Cybex M-Line Strollers Side-By-Side Comparison


Last year Cybex released a new gold collection of strollers called M-Line. To be clear, there are no strollers made out of gold. LOL.

This new line includes 6 models for any kind of lifestyle. Whether you want three wheels or four, all-terrain tires or light tires, reversible seats, or regular seats, Cybex got you covered! This collection is not only super stylish but is also VERY practical.

All models have features like a one-hand compact fold, a flip-flop-friendly brake, a large canopy, a roomy seat, a deep recline, an adjustable handlebar, an all-wheel suspension, a swing-away bumper bar, an automatic lock, and a standing fold. So you really don’t have to compromise when choosing the right model for you.

At first, it could get confusing because all of them look very similar, but after you take a closer look, you will realize that the biggest difference is in the wheels. There are three models with all-terrain wheels and three models with lighter everyday wheels.

The other difference is in the reversible seat and the number of wheels. That’s it! All other features are the same.

I’ve also decided to post the main competition for each Cybex model in the same category.

Cybex M-Line Strollers Comparison

FeaturesIris M-AirBalios MAgis M-Air3Agis M-Air4Eternis M3Eternis M4
  iris-m-air balios-m agis-m-air3 agis-m-air4 eternis-m3 eternis-m4
 21 lbs 23 lbs 17 lbs 18 lbs 19 lbs 21 lbs
 Folded33″x 23″
x 14.5″
33″ x 23″
x 14.5″
30″ x 22.5″
x 14″
42″x 12″
x 13″
29.5″ x 23″
x 16.5″
 40″ x 23″
x 13″
55 lbs55 lbs55 lbs55 lbs55 lbs55 lbs
Wheel typeRegularAll-terrainRegularRegularAll-terrainAll-terrain
# of Wheels 4 4 3 4 3 4
 Wheels6″/9.5″ 8″/11.5″ 6″/9.5″6″/9.5″8″/ 11.5″8″/11.5″
SuspensionAll-wheelAll-wheel All-wheelAll-wheelAll-wheel All-wheel
Handle bar
37″ – 42″37″ – 42″37″ – 42″37″ – 42″37″ – 42″37″ – 42″
 Recline DeepDeep Flat FlatFlatFlat
Bassinet OptionYesYesYesYesYesYes
22″22″26″26″26″ 26″
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Cybex Iris M-Air vs Competition

All of the models below have a reversible seat and roll on four regular size wheels.

Iris M-Air
Armadillo Flip
  iris-m-air uppababy_cruz100x100 joovy_qool100x100mamas-papas-armadillo-flip-xt-100x100
  21 lbs 22 lbs 21.5 lbs 22 lbs
Weight limit  55 lbs 50 lbs  55 lbs 50 lbs
 Folded 33″ x 23″
x 14.5″
 37″x 22.25″
x 11″
 27″ x 21.5″
x 19″
30″ x 22″
x 10″
One-hand fold Yes No No Yes
Wheel size 6″/9.5″ 6.5″/8.25″ 7″/9.5″6.5″/9″
Bumper bar Yes Yes  Yes No
Bassinet option Yes Yes  No Yes
Price $399$499 $520$599
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Cybex Balios M vs Competition

All of the models below feature reversible seat and roll on four all-terrain wheels. I was thinking about adding Uppababy Vista but decided not to because one of Vista’s main features is the ability to convert from a single mode into a double mode.

Balios M
Cameleon 3
Nuna MixxMamas&
Sola2 MTX
Scoot V2
Britax Affinity
 23 lbs 21 lbs 25 lbs 22 lbs 25 lbs 25 lbs
Weight limit 55 lbs 37.5 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 45 lbs 55 lbs
Folded33″ x 23″
x 14.5″
35″ x  20″
x 12″
35.5″x 23″
x 18.6″
33″x 24″
x 13″
28″ x 21.6″
x 12.6″
32″ x 24″
x 17.5″
One-hand fold Yes No No No Yes No
Wheel size8″/11.5″6″/12″7″/10″7.5″/10″8″/10″6″/11″
Bumper bar Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Bassinet option Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Price$469$1,200$499 $479$499$260
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Agis M-Air3 vs Competition

Just like M-Air3, these strollers roll on three wheels, have a one-hand compact fold, and a lightweight.

FeaturesCybex Agis
Baby Jogger
City Mini
  agis-m-air3 bj_citi_mini100x100 britax_b-agile100x100
 17 lbs  17 lbs 16 lbs
 Weight limit  55 lbs  50 lbs  55 lbs
 Folded 30″ x 22.5″
x 14″
 31″ x 24″
x 10″
 29″ x 23″
x 10″
 One-hand fold  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Wheel size 6″/9.5″ 8″ 5.5″/9.5″
Bumper bar Yes No No
Bassinet option Yes No No
Price $269  $259 $250
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Cybex Agis M-Air4 vs Competition

All of the strollers below roll on four wheels, are lightweight, and have a compact fold.

FeaturesCybex Agis
Baby Jogger
City Mini 4
B-Agile 4
 iCoo Acrobat
  agis-m-air4 bj_citi_mini_4wheel100x100 britax_b-agile4100x100mamas-papas-armadillo-100x100icoo-acrobat-100x100
 18 lbs  20 lbs  20 lbs  17 lbs 20 lbs
 Weight limit  55 lbs  65 lbs  55 lbs  50 lbs  50 lbs
 Folded 42″x 12″
x 13″
  30.5″ x 24″
x 9″
 29″ x 23″
x 10″
  28″ x 21.6
x 12″
 26″ x 20″
x 13″
 One-hand fold Yes Yes Yes Yes No
 Wheel size  6″/9.5″ 8″ 6″/9″ 6″/7.5″ 7.5″/6″
Bumper bar  Yes  No  No  No Yes
Bassinet option  Yes  No  No  No  No
Price  $279  $259  $250  $199  $399
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Cybex Eternis M3 vs Competition

All strollers below roll on three all-terrain wheels and have non-reversible seat.

 Features Eternis M3Baby Jogger
City Mini GT
Peg Perego
Book Cross
Buggy Swift
  eternis-m3 bj_citi_mini_gt100x100 peg-perego-book-cross-100x100mountain-buggy-swift1
 19 lbs  21 lbs 22 lbs20 lbs
 Weight limit 55 lbs  65 lbs  50 lbs 
 Folded 29.5″ x 23″
x 16.5″
 31.5″ x 24.5″
x 10″
36″x 25″
x 18″
28″ x 23″
x 12″
 One-hand fold  Yes  Yes No Yes
 Wheel size 8″/ 11.5″ 8.5″  10″10″
 Bumper bar Yes  Yes YesYes
Bassinet option Yes  Yes  NoYes
Price$359 $349 $499$449
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Cybex Eternis M4 vs Competition

All of the strollers below have all-terrain wheels and non-reversible seat.

Features Eternis M4Bumbleride
Indie 4
 Bob Motion
  eternis-m4 bumbleride_indie4100x100 bob_motion100x100
  21 lbs  22 lbs 23 lbs
 Weight limit  55 lbs  55 lbs 76 lbs
 Folded  40″ x 23″
x 13″
 29″ x 24.5″
x 15″
 28″ x 22″
x 11″
 One-hand fold Yes No Yes
 Wheel size 8″/11.5″ 8.5″/12″ 7″/10″
 Bumper bar Yes Yes No
 Bassinet option Yes Yes No
 Price $369 $599 $300
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8 thoughts on “Cybex M-Line Strollers Side-By-Side Comparison”

  1. Hi After reading all your reviews I am Trying to decide between the cybex bilious M and the Nuna mixx. For my now 1 month old. They look pretty similar other then the 1 hand fold and the 2 pound difference. I live in Brooklyn but often visit family in the suburbs and enjoy various kinds of terrain. Often take the subway And really want something I can easily use All the time from going to brunch to running errands. But has tires that can easily work for a park or slightly rougher roads . Which would be your recommendation ?

  2. Hi Emily. It sounds like you need something compact with one-hand fold so I would get Balios M. They are both great stroller, but cybex is more convenient to run errands with because of the fold. The wheels on Cybex are also a little better.

  3. Thanks for the quick response . One more question at what age or weight can you use the balios M without the bassinet option ?

  4. Thank you so very much for these reviews; thanks to them, these are now my frontrunners! It has proven extremely difficult to find other reviews of these strollers, particularly from parents who have used them for an extended period of time and might have encountered difficulties / might be absolutely loving them after a longer period! Stores don’t seem to carry them (and I’m in a major U.S. city) and I’m pretty wary of committing to something without trying them. I really don’t want buyers remorse after the many many hours I’ve put into researching this stuff! My priorities are lightweight (I have some back problems), ability to do some all-terrain (uneven city sidewalks, some dirt paths/grass in park), ease of fold, and overall quality. And not breaking the bank! I’m thinking the Eternis M3 is my best option. Followed by Iris (reversible seat sounds like a great option, but FTM so not sure how important this is!), and Agis M3. I see that one of the strollers you compared the Eternis M3 to was the City Mini GT, which was previously on our list, but knocked off because of people’s and babygearlab’s experiences with it tipping backwards, even without stuff hanging from the handles. Do you think the Eternis M3 could have this problem? Also, at what point would you say infants could go in the normal seat without an infant insert? Any last words of wisdom before I take the plunge? Thanks again!

  5. Hi im looking for a reversible stroller with a compact rear facing fold, flat recline, good range of infant car seat options. I love the armadillo flip xt bht I want a second choice just in case. Thanks

  6. Hello, I love your stroller reviews and comparisons! However, I haven’t found what I was looking for: I had Bugaboo Cameleon 3 so I’m used to rather versatile strollers and now I am lioking for a reversible one-hand fold stroller with good suspension. Could you please advise me, which one is better: bjcm premier, cybex balios M or S? At the moment, we’re using bjcm GT which I will keep for snowy weather and rough terrain and babyzen Yoyo for shopping. My main focus is the reversible seat and a good footrest in both directions (I had bubaboo bee and it lacked a footrest when parent-facing).. I’m really confused with all the options avaikable on the market..,

  7. Hi Anna. I would get Nuna Mixx2 or Cybex Balios S because both have a reversible seat, great suspension and FLAT recline (something Cameleon doesn’t have). I think flat recline is very important for a great nap.

  8. Hi Katrin! Can’t realize the difference between Balios s and Balios M ! Having my second baby on the way and used to have a chicco lite way but now I want something more comfortable…

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