Mom’s Picks: Top 20 Best Strollers for 2017


Each year I put together a list of top new strollers for the year so parents know what new models to expect. But this year I decided to mix it up a little and add some 2016 models too. 

While I did like new releases for 2017, I feel like most of the interesting models and updates were introduced last year.

It was a hard job reducing the list to only the top 20 buggies since I had to combine everything from 2016 and 2017 together. As you know, sometimes a stroller looks good on paper, but in real life, the quality is just not there.

I’ve tested an endless amount of strollers and read tons of reviews from parents on the available models before finalizing my list which consists of models from all categories including joggers, lightweight, full-size, and convertible buggies.

All of the winners below are absolutely the BEST strollers on the market right now. All of them are made out of high-quality materials, very durable, and reasonably priced for the features you are getting.

Keep in mind, that I do concentrate on practicality a little more than style. Also, those companies that care about the environment and use eco-friendly materials got extra points from me.

Obviously, there are some advantages of buying those models that have been updated or released in 2016 since they have been already tested by me and hundreds of other parents. So, if you are having stroller nightmares and anxiety trying to pick the right stroller for your baby, just pick one from my list below. You are not going to be disappointed.

Your next step would be selecting the safest infant car seat that works with it. It’s always better to select the stroller first and then choose an infant car seat and not the other way around.

Don’t select a stroller that you will be stuck with for three years based on the infant car seat which you will use for 1 year max. In any case, I am here for you. If you have a question or need help narrowing down your choices, let me know I will do my best to answer it as soon as I can.

1. Nuna Mixx2 2017 Stroller – $599


The very first place in the full-size category goes to Nuna Mixx2 2017. The quality is just outstanding! The Nuna consistently delivers amazing products that are not only high-end but also very durable and reliable.

The new Nuna Mixx2 2017 model was definitely a big hit at the ABC Kids Expo 2016 where it was revealed for the first time. The combination of the sleek dark frame and chrome accented black wheels together with new plush fabrics and vegan leather finishes put it into the next level of luxury strollers.

Watch out Uppababy, Nuna is coming for you! LOL. I was very impressed with the new style and the upgrades.

The Nuna Mixx2 2017 has pretty much EVERYTHING parents are looking for like a reversible seat, flat recline, large basket, compact fold, and huge canopy. You can easily transform this stroller into a stylish pram with the bassinet, (sold separately) or you can use it as a travel system by purchasing a color-matching Pipa car seat (one of my favorites).

The foam-filled tires together with all-wheel suspension are perfect for everyday life. It can tackle all kinds of terrain like grass, mulch, or gravel. The large basket is perfect for grocery shopping and since this stroller is back-heavy you can hang a large diaper bag off the handlebar.

Speaking about handlebars, it has been upgraded from rubber to hand-sewn vegan leather which feels so luxurious to the touch. The already great canopy got even better with the addition of the double quilted stitch work underneath. There is plenty of mesh in the canopy for great air circulation.

But, my favorite feature of the Mixx2 is the seat. It has a one-hand lever recline that goes to a true-flat position suitable for the newborn. Yes, you don’t even need the bassinet. You can put your newborn child directly into the seat.

And, once you lift up the adjustable leg rest, your child will have plenty of room to stretch and take a nice nap. It’s also a very upright seat in the most upright position. BEST seat on the market!

The Mixx2 is available now and retails for around $599 by itself. It comes with a rain cover, car seat adapters, and a bumper bar. You can also get the whole Jett collection with a Pipa car seat and bassinet for $1,139. The Nuna has also finally added some accessories so now you can get a child tray, cup holder, footmuff, and travel bag.

Here is my full review of Nuna Mixx 2 »

2. Nuna Tavo – $349


I had to give Nuna Tavo a second place because it’s very similar to my favorite Nuna Mixx, but is more compact, lighter, and less expensive. While it doesn’t have a reversible seat, it turns into a travel system without any adapters.

The award-winning Nuna Pipa infant car seat securely clicks right into the frame of the Tavo. I am absolutely in love with Tavo’s canopy! It’s huge, it has a pop-out sunvisor and it also has a zipped-in ‘dream drape’ that will completely cover your child even when the seat is fully reclined. One of the BEST canopies on the market!

The recline goes to an almost flat position suitable for a newborn. The seat can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs. The Tavo is full of great features like an adjustable handle bar, large basket, roomy seat, swing-away bumper bar, adjustable leg rest, flip-flop-friendly brake, all-wheel suspension, easy fold, and a large easy to access basket.

I love Tavo because it’s not only stylish but also very practical and affordable. This could be your ONLY stroller. If you get it as a travel system with Nuna Pipa, this will be all you need to get you from birth and through the toddler years. It retails for around $349 and comes in four colors.

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3. UPPAbaby Vista – $839


The UPPAbaby Vista is one of my favorite convertible strollers.  It’s an all-terrain model with a reversible seat and the ability to convert to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat.

But this is not all; it can hold two toddler seats, two bassinets, or two infant car seats. You can even add a third child by getting a stroller board called PiggyBack Ride-Along board.

For 2017 Vista got a little face lift. Now, it has a better quality fabric on the canopy and the pop-out sunvisor, the wheels got upgraded to solid polyurethane instead of hard rubber, the frame in the back is narrower creating a smaller footprint, and there is an option of having a real leather cover for the handlebar and a bumper bar. All these changes made it 1.5 lbs lighter decreasing the weight to 26 lbs.

The rest of the features stayed the same: You will enjoy the roomy reversible seat, one-hand deep lever recline, adjustable leg rest, huge canopy with a dark mesh viewing window, huge basket, all-wheel suspension, and easy fold.

The Vista also comes with a matching bassinet which is a great extra sleeping place for a newborn. You can get it now for around $839 depending on the color.

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4. UPPAbaby Cruz – $499


The UPPAbaby has also recently upgraded its Cruz model which has a lot of functionalities of the Vista, but because of the smaller wheels and narrower frame is lighter and more compact.

Just like Vista, it got a few small updates: the sunshade is made out of higher quality fabric, the material of the pop-out sunvisor got improved, the sunvisor locks better in place when you bring it up and down, the wheels are made out of solid polyurethane instead of hard rubber, and there is an option of the real leather handlebar and bumper bar. That’s about it. Oh! And of course new colors.

Everything else stayed the same: it still has a roomy seat, adjustable handlebar, huge canopy, including a bumper bar, adjustable leg rest, huge basket, all-wheel suspension, one-hand lever recline, and more. It comes in seven dark rich colors and can purchased for around $499.

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5. BOB Revolution Pro and Flex – $499


Any park I go to, I see parents jogging with BOBs. While there are a lot of different joggers on the market, BOB Revolution Pro and Flex are just the BEST in their category. Period. Nobody comes close in durability and performance.

The new Revolution Pro and Flex is an updated version of the beloved Revolution SE which now has an adjustable handlebar with nine different positions and a hand brake on the Pro model that will give you the ability to slow down quickly.

The Pro model is designed for hardcore joggers who like to jog up and down the hill and need a hand brake as additional safety. For those of you who don’t need the hand brake, BOB has released the Revolution Flex model.

Just like the SE model, Pro and Flex feature: a roomy seat, a huge canopy with a large viewing window, a large easy-to-access basket, an adjustable padded 5-point harness, and an easy fold.

Aside from the large basket, it has two mesh pockets inside of the seat where your child can store toys or snacks and a large mesh pocket in the back of the seat where parents can store their essentials.

The seat is very well padded and has a deep recline that goes to almost a flat position. You can put a child into the seat starting from 6 months and up to 70 lbs. If you want to use it from birth you can convert it into a travel system by purchasing a car seat adapter.

The main feature of the Pro/Flex is the large air-filled tires that can handle any type of terrain. Together with a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system, it creates a VERY smooth ride.

From my experience, BOB’s suspension system is absolutely the BEST. The Pro model weighs 30 lbs while the Flex model is a little lighter at 28 lbs.

Since Revolution Pro and Flex are the BEST joggers on the market right now, they are at the top of my list.  You can get it in three different colors with a silver frame for around $499.

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6. Britax B-Ready – $499


Another popular company Britax has completely redesigned its B-Ready model for 2017. The Vista is going to have a serious competition with this one! While both strollers look very similar B-Ready costs much less.

Just like Vista, the B-Ready model grows with your family converting from single into a double mode with the addition of a second seat, bassinet, or infant car seat. There are 12 sitting options to choose from.

I really love the 2017 updates. It has a new stylish frame, new seat colors, flip-flop friendly brake with color indicator, an even larger basket, and a click-and-go system that allows you to click any Britax car seat right into the frame. 

It also features an adjustable handlebar, adjustable leg rest, a large canopy, a roomy seat with deep recline, a huge basket, and a huge canopy with a mesh peekaboo window.

The fold is super easy and you can fold it with both seats attached. There is an automatic lock and a standing fold. The all-terrain hard rubber wheels together with an all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride and can handle a lot of different terrain.

Since they are foam-filled instead of air, you will never get a flat. The main seat can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 55 lbs.

If you want to use it from birth, you can turn it into a travel system or a pram with the purchase of an infant car seat or a bassinet. It retails for around $499 and comes with a bumper bar. All other accessories need to be purchased separately.

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7. Baby Jogger City Mini GT – $349


Lately, the Baby Jogger has been really on the roll releasing new models and upgrading the old ones. One of the upgrades I was very excited about was the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

Over the years GT model became very popular because of its all-terrain wheels, one-hand compact fold, deep recline, and light weight of 21 lbs. Basically, this is a perfect stroller for city life.

It can also be your ONLY stroller since the deep recline goes to an almost flat position suitable for a newborn while the high weight capacity of 65 lbs can accommodate your first-grader. You can turn it into a travel system with the most popular car seats.

It also features one of the biggest canopies, an adjustable 5-point harness, an adjustable handlebar, and a hand brake. This is a very basic stroller with all the necessary features that is available at a very reasonable price of $359.

It doesn’t come with any accessories, but there are plenty of accessories available for purchase.

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8. Maclaren Quest – $299


When it comes to umbrella strollers Maclaren is just a step ahead of the competition. Every stroller review site has Maclaren on its top list.

That’s because their strollers are high quality and have all the features parents want. Their products are so durable they give you a LIFETIME warranty. What other company does that?

That being said, I was very happy to see Maclaren finally upgrading its stroller which has stayed the same for many years. The new Quest now has an improved basket, larger canopy, 4-wheel suspension, removable wheels, new fabrics, standing fold, and lighter weight.

While weighing ONLY 12.3 lbs it can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. The deep almost flat recline is perfect for a newborn. The safety system which includes a leg mesh and a head barrier will prevent your baby from sliding out of the seat.

The canopy deserves its own post! It’s absolutely amazing. It has a zipped-in panel and a pop-out sunvisor that make it huge protecting from every angle. 

Great maneuverability! The 5″ wheels together with all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride. Very easy to navigate in tight spaces. Another cool thing about this model is that all of the wheels are removable and replaceable. If one of the wheels breaks, you can order a new one.

It also features your compact umbrella fold, carry handle, and carry strap for easy transportation. This baby comes in eight color combinations and retails for around $299. It comes with a rain cover. The cup holder is sold separately.

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9. Baby Jogger City Select Lux  – $629


The City Select Lux is one of the best redesigns of 2017. While I always liked the old City Select, the new Lux model is absolutely amazing! I feel like Baby Jogger took my cons list and fixed everything. It might be just the perfect convertible stroller (even better than Vista).

The new Lux model has 20 sitting arrangements and can accommodate two full-size seats, two bassinets, or two infant car seats. Plus, you can use a new jump seat instead of the main seat which will give you another 4 sitting combinations. Have an older child? Now a problem. You can get a stroller board for a triple mode.

The complete facelift included added all-wheel suspension for a smoother ride, softer more lush fabric instead of scratchy one, a higher handlebar for more leg room for taller parents, a new jump seat with a footrest for older children, easier-to-use adapters, new beautiful colors, 30% more compact fold, an automatic lock instead of the manual one, and a huge shopping bag accessory that is perfect for grocery shopping.

Each full-size seat can handle a child from 6 months and up to 45 lbs. It also features a huge easy-to-access basket that you can use after adding the second seat, a large canopy with mesh peekaboo window, deep one-hand recline, and all-terrain never-flat wheels perfect for everyday use.

Keep in mind, that this is not a jogging stroller despite being made by Baby Jogger. This buggy retails for around $629 and comes in four beautiful colors.

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10. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 – $1,219


The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is an iconic stroller that has been very popular among celebs for many years. The latest model is just as versatile and as stylish as the previous version.

The vegan leather handlebar and bumper bar covers are a welcomed addition to the already luxurious stroller. But what I like the most about Cameleon 3 is how durable and innovative it is. It’s made out of very high-quality materials that will last you for a long time and multiple kids.

Cameleon 3 rolls on all-terrain tires that together with adjustable suspension can handle ANY terrain. You can even reverse the handlebar to put the rear wheels forward for rougher terrain or switch to a two-wheel mode for tackling snow and sand. Because the tires are foam-filled you will never get a flat and don’t need to add air.

I like the included bassinet because you can also use it as an extra sleeping place at home. The HUGE canopy provides complete coverage. The seat is reversible and has a three-position recline.

The great thing about the seat is that is very upright in the most upright position. All of this comes with a high price tag of $1,219. Ouch! It does include a bassinet, bumper bar, and rain cover.

You can also transform it into a travel system with many popular car seats including Peg Perego, Chicco, Britax, and Maxi Cosi.

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11. Bugaboo Donkey – $1,329


As you know, Bugaboo is one of the most luxurious brands on the market. The Donkey is their all-terrain model that can convert from a single to a double side-by-side mode. This is the only stroller that can extend from 23″ width in a single mode up to 29″ in a double mode.

The included bassinet and a large shopping bag are a big plus for a growing family. There are 17 different seat estrangements to accommodate your child’s needs. It can also be used as a travel system for one or two kids with an addition of infant car seats (sold separately).

The large air-filled tires can handle many terrains and the unique two-wheel mode can help you tackle even snow. The adjustable handlebar provides plenty of room for taller parents. Both the handlebar and the bumper bar are covered with beautiful vegan leather which is a standard feature on all the models without any additional cost.

The huge canopy provides full sun protection even in a reclined position. The seat has a one-hand three-position recline and can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 37.5 lbs.

What really sets Donkey apart from the competition is the high quality of all the materials and the durability of the frame. And, of course, the innovative design and elegant style is an icing on the cake. It’s like a Chanel purse that never goes out of style.

This stroller will last you for years and multiple kids. All this goodness comes with a super high price of $1,329 for a MONO (single) version and $1,885 for a TWIN version. This stroller is available right now and includes a shopping bag, bumper bar, bassinet, air pump, and a rain cover.

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12. Bumbleride Indie – $529


For those parents who like occasional jogging/power walking at the park and around the city, I can recommend taking a look at the Bumbleride Indie model. It weighs only 22 lbs and is not as bulky as many other joggers. The air-filled all-terrain wheels together with an all-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride over bumpy streets. This is a perfect combination for an adventurous lifestyle.

Bumbleride Indie is full of great features usually found on full-size luxury strollers like adjustable leg rest, adjustable handlebar, huge canopy, magnetic peekaboo window closure,  and eco-friendly fabrics.

Another thing that sets it apart from other joggers is the deep recline and a bassinet-like environment suitable for a newborn. You can also use it as a travel system with an infant car seat or even a pram with a bassinet. What other jogger has that?

It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. This is a great option for sporty parents who don’t want to buy another full-size newborn-ready stroller. For the first eight months, you can use it with a bassinet, car seat, or just a bassinet environment, and after your baby gets stronger you can start jogging.

The maneuverability is outstanding! You can easily push it with one hand. It also has a very well-balanced frame so you can hang a lot of crap off the handlebar without tipping it back.

The basket is very roomy and can fit your largest diaper bag plus some. This is a very high-quality and durable buggy that will last you for years and multiple kids. It comes with an air pump and a bumper bar and retails for around $529.

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13. Bumbleride Speed – $575


The Bumbleride Speed is very similar to Indie but is designed for hardcore joggers. While it has a lot of the same luxury features as Indie, it has larger rear wheels, higher weight capacity, and three-speed steering on the front wheel that allows you to choose between 360-degree swivel, locked forward, or 30-degree locked modes. This is a big plus since most joggers have only swivel and locked modes.

Plenty of options for a newborn! The seat has a deep recline and goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn. Bumbleride purposely added a head barrier at the top of the seat to prevent your baby from sliding out.

But that’s not all. You can also turn it into a travel system with an infant car seat or even a pram with the addition of a bassinet.

Parents will also enjoy features like a large canopy, mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closure, leather-covered adjustable handlebar, included adjustable bumper bar, large basket, all-wheel suspension, easy one-step fold, eco-friendly fabrics, and multiple storage pockets inside and in the back of the seat. The weight is only 24 lbs which is definitely on a lighter side for a jogger.

This buggy comes with a run-away strap, bumper bar, and air pump and retails for around $575.

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 14. Cybex Agis M-Air3 – $150


As soon as Cybex Agis M-Air3 hit the market it became a hit. Since this is a very similar model to the beloved Britax B-Agile I can’t help, but compare the two. The Cybex Agis M-Air3 is also a lightweight full-featured stroller that you can use every day for running errands or going for a walk at the park.

Just like B-Agile, it has a large canopy, deep recline, large basket, all-wheel suspension, flip-flop friendly brake, and a very roomy seat. It rolls on three hard rubber wheels that are not all-terrain but can handle uneven pavement or some mummy terrain like mulch, grass, or gravel.

The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs. You can also convert the M-Air3 into a travel system or a pram by replacing the seat with a Cybex infant car seat or a bassinet. No bassinet on B-Agile!

But that’s not all. The M-Air 3 has three additional features that the B-Agile lacks: an adjustable handlebar, a swing-away bumper bar (included), and a standing fold. Despite these extra features, the M-Air 3 weighs only 17 lbs, which is 1 lb less than the B-Agile.

The one-hand fold and standing fold make it perfect for public transit. You can hold a child in one hand and a stroller in the other one. 

Now style-wise, if you compare the two, M-Air3 definitely wins. It has more modern colors, a slicker frame design, and cooler-looking wheels. The M-Air3 could be your ONLY stroller that you can use every day and travel with. 

The price is also very reasonable in my opinion. It comes in five beautiful colors and retails for around $150. The bumper bar is included.

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15. Britax B-Agile – $250


The Britax B-Agile is probably the most sold stroller in the world that has been staying on my top list for a while. Why? Because it’s hard to beat a combination of great features, lightweight, small footprint, compact fold, and affordable price. This could easily be your ONLY stroller.

While weighing only 18 lbs it can handle an infant car seat and has a high weight capacity of 55 lbs. It also offers a huge canopy that provides full sun protection, two peekaboo windows, a roomy seat with a tall canopy for an older toddler, a deep recline with almost a flat position suitable for a newborn, a large basket that will fit your large diaper bag, flip-flop-friendly brake, and all-wheel suspension.

The one-hand fold is super easy! You can totally have your child in one hand and fold the stroller with the other. This makes it perfect for running errands and public transit. You can even hit the park.

There is an all-wheel suspension and the wheels are much larger than on your typical umbrella model so it can handle some of the mommy terrain like grass or mulch. 

It retails for only around $250. Or, you can buy the whole travel system with a B-Safe infant car seat (great car seat btw) for around $350. One of the most affordable strollers!

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16. GB Pockit Plus – $280


Last year, GB Pokit rocked the world by featuring the most compact fold EVER, so I couldn’t imagine it getting any better. Well, this year GB came up with a new Pockit Plus model that has a recline and can take a car seat!

That’s right, it can be turned into a travel system with the addition of any GB or Cybex car seats.

The fold has slightly increased but is still very compact so you can take it on board any airline. The weight has also increased from 9 lbs to 10.8 lbs.

It’s still very compact and very light. The added strap system recline is enough for a child to take a nap, but recommended from 6 months.

The seat width has slightly increased to accept the car seat making it even roomier than before. With the almost non-existent canopy, the seat can accommodate a very tall child up to 50 lbs (which is probably your 5-6-year-old).

You are probably thinking that a 5-year-old should be walking already without a stroller, but surprisingly this is when many of them experience tired-legs aka pain-in-the-behind syndrome on a regular basis. LOL.

As with many lightweight strollers, the small wheels are designed for flat surfaces and can’t really tackle any terrain. This stroller would be great for traveling, running errands, and giving those little tired legs a break. This model comes in six different colors and retails for around $279.

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17. Joovy Groove Ultralight – $189


The previous model of Grove Ultralight was one of my favorites because it was light, compact, and budget-friendly. But the new Groove Ultralight is even better! It’s still light and compact but now is full of great features often found on luxury strollers. The price also stayed friendly.

So, I felt Groove deserves a 3rd place in the umbrella category. In case you are wondering, the 2nd place went to the UPPAbaby G-Luxe. Since G-Luxe appeared on my top list last year, I decided to feature Groove since it just got updated.

One of the main features of this model is a NEAR-FLAT recline suitable for a newborn. Not often you can find a flat recline on an umbrella stroller so this is definitely a big plus.

While I didn’t put a newborn into an umbrella seat, I think that deep recline is crucial for a good comfortable nap. It also makes diaper changes a snap.

The seat is very roomy with a tall canopy of 27″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy and with a high weight capacity of 55 lbs. Basically, you can push your child to college in this one. LOL. There are PLENTY of storage including good size basket, two cup holders, a zipper pocket, and two mesh pockets inside of the seat.

The lightweight aluminum frame, upgraded wheels, and all-wheel suspension provide great maneuverability. The light weight of 15 lbs, compact fold, and adjustable carry handle make traveling a breeze.

The Joovy Groove Ultralight is available in one of the four beautiful colors for around $189. It comes with a cup holder.

If I had to get a new umbrella stroller right now, it would be between Quest, G-Luxe, and Grove Ultralight. For those of you who are buying it to last for multiple kids, I would go with one of the Maclarens.

While they are the most expensive they are the most durable. If you are on a budget, go with Joovy.

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18. Austlen Entourage – $1,069


I know Austlen Entourage appeared on my top list last year, but I had to include it again because I just can’t get enough of it. The Austlen Entourage is a convertible stroller that has a unique extendable frame allowing you to carry a LOT of stuff.

The humongous underneath basket alone can handle up to 65 lbs! The durable frame can handle a combined weight including seats up to 150 lbs. What other stroller can do that? This amazing extendable frame can be adjusted on the go with just one motion.

It can also convert from a single to a double stroller with the addition of a second seat, infant car seat, platform rider, or a sit-n-stand. This stroller is not only functional, it is also very stylish.

I absolutely love the color combinations of the liner and the seat fabrics. The leather detailing of the swing-away bumper bar and the handlebar add to the overall stylish look. The main seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.

You will enjoy features like a large canopy, one-hand recline, adjustable handlebar, adjustable leg rest, bassinet-like environment, all-wheel suspension, flip-flop-friendly brakes, and easy fold.

With so many features I expected the fold to be super bulky, but it’s not! It’s very compact. The Austlen Entourage is retailing for around $1,069 and comes in two beautiful colors.

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19. Mamas & Papas Ocarro – $630



Mamas & Papas have been very busy in the past few years releasing different new models. Since they only came out with new color combinations last year and didn’t have any brand-new models, I was expecting something new this year.

That is why I was very excited to see a brand new model called ‘Ocarro’. This is a blend of the best features from Armadillo Flip XT and Urbo2. This all-terrain buggy has a reversible seat, and compact fold, and can be turned into a pram or bassinet.

The roomy seat has a deep one-hand recline that goes to a flat position suitable for a newborn. Since the leg rest is adjustable, you can create a bed-like environment for your child by filling the leg rest up and fully reclining the seat.

Your child will be able to fully stretch and enjoy the nap. The fold is very similar to Armadillo Flip where the seat folds in half with the seat material inside away from dirt.

This buggy is great for long walks at the park, tackling grass, gravel, or mulch. You can also take it for a walk in the city where it will handle cobblestone sidewalks with ease. Overall, I am very happy with this addition.

The chrome rim on the hood and the seat together with the leather handlebar and leather bumper bar make it look stylish and luxurious. Can’t wait to take it for a drive!

You can get Ocarro in one of the four beautiful colors for around $630. It comes with a bumper bar and a cup holder. You can also purchase it with a matching bassinet for around $750.

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20. 4Moms Moxi Stroller – $699


With the technology everywhere around us the integration of it into the strollers seems very natural. Yet, 4moms is the only company that is doing it. The new 4moms Moxi stroller is a great example of where the industry will be moving in the future. While not the most practical, it is hands down the MOST innovative model for this year.

The most unique feature of the Moxi is the built-in power generators that work from the movement of the stroller. This onboard battery gives you the ability to charge your phone and powers up the built-in LCD screen where you can find the battery life, check the temperature outside, your speed, and distance traveled.

Another cool thing that will be definitely a head-turner is the headlights and taillights that help you illuminate a pathway at night. So cool!

The new Moxi is full of great features like a reversible seat, a large basket, a large canopy with a pop-out sunvisor, an all-wheel suspension, and 5 point harness.

You can turn it into a nice pram thanks to a built-in bassinet or you can turn it into a travel system with a purchase of of the popular car seats. This stroller can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs.

The fold is very easy, but unlike the Origami model is manual. Although this is one of the most innovative and unique strollers on the market it’s not perfect. To find out the pros and cons read my full review.

This buggy is available now and is retailing for $699. Not cheap! It only comes in black and includes a cup holder.

Here is my full review of 4moms Moxi »

Phew! This was probably the longest post ever. It took me two full weeks to put it together. I hope you liked it and found a lot of useful information. If you have a question or need help narrowing down your choices, please let me know and I will do my best to answer as soon as I can. I’m here for you!

70 thoughts on “Mom’s Picks: Top 20 Best Strollers for 2017”

  1. What stroller would you recommend getting for an almost two year old? I was thinking about the tavo but it says a weight limit of 50 pounds. My daughter is already 32 pounds at 21 months. I want to have this stroller for 2 more years. We mostly use it for walks to the playground and are in an urban area.

  2. HI Abby. I would get an umbrella model or a lightweight one. Tavo is better for younger kids. Do you like Armadillo or Uppababy G-Luxe?

  3. Hey, I’m about to have my baby in March and I’m just overwhelmed at a number of strollers out there. So many things to keep in consideration when making a decision. Which set would you recommend? I’m looking to a stroller, car seat, and bassinet.
    I’m considering the MUV…

  4. HI VC. I like Muv but it doesn’t have a lot of reviews from other parents meaning I don’t know how consistent Muv is with the durability and quality of their products. I liked it. If I had to buy stroller right now for a new baby I would get Nuna Mixx Jett collection with Pipa car seat. Do you like Nuna design?

  5. Hey Katrin, Thanks so much for your fast response.
    I liked Nuna, I read about it for the first time here in your blog. I liked it but I don’t love it, it might be my own ignorance about the subject, as this is my first child. I just loved how many stuff the MUV offers, which I also read about it in one of your blogs. I’m assuming since it just entered the USA a lot of parents might be skeptical about trying them out.

  6. Vc, I do like Muv a lot. If you end up buying it you should definitely let me and the readers know what you think.

  7. Hi Katrin,

    I m in love with Nuna Jett SOOO much, but I m having twin, Would Nuna ever have a stroller for Twin? which would be your best stroller for Twin? Or Should I get two single stroller?

  8. Katrin, thank you so much for this list, but i’m still at a loss. Please help. I’m 35 weeks and still feel no closer to picking a stroller/car seat. Part of the “problem” is that I live in a hilly part of Los Angeles which is kind of hard to lump into either city or suburb living. I have an SUV and will probably be more likely to drive the kiddo somewhere for a stroll as the streets in my area are narrow and mostly lacking sidewalks. I have a garage, space is not a major concern.
    We like Chicco and Cybex car seats (but the load leg won’t work in my car if the seat is in the center position). I’m leaning towards Cybex Balios or Chicco Urban 6-1. We just got a GB Pockit as a gift, and I’m considering returning it for the 2017 when they are available, but i’ll need something sooner. Everyone I know has a City Jogger Mini GT or Uppababy. I would do Cruz, but have a hard time swallowing the Vista pricetag.

  9. Hi Katrin,

    Good to know! Do you know exact when will Nuna release Mixx2? Also, can Mixx2 be used as highchair just like Priam? (Do they have same seat height?)

  10. Hi Katrin,

    Since you mentioned the fabrics would also be different between Jett vs Mixx2, can you advise the differences? I actually like Priam’s fabric, do you know either Jett’s or Mixx2’s fabric is closer to Priam’s fabric?

  11. Hi Phoeb. Definitely don’t get two strollers. I don’t think Nuna going to have a twin model. I would get Vista or B-Ready. Both are perfect for twins.

  12. I currently have a nuna mixx, and while I do absolutely love it, the fold is bulky and its heavy. I will be doing some travel this year (by plane and by car) and I’m looking for a stroller perfect for my 1 year old

  13. hi Katrin,

    my wife and me are excepting our first child and are in the process of trying to pick a stroller. we have narrowed it down to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT travel system or Britax B-agile 3/b-safe travel system. Which one of those 2 would you recommend

  14. Hi. I love your reviews. I’m undecided…between Nuna Mixx, Uppa Cruz, and Britax b ready. Any help would be appreciated!!

  15. Hi Stephanie. Well B-Ready is really if you are going to have a second child right after. If not, I would go with Mixx or Cruz. I personally would buy Mixx since it has larger wheels and more compact fold. Than I would get an umbrella stroller for traveling and running errands.

  16. Hi Darrick. Both are very practical choices. Very similar. GT has better wheels while B-Agile is lighter. GT is better for all-terrain, long walks at the park, uneven city streets but its a little heavier than the B-Agile. Does a few pounds matter? B-Agile also does’t have an adjustable handle bar. Are you much taller or shorter? Overall GT has more features but a little heavier. IF weight is not a problem I would get GT.

  17. Hi Katrin-

    Thank you for the list….awesome! Do you have to buy separate jogger and regular strollers? I do like to jog a lot and imagine doing so with my new baby, but don’t know if joggers are too bulky to have as your main/only stroller? Thank you!


  18. Thank you for this amazing list! I have an 11 month old, and am looking for a new stroller that I can use jogging as well as getting around the transit system in the city. I’m thinking the BOB flex is my best option. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

  19. We are considering your top pick Nuna Mixx Jet. However confused on the need of the bassinet after your comment that the seat lays flat for a newborn. Could you please elaborate if the bassinet is needed. Thank you.

  20. What stroller would you recommend to use with maxi cosi infant car seat? I prefer single bar handle, compact and lightweight and under $400. Will mostly be used in stores and on sidewalk.

  21. Hi Katrin,
    The Nuna website says the Mixx2 weighs 26.9 lbs and the Mixx Jett weighs 24.9 lbs. Would you happen to know what the difference in weight is from ? It;s weird that they are both 2017 models with similar updates but different weights.
    Also, I can’t decide between the Nuna Mixx 2 and the UB Cruz 2017. I like the shorter handle bar on the Mixx2 and the flat recline, but it’s heavier, The Cruz is nice too…it’s lighter and I like the piggyback board option, but it’s a little tall for me (I’m 5’1″). I live in Los Angeles in an apartment so would leave the stroller in my car trunk to avoid stairs. Which would you pick? Thank in advance!

  22. Hello,

    Have you ever heard a stroller called silver cross wayfarer? What you think about it compared to mamas papas urbo 2? Thanks

  23. Hi, Your review was very helpful. Do you have a preference between the Nuna Mixx and the Bugaboo? Setting price aside they look very similar online. I haven’t looked at them in person yet.

  24. Hi Katrin,
    I need a stroller with a one-hand fold, one-hand steer, and an adjustable handle bar for traveling with my one year old. I have narrowed it down to the City Mini GT or Cybex Agis M3, but I haven’t been able to “test drive” the Agis. I don’t need all terrain wheels, but I do love the ease of push on the GT. The Agis is 4 lbs lighter though. Any advice???
    Thank you!

  25. Hi Katrin!
    Thank you for such a wonderfully put together list of strollers.
    I was wondering which stroller you would recommend that would be reversible, have flat recline, adjustable leg rest, big canopy and basket. I have a 3 month old and fly quiet a bit though the weight/compact fold is not that important. I also don’t need to attach a bassinet or car seat. Thanks!

  26. I am a grandparent looking for a stroller. I would like it to be reversible and lighter in weight. I would like to spend about $300. Do you have any suggestions.
    I Like the Britax Afinity but it is 27lbs

  27. Hi Katrin,

    Are you familiar with the GB Beli air 4? We are lookinhg for reversible stroller and got some people telling us about this one.


  28. Hi Katrin.
    I’m expecting my first child this July. As excited as I am I’m nervous.. since I don’t know what to get. Im debating between the uppababy vita and the nuna Jett mixx. I’ve been doing my research and I still can’t decide which one I want… what do you suggest? Or is there something specific that I should look into?
    Thank you,

  29. Hi Katrin! I thought I was set on the stroller I wanted for #3 who should be here in any day, but now I’m having doubts. I have 2 other kiddos 6 and 3 and the 3 year old still sometimes needs the help of a ride. We aren’t going to be using an infant carrier as a car seat and I do plan on doing a majority of baby wearing, but I still would like to have a stroller for park days and outings when wearing him won’t be the most ideal. I was set on the City Select but now wonder if that’s to much stroller. It would mostly be used as a single with the occasional use as a double. Any suggestions? I started looking at the Mountain Buggy +1 but haven’t been able to get much insight on it. The stroller will be in the van most of the time for storage but I don’t want to loose all of the storage of my van due to the size of a stroller. Thank you so much!

  30. Hi,
    I just had my baby (early) and cannot decide on a stroller.
    I’m trying to decide between the nuna mixx, uppababy vista and city select lux. I do plan on having more children and cant decide if I should get a convertible stroller or just aa single for now and then get another one latter on.
    What I like most about the nuna mixx is that the seat becomes completely flat for a comfortable nap, but it is also a little pricey , for that money maybe its worth it to get something that will last me a little longer.
    What I’m hesitant about the vista is that the second seat can only take the smaller child, not sure if that would be annoying or not a problem at all, and I’m not too sure if the convertibles are gonna be too heavy to push around and if the seat not reclining completely is gonna be uncomfortable for sleeping. I need something that will go through the snow, but I don’t really have many steps to worry about.
    Can you please advise?

  31. Hi,
    I just had my baby (early) and cannot decide on a stroller.
    I’m trying to decide between the nuna mixx, uppababy vista and city select lux. I do plan on having more children and cant decide if I should get a convertible stroller or just a single for now and then get another one latter on.
    What I like most about the nuna mixx is that the seat becomes completely flat for a comfortable nap (is there maybe another GOD stroller with this same great feature), but it is also a little pricey , for that money maybe its worth it to get something that will last me a little longer.
    What I’m hesitant about the vista is that the second seat can only take the smaller child, not sure if that would be annoying or not a problem at all, and I’m not too sure if the convertibles are gonna be too heavy to push around and if the seat not reclining completely is gonna be uncomfortable for sleeping. I need something that will go through the snow, but I don’t really have many steps to worry about.
    Can you please advise?

  32. Hi Katrin–I’m expecting my first and debating between the Uppababy Vista and Uppababy Cruz. We don’t need the double feature of the Vista right now, and don’t know when we plan to have a second, so I don’t want to plan around that. I like the bigger wheels of the Vista, however. I want a smooth ride for walks around the neighborhood, trips to the park, zoo, etc. But, I don’t want it to be too bulky to walk around the mall. Which do you recommend?

  33. Hello, I’m expecting my first in November and am starting to look at strollers. I found a really good price on a Britax affinity but have not gotten to see it in person. I tried out the b ready which was also very nice to compare. I also tried the city jogger mini, I have to say I love how easy it folded and how light it was. Is being able to turn the seat any way I want, the all-terrain wheels worth the extra weight of the affinity? I live in new England so weather can be nasty here, I also feel like the 3 wheeled or narrow strollers and maybe less stable. I just want to make the right choice and be cost efficient as I can.

  34. Hi there. I have a five year old and expecting a baby this fall. My five year old still enjoys rides, especially when we are on long walks. Is there a stroller you would recco that would be appropriate for an infant as well as offer a place to sit or stand for the older child? Thanks!!

  35. Hello there, I currently have a mountain buggy swift (2010) and a mountain buggy nano (2017). My daughter is 10 months old and I was using the nano as my everyday stroller, i bought it originally for traveling but I liked so much that I started using it everyday. I walk a lot so I noticed the nano was getting destroyed so I went back to the old swift which is quite heavy and not very good looking 😖 So I am wondering weather is worth it or not to buy a nice good looking stroller such as the uppa Cruz or Mix now that my 10MO started to walk? Should I just stick to the old swift and get over the looks hahah?

  36. Hi Jessy, I like Mixx more because of the deep flat recline that is very important for a child. That is something Vista doesn’t have.

  37. What stroller sits the most upright? My one year old doesn’t tolerate being reclined even a little bit. I end up only buckling him at the waist and putting pillows behind him. Also, he likes holding a bar in front.

  38. Katrin,

    I am also deciding between the vista and the Cruz. I am pregnant nowhere with our first and plan to have our second child in about two years. Which would you suggest?

  39. Hi Jen. I think I would go with Vista. Your older child will still need a stroller by the time the second is here. Vista is a great choice! It’s very high quality and very stylish. You will always be able to re-sell it after you are done using it. What car seat are you getting?

  40. HI im about to have a baby this december and i like the Belecoo stroller, do you have any reviews about that? thanks.

  41. Hi staying in singapore and wanted to get a more spacious seating and high seat stroller for my 17 months old boy. Hes about 10.5 kg and 83cm in height. Has been contemplating on Uppababy Vista but not sure if the seating is spacious enough….please help! Thank you!

  42. Hi,
    I am in the market for a new stroller. In the past with my older children, I did not make the best choices when buying a stroller. I have always ended up having like 4 strollers for different things/stages. I want a stroller that is light, easy to maneuver, compact, can do everything and will last me a while ( at least 3-year-old child). Our youngest is 9 years old, so it’s been a while since I had to look for a stroller. I hope that there has been a lot of progress since. My mother will be helping me with the baby, so it has to be light and easy to maneuver for her. I do not want to have to carry a car seat when a go to the store. I want to put it in the stroller. I want to be able to lay the baby down when taken on a walk and carry the baby back in the house without having to wake it up (it has to be light enough for my mom). I want it to be easy to maneuver. I don’t want the stroller to take up all the space in my trunk. I hope my wish list is not too unrealistic. I just had bad experiences in the past, and I want to make a good choice with this baby. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

  43. Hello!
    Have you tried Joolz Geo2 ? I was thinking on buying that for my first baby.
    Do you have any comments?

  44. Hi Katrin:

    Im about to have my first baby and im very confused in wich stroller i should get, the ones i like are the Bugaboo Bee and Cameleon and the Uppababy Cruz and Vista, i dont know how long we are going to wait for our second baby, so base in your experience and knowledge, wich of this four strollers would you recomend me to buy.

    P.S. – Wolud you please aso recomend me a car seat, i have heard Maxi Cossi is the best one.

  45. Hi! I’m really struggling. I’m a first time mom to be at 41 and I travel a good bit. I need a stroller that I can travel with, use a car seat with (preferably the same brand without need of converter) that I can move from my car to plane seat to taxi, etc. Cost is not an issue, just looking for the best quality and most versatile travel stroller. Any ideas/thoughts? THANK YOU!!!!

  46. Hi Katrin,
    Your review is super helpful! I have to agree with other readers that it’s hard for first time mom to decide what to get.

    I’m inheriting a hand-me-down from my boss–orbit travel system. I haven’t been able to find many reviews on that system, but she said she loved it. Do you know anything about that brand? The only thing I know other than it’s expensive when brand new, is that the base allows the car seat to rotate almost 360 so it’s easy to install the car seat onto the base.

    For now, I’m holding off on buying a stroller until my baby (due in September) outgrows it but I’m considering my options for when he does. I’m really interested in Nuna Mixx 2 or Tavo, but I’m also looking at Doona Infant Car Seat but couldn’t find many reviews on this brand. My boss said her son outgrew it around months 4-5, if that’s the case for me too, I’m a but confused with what to get next….

    So sorry for the lengthy comment, but any help would be appreciated.

  47. Hi Katrin, I noticed the Maxi-Cosi Adorra 2016 Travel System did not make the top 20, do you no longer recommend this one?

  48. Thank you so much Katrin! Your thoughtful and thorough reviews of strollers has been so helpful. We are having our first baby and after weeks of going in circles trying pick a stroller I was able to narrow it down to 2 strollers thanks to your reviews.

  49. Hi ,
    I was just wondering if you find the hardness system on the Nuna Mixx2 to be an issue? It seems really cumbersome to me to have to put the shoulder straps through the waist straps in order to buckle it all together. I can imagine this being a test of patience with a squirming child!


  50. HI,

    Great review ! Thank you for that !!

    I just had my first baby. I bought a peg perego car seat and got a stroller given to me. But now, i hate it. Its so bumpy, im afraid that my little girl is going to break her neck everytimes i go for a walk. Id like to change it but dont know if there model that are compatible with peg perego. I was wondering if you could help me with that !!

    THank you for your time !

  51. I have this same problem with my one year old. We have the Britax and can’t use it because he can’t sit up straight enough to see what is going on. Help!

  52. I have the same problem with my 1-year old. We have the Britax B-Safe system but can’t use the stroller solo because he can’t sit up straight enough to see what is going on. Umbrella strollers are fine for short trips, but I want something comfortable for a whole day out. Help!

  53. Hello, I’m looking for a lightweight stroller that sits the most upright – we’ve tried maclarens, joovy groove ultralight and city mini but they are all too far reclined even in the most upright position. I have an almost 18 month old who wants to be up and see everything :) thanks for your help!

  54. We currently have the City Mini but will be needing a double stroller for what will be our 3-year-old at the time that our second is born. We are looking at the City Select and the City Select Lux. We like the fact that the Lux folds smaller, but we are concerned about the storage basket design as it appears as if they went with the same design as the City Mini, which we hate because it is impossible to get anything under there without fighting the stroller every time. The original City Select had zippers on either side to enable the storage basket easier access. Is the lux worth overlooking this design flaw and/or do you feel that it is better designed for access than the City Mini? Additionally, do you think this is the best option for a 3-year-old and a newborn? Would you potentially consider the Austlen Entourage instead? Thank you!

  55. This is so very useful Katrin! Thank you. We are expecting in February and we live in the east coast – lots of snow and icy roads. I am petite, and my husband works a lot, so I need something light and easy to handle on my own. When I went to a local store, they strongly advised Thule Urban Glider. What do you think? Any suggestion will be welcomed.

  56. Hi Katrin, I have an almost 4 year old (who weights 37 pounds) and a 1 year old (20 pounds), we are moving to New York City so there will lots of walking. Is there a stroller you can recommend for us? My almost 4 year old hasnt sat in a stroller for years but with all the traffic in the city, I would need to contain for safety! Thanks in advance!

  57. We have gone down the rabbit hole of research for strollers and hoped you could provide advice because we keep running in circles. First baby coming march 2018.

    We would like to find 1 stroller that can be use for everyday city life (we live in DC) and for travel (we plan to travel lot). here are the requirements: Does this exist?

    – lightweight (like a nice umbrella stroller)
    -easily compact when folded for car and airplane travel
    -accepts car seat
    – full recline to be approved for infant use – without using a bassinet/carrycot
    -reversible so baby or toddler can face us
    -one continuous bar for handle – and adjustable
    – decent storage and pockets

    P.s. we also plan to buy a jogger.

    Thank you!

  58. Hi Katrin,

    I need help picking a stroller (first time mom) I need a stroller to take on public transit that isn’t big/ bulky, one that is great at strolling around the city BUT I live in Canada so something that can handle a little bit of snow. I also need the seat to come off to add a car seat AND I love the forward facing modes. Any suggestions?

  59. Hello Katrin, after 9 years of my last baby I am having my 3rd baby and I am overwhelming with all the strollers. also I was thinking to go practice this time and only buy a light stroller like the Maclaren quest or XRL, for new born babies. However I am no sure if this is a good decision for a new born, please advise .

  60. Hi Ana. I wouldn’t buy Maclaren for a newborn. Are you planning on walking at the park? If you want to buy only one stroller, I would go with a lightweight stroller like Britax B-Agile (only 16 lbs) or Cybex Agis M-Air3 (also 16 lbs). Both have great travel system options with great car seats. What do you think?

  61. We are expecting our first baby, my husband Is 6ft7in and I am 5ft 5in. So we need an adjustable handle. We live in the city and jog a lot. We hope to have a second child so I want to add a seat as needed. Which stroller would you recommend?

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