Top Umbrella Strollers Side-By-Side Comparison


The umbrella strollers are great for running errands, traveling, and public transit. They are known for their lightweight and compact fold. 

While some umbrella strollers are a little heavier and can be turned into a travel system, others are lightweight and can be carried over the shoulder.

I think that umbrella models are great as a second lighter stroller. Some with more features can even be your ONLY stroller. Since the wheels on umbrella strollers are on the smaller side ranging from 5″ – 7″, it works best on flat surfaces.

Most models have useless baskets and non-adjustable handlebars. In the past, the canopies were very small, but lately, companies are paying more attention to what parents want so the canopy size has increased.

I decided to put together a list of the most popular umbrella strollers and give you a side-by-side comparison that should help you decide on what stroller is best for you.

FeaturesBaby Jogger
Baby Jogger
Vue Lite

3D Zyre
Techno XT
  umbrella-comparison2 umbrella-comparison4 umbrella-comparison3 umbrella-comparison5 umbrella-comparison6 umbrella-comparison8
 17.5 lbs 14 lbs 15 lbs 15 lbs 17 lbs 16 lbs
 Folded 42″ x 12″
x 13″
 40″ x 12″
x 15″
 42″ x 12″
x 9″
42″x 12″
x 13″
 47″ x 13″
x 11″
 40″ x 13″
x 13″
55 lbs55 lbs55 lbs50 lbs40 lbs55 lbs
 Wheels 5.5″ 5″ 5.75″ 6″ 6″ 6″
 Suspension NoNo All-wheel No Rear-wheel All-wheel
Handle bar
41″42″ 42.5″ 42″ 39″42″-44″
 Recline FlatFlat 3 positions
 3 positions
5 positions
 4 positions
 YesYes No NoNo No
CanopyLargeLargeMedium +
LargeMediumLarge +
26″25″ 27″ 28″ 24″ 26″
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If I was buying a second stroller for running errands and traveling right now that I wanted to last me for years and multiple kids, I would get Maclaren Techno XT or UPPAbaby G-Luxe despite the high price.

The Maclaren and UPPAbaby strollers are very high quality and very durable. Since they’ve been around for years, many parents had a chance to test them and rate them.

They have amazing reviews and lasted some parents for years and multiple kids. That being said, I think this is a great investment.

Now, if you have a toddler and need something for just a summer, a few trips to visit relatives or theme parks, I would get something inexpensive. If it gets damaged on the plane or while traveling, you are not going to be heartbroken.

I would probably get 3D Zyre because it has more features and weighs less than my beloved Chicco Liteway, but still costs only $139. Since this is a brand-new model, I don’t know if it will last for years, but it might.

For hardcore travelers who need only one stroller with a travel system option, I would recommend taking a look at Baby Jogger Vue. The reversible seat and flat recline are perfect for a newborn. 

It’s a little heavier and costs more, but is a very sturdy and durable stroller that I felt safe putting a car seat in.

Since I have a limited page width on my site, I couldn’t include more than six strollers in this chart. Some other popular umbrella strollers that were left out are Joovy Groove Ultralight, Summer Infant 3D Lite, Summer Infant 3D Flip, and City Mini Zip.

If you need help narrowing it down, let me know by leaving a comment below and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

39 thoughts on “Top Umbrella Strollers Side-By-Side Comparison”

  1. Hi Katrin! Really helpful website, thank you!! I am looking for a travel/umbrella/lightweight stroller and would love your advice. I have a 19 month old and we will be taking him on an airplane for the first time this summer. I think I’d like an umbrella-type stroller for convenience in the airport. I will likely rent a BOB to use on the beach when we get to our destination. I’m leaning toward the Summer 3D Zyre or 3D Flip or maybe the Joovy Groove Ultralight. We live in suburbia and already have a B-Agile and a BOB Revolution. I use the BOB daily for walks and jogs in the neighborhood and nearby lake and I love it so much I don’t want to risk it getting damaged on the plane. I actually don’t love the B-Agile for errands and such – I don’t think my son looks very comfortable in it and it seems kind of big to maneuver around so it would be nice to have an umbrella stroller I like more! I liked it well enough with his infant seat but when he transitioned out of that I wished I had an option for him to face me, which is why I’m thinking the 3D Flip might be a good choice for future kiddos. Any advice? Is the Joovy worth the extra cost or will I be happy with one of the summer models? And it looks like the shade on the Flip is smaller than the Zyre but is it significant?

  2. Hi Bridget. If this is your last child, I would go with 3d Zyre because kids want to look out after 19 months. But if you are going to have more kids, Flip is a great option. The canopy on Flip is really nice. It might look smaller, but you can bring it down more. I’ve just posted a full review on Flip. Take a look. Both models got great reviews on Amazon. If I had to buy a stroller for traveling right now, I would get 3d Zyre because it’s just such a great deal and full of features.

  3. Hello. I have a 7 week old 8 lbs and graco carrier. I’ve looked at the graco Breaze which accepts the graco carrier but the foot rest has bad reviews. I have also looked at the Baby Jogger Vue and like the reversible seat, but it doesn’t accept the graco click seat. The summer infant also has the reversible seat. This will be my only stroller child so I need it to last for 1 child. Do you have a recommendation of one of these seats or a different one you would recommend?

  4. Have you even tested out the cossatto supa stroller? It’s also an umbrella stroller but has really cute fabrics. I was curious how it compares to the ones on your chart above

  5. Hi Melinda. It sounds like you are on a budget and want to get a lightweight compact stroller that will last you for a while. I would recommend Britax B-Agile. Perfect for everyday life, has decent wheels, and can be paired with your car seat. It retails for around $250.

  6. I am currently struggling between the Baby Jogger Vue, Summer Infant 3D Flip and Chicco Liteway strollers. Which of these is your personal favorite? They are all similarily priced right now so the price does not make a difference for me.

  7. Hi! Thank you for your reviews. i presently have a city mini and love it as my son’s main stroller but I really need a lightweight stroller for the car and a bunch of local errands. I have been watching videos and reading reviews until my eyes are crossed. I think I narrowed it down to the Maclaren Techno ST and UppaBaby G-luxe or the Joovy Groove – but honestly I keep getting confused. My son is 9 months and does not sleep in his stroller at this point but hope that happens one day – I think it’s because he likes to sleep on his tummy so I guess something that folds close to flat would be helpful. I like the idea of getting the easiest folding one that might have a shoulder strap. And of course, good coverage and comfortable seating is important.

    This is my only son and I don’t foresee having another so I just want something great that will last for as long as he needs. And of course, anything that makes my life easier would be awesome!

  8. Thanks for the very helpful website. I live in a walk up with a one and a half year old and use a bugaboo bee as our regular stroller, which I’ve liked for its easy fold and zippy ride. I am looking for a lightweight umbrella stroller to supplement for travel since the Bee is a little on the heavy side and we have to remove its wheels to get it into a travel bag. we frequently take trains and subways on our trips and would like one that reclines and also holds out on the occassional ride on cobble stone street/gravel paths. I was looking at the Uppababy GLuxe but how would some of the less expensive models hold out on comfort, durability and maneuverability?

  9. Hi Katrin, I was enjoying your blog this morning but am getting inundated with information from doing too much research so, I’m wondering if you can share your knowledge…

    I’m in the market for a compact/umbrella stroller for my 3rd and last child and I have an issue with stroller envy so I want to be sure I choose the perfect one for me, one that will last through everyday use. My needs and likes are as followed:

    I have a car with foldable third row seating that I will be using all summer and need a stroller to fit in the small space left behind the rear seats in their upright position. I have a tall 31 lb. 16 mo. old who is only going to keep getting larger so I have decided that a wider seat is necessary and preferably a taller seat back (I also like the adjustable height of the canopy on some models). The large canopy is a must and I absolutey love the zip out panel! Next, I like the larger wheels., like on the Joovy Groove, which is now discontinued (NOT the Ultralight model). They had sealed ball bearings for superior maneuverability! …and a solid frame. Weight is not really an issue as I am coming from a larger stroller. I prefer the one handed lever-type recline feature and the largest storage basket available is ideal, of course. Another feature that has appealed to me is the extendable handles as I am 5’4″ but DH is 6’4″. Lastly, I prefer dark or neutral tones as apposed to bright colors and wild patterns.

    So, after all my research, I have found that the Maclaren Techno XLR seems to suit my needs best but the price is killing me! Do you know of any other strollers that get as close to my preferences as possible that I maybe overlooked? Maybe something new to the market?

    I so look forward to hearing your opinions! Thank You for any help you can offer.

  10. Hi Katrin, I have been doing quite a bit of research on umbrella strollers and think I have it narrowed down, but I wanted to ask your opinion. One frustrating thing I have discovered in my research is there does not seem to be a standard measurement/notation about the width of the stroller seat. I have a very big toddler (14 mos) and have been trying narrow my search by seat width first so that he is comfortable. Note – I do hope to have another child and will reuse the stroller but do not really want to spend over $300. I plan to use the stroller for weekend shopping trips, outings, and a 2 week trip visiting family. I think I have narrowed the list down to the Baby Jogger Vue, Joovy Groove, Uppa Baby GLuxe, Summer Infant 3D Flip Zyre. What do you recommend for best value? Does the Maclaren make any other strollers that are just as roomy but a little less expensive?

  11. Hi Lindsey. I would probably go with GLuxe because of how durable it is. Since you want to use it for multiple kids, high quality is a must. I don’t think that Maclarens are better than Gluxe. It’s very durable, compact stroller with roomy seat that is priced very reasonable for what you are getting. I like 3D zyre but since it’s a new stroller that was just released nobody knows if it will last for multiple years and multiple kids. If you absolutely have to have the reversible seat, get Vue.

  12. Thanks Katrin. I went to “test drive” the Uppababy Gluxe and thought the Denny had a roomier seat than the Jake? From what I have read, the only difference is the color. Perhaps it was just an optical illusion? I have purchased the Gluxe and will let you know how it goes! Thanks for your help.

  13. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you for such wonderful I depth reviews.

    We’be been looking for a second stroller as our youngest is now 1 and our oldest is 3 the Vista is getting too heavy to push both together.

    I want something with a good recline for sleeping, good basket space, a easier fold than the Vista and a lot lighter and more compact for travelling with. We basically love our Vista but for travelling to places like Hong Kong, we would need something much more compact.
    I think we’ve narrowed it down to either the G-Luxe or the Mamas and Papas Armadillo XT, but I’ve been reading a lot of reviews that complain about the Armadillos ride and build quality, the seat comfort in warmer climates and that the basket droops when heavier items are in it.
    It appeals to me though as an inbetween a travel system and an umbrella.

    We are open to other suggestions but I was wondering if you had to choose which one you might go for?

    Thank you in advance for any advice you could give me.

  14. I’ve been trying to decide between the Liteway and the Graco Breaze. I have the Britax B-ready and used that for my youngest 3 kids but it’s so heavy and bulky, I’m really ready to downsize to an umbrella and am trying to accommodate my heavy 17 mo old. However I still want a good recline, basket and hood. Have you reviewed/tried out the Graco Breaze? I’ve looked at so many reviews and have checked the store. I like the look of the Liteway so much better but the Breaze has a better canopy and basket. Wondered if you’ve had experience with it? Thank you!

  15. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for your reviews! My son is 7 months and im looking for an umbrella stroller that I can take with me on the plane when we travel. Im looking for a stroller that my son can sleep comfortably in for in between flights, so ive been leaning towards baby jogger vue lite as it says it has a full recline. But I also have the uppababy vista and love the brand and its sturdiness so though maybe gluxe would also do the job. Which do you recommend?

    Also, my son loves to look out, if reclined a bit he just falls asleep. Which out of the two has better upright sitting position? Or are there any umbrella strollers that are more upright than these two?


  16. Hi Katrin,

    I am currently pregnanct with my 3rd child and looking for a double umbrella stroller with a high weight capacity and good to use from birth on. What would you recommend??? TIA!


  17. Hi,
    I was wondering how the citi mini models compare to these strollers as it is in the same price range and I’ve heard great things about its 1 hand fold and comoact fold for travel.
    Thank you

  18. Hi Yael. City Mini is a great simple stroller that has everything you will need for a child. Also, take a look at Britax B-Agile which is very similar but is a little bit better than City Mini.

  19. Hi Katrin! I will take my 5 moths old baby on a fly trip and I want to purchase a umbrella stroller, is there any of those strollers i can take inside the airplane cabin, with no problems. What people usually buy? Thanks

  20. Hi Katrin!
    Great comparison! I’ve been researching compact, umbrella strollers for the past few months and I’m very confused and still don’t know which to buy. I currently have a Bumbleride Flyer that I love but it is kind of heavy and takes up a lot of space in my suv. I need a travel stroller for my 1-year-old for our New Mexico family vacation in December. I like the Joovy Groove Ultralight and the Uppababy G-luxe the most. I like the roomy seats, large canopies, multiple reclines, and adjustable footrests. I just don’t like that the seats have a slight recline even in the most upright position. My baby girl likes to sit up and look around. I also looked at the Mountain Buggy Nano and the BJ City Mini Zip because of the compact fold. On the Nano, I don’t like the small canopy, weight capacity is only 44 lbs and most of all, I dislike the mesh without cover sice it will be very cold and snowing when we are in New Mexico. On the Mini Zip, I don’t like the short seat back, I think it would be uncomfortable for my baby girl. It also has many bad reviews on Amazon, broken parts and noise or complications, I guess because of the 3D fold. I also don’t know how reclined the seats are on either the Nano or the Zip. Well…as you can see, I’m very confused. I basically need a lightweight stroller with a compact fold that definitely has an upright seat with multiple reclines and an adjustable footrest. Is there such stroller? I will only use it with this baby and we do travel at least 3 or 4 times a year. Would you please, please recommend something? Thank you.

  21. What are your thoughts on Uppababy G-lite? We have the Vista but need an umbrella stroller for vacation etc. and needs to be under 15 lbs.

  22. Hi Katrin,

    I am looking for an umbrella stroller for travel with my little one when she is 7 mos-1 year. Because she will likely nap in the stroller I am looking for a deep recline and because we will be in very sunny places I would like a large canopy/sun visor. That being said, we already have a Cruz for day to day use so we are trying to keep the cost down on the umbrella stroller. It looks like the baby jogger vue might be a good option, what do you think?

    Thank you!

  23. Hi Bronwyn. I like Vue and like Liteway. My close friend has Liteway and she traveled with it a LOT! It took so much beating at he airports and cruises and is still alive. LOL. If she is planing on having more kids, I would recommend going for more expensive one that will last you longer like G-Luxe. It’s my favorite right now.

  24. I’m looking for a good quality lightweight stroller for my 2.5 year old son. He’s 31 lbs and I need something that I can throw in the back of the car, and potentially take with us on trips. Candidly I’m into comfort for him, and he’s an only child. We’re not worried about the price tag. We live in L.A. Your input would be appreciated

  25. Hi Katrin,
    I already have a city mini stroller and i’m looking for a second stroller. I have two babies (a 10 month and a almost 3 year old) and I need a stroller for our trip to Disney (we live in Brazil so it’s a long flight and lot of AirPort time). Do you think city vue lite Would be the best choice? What stroller you Would recommend me?
    Thank you!!

  26. Hi! I am debating if I need umbrella stroller and which one to get.. My baby is 8 months old and we are going to Dominican on the vacation.. Currently I have chicco bravo trio travel system .. I liked it so far as car seat cAreer but I don’t like it much as stroller to use .. I don’t think it’s comfortable for baby there is no legs support.. Also I want a jogger so I can go park . Thanks!

  27. Hi Viktoriya. You really can’t jog with an umbrella stroller. You would have to get a jogger for that. If you want to buy a high quality umrella stroller, I would recommend getting UPPAbaby G-Luxe 2015 model. It’s really great and should last you for years. If you want a cheaper stroller for just trips so you don’t get too heart broken if it gets damages, I would recommend something less expensive like Chicco Lightway.

  28. Hi,

    Awesome and informative post, thank you!!! I am looking for an umbrella stroller to use that is light weight and good for travelling (Ireland, Boston) and to just keep in car in Chicago. Can’t decide between G Luxe and Maclaren Triumph. My husband and I are both over six feet tall and our little boy is only 14 months but very tall for his age. Thank you!!! Interested in your insight.

  29. Hi, Katrin, and thank you for replying, yes I was looking at UPPABABY GLuxe and also BabyJogger VUE lite, I like the VUE that is reversible, and Gluxe a little of bit pricier. I read your previous reviews and others says that UppaBaby Gluxe is durable.
    And for the jogging stroller what do you think about Thule Urban Glide?

  30. Hi Katrin, I am looking for a light weight/umbrella stroller for my 2 1/2 year old (not sure if I’m having anymore kids or not). I currently have the city mini gt and my son hates it. I think b/c it’s too deep and he can’t see out. Someone got me a Toys R Us umbrella stroller at my shower, and ironically, my son loves it. Maybe b/c it’s cozy and he can see more? Do you have any recommendations? We will use the stroller on weekends for errands, trips to the park, zoo, mall etc. Thank you!! Jackie

  31. Between the Zyre and the G-Luxe, which would you recommend? We don’t mind paying the extra if it’s worth it. We have an 18-month-old who will likely be our only, if that helps. Thanks!!

  32. Hi! I would love to get your opinion on which stroller you think I should get! I am looking for a lightweight umbrella stroller that is great for traveling. My biggest concerns are sun coverage, recline and weight. I want to be able to go anywhere and have my baby be comfortable and able to stay out of the sun on hot days. I actually just bought the gluxe but am now second guessing it as I’m not sure the hood has the best sun coverage. I was considering the summer 3D one also. Thanks!

  33. Hi Katrin! Thanks to your review, we bought the Nuna Mixx for our son and we love it. We also bought the Nuna car seat to complete the story. Now we are looking for a lighter stroller to use during travel. I was leaning towards the G Luxe but I read reviews of it not being upright enough and babies outgrowing it too quickly. Have you observed these? Would you be able to recommend a light stroller which can take the Pipa? Thanks.

  34. Hi Katrin,

    I have a Teutonia T-Linx stroller and it takes so much space in the trunk of my car. I was gifted a Inglesina trip stroller, but my 10month old baby girl slouches in it. And, I was gifted a Chicco Liteway, but the bottom part of the harness is very tight on the crouch area. I would like the features of a full size stroller, but in a umbrella. Which one do you think I should get? Also, I do plan on having a third child. I was looking into the Baby jogger vue and I like that it can be used with a car seat, but I’m not sure as to which ones?

    Thank you in advance for responding to me.

  35. Hi Katrin,
    your blog is SO helpful & informative, THANK YOU! I currently have a 2.5 year old and am looking to replace his Graco travel system with an umbrella stroller, that I can use for everyday & outings. He’s already 30 lbs, so I would like something that will last until he’s completely out of strollers. I don’t mind spending a little more, but I don’t plan on saving my stroller for future children. Any suggestions?

  36. Hi Katrin! I’m traveling through Europe for 2 weeks with my 11 month old. We currently have the Mamas and Papas Amarillo Flip XT and the Bob for home use. I’m looking or a lite weight umbrella for our travels that doesn’t break the bank but most importantly is comfortable for my little one and as hassle free as possible for traveling. thank you!!

  37. Hello! What would you recommend as a light weight umbrella stroller for our nanny to use when she takes our 1-y/o on the bus (we live in Chicago)? We are looking for something easy to collapse while holding our hefty babe :) We have a bugaboo as our stationary stroller and city mini gt as our more substantial travel stroller that we leave in the car for errands, zoo, flights, etc. The umbrella stroller would just be for our nanny when she is taking baby on the bus. So many options!
    Thank you!

  38. Hi – I am looking for a easy fold stroller that sits very upright (preferably with a bar or snack tray that I can add). It doesn’t have to be an umbrella stroller, but I am looking for a one handed fold. It’s for my almost 2 year old who can’t walk, so I am really getting tired of carrying her! I would love your recommendation.

    I’ve been looking at the Britax 2016 B-Agile, Baby Jogger City Mini, or GB Qbit Travel Stroller. But I don’t know if you had any recommendations for the most upright one.

    I don’t care about the recline or carseat business, because she’s so old.

    1. very upright seat
    2. one handed fold
    3. compact folded
    4. bar or snack tray for child

    Thanks so much for you advice – you are an expert!

  39. Hi. I’m trying to decide between maclaren techno xt , maclaren XLR, and baby jogger city mini GT . Need your help on narrowing it down. Can you share your comparison on these three? Thanks.

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