Top 10 Best Selling Lightweight Umbrella Strollers for 2014

top10-umbrella-strollersLightweight umbrella strollers are the most used type of strollers among the parents. When your child is young, you need a lot of different features to keep him safe and comfortable. You also stuck carrying a huge diaper bag with everything in the world in it. As the kids get older, they become more and more active and need less stuff.

Most of the time my 2-year old doesn’t even want to seat in the stroller, so I take it with me just in case she wants to take a nap or needs a diaper change.

So, why do parents love umbrella strollers so much? Well, the light weight of umbrella stroller makes it easier to take it in and out of the car. Compact fold allows you to fit more stuff in you trunk. Also, it’s great for public transit. Small foot print let’s you navigate in tight spaces like narrow store aisle, elevators, parking lot, and doctor’s office with ease.

While there are a lot of pros, there are also some cons.┬áBecause of the compact fold, most umbrella strollers have small hard to access basket, so don’t plan on going grocery shopping with it. The canopies are not as big as on full size models. There usually two handle bars that are non adjustable. Deep recline is not always an option. Also, many don’t have very good seat padding.

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Top 10 Baby Strollers for 2014

best_strollers_2014kIf you are feeling overwhelmed stroller shopping process you are not along. Many parents feel lost because there are a lot of great models on the market. Every year there are many new releases that raise the bar for a modern stroller and the 2014 is not an exception.

I’ve already written an article on some of the cool new strollers that will be coming out later this year, but I also wanted to put together a list of top strollers that you can get RIGHT NOW.

Not all of them are brand new, some of them have been released a while ago, but still hold their spot. I will be updating this list as the year goes by and new strollers come out. Of course they have to meet my high standards first before making it to my special top 10.

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