large underneath basket. It also has the option for kid’s snack tray, which a nice feature. The mixx is much smoother of a ride – perhaps it’s the wheels? – and i like the fold better, and I think you can even wheel it behind you.

    I also learned about the new mixx jett that is just being released, which apparently is much sleeker, has some other aesthetic upgrades and comes with the bassinet option as part of the package. I know it is new to the market, but have you tried that one yet? I would appreciate your insight about the jett and how that weights into the comparison with the cruz. I’m not sure we need the bassinet, as I wasn’t planning on purchasing it separately with the cruz, and perhaps is excessive as it’s use is only for a few months. Do you know if the jett bassinet is good for sleeping at home?

    I should also note that we live in NYC in a walk up apt without a car, so the stroller definitely needs to be under 25 lbs!

    Thank you!

  83. Hi Katrin, I know this was an old post, but it is still super helpful. I am hoping you could help answer my question. I really love Nuna Mixx and saw it in person. The only concern I have is the seat. It is not flat, and front portion is designed with a downward curve. Would that be uncomfortable for the child? Would the kid slide forward? Thanks!

  84. Hi, I found your reviews really helpful. I am torn between the Nuna Mixx and Stokke Scoot. I spent hours researching both, I love the aesthetics of the Scoot, but the comfort level of Mixx, and the new Jett package including the bassinet, makes it all the more appealing. What concerns me about the Scoot is the lack of leg rest. The seat is really short, and then there is just the foot rest, so your infant’s feet end up dangling. Have you heard about this complaint? Do you think it’s something worth sacrificing my sense of style for? After all baby’s comfort comes first. Thank you.

  85. Hi Esther. Jett collection is amazing! It’s even more stylish than the Stokke in my opinion. The would get the Mixx Jett. The flat recline and the ability to fully stretch is super important. BTW my full review of Jett collection is up.

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