20 New Strollers for 2015 You Don’t Want To Miss


Last year I thought that strollers couldn’t get any better until I saw new strollers for 2015.  Now, it’s even harder to choose a stroller with so many amazing models out there.

If you are having stroller nightmares, I feel your pain. I am lucky my daughter who is 2.5 years almost doesn’t need a stroller anymore, otherwise, I would probably end up with 10 of them for every kind of event. LOL.

Anyway, in this post, I wanted to tell you about 20 new most anticipated strollers for 2015. Most of the strollers listed below are already available for purchase, but there are a few that are still not out.

For those strollers that will be coming out later, I tried to post as much information, photos, and videos as I could find. As a result, it took me a whole week to put this post together. I hope you find it helpful.

Since I created this site to help parents like me choose the right stroller, I am always happy to answer any questions. So, if have a question or need help let me know by using the comment box below. I am here for you!

1. UPPAbaby Vista – $820

UPPAbaby has updated all of its strollers for this year. Finally! We’ve been waiting for years! Let’s start with Vista. Now, you can turn Vista into a double tandem stroller by adding a second toddler seat. But that’s not all. It can hold two toddler seats, two bassinets, or two infant car seats.

The second toddler seat (RumbleSeat) can reverse, and recline. The main seat has a weight limit of 50 lbs while the second seat has a weight limit of 35 lbs. You can even have three kids by getting a PiggyBack Ride-Along board.

How cool is that? It also has a newly redesigned frame that is now made out of aluminum and magnesium. The large basket is now easier to access from the back.  It also has a new easy-to-clean single-piece bumper bar and a super easy and intuitive one-step fold, similar to the Cruz.

Other features are an adjustable telescoping handlebar, a roomy seat with adjustable leg rest, a huge canopy with a pop-out sunvisor, a 5-point harness, never flat tires, a deep one-hand recline, and an all-wheel suspension. The new Vista is available for around $879 depending on the color in the single mode. The second toddler seat is retailing for around $179.

Wondering what’s happening to the old Vista? Well, it’s getting renamed to Legacy. It’s almost identical to Vista except it does not come with a bassinet like Vista did and it can accept Mesa infant car seat without any adapters. Because of these differences, the price will be lower. 

Here is my full review of Vista »


2. UPPAbaby Cruz – $499

The Cruz model didn’t have a lot of changes. It will have larger 8.25″ rear wheels with AirGo technology that mimics the cushion of an air-filled tire, but never goes flat. The front wheels are a little thicker.

The bumper bar is now included. It has a super easy fold and you can fold it with or without the seat. That’s it. The colors are the same as on the newly redesigned Vista. The price ranges around $499 – $529 depending on the color. Here is my full review »

I’ve also made a comparison chart of Cruz, Nuna Mixx, and Stooke Scoot V2 so you can see how they compare to the competition.


3. UPPAbaby G-Luxe – $259

Aside from the new colors G-Luxe is getting a redesigned robust profile and a one-action brake.

It also features a compact umbrella fold, removable seat pad, nice canopy with pop-out sunvisor, one-hand recline, adjustable footrest, shoulder strap, and folded stand. The price ranges around $259 – $279 depending on the color. 

Here is my full review »


4. UPPAbaby G-Lite – $159

There haven’t been a lot of changes to the G-Lite model. They’ve completely removed the pad leaving only a mesh sling. It weighs only 11 lbs. The price ranges from $159 – $179 depending on the color. I think it’s a little overpriced for what you are getting.


5. Stokke Trailz – $1,299

Stokke has a new all-terrain stroller called Trailz that is designed for all-season adventure. The unique frame design allows for the seat to be higher on the frame bringing your child closer to you. This buggy rolls on large air-filled tires that will provide your child with a smooth ride.

You will also enjoy great features like a huge basket, adjustable handlebar, and reversible seat. The seat has 3 recline position in the parent facing position and 2 recline positions in the forward facing position.

The seat can be replaced with a carrycot turning it into a stylish pram, or an infant car seat turning it into a travel system. With the seat, Trailz weighs 30 lbs! Heavy. It comes in seven colors and is sold for around $1,299.


6. Stokke Scoot V2 – $599

The old Scoot got a facelift this year! The 2015 Stokke Scoot V2 now has larger thicker wheels that can handle more terrain, a larger sun visor that provides more shade for the child, a rotating handlebar instead of the telescoping one,  one more recline position (3 recline positions now),  mesh windows in the seat, and easier to remove canopy.

All these upgrades came with a higher weight of 25 lbs which is an average weight for a reversible seat stroller.

Other features include a reversible seat, compact one-hand fold, adjustable padded 5-point harness, adjustable footrest, large basket, and all-wheel suspension. I really like that the seat is positioned higher on the frame than on average stroller providing better bonding with your child.

I think this is a great stroller for urban parents who use public transit like to travel, or live in a building without an elevator and need to walk a few flights of stairs every day. Also, the city sidewalks are often very uneven so good wheels are very useful.

You can turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. There is no bassinet option, but there is a SoftBag sold separately that you can use for a newborn. You can get it for around $599 and it comes rain cover and bug net.  

Here is my detailed review »


7. Baby Jogger Vue Lite – $179

Remember the Baby Jogger Vue umbrella stroller with a reversible seat? Well, after seeing the great success of the Vue model, Baby Jogger decided to release a lighter version called Vue Lite. This new model has also the reversible seat and the travel system capability, but is even lighter! It weighs only 14 lbs.

You are probably wondering how is it different from the Vue model. They are almost the same. The Lite model is 3 lbs lighter, has a little less padding on the seat, and a different access to the basket underneath the seat. It comes in four different colors and is retailing for around $179.

I absolutely love the new colors!  I think they look very modern with the gray seat and white logo on the side. Also, the price is very reasonable for what you are getting. 

Here is my full review of Vue Lite»


Here is a great overview video from Baby Jogger.

8. Nuna Mixx – $499

Nuna is a Dutch company that has recently introduced its strollers to the US market. Nuna Mixx is its new luxury full-size stroller with a reversible seat. This stroller is designed for everyday life like running errands and going to the park or grocery store.

The canopy is a great size with a pop-out sunvisor and a zipper in the middle to make it even bigger. It has a large dark mesh peekaboo window with a magnetic closure (no noisy Velcro). The basket is HUGE! It will probably fit two large diaper bags. There is also a fold-away divider in the middle so you can separate your items.

Other features include an adjustable telescoping handlebar, roomy seat, 5-point adjustable padded harness, adjustable leg rest, and swing away bumper bar. The seat has a one-hand lever recline that goes almost to a flat position making it suitable for a newborn.

I really like that you can create a bed-like environment for your child by fully reclining the seat and lifting the legrest. As you probably know from my reviews, I am not a big fan of one-piece seats that have your child always in the sitting position even when fully reclined.

The one-step brake is located between rear wheels and is flip-flop friendly. The fold is very easy and very compact for this size of the stroller. You can fold it with the seat attached. It has an automatic lock and can be wheeled behind you like a piece of luggage. It weighs 27 lbs and retails for around $499

Here is my full review »


Here is an overview video from Nuna.

9. Nuna IVVI – $800

Nuna IVVI is another luxury stroller from Nuna. It has a roomy reversible seat with a deep one-hand lever recline so you can put a newborn in it. The seat is one molded piece so when you recline it, the whole seat reclines.

It comes with an infant insert, therefore you don’t need to buy extra padding for your baby. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. You can turn it into a pram by using a carrycot (sold separately) or turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat adapter.

It also features a padded adjustable 5-point harness, adjustable legrest, flip-flop friendly brake, and adjustable telescoping handlebar, It comes with a swing-away bumper bar that is covered with the same material as the seat.

The deep large basket has a divider in the middle and will fit your large diaper bag. The canopy is a great size with a pop-out sunvisor. In case you need more protection it has a drape material that you can pull down from the zipped section of the canopy.

The canopy has a large peekaboo window with magnetic closure. It rolls on foam all-terrain tires so you will never get a flat. The all-wheel suspension and 11″ rear wheels will provide your child with a smooth ride.

The IVVI comes with a bumper bar, rain cover and infant car seat adapter. Frame with the seat weigh 30 lbs! Not the lightest stroller on the market. Like most all-terrain strollers it has a bulky fold and the seat needs to be removed before folding.

IVVI reminds me of UPPAbaby Vista model. I think they have a lot of similar features. It retails for around $800 and comes with a bumper bar, a car seat adapter for the PIPA infant car seat, and a rain cover.


Here is a short video from Baby Gizmo.

10. Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip – $499

I get a lot of emails from parents who want something light, and compact, but with a reversible seat. Unfortunately, there are not many options. Well, finally Mamas & Papas came out with another amazing model called Armadillo Flip which is a lightweight compact stroller with a REVERSIBLE seat. This baby weighs only 20 lbs!

It also features a very deep one-hand lever recline suitable for a newborn, adjustable leg rest,  all-wheel suspension, a large basket, a padded 5-point harness, and a huge canopy.

The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs. I was happy to see one-hand compact fold which you can do with the seat attached, an automatic lock, and a standing fold.

You can also convert it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat or convert it into a pram by replacing the seat with a bassinet. This is a very practical and stylish stroller that could be your ONLY stroller. You can get it right now for around $499.

Here is my full review »


Here is a sneak peak from Baby Gizmo.

11. Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT – $599

The Armadillo Flip XT addition is very similar to the Flip, but has some additional features like larger wheels that can handle more terrain, full zipped mesh panel in the canopy that provides better airflow, and an adjustable telescopic handlebar for shorter and taller parents.

Of course, all of these great features came with a slightly higher weight of 22 lbs and a little higher price of $599.

Despite slight weight increase, it still has a very compact fold. Just like the Flip it also features a reversible seat, deep one-hand recline suitable for a newborn, large basket, flip-flop friendly brake, roomy seat, super huge canopy, all-wheel suspension, adjustable leg rest, one-hand fold, automatic lock, and standing fold. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.

You can also convert it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat or convert it into a pram by replacing the seat with a bassinet. This could be your ONLY stroller. If I had to do it all over again and buy ONLY one stroller (this is a hard one), this probably would be the one. And you hear it from a true stroller addict.

While there are a lot of different reversible seat strollers with great features, not many have a bed-like flat recline, a lightweight and compact fold, an automatic lock, and a standing fold.

Believe me when I tell you that a compact fold makes a stroller much lighter. You can get it right now in five different colors for only $599. Comes with a rain cover. I was a little surprised that it’s not available in ‘lemon drop’ which is Armadillo’s best-selling color. Here is my full review »

In case you are wondering, there are a total of five different models in the Armadillo family: Armadillo, Armadillo XT, Armadillo City, Armadillo Flip, and Armadillo Flip XT. Check out my full side-by-side comparison.


12. Mamas & Papas Armadillo City – $269

This new Armadillo City model is great for running errands, public transit, and traveling. It has larger roomy seat, very deep almost flat recline that is perfect for long naps, large basket that can fit your large diaper bag, HUGE canopy with a magnetic closure, flip-flop friendly brake, 5-point harness, and all-wheel suspension for smoother ride.

But the main feature of this stroller is a one-hand super compact fold that takes only 3 seconds! It is even more compact than Armadillo model. It also has an automatic lock and standing fold. It weighs ONLY 15 lbs!

This would be a great second stroller for traveling. It’s funny before the umbrella strollers were the most compact type of stroller you can get, but now strollers like Armadillo City might be a much better option to take with you to the airport or public transit. You can get it now for around $269.

Here is my full review of Armadillo City»


13. Baby Jogger City Mini Zip Stroller – $249

City Mini Zip is a new lightweight compact stroller that is designed for quick trips, traveling, and public transit. It’s somewhere in between the City Mini and an umbrella stroller because of its 3D fold, meaning it folds in half and then from the sides.

Baby Jogger website says it’s a one-hand fold, but I think you will need both hands to push it together to trigger the automatic lock.

Just like City Mini it has a roomy seat, a huge canopy, and a deep recline that goes to almost a flat position. The recline uses a strap system where you need only one hand to recline the seat, but both hands to bring it back up. The seat can accommodate a child from birth and up to 55 lbs.

It also features an adjustable padded 5-point harness, front-wheel suspension, rear brake, storage pocket in the back of the seat, and adjustable leg rest. Because of the 3D fold, the basket got smaller and harder to accesses than on City Mini model.

It weighs only 17 lbs which is the same as City Mini. It does have the travel system capability and is currently available in black and red colors. It comes with a cup holder.

The optional accessories include a footmuff, hand muff, parent console, and carry bag. You can get it for around $249.99.  

Here is my full review of City Mini Zip»


14. Summer Infant 3D Flip Stroller – $140

The Baby Jogger Vue has a serious competition now! Summer Infant saw what a great success Baby Jogger Vue was and decided to create its own reversible seat umbrella stroller. The new 3D Flip lightweight umbrella stroller with a REVERSIBLE seat weighs onlyt 14 lbs and is very compact.

Just like on Vue, to reverse the seat, you don’t need to take the seat out, all you need to do is push the seat forward and it reverses. I was a little surprised to see such a similar stroller to Vue. I thought they’ve patented the seat.

Anyways, it’s a great stroller that has one-hand deep recline both ways, a huge adjustable canopy that goes up and down the frame, tall handlebars, a 5-point padded adjustable harness, a compact umbrella fold, and a shoulder strap.

I like that the canopy has a peekaboo window and doesn’t have the noisy Velcro in the back (like Vue).

The basket is a typical useless umbrella basket in which you can fit only a few small items. It’s very hard to access especially if the seat is reversed.

The budget friendly price is where 3D Flip is winning over Vue. It costs around $139 vs Vue that retails for around $180. You can get it today for around $140.

15. Summer Infant 3D Zyre Umbrella Stroller – $140

The Zyre model is an upgrade to our favorite 3D Lite which is a budget friendly umbrella stroller that weighs only 12 lbs. One of the biggest complaints about 3D Lite was the small canopy. Well, Zyre model has a large canopy that will provide your child with full coverage. The one-hand lever recline goes to almost flat position suitable for a newborn.

It also features a shoulder strap, a small storage pocket in the back of the seat, thick double handles, a larger basket, more durable material, a deeper seat with a longer leg drop, a compact umbrella fold, and smoother better wheels.

All these new features come with a heavier weight of 15 lbs which is VERY light for an umbrella stroller that has a lot of features of a full-size model.

You can get it for around $140. This is still a very budget friendly price. I think this is going to be a big competition for Chicco Liteway

Here is my full review of 3D Zyre»

16. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 by Diesel Collection – $1,299

Bugaboo Diesel is a collaboration between Bugaboo and Diesel. Founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso, says “Diesel is known for its alternative mindset and philosophy: creativity, innovation, unpredictability.

That’s exactly what Bugaboo believes in. It retails right now for around $1,299. If I had a boy, I would definitely be in line for Diesel. Love it! Looks very innovative and modern.


17. Cybex Priam – $1,200

The Cybex Priam is a luxury stroller with a reversible seat. What sets this stroller apart is its unique frame design and the ability to choose your wheels depending on your lifestyle: some people want all-terrain wheels while others use it mostly on a flat surface.

The roomy seat has a very deep one-hand lever recline, so you can use it for a newborn. You can replace the seat with a carrycot or an infant car seat turning it into a travel system or a pram.

It has a large canopy with a zipper in the middle that exposes one more panel. It also features an adjustable padded no-rethread 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest, swing-away bumper bar, adjustable telescoping handlebar, and a large basket.

The handlebar and the bumper bar are covered with soft faux leather. I like that! It rolls on four ball bearing tires which provides better maneuverability and easier push.  It has an easy fold and you can fold it with the seat attached. As with many full-featured strollers it does not have the most compact fold.

This buggy is not cheap retailing at around $999 -$1,200. Ouch! I have to see it to determine if it’s really worth that much money. The unique frame design definitely makes it stand out. Here is my full review»


18. Valco Baby Snap Ultra Stroller – $469

I was very excited to see the new Valco Baby Snap Ultra which is a full-size stroller with a reversible seat. It weighs only 19 lbs which is very lightweight for a reversible seat stroller. This can be your ONLY stroller.

What I really liked is that you can purchase air-filled tires separately for this model and switch them when you know you will be going over rougher terrain. This is a great option!

I don’t know why other companies don’t do that. This way you don’t need to buy another all-terrain stroller for long walks at the park. Just switch the wheels and you are ready to go!

It also features a huge canopy that goes all the way to the bumper bar (which is included), a 5-point padded harness, a huge basket, an adjustable leg rest, and an easy fold.

The one-hand strap recline goes to an almost flat position making it suitable for a newborn. The seat is NOT one molded piece so you can create bed-like environment for your child by fully reclining the back of the seat and lifting the leg rest.

The fold is pretty compact and you can make it even more compact by removing the wheels. I think this is a very practical stroller that will be very popular because of the reversible seat and the optional all-terrain tires. You can get it for around $470.

Here is my full review of Snap Ultra»


19. Bugaboo Runner – $Expensive

Bugaboo had a very interesting jogging stroller at the ABC Kids Expo called Bugaboo Runner. It’s a jogger stroller with fixed front wheel that you can use with your Bugaboo stroller seat (assuming you already own one of their strollers).

It’s compatible with Bugaboo Bee*/Bugaboo Bee3, Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Donkey. All you need to get is the frame. If you don’t own a Bugaboo, you can get it with a seat. The seat is reversible so your child can face you or the world while you are jogging. Not many joggers have parent facing seat option. Pretty cool.

It also features lightweight frame, large wheels with air-filled tires, unique suspension system, and a large basket. I am not sure about the price yet, but I know it will be expensive.

20. Orbit Baby Jogger O2 – $Expensive

Jogger O2 is the first jogger stroller from Obit Baby. As you can see from the video, it has very massive frame with a rotating dock for the seat. Your child will be able to face you or the world.

What’s really cool about this model is that it has two modes: City and Performance. In the City, the seat is positioned higher on the frame so you can be closer to your child. It also works as a high chair if you are at the restaurant.

You can easily switch into the performance mode by turning a lever. In the Performance mode, the seat is positioned lower on the frame creating better stability while you are jogging. The front wheel is swivel, but can be locked straight for rougher terrain.

This is one of the few strollers on the market that has rear-facing mode while you jog. You can also replace the seat with a car seat turning it into a travel system. Jogger O2 has an easy fold, stands on its own and has an automatic lock.

Like most joggers, it’s very bulky and will probably take up all of the space in your trunk. I don’t have the pricing yet, but I am sure like all Orbit Baby strollers it will cost an arm and a leg. LOL.

I want to apologize for such a long post. Now, if you think I’ve covered it all you are mistaken. There are a lot of other strollers that I haven’t mentioned like Cybex Agis M Air 3, Cybex Agis M Air 4, Mamas&Papas Urbo2, Mamas&Papas Sola2 MTX and etc.

It will probably be in the next post. Sign up for my blog to get the latest updates on the new releases. I will post reviews on the new strollers as soon as they come out.

If you have any questions or need help choosing a stroller, let me know by using the comment box below. I am always happy to help. For those of you who don’t want to wait for the new strollers, I have my top 10 favorite strollers for 2015 that you can buy right now.

380 thoughts on “20 New Strollers for 2015 You Don’t Want To Miss”

  1. Hello! I need help deciding on a stroller for my 1st baby. I do have some options:
    1- Contours Bliss 4 in 1
    2- Inglesina Trilogy
    3- Bumbleride Indie 4
    4- Britax Affinity
    5- UppaBaby Cruz 2015

    I would like to spend $400 but I may go up to $550-$600 if worth it.
    By looking at my options you may notice what I am looking for… I’d appreciate your help! Thank you :D

  2. Hi, in the video u have posted about the “Mamas & Papas Armadillo City – $269” there is a red stroller folded very compact right behind you.. Just wondering what stroller that is?

  3. Well, I’m assuming you want a reversible seat since all but the Indie 4 have one. Definitely not the contours, the quality is not up to par with the others. The Inglesina basket will drive you bonkers. The Indie is great, but no parent-facing option past the bassinet stage if that’s important to you. The Affinity is Britax’s wannabe luxury stroller that fails miserably. The b-ready is much better, although huge.
    My vote is for the Cruz, already a great stroller but the 2015 is even better with the improved wheels, optional black frame and can change canopy colors by buying them separately. And the basket rocks. Great push, easy to use with a car seat, bassinet option…definitely a winner.

  4. Hello! I need help deciding on a stroller for my 1st baby who is already 4 months old. I do have some options:
    1- Stokke Scoot 2015
    2- UppaBaby Cruz 2015
    3- JJ Cole Broadway stroller
    4- Britax B-agile or citi Mini
    5- Britax B-ready

    Heard lot of complaints about
    B-Agile regarding seat height and eye contact
    Cruz – Baby legs placement

    Similar to Michelle, I would like to spend $400 but I may go up to $550-$600 if worth it. Can you please suggest

  5. Hi Michellle. What is the most important criteria for you when choosing a stroller? If reversible seat is the most important deciding factor then I would go with Scoot V2. If you want all terrain luxury stroller that comes with a bassinet, Indie 4 is a great choice. Also, take a look at Joovy Qool, it is selling for only $400 right now on Amazon. It has reversible seat, cool modern design, huge canopy, huge basket, large wheels and weighs only 21.5 lbs. If you have questions and need help to narrow it down, let me know!

  6. Hi Ram. As I asked Michelle, what is the most important thing for you? I like Stokke Scoot V2 a lot! It’s a great stroller with the reversible seat, very stylish, has a large basket, compact fold which is rare for a reversible seat stroller, and has huge canopy. The wheels have been improved for 2015 and now are 8″ and 10″. Are you going to be doing a lot of walking at the park? Cruz is also a great choice but is not as compact as Scoot V2. Britax B-Agile and City Mini are more practical choices. Do you care about style? B-ready has everything you would want but it’s heavy weighing 27 lbs in single mode. I would get it only if I was going to have a second child right away. Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks alot Katrin for response
    Most Important things for me
    a) Walking around a park alot
    b) reversible and high seat
    c) Style is the third important after first two options.

    So waiting for your suggestions , which one would be ideal. I am open to consider which are not part of this list too and really thanks alot for suggestions

  8. Hi Ram. Then I would get Cruz 2015 because the new one has 8.5″ tires. Take a look at Joovy Qool. It has reversible seat, deep recline, huge canopy, huge basket, leather bumper and handle bar, very stylish and modern and has 9.5″ rear wheels. It costs only $400 on Amazon right now. Great deal! Less stylish but more practical strollers with all-terrain wheels that I think are amazing are Indie 4, BOB motion, and City Mini GT. Let me know what you think about them. I can help you narrowing it down.

  9. Completely missed to ask important question
    How does the wheel size matter on stroller (not really aware the impact of wheel sizes)

  10. Do you have any feedback on the Joovy Too Qool stroller? I am expecting my second and am deciding between the Uppa Vista 2015 and City Select but someone also mentioned to Joovy. My biggest concern is need to get the stroller up stairs to get to my house and these are all pretty heavy. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  11. Katrin,
    I really need a jogger that has reversible seating allowing baby to face forward or away. Can u jog with the Quinny Buzz extra? I see an Orbits\ 02 is coming out but its not out yet. Any suggestions for as many reversible seating joggers you can think of. thank u so much

  12. HELP! I need to buy a stroller and carseat asap for our LAST baby due in March. I have a 5 & 7 year old…so needless to say, I haven’t purchased a stroller in a while! Here are the things that are important to me:

    A single stroller
    A carseat that clips (NOT straps) into the stroller ( I feel like when it clips in it is safer than when it straps in)
    Compact, lightweight carseat and stroller (who would want a heavy one?)
    One hand fold that stands independently (so when I am at a wet soccer field the material doesn’t have to touch the ground)
    An accessible storage basket
    Price point not an issue if I can find something that fits everything I need!

    A little bit about how we will use the stroller and carseat: We live in the suburbs and don’t spend a lot of time at the mall but go to outdoor concerts, soccer and walks. I would occasionally take my stroller into a restaurant. I run mostly errands to Sam’s club and grocery stores, etc and will have baby in the carseat for those types of trips. The stroller will be stored primarily in the back seat of my Mazda CX-9 (a SUV sized similarly to the Honda Pilot).

    THANK YOU in advance for your recommendations. There are too many choices and I live in a smaller city where there aren’t a ton of great places to go window shopping for them.

  13. I have a 3 year old daughter. I am looking for a light weight umbrella stroller that is good for travel, comfortable to nap in if necessary, has a very deep recline, an adjustable leg rest, and a large sun canopy. I’m between the uppa baby g-luxe, maclaren quest, and the baby jogger city. i’m also open to other suggestions. What do you think would be the best stroller for me?

  14. Hello, I am having trouble trying to find the right stroller for us. We live in Winnipeg, Canada, and our first is due in May. If you don’t already know, Winnipeg is a very cold, windy place, with lots of snow and mud to cover the ground all year round. I live close to downtown, and go to school in the Exchange District, while my significant other works close to downtown as well. Neither of us have a license or working vehicle so we need something that is portable, rugged, and will last a few years so we don’t have to buy another. We are willing to spend anywhere from 200-600, maybe more if it’s worth it or for accessories. So far, in no particular order, I have looked at these:

    -Stokke XPLORY
    -Bugaboo Chameleon or Bee (SO EXPENSIVE!)
    -BOB Revolution
    -Bumbleride Indie
    -Nuna MIXX
    -Phil and Ted’s Navigator or Dot
    -Jeep Adventure
    -Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

    As you can probably see, we want something for urban parents who are constantly on the go. We take the bus, but have family to drive, so being able to use it as a car seat would help. If you can jog with it too that would be perfect. Also, we would like to be able to turn it around so we can see the baby, but not completely necessary. We also might be moving into a fifth story apartment with no elevator, so light weight is a must. Please help us decide, it would mean the world to us right now! It seems like I’m asking for a lot out of a stroller, but can’t afford the nice ones going for over $800 and up.

  15. Hi, i wanted to know which stroller do you recommend besides the uppababy vista 2015, that has ability to become a double stroller, easy to use . But i was just looking for something lighter but has almost the same features, as i have to walk the stairs with it.

    I’m pregnant, but i already have a 16 months old boy.
    Thank you

    Thank you

  16. Hi Elaine. None of the convertible strollers are lightweight. They are all around 26 lbs in a single mode and around 35 lbs in a double. It sucks that you have to lift such a heavy stroller while being pregnant. Other two strollers that I can recommend are Britax B-Ready and Baby Jogger City Select. Both are wonderful and high quality. If I had to pick between them I would go with Britax B-ready because it is lighter in a single mode and has a higher leg drop for an older child. Let me know if you need help narrowing it down.

  17. Hi Vic. This is going to be tough. None of the all-terrain strollers are lightwight. Some of them are more compact and lighter than others but they are ALL bulky and heavy. LOL. Have no fear. There are some great options.

    -Stokke XPLORY – expensive and not pracical. It’s all about style and fashion.
    -Bugaboo Chameleon or Bee (SO EXPENSIVE!) – I love Chameleon but you are right it’s too expensive. Bee has tiny wheels.
    -BOB Revolution – Great wheels, compact, good price. This is one of my favorite strollers.
    -Bumbleride Indie – I love it, the tires are great. Will go through anything, but it’s bulky once folded.
    -Nuna MIXX – Great stroller! Compact, reversible seat and good size wheels.
    -Phil and Ted’s Navigator or Dot. Navigator is a great stroller! It weighs 27 lbs but has a lot of great features like compact fold, large basket and option to add a second seat if you decide to have a second child.
    -Jeep Adventure – weighs 31 lbs!!! Super heavy!
    -Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle – Very bulky!

    I would go with PT Navigator, BOB Revolution or BOB motion because of the price, compactness, all-terrain wheels and one-hand fold. BOB Motion is more compact than Revolution and weighs only 23 lbs and retails for around $350. Let me know if you have more questions.

  18. Hi,
    I would like to get an opinion on what stroller you think i should purchase.My budget is $1200.I’ve looked at the bugaboo donkey,Orbit baby g3,Stokke Xplory and the 4moms origami.
    I’m needing more of a travel set that includes a car seat but the only one that includes the car seat is the Orbit baby g3.The other’s i have to purchase the car seat seperately.I also am looking for an easy fold and a stroller with a decent amount of storage.I know i will still have to bring a diaper bag and i’m ok with this.I really love how the xplory bring the baby closer.The bugaboo donkey is nice because it can convert from single to double.I just need some help deciding.I’m torn between all of these.I’m due in two weeks! Help :/

  19. I’m having trouble deciding between the peg perego book pop up, mamas and papas urbo 2. flip & flip xt and finally the phil and teds smart lux. I cannot find physical stores that carry the mamas and papas in my area to compare them in person, but they look great online. The features most important to me are compact fold and lighter weight. I want something that is sturdy and a company with good customer service and warranty if something goes wrong with their product. I also would like something that maneuvers well on grass and rougher terrain for when we go to older children’s soccer and baseball games. I have never used a bassinet attachment in the past with my other children so its not a make or break feature; but I would like a deep or flat recline and reversible seat.

  20. Hi Theresa. It looks like you are going for a luxury stroller that is stylish and sleek. Out of your list I would probably go with Bugaboo Donkey, Cameleon or Stokke Xplory. 4 Moms Origami looks cool but super heavy and is very unpractical stroller. Xplory is super stylish and has so many different paterns to choose from. The most practical choice would be Bugaboo. Cameleon is an excellent choice. It has all-terrain wheels, reversible seat and it weighs only 21 lbs!

  21. I have been infatuated with the Quinny Moodd for some time now. I am hesitant on purchasing this stroller for the sole reason I cannot find it in any of Top reviews for strollers of 2014 or 2015. I’m assuming there is a reason for this. Can anyone provide me pros and cons for the stroller besides that it isn’t compact. I drive a truck so that’s not really an issue. I also understand that it’s a little on the heavy side but I’m willing to look past it unless I can find something comparable; reversible, style, and maxi cosi car seat compatible – at a better price.

  22. Hi Stephy. It’s very cool but very unpractical stroller. The cons are: heavy (33 lbs) bulky, has just ok canopy, lacks storage, has no peekaboo window in the canopy, and a medium size basket. Also, the foot rest is very short making it comfortable only for kids up to 2 years old. If you like it go for it! The Britto edition is to die for! It’s like a piece of art.

  23. I’m expecting in July, my sons will be 12 and 7 so it’s been a while. I had a Mutsy with the 7 yr old and it worked ok. It was very prett but bulky and heavy. I can’t find the exact model but it was much more expensive than the ones now, maybe they were brand new. It’s my third baby so I’m trying to keep it simple, but fashionable. We go to restaurants and malls and some walks. I was thinking the Nuna Mixx (the pepp looks too plastic and cheap?) or the britax b-ready. What do you think? This time I don’t want to spend more than 600 on the stroller…
    I’d forgotten how complicated this is!! :)

  24. Hi Lulu. I think that Nuna Mixx is a great stroller. It’s a little bulky, but thats because of the reversible seat. All reversible seat strollers are a little bulky. I like that Mixx weighs only 25 lbs and has large rear wheels. Another stylish stroller that you might like is Stokke Scoot V2. It has larger wheels now, reversible seat, large basket, and weighs also only 25 lbs. It’s a little more compact than Mixx and has one-hand fold. What I also like about Scoot is the higher seat positions on the frame.

  25. Hi Cherokee. It sounds like you want something in between. Something you can run errand with, go shopping, go to the park or out to a restaurant. You also want it to be compact and not too heavy. Most of the time, larger wheels means more weight. Also there are not many strollers with a one-hand fold. From your list of requirements, I could think of three strollers: Baby Jogger City Mini GT, Bob Motion and Stokke Scoot V2. All of them have one-hand fold and good size tires, but are still compact and not too heavy. All of them have travel system capability you just need to get the right car seat. Let me know what you think of them and I will be happy to help you narrow it down.

  26. Hi, I’m trying to decide on the right double tandem stroller without also breaking the bank. I’m due in April 2015 and at the time of delivery my son will be 23 months old. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the Baby Jogger City Select and the Uppababy Vista 2015 models. Both seem to get great reviews but the Vista seems a bit better when it comes to quality and make. Obviously the Vista is more expensive. Is the Vista really worth the splurge or is the City Select just as good?

  27. Hi Rachelle. I like Vista a lot more! It’s like comparing all good Honda to BMW. Vista is a luxury stroller with all the bells and whistles while City Select is a basic practical model. You can also get a glider board for Vista when your son gets a little older :)

  28. I am interested in the Baby Jogger Vue Double, but I am hearing that Baby Jogger decided to no longer go ahead with this? Is this true? I cant find any information on this stroller besides some websites claiming it will be released in Spring 2015, and others saying it is no longer going to be released.

  29. We did not get that apartment, and are still hunting. Light weight isn’t ABSOLUTELY necessary, just need it to be rugged and able to use it from birth for a couple of years at least, preferably until they are walking. Our city is very cold in winter, and lasts most of the year, so it has to withstand lots of snow, mud, and bumps all over the sidewalks.
    I was actually just looking at the Navigator, and we really like it. I am just not too sure about the accessories. We want a car seat adapter, but don’t know what any of the items on their website are. The “alpha infant car seat with latch base” looks nice but at $200 American I’m almost looking at $1000 with both of those pieces. We don’t own a vehicle, but will be getting many rides regardless, so what would you recommend we do. Are there any like the Navigator or is the Navigator a car seat as well? I have no idea how these things work. Please help.

  30. Hi Katrin,
    I am a soon-to-be urban mom who is deciding between the Nuna Mixx and the City Mini GT. I am also starting to have nightmares of strollers chasing me down the street! Can you recommend one over the other. Love the Mixx’s large basket and over all style. But the GT seems to have more ease of use and a better price point. Thoughts?

  31. Hello,
    It’s so fabulous you are available to answer questions and give more personalized advice! Similar to some of the other moms above, I am looking for a stroller that I can use from newborn on, and most importantly that can get up a flight of stairs, as I live in a non-elevator building in NYC. I am due in late spring and my other child will be 3. So I was thinking that my 3 year old could just use a rider-board — but I have no idea if I can fold any stroller with a ride board attached, or how difficult it is to attach/detach a rider board once I get down to the street. I have been thinking about the Nuna Mixx or even the Nuna Pepp; the Stokke Scoot; the Bugaboo Bee 3 or even the Baby Jogger Vue Light (don’t know if that takes a Nuna Pipa but I love that car seat). Many thanks in advance for your advice!

  32. Hi RB. Nuna Mixx is a great stroller with large basket and good size wheels, but it doesn’t have a gliding board option. I am not a big fan of Nuna Pepp because it has small wheels, but weighs 19 lbs which is too high for a limited feature stroller. Also, the basket is small (you will probably go grocery shopping with it), there is no automatic lock, the zipper recline is a pain in the behind, and the seat back is very short. Now the Stokke Scoot V2 (updated Scoot) would be a great choice. The wheels are good size, it has one-hand fold, reversible seat, large basket, adjustable handle bar and two leg rests for older and younger child. Unfortunately there is no board available :(. The Bugaboo Bee 3 has a very bulky fold. I can’t imagine you walking with it up the stairs. I think you need a stroller that has decent wheels, not too heavy, large basket, and has a compact fold so you can bring it up the stairs while holding your baby and the diaper bag. Look at the Britax B-Agile – it has a board option, weighs only 17 lbs, has one-hand compact fold. It’s not as stylish and doesn’t have the reversible seat but is very practical. The Britax car seats are great!

    Valco Baby Zee Stroller is another stroller that has verything you are looking for. Very compact, has all the features, good size wheels and you can even get additional all-terrain wheels for it for when you going to the park.

    Baby Jogger City Mini GT has an amazing huge canopy with two peekaboo windows (it’s that big!), adjustable handle bar, deep recline, roomy padded seat, hand brake, and my favorite easy one-hand fold. The forever-air tires and front-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride absorbing a lot of bumps. The maneuverability on GT is FANTASTIC. It is really a one-hand stroller. Weighing only 21 lbs, GT has all the features of a luxury stroller for a reasonable price and it has the board option. Let me know if you need more help.

  33. Hi Dina. That’s exactly what I would tell you to think about. This is so hard to decide. Oh! GT is lighter, has one-hand fold and is less expensive and is more compact, but not as stylish and does not have reversible seat. Basket on GT is smaller btw. Mixx is so stylish I absolutely love it! The reversible seat is great. I love that one-hand recline too. If I had to decide right now, I would probably go with Mixx. I really like the idea of looking at your child all the time (believe me you will want to look at your baby all day long.LOL) and the fact that you can replace the seat with the car seat for the first six months. Very convenient. Let me know if you need more help.

  34. Hi Dina. BTW, have you seen new Stokke Scoot V2? They’ve updated it and now it has larger wheels, but very compact one-hand fold. You can hold your child and fold it at the same time!

  35. Sorry one follow up. I googled some attachable rider boards and it seems like the Joovy Bumprider works with the Stokke Scoot — do you have any info about the Bumprider and if it would work with the Stokke Scoot? Thank you.

  36. Hi RB. I was just about to tell you about that board. It is universal and will work with any stroller! I completely forgot about it.

  37. I keep going back and forth between the UppaBaby Vista and the Cruz. I think the bassinet is nice to have, but it’s not an absolutely necessity, but we like to go on walks, urban, but also on trails. We have a Baby Jogger City Mini that we used every single day with my 3 yo, until recently, but I’m not a fan of the recline (and more importantly, the way it doesn’t sit upright all the way). It also toppled over on us a few times.

    So, budget is tight, but we could swing the Vista. I was told the frame s sturdier than the Cruz. Is that really true? Are there any other significant differences? Thanks!

  38. Hi Poette. I like both Vista and Cruz. The main difference between the two are the wheels. The wheels on Vista are much larger than on Cruz. The Cruz just like Vista has the bassinet option and can be converted to travel system. The Cruz is more compact than Vista. As long as you ok with 8.5″ wheels the Cruz is a great choice. The City Mini has also 8″ wheels so you know how it will handle the road. The Cruz is also and lighter(21 lbs) than Vista. Price is a big difference! If you are ok with the wheel size, get Cruz. I think they are both very sturdy. Maybe the sales person at the store didn’t put it together tight enough.

  39. Hi there, Katrin. We are about to have our second child. The kids will be almost 23 months apart. Can you suggest any side-by-side double strollers? We have the Orbit system, but have no interest in converting it to a double (much too heavy). We also have the Bugaboo Bee which we’ve loved (easy push and manueverability). For doubles, I’ve looked at the Bugaboo Donkey, Bumbleride Indie Twin and Valco Spark Duo, as well as the Tri Mode Twin EX. Any thoughts on these or any other SBS options? We are suburbanites and don’t need to be able to navigate much more than gravel paths and some uneven surfaces. Our biggest considerations are a smooth ride (easy push) and generous storage.

    Many thanks for any advice you can offer.

  40. Hi Allison. I absolutely love Indie and Donkey. The are both great strollers, but would definitely pick Donkey because in a few months when your 23 months refuses to sit in the stroller you can convert Donkey to a single mode instead of being stuck with a wide side-by-side stroller. I also like that Donkey has a gliding board option, so your older child can hop on it when he is tired or walking. I don’t know if you are 100% decided on the side-by-side model, but if not, take a look at new Vista. It has an option of second full size seat. Once your older child doesn’t want to seat in the stroller anymore you can get him a board and convert it into a single mode. Very convenient.

  41. Hi Poette. The larger the wheels the smoother the ride for the baby. But, they add more weight and bulkiness when folded. Have you ever tried any of the joggers with large wheels? They are very easy to push and the ride is very smooth even off road. It’s all because of the large air-filled tires and good suspension.

  42. Hi Nicole. I’ve contacted Baby Jogger and they just got back to me saying that they are postponing the release till 2016. Sorry!

  43. Hi Katrin! Another question – what do you think of the Indie 4 and the Quinny Buzz Xtra? And as compared to the two Uppababy strollers? I’ve heard good things about the Indie 4, that it’s a good all-terrain stroller, but one of the cons is that the bassinet is huge and does not have any handles. What do you think of that?

    I currently have a 3 yo toddler, who doesn’t usually like to ride in the stroller, but every once in a while, she does not want to walk. I like the option of the glider board that some strollers have. My other concern is that she’s really tall for her age – and so my May baby might be, too. I’d like to make sure I get a stroller that’s comfortable for taller kids.

    Thanks, again!

  44. Hi Poette. I do like Indie and Indie 4 a lot. They are very high quality strollers with a lot of luxury features. I use my Indie daily. Between Quinny Buzz Xtra and Vista, I would pick Vista because it’s just a better stroller all around. The new 2015 Vista has a PiggyBoard that you can use as your 3 year old gets older. Out of all of them Vista and Cruz has the best bassinet that you can use at home and even overnight. I just posted a very detailed review of Vista 2015. Vista also has adjustable canopy for taller kids and you can get a second full toddler seat. If you want reversible seat and bassinet, I would go with Vista or Cruz and get a gliding board for those lazy legs. LOL. My 2.5 year old always does it to me. She doesn’t want to sit in the stroller, but as soon as we are walking she is tired and wants me to carry her. Right… I always take stroller with me or my husband.

  45. Hi Katrin,
    Question for you… We will be traveling with an 8 1/2 month old, and was wondering if we should get the G lite, or G luxe for traveling to Maui. We currently have the Cruz, but I thought maybe the G lite might be nice for hotter weather since it’s mesh, but not sure about the no recline for our daughter. We will also be bringing the Mesa car seat so we don’t have to rent one. What would you do?
    Many Thanks!

  46. Hi Amy. I think that 8 months old definitely needs a recline. I would get something inexpensive, but full of great features so you can use it at home after the trip too. A lightweight umbrella stroller is probably the only stroller I use right now (my daughter is 2.5 years). It’s just much easier. I would get Joovy Groove Ultralight because it costs around $140 and it has deep recline, huge canopy and it weighs only 12 lbs! Another great stroller that has a deep recline is suitable for a newborn is Chicco Liteway. It also retails for around $139 and is full of great features. The good news is that for that price even if it gets damaged during the trip, you wont be that upset.

  47. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you so much for the input! Do you think the Uppababy Cruz will be to heavy to travel with? Maybe we just bring that since we are already bring the Mesa car seat. I do like the Joovy Groove Ultralight though, and it has great reviews! ;) Thanks, Amii

  48. Hi,
    I am a new mom due in July. I live in MA and need a good stroller I am a big jogger and beach goer. I would like to find a light weight all terrain jogging stroller that can be changed into 2 seats. My husband and I would like a 2nd child with in 3 years. Is it worth is to do the convertible into 2 seats now or wait? I am willing to sacrifice light weight for one stroller I can use every where and all the time. If it’s heavy I would like something that is easy folding.
    Order of importance
    1. jogging and all terrain
    2. parent facing
    3. light weight

  49. Hi Rachel. Convertible strollers that convert from single to double mode, are all heavy because they need to be stable enough to handle two seats. The ONLY stroller that I can think of that is close to what you want is Phil&Teds Navigator. It has 12″ air filled tires so it can handle terrain, it has parent facing option for child up to 33 lbs, it converts into double mode, has a large basket, has narrow frame for easier navigation, and it weighs 27 lbs in single mode. It even has a bassinet option! Alghout it’s not officialy a jogging stroller and is more all-terrain stroller, I am sure you can do light jogging. For hardcore jogging I would recommend BOB.

  50. Hi Amy. You can definitely bring Cruz with you. You would have to check it in at the airport. The only concern I have is that it might get damaged on the plane. You know how they throw all the bags on that belt. Cruz is such a beautiful stroller to be thrown around. LOL.

  51. Hi Katrin,

    Your personalized feedback is amazing. I’ve learned a lot by reading reviews of strollers that you have suggested for other people based on their priorities.

    We are looking for a travel system that accepts infant car seats and is available in Canada. Being lightweight and easy to fold are more important than the compactness of the fold. We would like both the infant seat and the stroller seat to be reversible. We don’t jog; however, we do live in a neighborhood with no sidewalks and there is typically some dirt/sand/small rocks on the roads.

    The only travel system that I have found in Canada that fits this criteria and is economical (<CAD$600) is the Graco Modes Click Connect system; however, it does not have great reviews.

    Are there any other options in that price range?

    Thank you,

  52. Hi Katie. I just checked on Canadian Amazon and it looks like you Stokke Scoot (old version) is available in Canada together with Maxi Cosi car seat (amazing car seat btw) it will be a great travel system. You can easily replace seat with a car seat turning it into a travel system. The Scoot is a great stroller with a reversible seat, very light, compact and has one hand fold :) Peg Perego Book Plus is another great stroller available in Canada and you can use it with Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat (also a great car seat) turning it into a travel system. This is a luxury stroller that has reversible seat and comes with a matching bassinet. It also features adjustable handle bar, adjustable leg rest, automatic lock, standing fold, large canopy, large basket and 5 point harness. You can also get Britax Affinity (not as compact and as light as the other two, but has larger wheels) and Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat (one of the best car seats). This model also has nice features like large basket, adjustable handle bar, deep recline, good size canopy, adjustable leg rest, and easy fold.

  53. hi. i was all set to get the citi mini gt for baby that is nine months but then saw the nuna mixx and that started me looking at the uppa baby cruz again. i dont need the stroller to go on hikes but would like to maneuver on sidewalks that are cracked or bumpy. i also dont like the idea of tires that can get a flat even tough im not so sure how often that happens. any opinions or suggestions of strollers

  54. I am pregnant with my first child. I enjoyed reading your reviews on strollers. I noticed that the Orbit Baby was not mentioned. Is there something about that stroller that is not good? I liked the versatility of the car seat and stroller combo. I also liked the fact that the seat looks like it would hold a newborn in place. Do you have any other suggestions of strollers for newborns. Thanks. -Amanda

  55. Hi Amanda. I really like Orbit Baby stroller. I just haven’t had the time to post a review. I would recommend looking at the stroller first and than getting a car seat that fits your perfect stroller because all full size strollers have a travel system option.

  56. Hi M. I know the feeling. LOL. There are just so many great strollers. I will be posting my full review on Cruz in a few days. But all three strollers that you picked are great choices. It all depends what’s more important for you. Do you have to have the reversible seat? Do want larger wheels? Or is compact one-hand fold is more important?

  57. Hi,
    I am so torn….I was 100% sold on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, until I took my husband with me to “test drive” it. He’s an engineer, and pointed out that it appears it would tip really easy. I then realized that you would not be able to attach a diaper bag(or anything really) to the top of the stroller, and there does not seem to be an easily accessible and decent storage underneath. What I loved about it is that it seemed the 3 wheels made it really easy to maneuver, it was under 20lbs (we will travel with it), and it’s compact but will be a stroller we can use until our little guy doesn’t need a stroller any more. It’s also seems to be on all the “best of” lists.

    B/C of the tipping factor and poor storage, I started looking some more. I ended up landing on the Peg Perego Book (or Book Plus – another decision to make if I go with the Peg). My husbands comments on the Peg Perego is that it seemed Bulky (I really shouldn’t have brought him in for feedback! haha). My main concerns with it is it doesn’t make any “best of lists”, and it’s 4 wheels vs. 3 so am wondering about it’s maneuverability and “terrain capabilities” compared to the City Mini GT. Also, if I get the Book Plus it appears to put the weight just over 20lbs. What I love about it is storage, sturdiness, accessories, reversible/removeable seat(on the book plus), and not having to buy an adapter (we have a peg perego infant car seat – I think the main reason why this decision is so difficult is because we are limited on strollers that adapt).

    What do you think based on what I shared? Also, if deciding between book & book plus, do you think I will have any issues with checking in the book plus without being charged since it’s over 20lbs (we mostly fly Alaska, but also Delta, American, & Virgin Airlines)?

    Thanks in advanced!

  58. Which of the following strollers do you recommed for newborn: i narrow my search to
    Stokke scoot, Uppa Cruz or Nuns Mix
    I am looking for an overall good, safe and easy handling , tire and baby comfort
    What would you choose.

  59. Hello Katrin,

    I fell in love with the Cybex Priam, but I haven’t found any reviews from mums and I haven’t been able to test it either. I would like to know if the system is easy fold and steer and how heavy the chassis is compared with the average pram. Also, I wonder if you have tried the Venicci Mini, which has excellent reviews, but that’s another one that I can’t find in shops near Oxford, UK.

  60. hi Katrin, I am a first time mom looking to buy a stroller with travel system for my baby due in April. My budget is around 400. Can you please help me pick?

  61. Hi. I have a 15 month old boy, which I’m trying to find the perfect stroller for. I had him on the Mamas and Papas armadillo stroller, however, the incline isn’t fully inclined, he was still a bit reclined on that stroller. So, I’m deciding between the Uppababy Cruz or Vista, and the Stokke Scoot V2. I usually use the stroller for shopping at the mall, grocery store, restaurant and stroller down the neighborhood on the sidewalk. I want a stroller that has a good incline so he can sit up straight, not too heavy stroller and with good spacious seat room for his bottom. Which stroller do you recommend?

    Thank you

  62. Hi Carolina. All three strollers are a great choice. I wouldn’t recommend putting a newborn directly into the seat because they need a lot of support for their heads. I would pick a stroller and use it with an infant car seat as a travel system. That way it will be much safer for the child.

  63. Hi Carol. I don’t think Cybex Priam is out yet. I have not had a chance to test it. Have you seen Nuna IVVI? It’s very similar to Venicci Mini.

  64. Hi Sandy. Most of the full size strollers have a travel system option. You should really thing about the stroller you want and then figure out what car seat it works with. I am happy to help you. What are the main features you would like to have in the stroller?

  65. Hi M. Out of three, GT has the smoothest ride because of the all-terrain tires. Mixx rolls on hard rubber tires, they are not air filled. The Nuna Mixx is a great stroller but you can only use it with PIPPA car seat (with is a great car seat btw). It does not have an adapter for any other car seats.

  66. Hi Xavier. I think that Cruz and Scoot V2 has the deepest reclines. If you want to compare Cruz and Vista here is a great link to a comparison chart http://uppababy.com/stroller-comparison/. All of these stroller are great but it all depends on your needs. Is the size of the wheels important to you? How about the weight and the compactness of the fold? I would say that Stokke Scoot V2 has the most compact fold out of all of them. Vista has larger wheels but is heavier now (27 lbs).

  67. Hi Vic. Ok. If I were you, I would go a practical round and get BOB Revolution. It can go through anything! The tires are air-filled so your child will have a smooth ride even if you go over snow. The recline is very deep. You can put a child right into the seat starting at 8 weeks (with some newborn insert). It has one-hand compact fold (as compact as jogger can be). The seat is huge and will last you till college (70 lbs). You can turn it into a travel system by getting BOB B-safe infant car seat (great car seat. One of the best!). It weighs only 25 lbs which is pretty average weight.

  68. Thank you for getting back to me Katrin.

    Well…. I’m trying to decide on a stroller that isn’t too heavy, about average would be fine (18-23lbs). As for the folding, I don’t want a stroller that is tricky to fold. Since I’m going to be strolling my child through the mall, and stores, wheels don’t need to be big I guess, but I just want a smooth ride for my son. I saw the pictures of children on the stokke scoot, their legs seem to be hanging off the seat as if they are on a swing, looks very uncomfortable. So between the Vista and the Cruz and the Scoot, which one you think fits my preference? Feel free to give me feedback on another brand if necessary.

    Thank you Katrin

  69. While I am waiting your reply…I did some more reading, and you now have me convinced to consider the indie or indie 4. Going 3 wheel….what is the tipping factor on it, and is the storage better than the City Mini GT? I like that it can go over sand. I visit my family in MI at least twice a year, and quite often spend time at Lake MI. Do any of the other strollers I am considering do well on Sand?

    Thanks again for your response!


  70. Thanks for your help Katrin! I am looking for a lightweight stroller with an easy to fold option. I would primarily be using it for evening walks and in malls etc. Also I am not too sure if I should be considering anything else while shortlisting one. Your guidance is highly appreciated. Thank you so much again!

  71. Hi Angie. I can recommend a lot of different strollers, but most of the all-terrain strollers are over 20 lbs. I have to agree with your husband on the bulkiness of Book Plus. Indie is a great stroller, but it is also bulky. In my experience bulky folds always add extra weight. It just feels heavier than a compact strollers. GT’s backward tipping point is 16 lbs which is the same as Vista has. So it shouldn’t be a problem. How heavy is your diaper bag? LOL. And don’t forget you will have your child in the seat. For traveling I would recommend a lighter type of stroller like Britax B-Agile, City Mini or Armadillo – all well under 20 lbs. I know that they don’t have all-terrain wheels, but you should be fine unless you want to go off road. Do you want to buy only one stroller? Most parents have two strollers: one all-terrain for long walks at the park and another light one for traveling. You can get a cool stroller like Indie and a lighter one like Joovy Groove.

  72. Hi Xavier. Well, if you want a lighter stroller than Vista is out because its 27 lbs now. 2015 Cruz has now better wheels thant previous model and weighs only 22 lbs which is in your weight range. While Cruz is not as compact as Scoot when folded, it has one-hand recline (that I like better than on Scoot which has annoying strap recline) and it has nicer leg rest which is perfect for little babies. Another stroller that I can recommend that is in your weight range is Armadillo Flip. It has reversible seat , huge canopy, large basket, adjustable leg rest and one-hand super compact fold. It weighs only 20 lbs. Great for everyday use and traveling.

  73. Hi Sandy. Since you don’t have very specific requirements, I would go with one of the most popular strollers because they are very high quality and are top rated not only by me but also by a lot of other parents. From the lightweight category I would recommend:
    -Armadillo – only 16 lbs, has one hand fold, very compact, huge canopy, very deep one-hand recline and large basket.
    -Armadillo Flip – the same as armadillo but has a reversible seat and weighs 20 lbs
    -Britax B-Agile – only 17 lbs, has one-hand fold, very roomy seat, you can get it with the car seat already, very compact, very deep recline and large basket.
    -Baby Jogger City Mini – 17 lbs, very similar to B-Agile, huge canopy, large basket, one-hand fold.
    -BOB Motion – 23 lbs, but it has all-terrain wheels, large basket, huge canopy, adjustable handle bar, very deep recline, one-hand compact fold.
    -Baby Jogger City Mini GT – 21 lbs, very similar to City Mini and B-Agile but has all-terrain wheels, one-hand fold, large basket, very roomy seat, huge canopy.

    Hope this helps :)

  74. Hi Almee. Between all of them I like Maclaren Quest. I would also recommend Joovy Groove Ultralight that has very deep recline, adjustable leg rest (great for long naps), weighs only 13 lbs, you can get it around $189. This is a perfect stroller for traveling, public transit, quick ins and outs, or going to theme parks where you probably end up carrying it over your shoulder.

  75. Hi! I compared the same options and if you haven´t decided yet, go for Indie 4! something that no one tells you is how important tires are, this stroller has pneumatic tires and replacements are available in amazon :) so it can survive for your next babies… it is a lightweight stroller (compared to other strollers) and easy to handle on any terrain one handed (which is also very important) .. it is not the most easy one to fold but you will master it after a few tries .. the price is not one of the cheapest ones but hey! you get the bassinet and stroller for $599 on amazon!

  76. Hi Dany. I agree with you 100%! Indie is one of my favorite strollers. I like both the three and four wheeler. The tires are amazing! It can go through anything. But I wouldn’t travel with it. I think that with Indie you will need to buy another lighter stroller for when your child gets older and you want to go travel.

  77. Hi Katrin. I need help on deciding on a lightweight stroller or umbrella stroller. I have a 6m old. I have the 2015 vista, which I live…it’s just heavy. I am trying to decide between 2014 cruz, 2014 gluxe or any other stroller you have in mind. I currently own the cruz and gluxe, which are brand new, I got them on a super sale around $200 each, gluxe was 165. I want to either keep the cruz or gluxe or sell both and get a different one. I was also thinking about the quest or city mini? I want a comfy light weight stroller for traveling that will hold up well, recline and easy to fold. What should I do?

  78. Also, i dont want it just for traveling, but also for quick errands and for when my baby gets older. I’m assuming I’ll want a lighter stroller as my baby gets bigger. Thanks so much!

  79. I was really looking for one stroller that is an all around stroller. I won’t jog, but do go on long walks with our dogs. We will need to travel with the stroller b/c we visit family (flying), and long term we will get back to traveling more (lot’s of weekend trips with at least one bigger vacation to places like Hawaii, CA, etc. a year). In July we are going to music festival with some friends camping. We don’t do that a lot, but we do live in the Pacific NW! :)

    I do a lot of running around with errands, groceries, etc. as well. We have no plans to expand our family past 1. I wanted something relatively compact, but would be ok if the stroller was a little over 20lbs. I was thinking the peg perego might work b/c you can remove the seat. AGain, not sure how many airlines follow a 20 lb rule, and if they make exceptions if it is close. I am still trying to figure out what the problem is with it. Do you know? Is it the wheels?

  80. Hi Angel. I think that compact fold is as important as the light weight. Between the two I would keep the G-luxe because it’s lighter and more compact. Perfect for traveling! One thing to look at is the seat deep enough? The older model had a very small seat so my daughter was not able to sit comfortably in her winter clothes. During summer it was find, but not winter. Other than that it’s a great stroller. Another stroller I would recommend is Joovy Groove Ultralight. It has everything you would want in a stroller like large canopy, deep recline, adjustable foot rest, plenty of storage, compact fold. It weighs only 12 lbs! The seat is super roomy up to 55 lbs. It costs around $150 – $189. Great option!

  81. Thank you so much for your response Katrin! :) ill look in to the joovy. What are your thoughts on the Quest, City Mini, B-Agile or Bumbleride flite? My 6 m old doesn’t sit up yet, so when I tried her in the gluxe, she fell to the side. I love the quality of my vista, but the gluxe feels kind of flimsy? But maybe all umbrella strollers feel that way. Thank you!

  82. good point Katrin! never thought about traveling with it.. I´m new with all this motherhood thing so still learning.. thanx for the advice :) when the time comes i´ll get a cheaper and lighter stroller just for traveling.

  83. Hi, your website and advice is great! We’re expecting our first in July!
    -We would like a jogging stroller (mostly on side walks, not off-roading) . We are pretty serious runners and would like to take baby as soon as it’s safe, so an infant insert or adapter would be great!
    -We would also like a lightweight stroller for everyday use and plane travel (needs to be less than 20 lbs, right?)
    -I think I like the Nuna Pippa car seat and would like both strollers to be compatible, if possible.
    -Another thing on the wish list is a non-toxic, flame retardant free stroller.

    From my research, I think the Baby Jogger Vue Lite (once in stock!) would be great for lightweight and I like the parent facing option. The Baby Jogger X3 seems to be the jogging stroller that matches the Nuna and non-toxic wish list. But is it the best jogging stroller? I’m only 5′ 1″ and my husband is almost 6′ tall, so an adjustable handle would be good too. Should I consider a different car seat to give more stroller options? It seems the Nuna is compatible with the Maxi Cosi adapter.

    Thank you so much!

  84. Hi Katrin,

    I have a 17 month old and another due in April. I’m looking for a double stroller that will accommodate a Chico keyfit 30 car seat . I would like a tandem stroller if possible. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  85. Hi Brook. I would recommend three strollers: Britax B-Ready, Baby Jogger City Select and Uppababy Vista. All of these are great strollers that grow with your family. Out of all three Vista is my favorite but is the most expensive.

  86. Hi Jaime. I like Nuna Pipa car seat, but I think it’s a little overpriced. The thing with car seats is that they are all safe as long as you install it correctly. 70% are installed incorrectly! So I wouldn’t limit your self by choosing Pipa. Choose the stroller you like and get the car seat that works with it. For jogger I would definitely go with BOB Revolution Flex (it has adjustable handle bar and one-hand fold). You can pair it with B-Safe car seat which is great. I like X3 but it doesn’t have adjustable handle bar. It will be very incontinent for you. Vue lite is a great choice! I love that stroller. I don’t think I can recommend a better a lighter stroller that takes car seat. It’s the best choice for you!

  87. Thanks for your feedback, Katrin! I really like the Nuna because of the weight (7.7 without base) and the non-toxic aspect. But you are right that correct installation is the most important!

    I am now looking for a car seat the is compatible with both the Bob Revolution Flex and Vue lite. Let me know if you have any recs, even though you are a stroller addict, not a car seat addict! Haha!

    Thanks again!

  88. Hi Katrin.

    Have you tried the new step & go travel system? It looks amazing….Step on a pedal and the stroller opens up and machine washable seatpad!!

  89. Hello! I am searching for a stroller to accommodate my new Peg Perego 4-35 infant carrier. I know I’ll need to buy an adapter but do you have any suggestions? What are your thoughts on the Peg strollers?

  90. Hi Angie. You did it a little backwards. I usually recommend parents to pick a stroller first and than go shopping for compatible car seat. Peg Perego is very popular car seat and there are a lot of different strollers to choose from. What is the most important feature for you?

  91. Hi Katrin, I have an almost six month old and we are looking for umbrella stroller. What are you thoughts on the Zyre vs the Chicco Liteway? We already have a Bob Revolution SE and a Britax BReady, but we need something light and easy to fly with.
    Thanks! Traci

  92. Hi Traci. I would go with Liteway or Baby Jogger Vue Lite (when it becomes available) or Joovy Groove Ultralight. Groove is a fantastic stroller with deep recline, large canopy, adjustable leg rest, compact fold and weighs only 12 lbs.

  93. Hi Katrin,
    What a great website & advice!! I had a Baby Jogger City Mini for my 1st while living in Europe which was perfect for us (light weight, compact, smooth & easy to maneuver) especially since we travelled monthly and only used public transit, that required me to carry it up and down stairs with child inside! Now we are living in a smaller Canadian city, where I drive more and weather is snowy/harsher, my 1st is about to turn 3 and No.2 is on the way. I need to replace our stroller (just too beat up) and have been thinking of sticking with the City Mini but getting the GT version. I was also planning on getting a riding board for my 3 year old. My concerns:
    1) is there enough room for my preschooler to stand on the board while my infant is in the fully recline position in the City Mini GT?
    2) seems like riding boards work better (have more room and easier for child to hold bar) when the stroller is parent-facing…. true or false?
    3) your suggestions from other posts have made me consider other strollers like the Indie (but also not parent facing), and all parent facing strollers seem to be 4 wheels- I don’t understand the benefit/difference of 3 vs 4 wheels. Can you elaborate?
    Many, many thanks!

  94. I would like some help finding two types of strollers. The first I want to use for our newborn, not too heavy, the ability to click our carseat to it, we have to drive most places, storage, and the ability to make the seat forward facing or rear facing. I would like it to have a boogie board attachment for my 4 year old son. Any price range.

    I also want to buy a double stroller for when we make our next trip to Disney. I want good amount of storage, easy to fold when getting on the bus, storage, deep recline, large canopy, and cup holders. A good weight limit so that it can fit a 8 month old and a 4 year old.

    Thank you so much

  95. Hi Katrin. I’m struggling on a umbrella stroller decision and wanted to see if you might sway me one way, it’s so hard to decide! I have a 26 month old and he’s as tall as a 3 1/2 year old. Choosing between Joovy Groove Ultralight, Maclaren Mark II, and Uppa G-lite. Besides lightweight and easy to fold/unfold, sun protection is important and comfort for my big kid. It’s for air travel, sight seeing, theme park kind of use. I can’t find these in stock in my city to play with them which makes it even harder to decide. Any advice? Thanks!!!

  96. Hi Katrin- I’m expecting my first this June. I’m so overwhelmed with all the choices of the different strollers available. I’ve done some research on the Uppababy Vista which seems to be very versatile. I don’t know if that’s a good option or not. I’m very active, will be running a lot of errands, and I would like something compact and safe. I also want something all in one- a car seat, bassinet and conversation into a toddler seat. I need help! Not sure where to start! Thanks!!

  97. Hi Gintare. I think that Vista is your best choice if you want to have convertible stroller. I know it’s a little bulky and heavy, but all of the convertible strollers are. Vista is the BEST in this category. Other convertible strollers that I like are Britax B-ready, Baby Jogger City Select, and Phil&Teds Navigator or Dot models. Navigator and Dot are more compact. Dot weighs only 26 lbs in single mode which is less than all the others.

  98. Hi CJ. I would go with JG Ultralight for sure. Mark II has no back support. G-lite doesn’t have recline! Ultralight has everything and weighs only 12 lbs! It’s one of my favorite strollers. It also has great maneuverability and very high canopy 26″. Plenty of headroom for your tall child. You will love it!

  99. Hi Jessica. There are a few great reversible seat strollers I can recommend: UPPAbaby Cruz, Stokke Scoot V2 and Nuna Mixx. There is an universal board that works with any stroller called Joovy Bumprider Universal Stroller Board. Cruz has it’s own board btw. For the double, do you want a tandem or side-by-side?

  100. Hi Katrin,
    I tried using my gluxe (2014 model) and my 6 mo old does not look comfortable in it at all, she just falls to the side. I know the gluxe has gotten great reviews but it feels so flimsy to me and doesn’t fold up easily. I want it for everyday errands, traveling, grocery shopping, etc. Can you give me a handle of your top favorite lightweight/umbrella strollers, that i could go test drive? I have the vista and it’s just too heavy. Thank you so much!

  101. I personally Love my Contours Bliss!!! And I don’t think the quality is bad at all, the material isn’t as thick as some of the other strollers you mentioned but that’s what I like, it’s very breathable and not heavy. And if you don’t want to spend over $400 this stroller gives you the most bang for your buck!!

  102. Hi Angle. I like Maclarens of course, but they are a little pricey. Other favorites are Baby Jogger Vue (the Vue light should be out soon), and Joovy Groove (only 12 lbs and has EVERY feature).

  103. Hi Katrin

    These are actually the same 3 strollers I was looking into. I love the Pipa car seat so that’s a no brainer. Just wondering the following:
    1. Does the Mixx stores standing up when folded like the Cruz? I live in NYC and space is a constraint so that is impt
    2. Is the weight difference on any of these so significant you can feel it?
    3. If I go w the Cruz but love the Pipa car seat will it be like a “frankenstein” if I get the attachment?
    4. We may have a second baby after but not certain yet and wondering if it’s not a good investment to spend this on one that’s not convertible to a double. The Vista just seems so big and expensive and I don’t feel the need for the bassinet option.
    Many thanks in advance for your help!

  104. Hi Suzan,
    I’m expecting my first this August, so I have time to wait for new designs as well. I would like to consult with you: We live at the center of Boston. There are four big stairs (8” high) at the front of the building. I only plan to fold the stroller after entering the building and escaping the cold. In addition, we don’t have a car and we mostly walk or use the subway. In our area there is an uneven pavement and snow. I believe appropriate wheels will be our 1st requirement. In addition, our 2nd requirement is an easy fold and 3rd lightweight stroller. We need to carry the stroller one floor because there is no where to leave it in the stairway. Our apartment is tiny so we will have to fold it everyday.
    Thank you for your help!

  105. hi! i need help in choosing a stroller. i’m a ftm and doesn’t really have access on stores where i can test drive strollers. we live in a military base in japan and our exchange doesn’t really have a lot of strollers to choose from. a friend handed me down a car seat (graco snug ride 30) so i don’t plan on buying a new car seat until my little one outgrows it. i want a light full stroller but not the umbrella type ones. id love to get a stroller that has a great size basket, can accommodate the carseat i have, would grow with my little one and probably the future baby . I’m looking into bugaboo bee 3 because of the adjustable and reversible seat, easy fold, looks light, option of putting on a skateboard but not the kinda low weight capacity since there are others that has more weight capacity. i also like the uppababy cruz because of the large basket, reversible seat, canopy size with the peek-a-boo window, easy fold, options of having snack tray and piggy ride. my first choice was the britax b ready because i loved how it can be a tandem stroller later on, huge basket, weight capacity but i think it is heavy. basically i want to purchase a stroller that can last long wherein if ever you get pregnant again you really don’t have to buy another stroller again. thanks!

  106. Ohhh, I know! We loved our Peg carrier with our first daughter and our second (two months old now) is a preemie so this carrier seemed to be the safest option for us.. And held our 4lb baby securely. I’m having a hard time finding a stroller to fit the NEW 4-35 model. Stokke, UPPA Baby, Nuna (just to name a few) all say they are not compatible. I’ve emailed these companies. I’m not really a fan of the baby jogger or city select. I feel like they are so heavy and bulky. So I guess I am looking for a lightweight stroller that folds easily and quickly. We are taking a trip to Disney in September so something that would work well to travel with would be great! I don’t really need anything terrain and I’m not a jogger so just a really practical everyday stroller for Disney, trips to the mall and the zoo. I’m curious about your thoughts on the Peg Booklet. We don’t need the Book because it comes with the bassinet and that just seems like a waste of money to us. But the workers at our local Buy Buy Baby say they don’t really sell a lot of the Peg strollers. I’m realllllly hoping you can help us! Thank you :)

  107. Hi Katrin, I was wondering if you could suggest a stroller slash prams that are:
    *lightweight nothing over 10kgs
    *compact when folded
    *reversible seat
    *willing to spend $300 but will go max $400
    *comfortable for bub
    *mainly will be using for shopping and transit will hopefully fit in small boot of the car
    *maybe a lil bit stylish
    I bought a steelecraft strider plus second hand but didn’t realise how big it was till I saw it in person, my biggest mistake made as I have a lil car and the prams too big for transit and shopping isles. So this time I did some research and it is pretty overwelming there are too many options and I really love the expensive one’s that are way outter my budget. my little one is 3 months now so I wont need any of the travel systems. Please help! Thank you

  108. Hi JCru. It looks like you are trying to decide between a convertable stroller and a reversible lightweight stroller. Most of the popular strollers work with your car seat so that shouldn’t be a problem. In reversible light weight seat category I like Uppababy Cruz, Stokke Scoot V2 (very compact one-hand fold), Joovy Qool (stylish look), Armadillo Flip (the most compact fold ever). I also like Nuna Mixx, but it works only with Pipa car seat. There is an universal board – Joovy Bumprider Universal – that you can use with any stroller in case there is no board as an accessory. I don’t like Bugaboo Bee 3 because it’s very bulky once folded. If you decide to go with a convertible stroller, I would recommend B-Ready or City Select. Vista is another great option but is a little pricey.

  109. Hi Grace. Unfortunately, large all-terrain wheels means additional weight. My best recommendations would be City Mini GT – all-terrain wheels, one-hand compact fold (so you can carry stroller, your baby and a diaper bag at once… oh that’s tough), 21 lbs, large basket, very roomy seat, huge canopy and reasonable price. GT is the best choice. Next I can recommend BOB Motion – amazing suspension, all-terrain wheels, deep recline, 23 lbs, one-hand compact fold and also good price. Both work with most popular car seats so you can transform it into a travel system. From the luxury strollers, I can recommend Stooke Scoot V2, good size wheels, reversible seat, deep recline, large basket, large canopy, one-hand fold, 25 lbs. The good thing about Scoot is that you can replace the seat with the car seat and use it as a frame for the first 6 months :)

  110. hi Katrin
    Love this board, and I’m so overwhelmed by all the choices out there.
    I’m a first time mom expecting in August and have just started researching about strollers. I read that you always ask what criteria do ppl look for in the stroller… Honestly, I don’t even know what should be some criterias that a new mom should look for? Below R some things that I want or like, but is there anything else that I should think of more importantly when choosing a stroller?

    I know for sure I prefer something lighter than heavy or bulky.
    I like an easy fold, maybe something that folds standing up, but as long as it’s easy fold, standing up can be optional.
    I want a stroller or travel system that I can use from newborn all the way to toddler.
    I see people say they want compact when folded, I’d like to know the pros and cons of compactness….other than taking up trunk space etc.
    I prefer to have a decent storage space (is that what people meant when they say basket?)
    I prefer front and back facing car seat feature?
    Will mainly use for malls, grocery stores, restaurants and church…. Not super active. Don’t hv stairs and hv car to travel everywhere.
    I dunno anything about strollers or car seats and bassinets, but I like one that’s easy to use and safe of course. I don understand how the bassinet can be attached to stroller/car seat? And how old can one use the bassinet if they r not sitting in the car seat?

    If you have any recommendations at all, can u also recommend car seats with the strollers? I know you hv mentioned many car seats will go with strollers, but do you specifically recommend any car seat to go with any specific stroller??

    I thank you Very much for your time to answer my questions!!!


  111. Hi Katrin!
    First of all, thank you for all the reviews, very informative!
    I’m looking for an stroller for my baby girl, she is 9 months already, so I need to make a decision fast but I can’t decide for the one yet.
    We are a military family living overseas, but thankfully not limited on what we can buy. I can get anything shipped here from the States if isn’t more than 50 lbs or I can buy anything available here in Europe. I’m looking for something of good quality that will last for a long time, a stroller that I can take for all sorts of walks (with grass, sand, and snow when we are on the north side). We live in Madrid, in the heart of it, so we do a lot of walking everywhere, and sometimes I hop on taxis or get on the metro/busses, but mostly walk long distances. Since I live in a nice place where I have to dress up even if I’m going to trow away the trash (its a pain!) I would love something stylish but of course for reasonable price, I can’t justify a $1k+ stroller that has the same functions as one less expensive.
    Things I want:
    – All kinds of terrains, and long walks.
    – Different recline positions.
    – Reversible Seat.
    – Confortable.
    – Canopy (large if possible).
    – Peek-a-boo window.
    – Storage.
    – Stylish.
    – Bumper Bar (Stokke Scoot V2 doesn’t have one and it was the one I liked the most so far, it has some nice colors, not sure if not having a bumper bar should be a deal breaker or not).
    Another thing I’m confused about is if I should go for something light weight and not as bulky when folded, or not. We have an spacious car so storing it in our car won’t be a problem, but it might be on another European car. I thought about buying something light for traveling out the country but I don’t know, as you can tell I’m all over the place lol. Please help!
    I will appreciate your advise tremendously!!!!

    Yuliet :)

  112. the cruz is my choice as of the moment. the scoot v2 has caught me too but didnt like the fact that it has no handle bar/snack tray option. what do you think of the britax affinity? it’s one of those i was eyeing on to before. thank you so much for your help, so far this stroller selection has been giving me too much confusion

  113. Hi Katrin! I’m looking to buy a stroller and i really like Nuna Mixx . Is it a stroller for a toddler too? I like all the features . We also live in a really hot climate and I was wondering if there is any other stroller you can recommend? Thank you so much for your help.

  114. Hi Iva. Mixx is a great stroller. It has an adjustable leg rest for smaller babies and a foot rest that is part of the frame for a toddler. It can handle a child up to 50 lbs. Your toddler will love it! For hot weather I would recommend to look at the strollers with good size canopy and a mesh window in the canopy for better air circulation.

  115. Hi Yuliet. It looks like you are trying to fit everything in one stroller. I would get two strollers – one all-terrain full featured that you can use everyday and another one for traveling and quick ins and outs. How about Joovy Qool (very stylish and only $550) or Britax Affility for walks and Joovy Grove Ultralight ($189) or Armadillo ($250) for traveling? Most parents have two strollers.

  116. Hi Andi. I know its super overwhelming especially for a pregnant girl, but have no fear. I am here to help. There are a lot of great strollers and they all have different features. I would recommend getting one of the most popular strollers with the features you like. Then get a car seat that goes with that stroller. Any car seat is safe as long as it’s installed correctly so I wouldn’t worry about car seat as much. After reading your description I would recommend getting a lightweight stroller with a reversible seat so the first 6 months you can just replace the seat with an infant car seat. That way, you will only need to bring the frame of the stroller with you instead of the whole stroller with the seat. You can get Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip – great stroller with a reversible seat, has large basket, huge canopy and roomy seat. I also like the Peg Perego Book Pop-Up and Stokke Scoot V2. Both have reversible seat are very compact light and very stylish. The bassinet can be used only in the first 6 months but it’s not very practical bc you will need to take your child in and out of the bassinet all the time and what do you do if your child is asleep? It’s much easier with the car seat. I am more than happy to help you narrow it down if you choose a few strollers you like.

  117. Hi Katrin! I’m having the hardest time deciding on a smaller stroller for my 16 month old. I have a Britax b-agile and hate it. I really wish I’d done more research before getting that one. So now that I need to decide on a smaller one, I’m afraid I’ll pick the wrong one again. I Initially thought I wanted an umbrella, but am undecided now that I’ve seen a couple of the super compact folding ones. I’ve been looking (on-line only, unfortunately, because there aren’t any stores near me that carry any of these) at the Armadillo City, Bumbleride Flite, Mountain Buggy Nano, and Pliko Mini, but I’m open to any suggestions on others. I’m looking for something lightweight with a large canopy that has either amazing coverage or is able to detach/ratchet to travel with the sun. My little one likes to be able to sit up really straight (one of my big issues with the b-agile) but it also needs to have a decent recline so she can nap in it. It would also be nice to have a decent sized basket underneath and the ability for it to stand on its own. And, I’d like to keep the cost under $300. Any input and advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  118. Hi Katrin,
    I’m looking for a stylish, comfortable, light , easy to use when travelling stroller for my baby boy (due in June). I didn’t start shopping yet but I want to know the best options/brands available.
    I also want to know the criteria that I have to look at and how long I’ll be using the same stroller. Do I need to buy it with the car seat?
    Thank you :)

  119. Hi, I’m looking for a jogger that is parent facing and has the potential for a second seat addition. Anything out there cool looking that could work for an everyday stroller? Thank you!

  120. Hi Heidi. I don’t know any jogger that can be converted into a double and has a parent facing option. If you are not a hard core jogger and just do a light jogging take a look at Phil&Teds Navigator model. It’s an all-terrain stroller, but it has three large 12″ air-filled wheels that can be used for light jogging. It converts to double inline stroller and has a parent facing option.

  121. Hi Soma. I would recommend getting a lightweight stroller that can be transformed into a travel system for a newborn. Later you can remove the car seat and just use the stroller. Usually, all the strollers with travel system option weigh at least 16 lbs. I would recommend getting a lightweight stroller with a very deep recline, one-hand fold (if possible) and compact fold. Some of the most popular strollers in that category are: Britax B-Agile, Baby Jogger City Mini, Baby Jogger City Lite, Mamas&Papas Armadillo & Armadillo Flip (my favorite!), Joovy Scooter, and Stokke Scoot ( a little heavier but has reversible seat). Take a look at these stroller and let me know which one you like. I am happy to help you narrow it down.

  122. Hi Lauren. This is a tough choice. What are your must-haves? Out of this list I like Armadillo City the most. Also, take a look at Joovy Groove Ultralight (it’s only 12 lbs).

  123. Hi, what’s your opinion regarding bugaboo buffalo vs Stokke cruzi vs bugaboo cameleon vs stoke xplory? Which has the best reviews and push?

  124. Hi Katrin,

    Im looking for a stylish stroller with the bassinet, and seat that we can switch to when needed. I love the high hand ones like stokke but im not sure if ill have more babies so they could all enjoy it to the fullest. I saw the brand babyroues letour II. It is very affordable compare to stokke but I want to make the right choice. My criterias are: stylish , light weight, bassinet and seat with multiple positions facing rear or forward. I really hope you will reply to my message! Thanks a lot! P.s.: why is it everyone is raving about maxi-cost car seat and not their strollers??

  125. Hi Sara. Out of these four I would probably go with Cameleon bc it’s just the most practical one. Buffalo is too expensive and too heavy.

  126. Hello, I’m gonna have my baby girl in august. The place i’m living in is very rainy, very often has extreme wind and we live near the sea, but it doesn’t get very cold, winter usually don’t go below -5 celsius. My place is tiny, so I need a very compact model, and it would be great if can use it as long as I can. Not so sure about the budget, because I’m very confused about the types of strollers, whenever I google “best strollers” I see only the sitting ones, but a newborn needs to be lying down her first months, right? I really want to buy the best, and the most important that it would be comfortable for me and the baby, I walk a lot, like A LOT, so I need it to be very comfortable to push and manoeuvre. Also I like to carry a lot of things, so it would be nice if it had a lot of space. We don’t have a car so guess we don’t need a car seat, but our friends do…

  127. Katrin, thank you so much for your advise, and my apologies for not commenting sooner. You are so right, I will most likely need two different strollers as you mentioned above.
    I love the choices that you gave me the Joovy Qool, and the Britax Affillity (I didn’t knew much about this last one though). Before I make a decision I wanted to know why you recommended these two over the Stokke Scoot V2? And if you don’t mind telling me your preference on them, I didn’t think making a decision on a stroller has going to be this hard for me this time around haha.
    Again, thank you for your help! Yuliet.

  128. So sorry, I just saw the review, again (short term memory:( ), you did on the Stokke and with the things I asked I can see why you didn’t recommended it to me, like the handle bar for example, and terrain qualities.
    One of the things I like about the Stokke besides the colors was the height of the seat, but my husband dislike the stroller completely, even with the great reviews he felt it lack of a lot more things that other strollers had, I couldn’t argue it, he is right (but its pretty :P ). The Joovy was his favorite, but I have a concern, the canopy. I was reading comments from people saying how impossible and tedious it was to deal with after the child was a bit taller, not sure what to think of this. I will appreciate your thoughts! Thank you :)

  129. Have you had the chance to review the new Peg Perego Booklet? We have the new viaggio 4/35 infant carrier and are considering this stroller.

  130. Help! Suggestions! I’m lost in a sea of strollers and I can’t seem to find my way out. Honestly, I didn’t do this much research when looking for a new car. I’m in need of a lightweight stroller. I currently own the Graco Modes but it is so bulky and kind of heavy; especially, with the toddler seat attached. I’ve read about the Graco Breaze and it seems that the reviews consistently vent about the latch. I need this new stroller to be compatible with my Snugride 35 Click Connect car seat, recline and have an adjustable foot rest. Any suggestions?

  131. Hi Katrin!
    I can’t decide between the Baby Jogger Vue or the 3 wheeled Baby Jogger City Lite. Do you have an opinion on that?

  132. Hi Alysha. How about something like B-Agile or Mamas&Papas Armadillo? I don’t like Graco brand in general because I think the quality is not there.

  133. Hi Indre. You do need a car seat even if you don’t have a car because how are you going to take your child home from the hospital? Also, newborns have a lot of doctor appointments in the beginning. Are you planing on walking to the doctor’s office? I would recommend choosing a stroller first and than getting a car seat compatible with that stroller. From what you are describing, you need a stroller with decent size wheels, very deep recline and very compact fold. There are a few great models that I can recommend: BOB Motion has great all-terrain wheels, amazing suspension system, very deep recline, huge canopy, large basket very compact one-hand fold. Baby Jogger City GT is another great choice. It’s very similar to BOB Motion. GT has huge canopy, large basket, very roomy seat with deep recline, all-terrain wheels and one-hand compact fold. Both stroller are VERY practical. Let me know what you think.

  134. Hi! We are expecting our first and have been researching intently for a stroller that can be used w an infant seat then grow w baby, but are still very undecided. We need a light weight stroller (one hand release!) that I can travel with solo. We travel constantly, so really only can bring one stroller realistically and I need something compact that can fit in planes, car, public transit. I’d like something stylish but not too concerned as the other features are more important. So far, I am between city mini GT, Armadillo, and the nuna mixx–which of those would be the best fit, or can you suggest something better? Baby isn’t coming til fall, so we have time. Thank you!

  135. Hi Meg. I think that it depends what stroller style do you prefer. The Vue is really all about reversible seat. Do you have to have the reversible seat? If not, I would go with Lite because it’s closer to a full size stroller than Vue and has larger basket but still very compact.

  136. Hi Juliet. I like that your husband gets involved in the stroller buying process. LOL. My told me I am crazy and need to buy a stroller already. I just couldn’t decide! I tested so many of them. It was so much easier to buy a car. I looked at the color and a price and that was it. I do like Stokke Scoot V2 a lot because it’s very stylish and nicely designed stroller. And the accessories are to die for! The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of bumper bar.
    If you are concerned about the canopy, I could suggest Mamas&Papas Urbo 2 stroller which is another great option. I don’t have a full review on it (I will put it together soon) but this is another very stylish stroller that has a lot of great features. A lot of celebrities have it :) What do you think?

  137. Hi Cody. If you are traveling that much I would recommend going with Armadillo or Maintain Buggy Nano. Nano weighs only 13 lbs, has compact fold that fits into an overhead luggage compartment on a plane, and can take a car seat. So you can place your baby from the plane right into the stroller. You can’t beat that! Nano is the BEST travel stroller by far. Here is my full review. You can also check out the Amazon reviews from customers here. Let me know what you think.

  138. Hi Katrin

    I have read pretty much all the reviews on the uppababy vista and the peg perego book pop up….. I’ve also tried both at the stores. I’m kinda torn between the two. I find when I fold the vista, since I’m shorter, I always have to first extend the handle bar to the fullest out position before I can have a standing fold, whereas, the pop up I did not need to adjust the handle bar. The vista also lack a “lifting bar” somewhere so it was awkward to lift the stroller to the car if the seat was not attached, unlike the pop up where it uses the folding release handle to lift to the car. But the pop up has a Velcro peekaboo window that I dunno if it will really bother me that much compared to the magnetic one on the vista. I did notice the pop up wheels are not all terrain whereas vista wheels are. However, Im not a super outdoorsy person and I think I will mainly use it to run errands, go to malls, and restaurants mainly, so I dunno if it’s necessary for me to get all terrain wheels. Lastly, vista is a bit more pricier than the pop up, but it also comes with the bug net, rain cover, and other accessories that pop up did not offer…..

    I’m sooooo torned!!!!
    What would you choose?

  139. Hi Katrin,
    Need some suggestion please! We are going to have a first child in June and can’t decide which stroller to choose. I’m in need of a very nice quality, lightweight, stylish, compact fold, reversible sit with large canapé, suitable for a newborn stroller. A size of basket is not important since I’m not planing to go for shopping with a baby. I really like Cybex prime stroller but couldn’t find out when it’s going to be released in US. Thought about Uppababy vista as a second choice. Maybe Armadilo? Would you have any other suggestions for me? Thank you!

  140. Hi Tamina. I can’t say much about Cybex because I haven’t tested it yet. I do think that Vista is an amazing stroller, but it’s not light (27 lbs) and not compact. Do you care about the size of the wheels? I think Aramadilo Flip would be a great option for you. It’s very stylish, compact, light, has one-hand fold, and has reversible seat. It’s one of my favorite stroller on the market right now. Another stylish stroller that might interest you is Stokke Scoot V2. It has all of the things you want plus has nice size wheels that can handle a lot of terrain and the seat is positioned higher on the frame which allows for better bonding with the child. What do you think?

  141. Hi Katrin,

    thanks so much for all of your amazing reviews! I’m debating between a used Bugaboo Chameleon at a resale shop for 350 (the shop says it’s around six years old but was only used with one child), the Nuna Mixx, and the Uppababy Cruz. I really like the idea of a simple fold and something lighter weight that still allows for a front or rear facing seat. Thanks so much for your help! Torn and need to decide whether to pull the trigger on the used one.


  142. Katrin – I wanted your advice on a stroller, I’m looking for a stroller that would be good in parks and walking paths, easy to fold, not too bulky, and has a roomy basket. I’m a first time mom so, I’m not sure if I’d need the rear facing option. I’d like it to have a car seat adapter and not be too heavy so we could travel with it. I’m planning on also purchasing an umbrella type stroller for most travel but, for some trips we will need the “off road” capabilities. From reading your reviews and comments, I’m leaning towards the:
    Bumbleride Indie
    Bumbleride Indie 4 (not sure of advantages of 3 vs. 4 wheels)
    Baby Jogger City Mini GT

    I am pretty open on price as I want great quality.
    Thanks for any help / guidance you can provide! I’m open to other models too, I just pulled ones that looked to fit our needs based on other feedback. Sharon

  143. Hi Katrin! I’ve read your article, as well as all the comments and your suggestion responses. Budget isn’t a huge limiting factor for us, we don’t need a jogger, we don’t use public transit or have any stairs to carry a stroller up. Our short list is the Britax Affinity, UPPAbaby Vista ’15, and Bugaboo Chameleon. (Although I absolutely love the adjustable seat height with the Stokke Xplory!- just not a practical stroller) Do you think that the difference in carrying weight capacity is a big issue? The cameleon can only carry up to 33lbs, whereas the other two are about 50lbs. Also, do you know if the upper adapters for the Vista (used for the 2 seat combinations) can be used with just one seat? I really like the idea of having my baby up closer to me.

  144. I am trying to help my daughter pick a stroller and so some of the legwork. It’s harder than buying a car! She had a spinal fracture that still causes her pain. I am looking to get her the most lightweight , easy to use stroller out there. She lives in LA and mostly needs it for errands and everyday use. She picked out the Cruz and we love it. But the car seat that comes with the Cruz (with no adapter) is very , very heavy. There are other much lighter car seats out there. I realize that if we buy an infant car seat we will have to upgrade in a few months. That is ok. The Dr. said the highest time for re-fracture is right after birth. So- she is due in July. What would you recommend?

  145. Hi Abby. If you get a stroller with a reversible seat, you can replace the seat with the car seat for the first 6 months and it will be much lighter for her to lift the frame of the stroller only without the seat. Does that make sense? All the stroller with the reversible seat, can be used as a frame for the car seat without the main seat. Much lighter. What do you think?

  146. Hi Danielle. Out of all of them Vista wins. It’s just a really great stroller. The 33 lbs could be a deal breaker depending on the size of your child. My daughter’s best friend is a big boy who weighs 30 lbs and he is just 2.5 years! Now the good news is that he doesn’t want to sit in the stroller, so his mom is not using it anymore. I agree with you that Xplory is very unpractical. Another thing that I like about Vista is that it can be converted into a double while Affinity and Cameleon do not. Vista is probably the best choice for you.

  147. Hi Sharon. I like Indie a lot, but it’s bulky and not such an easy fold. There is really no advantage to have 4 wheels in my opinion. With three wheels you can jog and it weighs less. The City Mini GT is also a great choice. I think that GT is very practical – roomy seat, one-hand fold, large basket and good size tires. Look also at Bob Motion (great wheels and suspension system. Also has one-hand fold and high weight limit). If you are a sporty person you might even like Bob Revolution. It’s not as compact as Motion but has larger wheels and roomier seat. All of the strollers above have travel system option. I would recommend choosing a stroller first and than worry about car seat. Let me know if you want my help narrowing it down.

  148. Hi Dana. I do like Mixx more than Bugaboo. Have you seen Armadillo Flip XT? It has so many great features! I think that Flip XT is better than Cruz because it has super compact one-hand fold.

  149. Hi Andi. I think you like Book Pop-up a little more. Vista is bulky and heavy stroller. Now that it has been upgraded it weighs even more so I think it’s better for parents who are planing on heaving a second child right away. I don’t know if weight is a factor for you. What are the main features that you are looking at? I would also recommend looking at the new Armadillo Flip XT which has reversible seat, magnetic closure, adjustable handle bar, very deep recline suitable for a newborn, bassinet option, travel system option, huge canopy, roomy seat, super compact one-hand fold, large basket, standing fold, automatic lock, decent wheels (9″ and 6.5″), adjustable leg rest, flip-flop friendly brake, all-wheel suspension and weighs only 22 lbs. Does that sound like a good option?

  150. Hello !
    I’m hoping you can recommend a stroller for my 14 mo old, she is 37lbs already and 32 in so my main criteria is something roomy that she can use for a couple years. Also I like a parent cup holder and roomy basket. The stroller will be used mainly for running errands, shopping, traveling. I’m not a jogger but from my search it seems those are the only ones with the higher weight limit. Thank you for your help!

  151. Hello, I´m looking for a stroller for my first baby boy and I have many many many doubts. It´s hard to decide!
    I need a stroller that is:
    – infant car seat compatible
    – reversible (face parenting)
    – lightweight
    – folds ultra compact and easy
    – seat reclines nearly flat
    – not expensive (I want to spend $350 max.)

    I was thinking about the Quinny Zapp Xtra 2. If you have a suggestion, please, tell me!!! :) Tks!

  152. Hello
    i am having my first baby on may 2015 and i want to buy a stroller.
    could you please advice brands according to my needs below? i am not price oriented.
    Here are my needs:
    reversible seat ( facing to parent too)
    i have wv polo car and the trunk is not so huge, i need the stroller to be not so huge.
    easy folding
    0 months to 3 years, so reclined almost flat
    not heavy
    strong wheels
    easy drive

    i am considering inglesina triology or peg perego book plus.
    do you think they fit my requirements? ıf they cant which brands can?

    (by the way i think what you do is great, thank you for your support Katrin. )

  153. Hi Tuba. I am always happy to help! I like Peg Perego Book Plus more than Trilogy because it’s much more practical. Another two strollers you can look at are Stooke Scoot V2 and Mamas&Papas Armadillo Filp XT. Mamas&Papas Armadillo Filp XT has a very deep one-hand recline suitable for a newborn, adjustable handle bar, good size wheels, mesh in he canopy, large basket, flip-flop friendly brake, roomy seat, super huge canopy, all-wheel suspension, adjustable leg rest, reversible seat, one-hand fold, automatic lock, travel system option, pram option, and standing fold. Let me know what you think.

  154. Hello,
    I’m a ftm looking for a stroller with the following qualities, in order of preference
    *lightweight and compact when folded (able to fit in my VW Beetle)
    *good from newborn to toddler
    *user-friendly (no fussy straps etc)
    *smooth ride
    I’ve narrowed my 3 choices down to either a Uppababy Cruz, City Jogger Mini GT or Maclaren Techno XT but have Q’s for each:
    Cruz: although much more lightweight than the Vista and good quality overall, it still seems like the bulkiest choice and also is large when folded. The compatible Mesa car seat looks like it’s great quality but seems on heavy side which I’m curious if that should be a big consideration or if you just get used to the weight? (and is the car seat also too bulky for my VW Beetle?)
    City Jogger Mini GT: I like the wheels and overall practicality but wondering if it’s a big deal that the seat does not also face reverse? Since the car seat has to face the parent, by the time they are in the stroller seat, will my baby still prefer to face me vs frontwards?
    Maclaren Techno XT: Ideally, I like the idea of this stroller since it’s so lightweight and easy to maneuver but although it’s fit for newborns, is it a con that it’s not car seat compatible since I’d have to wake my baby up to transfer her in/out of the stroller and car seat? The wheels don’t seem as sturdy as the other two options either but are they good enough for general all-purpose use for sunny climate and primarily urban/beachwalk strolls?
    Thank you!

  155. Hi Katrin:
    Im due in Sept with my first baby and Im completely lost in the stroller world. there are many that i like only by seeing them but don’t know if they are good or not. Many of the ones I like are very costly and honestly a baby is super expensive to begin with and most likely that stroller won’t last you until they are toddlers therefore i wouldn’t want to spend crazy amount of money (more than 500.00 for a stroller)….
    This is what i am looking for… a stroller that has:
    *reversible seating,
    *not very bully or heavy,
    *big wheels,
    *easy to drive,
    *fits in most places,
    i am not so sure if i would like a carry cot or not… i kind of like them because they look very comfortable for the baby to sleep but not sure…. what do you think???

  156. Hi Katrin!
    I am future mom to be, my baby s due in August. I am looking for a travel system stroller with clip on car seat that ideally has one hand fold and pretty light as we live on 4th floor walk up. I really want one stroller to last until the baby is a toddler and was looking at EVOQ travel system by GBCHILDUSA . I like the fact that i can take regular seat off and just clip on the car seat.(I feel like it will definitely take some pounds off) and it has the board for a toddler to stand on.
    I also looked at OMNI travel system and what I like about that one – the seat converts into a bassinet somehow(which I feel would be helpful cause we r staying for the beginning of winter in NYC, and this year was ridiculously cold) Then next January we are moving to Austin.
    My budget is up to 600ish,
    please help, I have been so overwhelmed with this search and cannot focus looking at the screen anymore:)))

  157. Hi Katrin,

    My first child is due in June and I am totally lost on this stroller/ car seat hunt. I’m looking for something i could use to run errands and go into stores and malls. I want something stylish, car seat compatible and parent facing. Being able to use a bassinet on long trips or the car seat when I’m on the run would be perfect for the beginning, and a nice size canopy would be terrific. I was leaning towards the bugaboo cameleon but the price just disturbs me. Looking to spend less than $600 but I will go higher if it’s worth it.

  158. Hi Katrin,
    I’m having my first baby in June and I’m looking for a functional but light stroller for NYC life and frequent air travels. My favorite so far has been Armadillo Flip XT, unless you can recommend similar functionality at a lower weight. I was also considering Cybex (was thinking Onyx or Callisto here) or Britax (perhaps B-Agile). The main concern for us is that although for the first year of baby’s life we’ll have an elevator, at 1 yr of age we’ll likely be moving to a fifth-floor walk-up, so obviously weight will become more of an issue there. And as I mentioned, I expect we’ll get on planes frequently, so a neat travel system would def be a plus. Thank you Katrin, I appreciate your thoughts and advice.

  159. Tks for your answer, Katrin. What about the Peg Perego, which one do you suggest that has everything I ask for?

  160. Hi–Thanks for this great resource–it is by far the best information on strollers that I’ve found. I’m looking for a stroller that can be used for an infant. I loved the City Mini stroller I used for my first child after 6 months; I never had an infant stroller–just one of those cages for the carseat, and going for long walks with that thing was a mistake that landed me in physical therapy for my shoulders. This time around I want to make sure that I get something very easy to push for those several hour walks. I am shopping for a stroller that can be used for an infant (under 6 months, must lie flat). I’m looking for something to go for long walks on uneven pavement or even gravel trails. A large basket would be great to carry the diaper bag and jackets or for picking up a few groceries. I live somewhere sunny so a canopy with good coverage is a must. The stroller should fit in the trunk of a Prius, which is actually pretty roomy but I don’t know if one of those giant BOBs would fit because of how long they are. I wouldn’t want a BOB, anyway, because they are too big to push around city sidewalks and grocery stores. I don’t think I would ever want to put a heavy carseat in the stroller, so that is not a concern. However, I haven’t figured out how I will transfer a sleeping infant from a non-carseat stroller–but I feel like this is a more minor concern for me as being able to transfer a baby without waking it up only lasts a few months, anyway.
    After reading your top 20 list and the comparison chart, I was thinking the Nuna Mixx would be a good fit–are there others you would recommend? I would appreciate your expert pick–my top concern is ease of pushing.

  161. Baby Jogger Versa meets all of those! Great stroller on clearance, because it’s been discontinued. Even if you buy the car seat adapter and optional gt tires from baby jogger, still under $350.

  162. HI BB. There are a few strollers that I can recommend. Nuna Mixx is a great choice because it has a very deep flat recline and is pretty compact once folded. The basket is larger and easy to access. Stooke Scoot V2 is a little more expensive but is really cool stroller with very compact fold and large basket. Another great option would be Armadillo Flip XT which has a super compact fold, good size wheels, large canopy and very flat recline. The nice thing about reversible seat strollers, is that you can replace the seat with the infant car seat using it as a frame. Another cool thing about flip xt is that it has a bassinet option so you can turn your stroller into a fancy looking pram. What do you think?

  163. HI Tina. I just saw Peg Perego Switch Four for only $350 on Amazon, but doesn’t have the most compact fold. What do you think?

  164. Hi Aga. It’s hard to fit everything in one stroller. Armadillo Flip XT is a great choice because it has a good size wheels, super compact fold and is perfect for a newborn. The best thing about it is that for the first 6 months you can remove the seat and just use it as a frame with the infant car seat. That will definitely reduced the weight and the fold. What do you think about Flip model? The wheels are too small? It’s 2 lbs lighter than XT.

  165. Hi Asia. Take a look at Uppababy Cruz – it has bassinet option and is a very stylish stroller with a reversible seat. Stokke Scoot V2 is super stylish too and has a soft bag insert instead of the bassinet that is great for a newborn. But, my favorite stroller right now is Armadillo Flip Xt that has everything on your list. You can replace the seat with a bassinet or a car seat for the first 6 months. It has super compact fold and very stylish look. Take a look and let me know what you think.

  166. Hi Sharon. Usually the bigger the wheels the heavier and bulkier the stroller. The good quality stroller will last you multiple kids and definitely till the toddler years. Later you can even sell it on Craigslist and get some money back. There are a few good reversible stroller on the market right now that I really like:

    Flip XT ($599) – great wheels, reversible seat, very deep recline, one-hand super compact fold, huge canopy, huge basket.
    Joovy Qool ($450) – great wheels, very stylish, reversible seat, huge canopy, huge basket, and etc.
    UppaBaby Cruz ($500) – reversible seat, deep one-hand recline, large canopy, x-large basket, adjustable leg rest, adjustable handle bar, flip-flop friendly brake, and all-wheel suspension.
    Nuna Mixx ($500) – reversible seat, compact fold, adjustable handle bar, very deep recline, flip-flop friendly brake, no-re-thread harness, and adjustable leg rest.

    All of them have travel system capability some of them have bassinet option. The bassinet is not very practical thing because you will only use it for the first 6 months. You can definitely just use a car seat instead. Let me know if you like any of these and need help narrowing it down.

  167. HI Sunny. The Maclaren is not a good choice for a newborn. It’s really more of a second stroller for a toddler that you would use for traveling. The reversible seat is a preference. In reality, you child doesn’t care if you looking at him or not. It’s all about what you want. The GT is a very practical choice that will last you for a long time and probably a few kids. The wheels on GT are larger than Cruz and the fold is much more compact. Now, the good thing about Cruz is that it has the reversible seat and a bassinet option. It also more stylish than GT. If you set on style and reversible seat, go with Cruz. Hope this helps.

  168. Hi Katrin, Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking that any stroller that had a completely flat recline was appropriate for infants. Now I see that in several places on your site that you recommend using an infant carseat with the stroller as a frame. I’ve been told that it is best for babies to sleep flat (not in sitting position like in a carseat or swing), but now I realize that the babies may have too much room to bounce around even in the flat-reclining strollers made to be used from birth. Is a bassinet option as safe for the baby as using the carseat option?
    I see that of the three strollers you mentioned, Stokke Scoot V2 has a Soft Bag option that hems the baby in. The Armadillo Flip XT has the bassinet option (though I can’t find a photo of the interior of the bassinet, even on the Mamas and Papas website). And both the Armadillo Flip XT and The Stokke Scoot V2 can be used as a carseat frame. I thought the Nuna Mixx was the perfect newborn stroller for me but now I see that it doesn’t have a bassinet/soft bag option and that it only fits the Nuna brand carseat.
    My two top priorities are safety for an infant (0-6 months) and ease of pushing over rough, uneven pavement–I want something very easy to push for 2-3 hour walks. I like the look of the bassinet/pram better than the carseat but of course I want to do whatever is safest for the newborn, especially because I plan to be out walking for hours every day. Price is not as much of a concern as safety and ease. I will look at all three strollers you recommended but I wonder if this additional information narrows it down further or suggests new choices to you?
    Thank you for all your help–your site is an amazing resource!

  169. Hi BB. I am glad you like my site :) Thank you for kind words. The doctors don’t recommend for the baby to spend long time in the car seat so if you are planning to take long trips, get a bassinet for sure. My daughter was born in August. For the first two months we really didn’t go out much due to my and her health problems. During fall and winter it was a lot of cold days so I would take her out for only 30 min a day max using a travel system. At home she was always sleeping in her bed or a crib. Once she was a little older and the cold was over (around 7 months) I just put her into the seat of the stroller with additional support. I think that bassinet is really the best and the SAFEST option for a newborn. That way you will avoid many things like SIDS, flat head, and back problems. Nuna IVVI has a bassinet option if you rally like Nuna. Stokke Trailz and Stokke Crusi both have a great bassinet. Vista is not as compact but has one of my favorite bassinets and huge basket if you like to go shopping. Probably will be tough to fit it in a small trunk. LOL.

    You can also get an infant insert (which is sold separately on Amazon) and put your child right into the fully reclined seat. That way, you don’t even need to get a bassinet.

  170. Hello, Katrin! Tks for your suggestion… I just saw the stroller for 320$ on Macrobaby! :) I´ll take a look at the store and let you know!

  171. Hi Katrin:

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have checked all of them out and the two that i like the most are: the Qool and the Flip Xt. the only thing that concerns me is that you mentioned that i can convert them to a travel system for my newborn but i can’t find any information on how to… also what are your thoughts on the Chicco Urban Stroller ??? One last thing which of the two that I mentioned is a high seating stroller… Im sure you know that as a first time mom you want to be looking at your baby the closer as possible :) anyways once again thanks for all your help and helping out all the new mommies out there.

  172. Hi I’m looking for a new stroller for my 6 month old son but having trouble deciding. I’m really loving mamas and papas armadillo flip xt. I’ve also been looking at their new sola2 mtx model but I can find no real reviews on it. Main features I want are: reversible seat, lay flat seat, large canopy, large basket and good suspension/all terrain. I’m really torn on the need of a bumper bar as well. I’m also totally loving the bugaboo cameleon 3 by diesel. I just don’t know if it’s really worth the splurge. Can you please

  173. Hello Katrin,
    I’m a first time mum with a i year old. I have to be honest, I’m going quite nuts trying to figure out what is the right stroller to buy. A friend recently gave me an old Graco but the seat looks faded and is heavy. I like sleek and NY edgy but I don’t have the budget for that. I am going back and forth between the Summer Infant Zyre Umbrella Stroller and the Baby Jogger Vue Lite. I want a light, strong, sturdy, that allows me to have my Little One recline comfortably if she falls asleep. I haven’t taken her on the train yet, but if I do I want to be able to go up and downstairs carrying her easily in the stroller. I don’t need a lot of storage space but just enough for her bottles, diaper bag and maybe my handbag. She’s about 23 lbs. and tall. I do worry about her when she sleeps so I would like the option of turning her around so I can see her. I would also like a large enough canopy to protect her from the sun. I plan to walk a lot this summer so a stroller that can handle the NY terrain. I would also like the handles to be high enough so I don’t have to hunch over.Are lightweight strollers only for spring and fall? Will I have to get another stroller for fall? What do you suggest in this price range? I appreciate this site! Thank you!

  174. Hi I live in NYC and I am debating between JJCOLE Broadway Stroller and the UppaBaby Cruz 2015? I am looking for lightweight, narrow, and easy to maneuver getting on and off public transit ( carrying up and down stairs) and walking the crowded city streets and narrow aisle of stores. I love having the option on which way the baby faces. This is my last child and I want to it to be a travel system as well for when we use the car. If you think there are other options out there that might be a better fit than the two mentioned above I would love those suggestions as well.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  175. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you for the wonderful info. I currently have Peg Perego book Pop up. I liked it at first but now I just feel it’s bulky and not having an option to be able to add a second seat is a concern. Of course I blame myself for listening to a store employee that recommended it and got too excited at first when I bought it before having the baby. Now that I’m using it more and planning to maybe have another baby, I’m just getting more frustrated because it is missing that feature for the price I paid. Do you know any way ir if there’s another website that does some trade in?


  176. Hi Katrin,
    Congrats for the awesome website!
    I am trying to decide on a first stroller. Things most important to me:
    – Possibility to fit a bassinet first, then a car seat then nothing; the easier the process the better!;
    – Lightweight!;
    – Maneuverability in the city (roughest terrain will probably be brick sidewalks, nothing major);
    – Easiness to fold and store in the car (size as closed not an issue though);
    – Canopy and basket of decent size (I can compromise if all the above criteria are met!).

    Price is not an issue, even though of course I wouldn’t want to spend $1,000 for something I can get for $300 ;-)

    Surfing your website and the internet I was thinking to the following ones, but I am VERY open to other suggestions!
    – Babyhome emotion
    – Jogger city mini
    – Uppababy cruz
    – Valco Snap 4

    Thanks a lot for your precious help!

  177. Hi Valsab. Thank you so much for stopping by. From you list, my least favorite is Babyhome emotion. I think it’s just has much less features and the wheels are so small, the ride might be to bumpy for a newborn. I like the Uppababy Cruz and City Mini. Snap 4 is very similar to City Mini so between those two I would go with City Mini. Another stroller that I would recommend is Mamas& Papas Armadillo Flip – it has reversible seat, small foot print, bassinet option, travel system option, deep recline, huge canopy, large basket and one hand fold. It’s very compact! The best thing about it is that you can replace the seat with the bassinet or a car seat in the beginning using it as a frame. No extra weight from the seat! Between the cruz and the flip I think that flip wins. IF you want larger wheels than flip has, than take at flip xt. Let me know what you think. I will be more than happy to help you narrow it down.

  178. Hi Jessie. If you live in NYC and use public transit, you need something that you can easily fold with one hand. Also, it should be very compact so you can carry it in one hand while you hold a baby in the other. Even if you child is walking already you will probably need to hold his hand for a while. I can’t imagine you doing it with Cruz nor JJcole. They both have a bulky fold. If you definitely between those two, I would go with Cruz simply because JJCole has a very small seat that is not going to last you very long. If you open for other suggestions I would look at Stokke Scoot V2 -super compact fold, light, has great wheels, large basket for grocery shopping, deep recline,stylish look, travel system option, reversible seat. My favorite city stroller right now is Mamas&Papas Aramdillo Flip (or Flip XT has larger wheels) – super compact one-hand fold, reversible seat, light, deep one-hand recline, adjustable leg rest, huge canopy, large basket, travel system option and bassinet option.

  179. Hi Sam. This is a hard one because both of them are great. I would also add Joovy Groove Ultralight to the mix. I know I am not making it any easier. Have you seen them in person? If I had to pick one I would be having nightmares probably. Here is what I would do, I would get them both and test them out and return the one I don’t like. Amazon has free shipping and free returns.

  180. Hi Katrin,
    Thanks for the suggestions!
    Regarding the Armadillo Flip, I think it weighs approx. 20 lbs, correct? Aren’t the city mini and the uppababy cruz considerably lighter? Or you think that the fact that they are not as easily foldable makes up for the difference in weight?
    What do you think about the Britax b-agile? I believe their bassinet can be put on after removing the seat.
    Last thing, can you tell us a little more about the wheel size, what do you think is the minimum wheel size for it to feel comfortable on uneven sidewalks? And what contributes more to how easy it is to carry around, wheel size or weight?
    Thanks VERY much!!

  181. Hi Katrin, I`m looking for a stroller. Things most important to me:

    – A stroller that doesn`t need a bassinet first or a car seat for a newborn;
    – Lightweight!;
    – Maneuverability in the city (rough terrain, probably brick sidewalks);
    – Easy to fold and store in a small car.

    For starter I tought about the Bugaboo Bee and Britax B Agile but I`m open to any other option.

    Thanks very much!


  182. Hi Katrin,
    After reading nearly everything on your website, and looking at all new stroller features, I’ve narrowed down my choices. I really just need to pull the trigger but a friend discouraged me from choosing the Britax Affinity due to the weight. With that in mind, these are my considerations:
    Joovy Qool
    Valco Baby Snap Ultra
    Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT
    Uppababy Cruz
    *all the newest 2015 models
    What we’re looking for: compact easy fold, lightweight, reversible, flip-flop friendly brake, large basket, deep recline, etc.
    Below is what you put about 3 of them before, but how does the Valco fit in? The Valco seems nearly perfect, but maybe that’s because there aren’t as many reviews. Also the larger wheel option is nice.
    What do you think?
    Thank you!

    -Valco Baby Snap Ultra ($470) – …
    -Flip XT ($599) – great wheels, reversible seat, very deep recline, one-hand super compact fold, huge canopy, huge basket. NO bumper bar
    -Joovy Qool ($450) – great wheels, very stylish, reversible seat, huge canopy, huge basket, and etc.
    -UppaBaby Cruz ($500) – reversible seat, deep one-hand recline, large canopy, x-large basket, adjustable leg rest, adjustable handle bar, flip-flop friendly brake, and all-wheel suspension.

  183. Hi Erin. I think that the compact fold makes a huge difference in the weight of the stroller. Even light stroller with bulky fold feels heavier. Britax Affinity is a great stroller but the fold is pretty bulky. The Flip XT is one of my favorite strollers and could be even perfect if there was a BUMPER BAR! Out of all of them Flip XT has the most compact fold which makes it feel even lighter. Valco looks like a great stroller but it’s not out yet so I can’t tell you how good it is. Cruz is a nice stroller but has bulky fold and the wheels are smaller than others. Another thing that I don’t like about Cruz is that the seat is one molded piece so your child will never have a flat bed recline. Joovy is great except for the fact that it’s a little bulky but it has the leather like bumper bar. :) What’s more important for you? I will be more than happy to help you narrow it down.

  184. Hi Valsab. The compact fold plays a big roll in the weight for the stroller. If the stroller is light but has a bulky fold, it feels much heavier when you lift it up. Because Flip is so compact, you don’t really feel the extra few pounds. Britax B-agile is a great stroller that is a very practical choice. The seat is very roomy the wheels are good enough size, huge canopy, deep recline, large basket. So, if I had to choose between Brtiax B-Agile, City Mini or Snap 4 I would choose B-Agile because it’s just a little better than the other two. The Flip is a little more stylish, has smaller foot print, cooler colors and reversible seat. From practical stand point, B-Agile is more than enough. If you want a reversible seat, I would go with the Flip.

  185. Thank you for replying! This will be my first child, so I’m not familiar with how useful a bumper bar will be, but I’d assume it is plus the ability of putting a snack tray on, etc. I know a lightweight stroller is important, so it’s down to the Joovy or Valco. Unless there’s one I’m missing that fits in this kind of grouping?

  186. Thanks Katrin, Armadillo Flip it is then! I thought the Uppababy cruz was 16 lb but with the seat is actually 22 lb, so the Flip now makes total sense ;-)

  187. Thanks very much for your feedback, Katrin. I agree the Flip is slightly lighter, though the XT has a few nice improvements, such as the mesh in the canopy and, as you mentioned, bigger wheels. I really like the XT, the only downside would be the weight (which will come into play once the baby is 1 yr old, we’ll have an elevator for the first 12 months of their life, but a walk-up after that). Also, a lot of ppl in NYC recommend the Bugaboo Bee3. How does that one compare vs the Flip and XT?

  188. Hi Katrin,
    Firstly – THANK YOU. You’re blog is the excellent – the most useful site on strollers on the net. Thank you not only for your reviews but also all your replies to people’s questions. It seems like a full time job!
    I’m a new Dad and volunteered to do all the stroller research. Mum is going to make the final decision of course :-)
    We were initially attracted to the Stokke xplory as we loved the high seat height. But we’ve realised that overall its impractical.

    Our “finalists” now are the Nuna Mixx and Armadillo Flip XT largely based on your reviews.
    Both seem great but I’m leaning towards the Mixx due to the bumper bar, easier harness and simple open/close.
    There’s 3 questions that I have not been able to find an answer for that I am hoping for your help with:
    1. Which of the 2 strollers has the higher seat height? (I’m not able to view the strollers where I live)
    2. Are there any other high seat height strollers (excluding the xplory) I should consider?
    3. Is either the Mixx or Flip XT more suitable for a hot weather location?.
    Any help would be appreciated. THANKS AGAIN .

  189. Hi Katrin-

    Thank you for such a great website.
    We’re expecting our first child the 1st week of June and our brains have turned to mush over everything. I’ve been left in charge of the hardware, seeing as my wife has said I’m the picky one.

    My question is in regards to the Mamas and Papas Urbo2 stroller. We live in NYC and we’re not blessed with beautiful streets or sidewalks. Everyone here seems to push either the Bugaboo or Uppababy, both in my opinion to contain too much plastic for the price and also it seems more like a inflated and over priced status symbol for what it offers. Speaking to one person, they pointed out the lack of suspension is what makes it not good for the city but from what I have seen it seemed to have better suspension then the bugaboo bee.

    We’ve had a number of trips to various shops to view as many strollers as possible and when it comes to overall quality, fabric, build and ease of use we’re still leaning towards the Urbo2.

    So, respecting your expertise, can I ask why you didn’t consider it worthy of your top picks?

    As for our usage we part drive/taxi/subway but for public transport I can see us getting a lightweight one for ease. But for our main stroller we’re trying to get it right from the start and also find a stroller that will last 3+ years and not end up in the trash as I see with many other of the cheaper strollers.

    I was at one point infatuated with the Cybex due to design and originality but not having a solid release date or being able to find a retailer that said they will be carrying it, despite many attempts to find out, has forced us to look at alternatives. Also after all of the purchases we’ve made so far, $1200 at first didn’t seem that bad but now, and with a clearer picture of what we still need it’s a price we’d rather not pay at this time.


  190. Hello! We like all the previous searching the best stroller for our first baby. Among those that have been commented out I don’t see any references to joolz geo, icandy strawberry or peach 3 even the concord neo that are some of our options. Are we pushing bad our choices? We want a Lightweight Stroller with carseat 0, practical, easy to handle, durable and beautiful. Live in Portugal and we don’t like the Quiny models. Thanks:)

  191. Please help. I am a horribly indecisive person. I have been using the city select double with the toddler board for a couple years. I loved it, but now that my kids are bigger, it’s too hard to push, and too cumbersome to pull out for just the younger child on quick errands. I have a chunky barely 2 yr old, a slim 4 yr old, and an 8 yr old with dwarfism that occasionally needs a ride. They all weigh about 34 pounds.
    The two older ones don’t always need a seat but there are times I would like the four year old strapped in. Mostly I am looking for a light weight, compact, stroller that can have a toddler board attached. I used to have a PT vibe and loved the maneuverability, but hated the low height of the second seat. After 8months the kids head was hitting a bar!
    I also used a pilko p3. Loved the compact fold but the small toddler step was insufficient.
    My biggest issue with compact strollers is my height. I am 6 ft. (Funny that I have a kid with dwarfism. Just a genetic fluke.)
    I like the city mini but where the handle does not telescope out, I can’t attach the toddler board. My stride it too long.
    Please help me find a lightweight, compact stroller, that can have a toddler board attached, and also has a tall telescoping handle bar.
    Wondering if I should just get a double and tall umbrella. Thinking of mclaren, MB duet, uppa Cruz, maybe the peg again. Would the uppa double be just as hard to Maneuver as the city select?

  192. What do you think of the baby jogger city elite stroller? Can it be bumped up and down stairs easily? The fold appears easy, and it comes with nice accessories, and theres more to purchases. It seems very sturdy. What do you think?

  193. Help please!
    My name is Kristi, and I need some help choosing a stroller for my 8 month old daughter who is tall lol 28.5″. I have a Graco Modes 3 in one, it’s great and all but not very nice looking and I find the seat bulky.
    Most important:
    Looks nice, isn’t huge, reversible and reclining seat, prefer a grab bar to be an option (how necessary do you feel it is to have one) big basket, compact and easy fold and good wheels for parks and sidewalks and one with a higher seat would be great

    I’m looking at:
    Uppababy Cruz and Vista, Stokke Scoot V2, City Select Jogger, Nuna Mixx
    And any other options you reccomend.
    Not looking to spend a crazy amount.

    Thanks so much!

  194. Hi Katrin. Great reviews. Can you help please? I’m looking for
    1. Reversible
    2. All terrain ( we live in the mountains but do many daily errands into town)
    3. Priced under 500
    4. Car seat Chico adaptor
    5. Easy fold
    Thank you so much!! My 4th baby but a huge age gap. Strollers sure have changed for the better!

  195. Hello…

    I’m looking for advice for a stroller… I have an almost 6 year old girl- and we used a bugaboo bee and a bob revolution with her and adored both strollers and found they were worth their price tags and both lasted relatively well. I now have a one year old (I used a hand me down mclaren for him) and am expecting another baby in August- the two babies will be 17 months apart. We live in London and I love to take public transport and go into our local shops- so I think a double stroller needs to be tandem and not side by side… I am interested in Phil and Teds Navigator and Dot, Uppababy Vista (although this looked quite wide in the shop)… Can you give some advice on a good stroller for babies a year and a half apart that would be suitable for urban city living. Thank you so much.

  196. Hi Erin. Navigator or Dot would be probably the best because they are not as bulky as other double strollers and have a very narrow frame for a double stroller. Between the two I would probably pick the Navigator because it has a little more features than Dot like larger wheels, much better canopy, and autostop handle brake.

  197. Hi Kristi. If compactness and easy fold are important for you, I would probably go with Stokke Scoot V2 or Nuna Mixx. Cruz is a little more bulky when folded. Vista is super bulky because it’s just a bigger stroller. Have you looked at Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT? It’s a great stroller that has all of your must-haves and is very compact.

  198. Thank you so much for your feedback… for some reason it seems like everyone in London uses the Phil and Teds for children close in age— but when I’ve been asking my American friends the go to seems to be the Baby Jogger City Select… When I watch the videos of the different buggies it does seem nice that with the Baby Jogger both kids have their own proper seat- that can face in so many different directions… where as the Phil and Teds seems to be like you are constantly placing one child on a lower shelf of sorts- and compromising your storage space too… What do you think of the Baby Jogger City Select? I use public transport all the time- I don’t have a drivers licence and I’m worried about trying to get onto buses and the tube with these giant and heavy strollers! Thanks again for all your feed back… what a gem of a web site!

    I have pram overload to the max!
    I am looking at bugaboo donkey vs uppa baby vista. Any ideas or thoughts…..

  200. Hi,
    I am having my first child this July and am drowning in the # of stroller options. When I first started shopping for a stroller I thought we’d find one that would do everything for us but am now realizing that we will need at least 2 maybe 3.
    Here are our considerations when shopping for our stroller(s):
    1)loosely planning on having another child relatively soon after this one is born
    2)would like the option to cycle with the child (believe the only option here is the Thule Chariot?) and light jogging
    3)able to dog walk in slightly rougher terrain
    4)would like a good all purpose everyday city stroller for trips to the mall, grocery shopping, visiting friends around town. So car rides and cruising city landscapes. It would have to have excellent maneuverability and ease of use including compacting. It also needs to fit our chicco car seat.
    5) able to travel by car and by airplane, possibly a lighter option
    So we’ve considered the Thule Chariot CX2 to cover items 1, 2, and 3 above. Or giving up on the bike option and using a BOB revolution for items 2 and 3.
    Then I’m not sure if the everyday stroller needs to be broken into two purchases of an all in one option and a smaller umbrella option or just one stroller to cover 4 and 5 above. We’ve looked at the following options: Uppa baby vista, city select jogger and mini version, the britax b agile and 4 wheel option; the maclaren, uppa baby, and city select umbrella strollers.
    We go back and forth on a daily basis and are open to any suggestions about combinations of the above models or other models! Any advice is muuuuch appreciated!

  201. Hi Katrin,
    Thanks so much for a wonderful website. Your thorough reviews and exchanges in the comments section are a huge help. Still, I’m getting overwhelmed with choices, and living in NYC, the stores seem to have a very limited selection and often the strollers I would like to see in person are not available.

    I’m expecting my first child in June, and need to decide very soon. I’m looking for a light, reversible stroller (suitable from birth) with an easy compact fold that’s easy to navigate the city sidewalks, narrow store isles and the subway, and also manageable in a walk-up building. A big basket and a large canopy would be great, and since we’ll be bringing the baby on planes a lot (starting at 3 months), we definitely need a good travel system (we’re eyeing Cybex and Nuna for car seats).

    Currently I’m eyeing these three models:
    – Armadillo Flip XT
    – Valco Baby Snap Ultra
    – Babyjogger City Mini GT

    I’m curious how you think Flip XT and Snap Ultra compare. They seem similar in functionality, but the Snap is slightly lighter. Did you get a chance to test the Snap yet? Any other strollers I should consider?

    I’d really appreciate your thoughts,

  202. Hi Agata. Thank you for stopping by! I really like Armadillo Flip XT. You’ve probably know from my reviews that this is one of my favorite strollers right now. I think it’s perfect for city lifestyle. I don’t have Snap Ultra review because it’s not out yet. They should release it any day now. As for GT, it does not have a reversible seat, but it a wonderful very practical option with great features, not as stylish as Flip XT though. On paper Ultra looks great and I really like the design. We’ll see. :) Another stroller that would be a good for urban lifestyle is Stokke Scoot V2. Have you seen it? It has reversible seat, very easy one-hand compact fold and large canopy.

  203. Hi Terri. I like how you are planning on heaving the second child right away before having the first one. If you have a daughter like mine, you will stop and think for a few years. LOL. She is an angel of course, but such a drama queen and just wants attention all the time. The funny thing is that we first got a dog and after a year decided that since we are so good with the dog we are totally ready for a kid. Not like I could wait for a few years since I am 35 now. But, I am going to wait with the second one. The good thing of having both kids close in age is that they will play together and you can get over omg-let-me-sleep and I-want-to-pee-along years quicker. Anyways, if you definitely decided on two kids, I would get Vista. It’s the best convertible stroller. Of course it’s a little bulky in a single mode, but is absolutely great in a double mode. Plus, I would get a lightweight stroller for quick trips (probably single for now). I would get something like Joovy Groove Ultralight, or Armadillo City. Both are very light and compact perfect for errands. BTW, you can do light jogging/fast walking with Vista.

  204. Hi Bell. Do you like Bugaboo Cameleon 3? It has reversible seat, bassinet option, and weighs only 21 lbs!

  205. Hi Erin. Most parents in US travel by car and yes City Select is bulkier and heavier. It also has a larger foot print. I think that Navigator is better for urban life style.

  206. Hi Sharon. I think you mean Joovy Qool? Love it! The only thing I am not crazy about is a bulky fold. Other than that great stylish stroller!

  207. Hi Roberta. I think that it’s much safer for a newborn to be in the car seat or bassinet in the first 6 months. They are very fragile and can get hurt if not enough support provided. From your list, I would recommend Britax B-Agile, City Mini GT (has all-terrain wheels, one-hand fold and deep recline) or Mamas&Papas Armadillo XT.

  208. Hi Aga. The Bee 3 is so bulky when folded it will feel heavier when you carry it up the stairs. I think that compactness plays a big role in how light the stroller feels. I would go with one of the Flips :)

  209. Hi Sharon. The Chicco Urban looks super cool, but have you tried fold it? It folds in two pieces and it’s super bulky and heavy. Choosing between Qool and Flip XT is very hard. I like them both so much. That leather-like bumper bar and handle on Qool is amazing. Flip XT has more compact fold but does not have a bumper bar. What do you think is more important compact fold or bumper bar? Turning them into a travel system is very easy. You will need to purchase adapters and the car seat for each of them. Take a look and see what car seats a compatible with each model and than find adapters (usually sold on their site).

  210. Hi Brooke. If you are looking for a lightweight double stroller with adjustable handle bars, Maclaren Twin Triumph is a great choice. It’s very high quality stroller that can handle up to 110 lbs and weighs only 24 lbs. I guarantee you that this will be the only stroller you use for everything! And you can get one of the universal stroller boards for your older child! What do you think?

  211. Hi Robert. I am 100% agree with you about Bugaboo. Super overpriced! For urban lifestyle I would suggest Stokke Scoot V2 (reversible seat, great wheels, huge canopy, large basket and one-hand very compact fold), Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT – (reversible seat, adjustable handle bar, very deep flat recline, good wheels, large basket, one-hand super compact fold), Urbo 2 (would be a great choice too, like the deep recline, basket, huge canopy, stylish, high quality, has bumper bar unlike, Flip and Scoot, reversible seat). The only thing that I don’t like about Urbo2 is a bulky fold that requires both hands. If this does not bother you, I think that would be a great choice. Do you use public transit? Would you need to quickly fold the stroller with one hand while holding a baby with another one?

  212. Hi Raditya. Thank you so much for visiting! I am trying my best to answer all the questions as fast as I can. I like Mixx and Flip XT a lot. It’s really tough choosing between them. The seat on Mixx is a little higher than Flip. Now, if this is important for you, take a look at Stooke Scoot V2 – it has reversible seat, one hand fold, deep recline and is sitting very high on the frame.

  213. Hey Sharon
    I have looked at it but I really want a pram that can turn into a double. I’ve decides the Donkey is too wide so uppa baby is better! Any other suggestions to compare like the phil and yes navigator or anything?

    Thanks x

  214. My husband just seen an URBINI OMIN 3 in 1 travel system. Took a picture and told me to check it out. Aside from it being only sold at Walmart I can’t find anything negative. Have you seen this travel system, and if so what are your thoughts. It’s only 199.00 and I most of the time you get what you pay for.

  215. Hi Stephanie. For the price, I think you are getting a fantastic deal. The stroller is not perfect and has it’s own flaws of course, like small wheels, high weight for such small wheels, and bulky two-hand two step fold. Honestly, if you are on a budget, you can get this stroller for a newborn and than get something lighter after one year when your child starts walking and does need to have all the features of a bulky travel system. This is not a bad choice.

  216. Hi Bell. The main difference between Vista and Navigator is that in Vista everybody has a full seat and you can do two bassinets and two car seats. Navigator has a more narrow frame that is great for urban lifestyle. It’s much more compact stroller, but the kids don’t get the same options as with Vista. If you want convertible stroller that you can use as a pram I would go for Vista. Have you looked at Stokke Crusi? It’s very stylish and has such a cute bassinet.

  217. Hi Christina. I really like Sola 2 MXT. I think that the main difference between the Flip XT and the Sola 2MXT is the fold and the bumper bar. Because all other features are very similar. What’s more important for you? Diesel is not worth it! Put the extra money for a college fund. LOL.

  218. Thanks Katrin I hadn’t even considered that pram. I see the kids are abit ontop of each other like the navigator with both seats on from the images, is that correct? I have friends now who’s kids fight over who has to go at the bottom so that’s one reason I keep going back to uppa baby they have more view.
    Any other recommendations? Your website is amazing and your personalised replies are a God sent for people like me Who are so confused and overwhelmed! Thank you x

  219. Need of some quick help. I am looking for a compact stroller with a tall handle bar (I am 6ft) and has the option of a attachable toddler board. I have a 2yr old, 4yr old, and a 8yr old that has dwarfism. (All three kids weight between 33 and 35 lbs.) The 4 and 8yr old occasionally need a lift, but I probably don’t need a double. Although if it was something lightweight and compact I would consider it.

    I have been using a city select with the board, but it’s too heavy for quick errands with the two yr old. With three kids on it’s really hard to push.
    I had a PT vibe before and really liked the munavablity but I think it’s also heavier than what I am wanting.
    I like the city mini and already have the baby jogger board but the handle is too short for my tall stride when the board is attached.
    I looked at the uppa baby cruiz, but the reviews don’t look great.
    I really just wish there was a toddler board for an umbrella stroller that has an expandable handle, but I don’t know if that exists.
    Please help!!

  220. Hi love your reviews! I am getting a stroller as a gift for my baby from my boss so budget is not important. I have been looking at the cybex Priam . Do you have any more information on it? I have also been looking at the Mima Xari. Do you have an opinion on that stroller. My big concern is that both I and my husband are very tall and if I am getting a luxury stroller would like it to last and not have to switch to another stroller at 2-3 because baby is too tall too fit. Are there any other strollers that’s should I consider?

  221. Hi Daniella. I think that both of them are like pieces of art! They look so cool and stylish. I was able to briefly test Mima Xari and really liked it. I think it’s stylish and practical. I have not be able to test Cybex Priam since it’s not out yet. Both of these strollers are full featured and should last you for a while. The downside of course is the higher weight and bulkiness. Keep in mind, most parents get a second lighter stroller once the kids get older because they just don’t want to carry this huge stroller anymore. Older kids barely seat in the stroller anyways, so once your child is 2 you can get by with a lightweight umbrella stroller (they usually cost around $200).

  222. Hi Brooke. If you are looking for a lightweight double stroller with adjustable handle bars, Maclaren Twin Triumph is a great choice. It’s very high quality stroller that can handle up to 110 lbs and weighs only 24 lbs. I guarantee you that this will be the only stroller you use for everything! And you can get one of the universal stroller boards for your older child! What do you think?

  223. Hi, we have the Armadillo Flip and fly with it. I think it might be suitable for you if you get a footmuff for when you are in colder regions. The Kaiser footmuffs fit beautifully. When we fly I check it in with the luggage.

  224. Thank you Katrin for the reply. What stroller would you suggest that would be a single stroller. Tall, light weight, compact, and has a toddler board option. The problem with the maclaren is a lot of the time I just have the two year old and I don’t want to take a double for just one kid.
    Thanks again, Brooke

  225. Hi Katrin,
    wonderful piece!
    I need some advice please. I have a 20 month old daughter and am expecting my second child in October. Thus, I believe I will need a double stroller as I walk everywhere. I live in Rio de Janeiro thus a side-by-side would not be practicle in shops & cafes etc. The pavements here are very uneven, the promenade by the beach is a type of cobble stone and thus I need something with very good suspension.
    I was thinking of a Phil & Teds but was surprised that its not even on the list. What do you recommend?
    I had the Uppababy Vista but felt that it didn’t deal well with the uneven pavements here unfortunately :(

    Also, I would like to get a single umbrella stroller for using with the car and taxis etc, given the about suspension requirements, what would you recomment? While I had been considering a MacLaren, I quite like the look of the Mammas & Pappas Armadillo City.

    Thank you,

  226. Have a 2012 uppababy vista so we know the quality of the product.

    Now have a 2 week old and 2.5 year old. The rumble seat for old vista stroller does not recline and our 2.5 year old son cannot sleep in it. Recline for second seat is a must.

    Have to buy a new stroller to handle one and sometimes two kids. We are thinking of having a 3rd child and that they would be born 1 year from now possibly.

    Final scenario. I picture newborn in infant seat (until 6 months from now), 1 year old 2nd seat and 3.5 year old on attached little glider board.

    I can get the 2013 or the 2014 City Select for $500 with 2nd seat. I was amazed at this price.
    I can buy 2015 Vista with 2nd seat for $1000.

    I have called City Select and they tell me some people prefer older City Select because of harness and some prefer 2014 select because of the new harness.

    1. Is one harness putting child in seat easier than the other comparing 2014 city select to the older city model selects? City select changed their seat harness for the 2014 model.
    2. I have a uppababy mesa. Will the adapter fit my uppababy bassinet on the city select?
    3. With me having two children and possibly a third would you recommend one over the other comparing City Select to the 2015 Uppababy Vista?
    4. I heard it can be harder to drive the city select with two kids. Does that hold true for 2015 Vista?
    5. What about driving with 3 kids comparing city select and uppababy vista.
    6. Lets say I had both seats with both kids facing mom. How much work is it to get the stroller into the car. Is one stroller easier or faster to break down.
    7. The $500 price difference would make me think this is a no brainer and I should buy the city select. Would you spend $500 more for the Vista?

  227. Hi Katrin,
    We are expecting our first baby in August. We like the chameleon 3 and a few friends have recommended it but I do like the easy fold of the baby joggers. We will be living in the suburbs and mostly using it for shops, cafes, walks (not jogging), and to the park and outdoor markets. Happy to spend the money if worthwhile, I would be sold if the chameleon had one piece fold and one hand recline. Any others we should look at? Thanks!

  228. Hi Lindsay. Which baby jogger stroller are you looking at? Keep in mind, baby jogger strollers are not all for jogging. It’s just the name of the company. From my experience Baby Jogger fold and compactness is much more practical in the long run. Do you care about reversible seat?

  229. Hi Niamh. I really like Phil & Teds and the only reason it’s not on the list is because I wanted to list only new strollers that will be coming out in 2015. The Navigator model is great for urban lifestyle. It has great size wheels and you can convert it into a double when your baby arrives. I like how narrow the frame is and how easy it is to navigate. The Armadillo City is a great choice. One of my favorite strollers. I also like Joovy Groove Ultralight. It costs less than Maclaren but has all the features.

  230. Hi Katrin, I have been reading all your reviews I’m in sydney my son is 8 months old , we have the steel craft strider compact 2014 Australian model which he really dislikes as it does not sit up all the way and he strains himself pulling and struggling to look out , I purchased as it has a second seat option and was talked into it by the rep ..the second seat for older child is recommended at the bottom ,now I know my son would not sit underneath (squished down the bottom seat) we are trying for our second child so looking at a new stroller with second seat option that is compact and can sit up aswel as seat two children comfortably
    Kind regards Chrissy

  231. Hi I am need of some advice and happened on your website. I am desperately looking for a stroller, right now I only have the snap n go which is fine for running in and out of stores while driving, but not what I am looking for,
    I am looking for a stroller that baby can use now as a newborn, preferably with a bassinet, i would like one that has a reversible seat, we use it a lot for walking, we live in the suburbs, but I take the older kids to the parks, trails, and we do lots of walking around town everyday. (in the past we used mountain buggy and were really happy with that). I probably would have bought the uppababy vista 2015, but I am very petite and din’t feel comfortable pushing it, so I need a handlebar that is low enough to be used by someone under 5 feet tall.any suggestions, I tried the baby jogger as well, but it felt way too bulky, the bugaboo cameleaon was good, but I would rather not spend $1100. Do you have any other suggetions. TIA.

  232. Hello,

    Do you really dislike the Orbit Baby G3? No reviews on your website. Also, this comment does not even address it despite the writer making great mention of it in her post. I am curious because it seems my wife likes G3 the most. What are we missing? Help! We don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t worth it :{



  233. Hello! Just trying to get your thoughts on Orbit Baby G3. Also, assuming you like the system, what do you think about a city dweller getting the jogger base only? Meaning, I want a jogger for when my child is older. If i buy the base only i can walk the little angle with the jogger using the infant seat/bassonet? Why buy both bases?

  234. Hi Katrin,

    We have a 3.5 year old and an 18m old in Brooklyn – our strollers are our car, basically. We currently have a converted double Britax B-Ready that we love pushing, but our youngest is fed up with being jammed into the toddler seat. After a City Mini Double rental at Disney, we’re convinced we need a side-by-side. The only problem is that the kids seemed to hate the City Mini seats! They were leaned quite far back and the seat backs were not very firm (more like hammocks). We bought a used Maclaren Twin Triumph to try out and, while they love sitting and sleeping in it, it is a beast to push for any length of time.

    Was our City Mini rental just old/beat up or are the seat backs just not that firm? I’m sure it was an older model (it had no locking function for folding), but would love to know if the seatback squish has been address like the saggy seat bottom was. Is there another model of SBS we’re not thinking of? We don’t want to spend a fortune as this is likely just something for the next year or two until our oldest can do the long walks required in the city.

    Thank you!

  235. Helo!!
    What do you think about Muv strollers??? I am nearly to buy one of them…, but there are not reviews..

  236. Hi Katrin, we are expecting our first baby and are very excited. Please help us purchase the best stroller for our needs. I would prefer a stroller and car seat combo if possible, (do you recommend the stroller and car seat combo)? A bassinet would be nice, deep recline, large canopy, reversible seating, a stroller that our baby can use for a while before growing out of it, light weight with one hand fold, and if there is anything you believe is a must I would also like that as there are many specs involved in purchasing a stroller. Thank you.

  237. Hi Katrin,

    I am looking for a stroller that is compatible with the maxi cosi carseat and is lightweight. That is my main criteria right now. Bonus features would be that the stroller can be used later for a toddler. So it can recline and isnt too bulky when folded.

    Do you have any suggestions for me?

  238. Hi,
    I’m starting the search for a stroller that can possibly accommodate 3. I currently have twins that will be almost 2.5 when our singleton arrives. I searched hard for a twin stroller and have the my srollair duo (Canadian brand) as I wanted a side by side that took two car seats and fully reclined for a new born.
    I know the 2015 uppababy vista now could potentially hold three with the car seat rumble seat and piggy back but don’t really want to spend another $1000+ – we are open to selling the stroll air as we also have a maclaren twin techno that we’re using for travel at the point. I guess my question is should I worry much about accommodating all three kids in one stroller or just down grade to a single stroller for the new baby. My current stroller doesn’t have a board option or that would be perfect.
    Thanks in advance for your ideas.

  239. hello,

    i need help deciding on a stroller. i am trying to decide between the bugaboo donkey, the uppa baby vista 2015, stokke crusi, icandy peach blossom 3, mima kobi or something else. i had an older stokke xplory and i loved it. i loved how high the child sits in it. i also loved that i didn’t have to use the bassinet as the seat was good for an infant. the features that i must have are; reversible seat, can fit a nuna car seat, and that i have the option of using it for a toddler (3 years old that will be 3 1/2) that will sit sometimes and a newborn and an older child (5 years old that will almost be 6 when the baby is born) that might want to sit on occasion instead of the toddler or stand on a board.
    the truth is, i really dont want to spend a fortune, although it may sound like i dont mind. but i want a stroller that can be for 1 or 2 not always 2. if i do have to spend, i would prefer to have a decent resale value. and being that my toddler is 3 (but immature), i am not sure how long i will really need it for two children.
    finally, i prefer the seats to be higher, which worries me about the bugaboo. i think the children sit lower to the ground? thank you for your help and advice.


  240. Hi Lory. For me it would be probably be between Vista 2015 and Stokke Crusi because of the higher seat position. Vista is probably most flexible with most features out of all of them. But Vista does not have a travel system capability with Nuna. So I would probably get Crusi because it does. You can also get an universal stroller board since Crusi has no board.

  241. Hi Fran. If you want to do it on the budget, I would get Britax B-Ready instead of Vista because it really has a lot of the same features. It does have a board option and works with most popular car seats. Have you looked at it? BTW, there a lot of different universal stroller boards that you can get for your stroller.

  242. Hi Summayah. I can suggest gazillion number of strollers based on your criteria because there are a lot of lightweight strollers that take Maxi Cosi. How light do you want the stroller to be? Do you care about wheel size? Do you need reversible seat?

  243. Hi Mia. I am happy to help! Looking at your list I would probably go with Armadillo Flip XT, Sola2 MXT, or Valco Baby Snap Ultra. All of them have bassinet option, reversible seat, great wheels, are lightweight and super compact. The Armadillo Flip XT has one hand fold! It’s hard to find reversible seat strollers with one-hand fold. Do you care if it has reversible seat?

  244. Hi Katrin
    Thank you for all the great information. You have pretty much sold me on the Flip XT. I love how small it folds with one hand and the light weight. However I just want to check in on your thoughts on the Mamas and Papas Urbo 2. I wasn’t really aware of this model until recently and it seems more geared for city living. I do live in NYC but will be spending time btw there and easter Long Island so I need it for both environments and only want one stroller. The couple things that seemed good about the Urbo2 were that it was slightly lighter and has a bumper bar (I’m not even sure how impt that is). Does it fold as compactly with one hand? Do you think the armadillo flip XT is just superior all around? Thank you in advance for uour help. I’m due in exactly one month and will be ordering immediately:-)
    All the best,

  245. Hi Charlene. The Urbo2 is a great stroller but the wheels are very small. The fold requires both hand and it’s not as compact. You will need to bend down to the ground to fold it where with Flip XT you just pull on the handle and it folds. XT also has a standing fold so you don’t need to bend out at all. Between the two, Flip XT is much more convenient in my opinion.

  246. Hi Katrin!

    Thank you so much for this website! I’ve certainly learnt a lot from all you reviews. I’d love to get your opinion on my next stroller.

    We currently have the Uppababy Vista and it works great for our current locations plus we really needed the bassinet for the first few months and we don’t need it anymore. However we will be moving to a new house with less amenities/shops which means I have to take a car to go anywhere.

    I’d like to change our current stroller because the vista is very bulky and heavy going in and out of the car. I am leaning towards uppababy Cruz because I love the brand due to several reasons: height (hubby is 6’2″ and I’m 5’2″), quality and large basket.

    Please could you help and recommend other strollers that I can test drive to meet my needs:
    1. Lightweight and compact for the car (we also have mountain buggy nano for travel)
    2. All terrain (occasionally I do bootcamp stroller in the park)
    3. Preferably reversible, I still like to see my baby
    4. Reasonable sized basket
    5. Large canopy with magnetic flap
    6. Good recline

    Thank you in advance and have a great weekend!
    – Sylvia

  247. Dear Katrin,

    Thanks for a great and very informative site! I’m having nightmares about choosing a stroller for my baby due in June and wondering if you could help? My requirements are pretty tight, as I live in Paris and have to deal with narrow sidewalks and public transportation. So my biggest requirement is a narrow footprint (less than 47 cm. wide, unfolded) in order to fit into my tiny elevator without having to take the baby out and waking him. Other requirements are light weight, easy, one-hand and compact fold,suitable for newborn, parent and forward facing, and if possible, a travel system. I really love the Armadillo Flip and it seems perfect in every respect for my requirements, EXCEPT that it is too wide to fit into the elevator and through the metro turnstiles. The only strollers I’ve found that somewhat fit the bill are the Yoyo babyzen and the Joie Mirus, but they both have serious drawbacks. Could you make any recommendations? Thanks!

  248. Hi Taty. I can’t remember the width off the top of my head for each stroller because there are just so many, but I know that most full size strollers are wider than that. The reversible seat ones are for sure wider than 20″. That being said, you probably need to forget about reversible seat and get one of the umbrella strollers that has a travel system option.

  249. Thanks, Katrin. Are there any umbrella-type travel systems that you could recommend that would fit my requirements?

  250. Hi Sylvia. Cruz is a great option but it does not have all-terrain wheels. Take a look at Sola2 MTX – reversible seat, all-terrain wheels, compact and light and Valco Baby Snap Ultra – this is a new stroller that has good size wheels but you could also get an all-terrain wheels for it separately and change them when you need to. How cools is that? It weighs only 19 lbs and has reversible seat, huge basket, bumper bar and huge canopy.

  251. Thanks, Katrin. I’ve decided to go with the Babyzen Yoyo after all. It’s the only one that fits into my elevator! It’s too bad that it’s not a travel system, and that it’s quite expensive, but the reviews I’ve read are generally good… thanks for your help anyway!

  252. Dear Katrin,

    I#m another one who can’t decide. I live in a small town with lots of cobblestones, I ‘ll be doing all my shopping with the stroller as it’s nearly impossible to find a place to park here. So I need something sturdy with a big basket and a fairly good suspension. But we also want to go on a road trip holiday in a few months, so a smaller stroller would be nice.

    For smaller models, I’m trying to decide between the Armadillo Flip Xt and the Easywalker Mosey (I like the bumper bar on the mosey, but prefer Armadillo’s hood).

    For bigger (and more expensive models) I’m trying to decide between the Bugaboo Buffalo and the Cyber Priam ( I like the lie-flat option on the cybex, but I don’t like the design; I definitely prefer the basket of the Bugaboo though).

    Do you think a small stroller would be enough for me?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



  253. Hey Taty, we bought Mountain Buggy Nano for travel and fit the infant car seat on top since we bought a seat for our baby. It’s about half of the price of Babyzen Yoyo but the same fold.
    Hope that helps – Sylvia

  254. Hi Penny. If larger basket is your must have, I would go with something like Uppababy Cruz, Cameleon 3, or Baby Valco Snap Ultra (you can get all-terrain wheels and switch them). I would also get a lighter compact inexpensive stroller for road trips that if damaged not going to get too upsetting.

  255. Hi Katrin-
    I’m trying to decide between the Uppababy Cruz and Armadillo Flip.
    Does one have a better ride and/or better maneuverability than the other?
    With the Flip XT, do the larger wheels really make much of a difference? That would be my only reason for choosing XT over the regular Flip.
    Thank you!

  256. Hi Rachel. The larger wheels definitely make a difference. The Flip model is mostly designed for flat surfaces and doesn’t do that well off the road. Are you going to take long walks at the park? If yes, I would recommend XT model since it has the best wheels out of three.

  257. Katrin thank you for your help. We do prefer to have a reversible seat if possible. The number of existing baby strollers is overwhelming and we truly appreciate your knowledgeable recommendations.

  258. Hi Katrin,

    I was hoping you could recommend a stroller for me. I have a 2.5 month old and we will be flying in 2 weeks. We currently use the Britax Affinity as our main stroller and love the simplicity of it but would like to get something more lightweight and smaller so its easy to move around. Since my daughter is still young, I would like the stroller to have a deep recline.
    We plan to travel quite a bit for the next few years mainly to urban/suburban areas.

    I would love to know your thoughts.


  259. Hi!

    Thank you for posting your review for 2015. My husband and I will start scouting for a stroller (I’m due first week of Nov- 1st child)
    I am not sure where to start!
    All our friends have the UppaBaby Vist, and recommend it. But I want to also have different options:
    Strollers we are choosing from
    * UppaBaby
    * Bugaboo
    * Stokke

    Any other suggestions? We are looking for this to last up to possibly 3 children… and would like something that can be for newborns up to 1 yrs old (is that possible or do you need to buy another one after 3/6 months?)

    My husband is 6’2 I’m 5,1 so it might help if the handles are adjustable. We live in NJ and we are often in NY (something easy to maneuver would help)

    Price is no issue as we are looking to invest in this… Thanks so much for your advise!


  260. Hi Joanne. From what you told me, I think your friends are right and you should get an UppaBaby vista. It’s high quality and can be easily transformed to carry two kids. Now, if you want something more compact for city living, and don’t care about being fancy, I would recommend looking at phil&teds navigator. It’s one of the more compact double strollers out there. It has very narrow frame comparing to other double strollers.

  261. I would love to get a stroller I can walk and/or jog with rather than getting two separate strollers. Do you know of any that aren’t too big and bulky? Or do you really recommended getting two different ones? Thank you!!

  262. Hi! My due date is august 21 with my 3rd child. I want a very compact stroller because I travel with 3 kids and lots of luggage. I really like the mamas and papas armadillo flip and the urbo2, but I can’t decide between them. The urbo has a bigger price, but it has the bumper bar, that it is important when you don’t want to use the belt. Another thing I can’t decide is if I really need the carrycot l, because the sport part is from birth also, and I want to make some economy. I don’t know how comfortable is the sport part for a newbie and what do you recommend. Also, I would like to see other options of strollers which make my criteria. Thanks!

  263. Hi Britney. You could get around with just one stroller. Joggers are bulkier and heavy than some other strollers so you might get tired loading it in and out of the car for quick errands. I would recommend getting a jogger first and see how you feel. You might feel like getting a light umbrella stroller for traveling in 6 months. BOB Revolution is the best jogging stroller on the market right now.

  264. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, I also wanted to know your opinion Silver cross Surf2. How is it for new born and till what age we can use. Whether its an all terrain and how comfortable it is using.

    Ashish Agarwal

  265. What would you recommend for grandma’s stroller that I could loan for plane trips, camping? I like the idea of portable and light weight, reversible, Like the idea of a storage bag and add ons to accommodate weather changes in Chicago. I like the Baby Jogger vue lite but could go more expensive to pick up some additional features.

  266. Good Morning!

    I have recently purchased and have received the Uppababy G Luxe 2015 — in the emma color I believe (green?). Love the stroller but I am now questioning my decision. I already have a BOB for my 26 month old but was looking for something more friendly to fit in my car (Chevrolet Equinox) in addition to just something more convienant for travelling with to the zoo, mall, etc.
    Now that I have received it I am questioning whether I needed something this extravagant. I do love that the seat reclines and that was one of my biggest reasons for choosing it. In addition to the sleek appearance. Now I am wondering if I couldve saved $100 and went with the summer infant stroller or even $50 and gone with the MacLaren Techno. We do not go out and about frequently and certainly dont travel frequently.
    What is your opinion? Is the GLuxe really worth the extra money? I know it gets great reviews but it lokos like you liked the summer infant one as well…

  267. Hi Katrin! What can you tell me about the Donna car seat that transforms into a stroller. I really need to decide cos I am due in a couple of days. The next option I have is the brutal b agile 4! What do you make of my choice.

  268. Hi Katrin,
    I would really love a recommendation on a stroller. I’m expecting my first baby in November, and have started shopping around. I would like something suitable from infant to at least 2 years. Initially I had my eye on the UPPAbaby Cruz, but after seeing it in-store, it felt like the open/close was a bit clunky, and the advertised 180 degree recline was misleading as the seat does not actually lay flat. I live in a city, and will be doing a lot of walking with the stroller. It should also fit into a small-ish elevator. Not so much in-and-out of cars or buses, so don’t think I need a travel system. Would be good if it can handle occasional off-roading (gravel , grass, sand). Must haves: reversible seat, 180 recline, large basket, adjustable handle bar, bassinet option or similar alternative to suit newborn, washable seat, Also, would like a seat that is not too low (eg. bugaboo bee is way too low) as I don’t want to be bending over so much when lifting my baby out. I appreciate your input. Thanks, Ilana

  269. Help! First time mom looking for a stroller for my baby due December 2015

    I live in a rural area with an unpaved driveway and Canadian snowy winters. I would be using the stroller for walks in the park and around my neighbouhood (up and down hill) as well as to the grocery store.

    I’m 5ft 2 inches so looking for something I could lift into my hatchback and I prefer a reversible seat and one that I can use for a newborn and beyond. I am active and do jog but not essential for it to be a jogging stroller.

    I’d like to spend no more than about $600 unless I fall completely in love.

    Strollers I have been looking at are:

    – the city select
    -the city mini gt
    – uppababy Cruz
    – mountain buggy terrain

    Thank you so much for your help :)

  270. Hi Miriam. I would get something with good size wheels, compact fold and deep recline. All of the strollers that come to mind don’t have a reversible seat. I would scratch Cruz from your list since the wheels are very small. I think that GT is the most practical out of all. I would also recommend looking at BOB Motion because it has all-terrain wheels and amazing suspension like on a jogger. You can definitely do some light jogging with it and the price is very reasonable.

  271. I’ve had all of the strollers you listed in the past. While they’re all great in their own way, I don’t think any are what you’re looking for. I’d check out the baby jogger versa with gt tires. It’s considerably heavier than the gt, but is more stable with 4 tires vs 3, and has the reversible seat and much better basket accessibility. The versa has a slightly larger seat but smaller footprint than the select, and has the advantage of a one-handed and much more compact fold than the select’s fold.

  272. Hi Katrin! Thank you so much for your site. Shopping for strollers has been so overwhelming, and it is so hard to compare them! I had my heart set on a Bugaboo Cameleon, but when we got to the store, the person helping us told us that we could get the same features and functionality out of a Baby Jogger City Mini GT at 1/3 the price. Although price is not a limiting factor for us, my husband would much rather pocket the difference if we would, in fact, be getting a comparable stroller. Do you have any thoughts on pros and cons between getting a Cameleon versus a City Mini GT?

    Our main criteria in selecting a stroller are as follows:

    – Lightweight and ease of use – I’m petite and won’t be able to handle a bulky and heavy stroller.
    – All-terrain – we won’t be taking the stroller on strenuous hikes, but we do have a dog that we walk on some unpaved, gravelly trails. We’ll want the stroller to be able to handle that. If we go with the Cameleon, we would also purchase the all-terrain wheels.
    – Safety/comfort – we want our baby to feel comfortable in the stroller (comfortable baby = less crying, we hope??).
    – Convertible – we’ll want to take this stroller from infant to as long as the child stays in a stroller. We may also have a second child and will consider a rider board. We heard that Bugaboo will be coming out with a rider board that has a seat option as well–that would be great, but we may also just get another stroller at that point. We’re undecided on this point but would like the optionality.
    – Design – I would like a stroller that’s chic, but this is definitely not a persuasive point for my husband. :)

    In terms of lifestyle, we live in the suburbs so we drive a fair amount…but we also take a lot of walks because we have a high-energy dog. We don’t plan on traveling a ton after we have the baby, but we will need to do some plane travel (we already know we’ll have to travel for a wedding two months after I give birth). Please feel free to let me know if there’s any other information I can provide. We really appreciate your expert advice! Thank you!

  273. I have been waiting for stores in our area to display flip amd flip xt but…. I have seen pop-up and scoot however. How does the flip xt compare im terms of compactness when its standing? I know you gave the specs but visuals is everything. Our area is unforgiving when it comes to bringing bulky strollers in the train so this is important to me. I have seen other families push the scoot and seem ok. Pop up is too bulky for my liking. Do you think flip xt is ok? I hope its not as bulky as the pop-up. Hope to hear from you as I need to order online before my scheduled trip to US so I can bring it home. Thanks

  274. Hi Len. Flip is the most compact stroller on the market. If you going to use it on the train, it’s the best. It has narrow frame and standing fold. Great for public transit! I would get it over pop-up and scoot.

  275. Hello Katrin,

    I would like to have your opinions. Which strollers would you recommend the most between:

    Chicco Urban stroller
    Contour Bliss 4 in 1
    Graco click connect

    Many thanks for your help!

  276. Hi Katrin,

    I need your help deciding on the best Stroller for my new born this summer.
    Ive been looking at the bugaboo bee and the Armadillo Flip from Mamas & Papas and I can’t decide which is best for me.
    For the moment Ive chosen these two because they are both light strollers and I would be getting it in and out the car all the time.Im always busy going from one place to the other so time saving is important for me. I liked the Armadillo best because I can fold it really easy with one hand.
    I would probably also get a car seat and for the first months and use only this with the stroller frame.
    Can you recommend which car seats are the best for these two brands that are easy to use? I can also get the base with the iso fix.
    Money wouldn’t be a problem if I could get a set that grows with my baby. I don’t want to end up buying news strollers every year. I liked that the bee seat can grow up with your child and also has a wheeled board for when I have second baby.

    I would really appreciate if you could help me decide between these two or recommend any other model that you think its good for me.

    Many thanks!!!

  277. Hi Katrin,

    I love your reviews and the detailed answers you provide your readers! Thank you for providing this service. :) I’m debating between getting a stroller that can be all-purpose (around town & light jogging) or getting a dedicated jogging stroller and a separate lighter stroller for the car. If I get two strollers, I want to spend less than $200 on the second one. Here is what I’m looking for.

    1) Can be used for jogging 3-5 miles a few times a week on paved surfaces
    2) Not too heavy for me to lift in and out of the car (not as important if we get 2 strollers, as the jogger would just be wheeled right out of the garage)
    3) Can fold up to fit in my hatchback
    4) Full recline for infant
    5) Car seat compatible
    6) Adjustable footrest
    7) Adjustable handlebar (I’m 5’2″ and the 41-42″ handlebars are not comfortable)
    8) Would be awesome if there was a rear facing option (this is why I think we might end up with 2 strollers).
    9) Would also be awesome if the seat could convert into a bassinet/pram

    I think the closest I’ve found is either the Bumbleride Indie or the Mountain Buggy Terrain. Do you think either of those would work? Is there something more suitable? Or should I just suck it up and get a BOB (they are so big!) and a smaller umbrella style stroller?

    Thank you for your input!

  278. So I am between the Uppababy Cruz and the Nuna Mixx based on your suggestions and going to the stores to see them. My problem is that I like both, but may be leaning towards the Mixx due to what appears to me to be better quality materials. The Uppababy store that I went to had amazing customer service and were very knowlegeable about the product, but the boutique store that had the Mixx was horrible. Assuming that once I buy the product, the store and the service are not important, which one would you say is the best? Am i correct in that the Mixx seems to be sturdier? or am i incorrect?

  279. Hi, I’m quite keen on Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT but I have recently came across with CYBEX stroller Balios M + carrycot M + Cloud Q combo. I’m not sure how am I going to compare and needed your good advise on choosing the stroller. Thanks.

  280. I’ve found your replies really helpful in narrowing down a stroller for our first time buy – due in December!
    We are in a busy city neighborhood – looking for something stylish and convenient.
    We’ve considered the Bugaboo Chameleon — and I’m starting to read more about the Cybex Priam.
    With the new features for the Cybex Cloud carseat do you recommend one over the other?

  281. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for a great post and fantastic advice.

    I live in a forested area on an island and am needing an all-terrain stroller made of organic and eco friendly materials, that handles well and that isn’t too bulky. Would also love for it to have reversible seat if possible. I am trying to decide between buying secondhand…the BOB Revolution SE, the Bumbleride Flyer (wish I could afford the Bumbleride Indie 4) or 2011 Bumbleride Indie.

    Which one would you suggest?

    Thanks so much!

  282. I forgot to add another one that I’m considering…the 2007 model of the UppaBaby Vista.

    So my options right now are:

    – 2007 UppaBaby Vista
    – BOB Revolution SE
    – 2011 Bumbleride Indie (Jogging)
    – Bumbleride Flyer

    Unless, you think that I should really invest in the Bumbleride Indie 4?

    Thanks again!


  283. Hi Katrin,

    I’ m hoping you can help me decide on an umbrella style stroller that is light weight (preferably around 14lbs,) reclines flat and maneuvers relatively well on uneven surfaces for an umbrella stroller. I already have a BOB revolution so I am looking for something that has a smaller footprint to use on public transit and for traveling. Here are a few options I have considered, but I am open to your suggestion.
    Bumbleride flite – I like the weight and how flat it folds.
    Uppababy vue – seems to be very popular
    Maclaren XT – heavier than I’d would have liked, but I like what I’ve read about the brand and wheel suspension.
    Peg perego pliko mini – good reviews on Amazon…

  284. Hi!
    I am between the Stoke Scoot V2 or the Bugaboo bee. Weight is important but I don`t like the look of the Bee. Some people told me the folding with the Stoke is very difficult but it is so cute! I also saw in your post the UppaBaby Cruz and the Numa ones. Which one would you recommend?
    Thxs. Lula.

  285. Hi Katrin,

    I hope you can help me looking for a stroller-travel system, my budget is max. $450.

    I am a single mother and live in the second floor therefore I am looking for something lightweight, easy to maneuver and something that will fit my kid for a long time.

    I will basically need it to take a short walk, go to restaurants, malls, travel in airplane, etc.

    I have been looking into Britax B- Agile, Baby Jogger City Mini, and Eddie Bauer TriTek Travel system but I am open to new options.

    I hope you can help me with this!


  286. Hi Katrin! I have recently discovered your website and wish I had known about it when I was pregnant with my first child and agonizing over all these decisions. I am currently pregnant with baby #3, due in January. My older kids wil be 5 and nearly 4 when the baby is born. I have an indie bumbleride twin that I’ve loved for years, but I’d like to get a single stroller that I can attach the car seat to and have a ride on board as an option for the older 2 if they get tired. I tested out my friend’s on her city mini and would prefer one that handles better and is not as difficult to maneuver. I also need to buy a new car seat, so I can choose that based on which stroller I get. What would you recommend?

  287. HI I was hoping you could provide your insight on two strollers. I am looking at the Cybex Priam stroller vs Stokke Trailz stroller. I am looking for something that is stylish, folds nicely and can go to all the different terrains.

  288. Hi Katrin,
    I found your reviews very helpful. I looked into each stroller. I’m finding it harder to find the “perfect stroller.” I am a first time mom to be with twins. Finding a single stroller is hard in itself, twin stollers are harder. I looked into the Uppa brand, which I thought the look and all was okay. I looked into the Orbit baby double stroller which I thought was not too bad. I also looked at Stokke double stroller but I’m not sure how it works with twins. I haven’t seen or tested any in person though. I’d would like a brand supporting infant to toddler and possibly a convertible to a car seat so we can take off the seats which would be more functional. Also a stroller which is easier to push around would be nice since two seats means extra weight. It seems like you’re a pro at this. I would like some of your advice on the best twin strollers. Thank you!

  289. Hello,

    I am a first time mom to be to twins. I’ve read a lot about the many strollers but there are so MANY!! And yet I still haven’t been able to find a double stroller that is affordable yet versatile to growing twins. Ideally, I would like just one stroller that I can use while the twins are infants and transitions to when they are toddlers. Can you give me some recommendations, HELP PLEASE!

  290. Hello Katrin,

    I’m leaning towards the uppa baby vista with baby number two on the way. Is my current car seat (britax b-safe) completely useless with this stroller? Thank you.

  291. Hi I was hoping you could help me. I am a first time mom and having trouble deciding on a stroller. Have been eyeing the Stokke Trailz and the Cycbex Priam. I am looking for a stroller that can go on all terrain since I live in Canada and experience all 4 seasons. I also need something that’s folds compact and will fit in my car, but something that also looks stylish. Please help!

  292. Dear Katrin,
    thank you for this website… I found it absolutely wonderful and helpful!
    I’m expecting my third baby and had narrowed down the list to the city mini gt (or elite) and Bob-motion because of the smooth ride (we live in the suburbs and like going off road). But afterwards i realized that the adjustable leg rest, light weight and one hand fold are importat as well, so I started considering other options like the valco baby snap ultra and sola 2 mtx. Unfortunately I read a review on Amazon claiming that the sola frame is weak, the fabrics deteriorates rapidly with use and the wheels started squeaking after short time…
    Of course now I’m completely lost! Could you please help me out?????
    thank you very much….

  293. Hi have you been able to test the Cybex Priam ? I am waiting patiently for more reviews before making my decision.

  294. Hi!! My baby boy has 18 months and Im pregnacy. We have a Bugaboo Camaleon and I love it!!! But I want to buy a umbrella stroller for my baby boy. I want it lightweight!!!, easy folded and little storage!! and comfortable for the baby Its important. And budget is $100 to $200!!! I see that stoller:
    – Maclaren Triumph, Chico Liteway, Contours Lite, Mamas & Papas…… What do you recomended me???


  295. Great review! Thank you! I was wondering if you heard anything about the b-ready 2016 model or when it’s coming out. I’m due in Nov and have a 3 year old. She likes to walk often (but still naps and rides in the stroller quite a bit and I “plan” on wearing the new baby a lot so I don’t want to be pushing a huge empty double stroller!) However, I do love the bumbleride indie twin too, but I’m thinking about searching for it used since there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference in the older models to now. Thanks!

  296. Hi! I live in NYC and I am looking for a stroller for a newborn that is lightweight (easy to lift up and down steps on the train), good in all weather, comfy for baby, and stylish would be nice too, I like the look of the Stokke Xplory, Mima Xari, and Bugaboo Cameleon. Can someone help me make a decision please? This is my first baby and I’m drowning in options. lol

  297. HI,
    I’m going nuts I have looked at so many strollers I don’t know what to do. I am expecting my first child and I want a nice, light weight, easy to fold, stroller that I could attach a car seat to. I have a back injury so I don’t want anything too heavy or difficult. I go to Mexico once a year to rough terrain so I’m thinking of that too, I don’t want to buy two strollers. Please help, I’m not worried about the price if its something I’m going to have for many years and for my next child in the future.
    Thanks so much.

  298. Hi Jessica. I would probably recommend Armadillo Flip XT or Armadillo Flip. XT has larger wheels but super easy to fold and is not that heavy. The Flip is only 20 lbs and has also one-hand fold. The wheels on Flip are smaller but it’s lighter than XT. Both are very compact once folded which is perfect for traveling. They also both have bassinet option and can be transformed into a travel system. What do you think?

  299. hello, i am confused on what stroller to get for my 1st baby, i like luxury so i was thinking between orbit and stokke G3, but is there any other better stroller out there you would recommend. i would love a small or compact stroller, i went to try out the stokke, it just seem too big and takes alot of space. pls help with your advice. thanks

  300. Hi Katrin,
    This blog was very helpful in opening my eyes to the latest editions of strollers on the market. My husband and I are starting to shop around for strollers and the ones at Target and Babies r’ Us are not to our liking. So, looking at these options we are pretty excited one of them is for our baby. We still have some time to do shopping as we are not due until early Jan, but we waned to get a head start. Nevertheless, please help us identify the best fit for us. Our needs and other factors:
    -will last until toddlerhood (at least 4-5 years)
    -convertible (holds carseat)
    -no need for bassinet, since we will have carseat
    -easy to figure out how to pull up and down
    -take on long walks (smooth and gravel pavement)
    -easy to clean

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

  301. Hi Dara. You sound like a practical person. I have to agree about reversible seat being overrated. It adds extra weight and bulkiness to the fold. For you, I would recommend something with good wheels that provide a child with a smooth ride. Three strollers come to mind: Armadillo XT (very stylish, good size wheels, light, one hand fold), BOB Motion (sporty, all-terrain wheels, VERY roomy seat, one-hand fold), and City Mini GT (one-hand fold, sporty, all-terrain tires, light). All them will last you for a long time (Motion and GT have high weight limit but not as pretty as Armadillo XT) and have travel system option. What do you think?

  302. Hi Ajax. Which Stokke have you tried? The Stokke Scoot is very compact and nice looking stroller. If you looking for super luxuries stroller, I could recommend Cybex Priam. It does not get any more luxuries than that. With Priam you can pick your seat and you wheels. Take a look.

  303. Hi Katrin,

    This is amazing board with wealth of information. However I think I have very beautifully confused myself. We are expecting our first child in November, Need your help in selecting a travel system. Few points which are important for me –
    1. I need a stroller and car seat
    2. stroller should be light weight and sturdy
    3. The material should be weather friendly
    4. indifferent between 3/4 wheels but they should all terrain friendly including ice.
    5. I don’t have a car hence it should have a car seat with euro style seat belt pathing and the strollers should be public transport friendly.
    6. Around $300 but have a flexibility
    7. Last it should be trendy.


  304. Hi Katrin,

    My head is spinning with the amount of options available for strollers. Pregnant with are first child but plan on growing. We have not yet purchased the car seat but are looking at a cybex Aton 2 for safety reasons. I love the stylish luxury strollers and was wondering which one you think is best.

    Looking at the
    -bugaboo cameleon
    -uppa visita
    -city select
    -stokke trailz

    Also if we were to consider getting one to grow with out family would you prefer the
    -bugaboo donkey
    -uppa vista
    -city select?

    Important things are
    -easy fold capability
    -car seat attachment
    -reclinable seat
    -best travel option

    If you have any other options that you would recommend, I would love to hear them.

  305. Hi Stephanie. From what you told me, I would probably just get Vista and decide later if you want the second one or you want to wait. Vita is stylish, high quality and has great wheels. The basket is HUGE! I really don’t see a lot of parents complaining about Vista. Anton 2 is one of my favorite car seats! Great choice. Now, stokke strailz has been recalled … Bugaboo Donkey is huge really. I do like Cameleon, but the fold is two piece fold while you can fold Vita with the seat attached.

  306. Hi SA. I understand that you are looking for a budget-friendly and practical option. I would recommend Britax B-Agile or City Mini GT. They might not be as stylish, but super practical and very public transportation friendly. If you are willing to pay at little more for style, I would recommend looking at Armadillo XT. It has reversible seat and very compact one-hand fold. After you choose a stroller, you can pick a car seat that works with it.

  307. Hi Katrin,

    Loved the in depth reviews but I’m still having trouble deciding. Like some others I am also a first time parent and change my mind on strollers every time I read a new review. Ultimately, I wanted the Peg Perego Book pop up but I just can’t justify spending that much money on it (800). I like the Jane rider stroller with bassinet which is on sale at $499. However, I have to admit that the small things such as not having a peekaboo screen to see the baby or a mesh top of some sort to let air in from the canopy is a turn off, so is not having air filled tires, that combined with a really narrow basket has me stuck on going to the perego but it’s just not affordable. Do you have any suggestions that might work. I’m basically looking for the luxury features at a decent price.

    rear and front facing seat
    Air filled tires
    peekaboo screen
    suspension system
    nice underneath basket
    rear and front facing seat

    Would love your advice on some good options. Thanks!!

  308. Hi Trish. What about Britax Affinity? It’s on sale right now for $299! The wheels are not air-filled but are great size. The rear wheels are 11″ which are larger than on a lot of standard strollers. The basket is great, the canopy has a peekaboo window and there is also a bassinet option! What do you think?

  309. Hi Katrin,

    I am expecting my first baby next month and I’m so confused about what stroller to get. I live in NYC and use public transportation regularly. I am interested in something lightweight (easy to use on the subway), great in all weather, will grow with my baby, and stylish. It does not have to be a travel system, but I would like to have the option of attaching a car seat. Suggestions?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  310. HI Anj. There are tons of compact strollers out there. All of them have a travel system option. What style do you like? Of the top of my head I can recommend something like Cybex Balios M, Armadillo XT and Stokke Scoot V2. – All of them have great wheels, travel system option and one hand supercompact fold that is perfect for public transit. What do you think?

  311. Hello Katrin, thanks for your reply. I checked out the cybex Priam and I loved all the luxury, so I ordered the new car seat cloud q, which release date have been pushed from November to February 2016 that’s after my baby is born. Right now I need another suggestion for a safe luxury stroller. Thanks

  312. Katrin,

    I bow down to your stroller knowledge. I’m hoping you can help me. We are on kiddo #3, a small for her age, 16 month old. Our beloved cameleon has seen better days. It is nine years old and got us through multiple countries and two other rambunctious children. The little one needs a new ride. Storage isn’t an issue, but with two other children, ease is important. We’ve gotten very used to the bugaboo in terms of style and quality. I’ve looked at the Uppababy Vista, but am not sure we need that much of a stroller for our last little. Any suggestions?

  313. Hi Katrin,

    Thanks for all your amazing responses. I’ve been reading up on the Cybex strollers but can’t find any info on them from parents. I especially think the Cybex Eternis could be amazing and it fits with the Cybex seats which we like.

    Any chance you have the inside scoop on the Cybex strollers and when they’ll be available for sale? All the online stores which have them are completely out of stock of every color.

  314. Hi Katrin,

    I have a nine month baby and I’m expecting my second baby. There are a lot of strollers to consider, but I have narrowed it to the Britax b-ready and the Uppa baby Vista 2015. I’m leaning towards the uppa baby vista but my problem is I have the Britax car seat and I’m not sure if it’s compatible with the vista. I really love the Vista but is it worth it? OR should I just stick on getting the b-ready?

    Please help me decide. Thanks Katrin!

  315. Hello Katrin

    I am totally fascinated with your blog and there is so much info in it that is very useful. Even though I love it I am overwhelmed with all the strollers out in the market and I will be needing one very soon. I am a mom of a 14 week old girl and we are currently using the Doona stroller wich I loooooove, and I am so so sad that the brand only makes 1 stroller. But the downside of it is that at some point I will have to buy a new stroller and a car seat, That is what brings me here. I will like your advice on a stroller, first of all the budget is not an issue, I have seen so many cool strollers that I want them all but I just can have 1 that does everything. We travel a lot so I would like to have a light one but with a comfortable seat for my baby, but still I am dying to have a beautiful stylish stroller. I am an older mom at the end and I’ll need some thing practical. I currently live in South America, in a not so friendly city to walk so I will be using it a lot in the mall and I will get in and out of the car many times, but the most important thing for me is my baby comfort. I am a fan of cybex, uppa, bugaboo, mamas and papas, Stokke and everything cool. Thank you very much in advance.

  316. Hello,

    I am expecting my first kid soon and I am torn between all the stroller options. The more I read the more lost i become!
    I am looking for a stroller that is not very bulky looking or heavy with decent storage space and that can fold easily. Reversible seat would be an extra.
    We live in a country where we don’t walk a lot so no need for all terrain wheels.
    Would love to get something stylish and yet practical.
    Please let me know what are your thoughts.


  317. Hi,

    I am so lost and i can’t pick up which stroller is best for me. Im expectong my fiest born in a few month and i am looking for a lightweight and stylish stroller.
    I was thinking about stokke scoot but not sure how compact it is . I like the big canopy as i am currently located in the arab gulf we have plenty of heat and sunshine throughout the year.
    We travel a lot so I want a stroller that will be easy to carry around easily folded and have good wheels.
    Do you recomend stokke or so do you think there’s a better option?

    Looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions

  318. Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to help troubleshoot everyones stroller dilemmas!

    I have 2 year old, a 1 year old and baby #3 due in a few months. I currently am struggling with my Britax B-Agile, as it is a single stroller. (Although, I do love it with 1 child!) I do not have a large budget, but I definitely need a better stroller for my soon to be 3 under 3 crowd.

    Most important features:
    1. Cost, ideally under $500. If this isn’t realistic, what are my next most economical options?
    2. LOTS of storage.
    3. As small of a fold as is possible with a stroller that needs to carry 2-3 children. (I have very limited space in my car.)

    I a open to any and all suggestions. :) THANK YOU!!

  319. Hi Katrin,
    You provide so much useful information! My daughter is due with baby #1 in April 2016 and I am helping her research strollers and car seats. She is 5’8″ and her husband is 6’5″ so a stroller would need to work for both. They live in northern VT so it would need to be versatile weather-wise. They are thinking of a stroller/car seat travel system with the option of having an extra car seat base so each of their cars would have one and the seat can be swapped between them. They aren’t insistent on there being an integrated travel system but do like the idea. They do plan on having another child or two so the stroller needs to be sturdy. Virtually no need for accessing public transportation but should be able to fit in back of small SUV and travel on paved walking trails.

    We have currently narrowed down the choices to:
    Uppababy VIsta (with Mesa Baby car Seat) (This one does have a bassinet option)
    Nuna Mixx (with Nuna PIPA car seat)

    Is there one you’d recommend over the other? Or is there another stroller or travel system you’d suggest?

  320. Hi Katrin,

    Thank you so much for your amazing reviews! I’m having my first child in May 2016 and am trying to figure out what stroller to get. I guess the first thing for me is trying to figure out what my priorities are in what I am looking for. There are many things you have mentioned that I’ve never thought of! At first I just wanted a stylish stroller, I walked into a baby store a couple years ago to buy a gift and fell in love with the Stokke Xplory. So I guess style wise that’s my taste :) Friends have recommended UPPAbaby, Preg Perego and Buggaboo.

    Reading through your reviews, I think these are probably the most important things I’m looking for:
    – Something easy for a newborn
    – Has a great car seat (I’d imagine I’d probably use the car seat in the stroller all the time, is this what people do? I just wonder why you would want to take your child in and out of the car seat, unless it’s a pain to attach and detach from the car? I really don’t know what the norm is. Is it uncomfortable for a child to be in the car seat while in the stroller for a long time?)
    – I want to be able to take him/her on walks with the dog (sidewalk and pavement walking mostly)
    – I love the ones that are high enough to be used as a high chair, I really want that for dining out
    – Reversible seat, I love the idea of being able to have the child face me
    – You mention ones that are flip-flop friendly, I’m in San Diego and wear flip flops most of the year!
    – Style :)
    – Some storage, it would be nice to not have to carry my purse/mommy bag on my shoulder
    – We are purchasing an SUV so how small it gets when folded isn’t the biggest deal

    I imagine the most things I’d be doing with my child are walking the dog, going to the store or mall, going out to eat, and car rides. I am guessing for air travel it is more convenient to get a different stroller? When the child gets older we’d also like to take him/her to Disneyland and such. your recommendations would be much appreciated!

    Thank You!

  321. Hi Katrin,

    I am looking for an umbrella stroller with a reversible seat (can be front or rear facing). I wouldnt want to spend much as this is already our 2nd stroller. We already have a britax b-ready which i find too heavy to operate.

    I would want it to be able to recline so my baby can nap comfortably. I would also want it to have a good-sized basket and also a large canopy.

    Would appreciate your suggestions!


  322. Hello, I am looking for a stroller for my second baby. With my first pregnancy I ended up with 3 strollers. Now I only have my McClaren left. I want a lightweight versatile stroller that I can use from birth onwards. I want to avoid bulk and ease of handling is one of the top priorities. Which stroller do you recommend? I’d also like to stay below $350.

  323. HI Katrin! This website is amazing. I have chosen the Uppababy Vista as my big stroller. I am looking at car seats and trying to decide between the Cybex Aton Q, the Maxi-cosi Max 30 and the Nuna Pipa. They will all SNAP into the Vista using the Maxi Cosi car seat adaptors ( I even tried them out in the store to make sure). In addition to the Vista stroller, I want a lightweight “snap and go” like stroller to take to the grocery store/run errands, etc. I want something that SNAPs in and not just buckles. I thought the Maxi- Cosi Maxi taxi would be a good option, but I have read a lot of reviews about people disliking that stoller because of poor access to the storage basket underneath (and poor compatibility with the Aton Q and Nuna Pipa). What do you think? Do you have any recommendations for a good “snap and go” option for these car seats? I’m looking for light and convenient.

  324. Hi Mara. There are only a few umbrella strollers with the reversible seat. Take a look at Baby Jogger Vue, Vue Lite, and Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience strollers.

  325. Hi Katrin-

    Hoping you can help a FTM narrow down the seemingly endless options! I live in the suburbs so I will mainly need the stroller for errands and some light walking around parks (on paved surfaces); I don’t need it for jogging or running. I have a pretty roomy SUV, but lightweight is important to me. I’d like to keep the price under $1,000. I have a Chicco Key Fit carseat so compatibility with that would also be important, but i do have the key fit caddy as well. Some things I think (?) are at the top of my list are a reversible seat, lightweight, and good fabric/frame options as I do like style.

    Thank you so much!

  326. Hi Katrin,

    I have been looking in strollers for quite a while now and I desperately need your help. I am narrowed my list to Baby Jogger City Select, Mams and Papas Armadillo Flip XT and Nuna Mix. I like all of them, all have the reversible seats, good wheels. We travel a lot and being able to fold to a decent size is a must have for us. Can you please help us?
    Thank you!

  327. Hi there

    I am looking for some advice on a stroller. I am in Australia. I had looked at the uppababy cruz or it’s called an alta here.

    I have a baby jogger city elite which is great for long days out.

    I am looking for a lighter weight stroller that is suitable for the following (pretty much in this order):
    1 plane travel
    2 I would love for it to have a reversible seat
    3 a decent recline
    4 OK storage

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  328. Hi Katrin,
    Such interesting information! I’m expecting my first baby in April and according to my lifestyle and local climate (will be taking lots of walks and it’s hot here!) I’m looking at the Peg Perego Booklet as a good option. It’s light and manoeuvrable for hilly city pavements and provides lots of sun protection. But I can’t find anywhere any information regarding it’s wheels: do you think it’ll be ok on park paths that are unpaved, or the occasional gravel? I’m not going to take it anywhere too rough, but even pavements here can be challenging at times. I would be grateful for any advice you could give me!

  329. Hi, I’m looking for a stroller to take and leave at sitters house. By baby is 5months old and I don’t want anything too pricey as I already have the Peg-Perego book pop up. But I would like something safe for a 5months old.

  330. Hi, I’m looking for a stroller to take and leave at sitters house. By baby is 5months old and I don’t want anything too pricey as I already have the Peg-Perego book pop up. But I would like something safe for a 5months old.

  331. I know one more amazing model. It`s Anex Sport. It has compact aluminum frame,inflatable front and rear wheels, portable cradle made of plastic (100% cotton inside), seat unit, shopping basket, feet cover for the portable cradle, feet cover for the seat unit, bag for mother, rain cover, mosquito net. It also has great functionality, such as: height-adjustable handle made of eco-leather, front swivel (360°) wheels (with locking),frame features an additional shock absorption mechanism, portable cradle with an adjustable headrest, orthopedic coconut mattress, mounting the seat unit in the direction of movement or against the direction of movement, ventilated hood for the portable cradle and the seat unit, adjustable backrest and footrest in the seat unit, removable and adjustable drop-bumper in the seat unit, five-point safety belts, mounting the child safety seat in the car with the help of ISOFIX locking system.

  332. Hi Katrin!
    I am looking to purchase a new stroller for my son who is currently 7 months old. I would like a stroller that I can use until he no longer needs/wants a stroller; so well into toddler age. He is about 30″ long right now and if he’s anything like his sister (she’s 5 and 4 feet 3″) he will be a very tall boy. Can you reccomend the best stroller for tall babies/toddlers? Criteria would be a universal stroller that would primarily be used for walks on paved trails/walks/shopping.
    Thanks so much!

  333. I need help with choosing a new stroller for my 1 yr old can’t decide whether nuna mixx, mama and papa sola 2, or britax b ready???

  334. Any suggestions on best jogging strollers. I have seen BOB and Thule lead the pack but I want an all in one stroller with the capacity to use a pram. At the risk of sounding superficial I would love an attractive stroller- joggers are not usually cute for when you are out and about. However safety should be number one. I have seen good things about the mountain buggy terrain for serious runners. Are there any luxury brands that carry serious joggers or others I may have missed? Thank you so much!

  335. Hi Katrin,

    I’m confused between the two stroller. Nuna mixx and Peg Perego book pop up (stroller only), because the same price range here. I know maneuver of nuna mixx not as good as mamas papas armadillo flip xt, but what about Peg Perego compared with mamas papas? Which is more robust among both of the stroller? I plan to use this stroller for few years later.

    which one do you recommend?

    Thanks to an impressive review

  336. Hi Katrin,

    I’m not sure if you are still replying to the posts. I am looking for a stroller and having a very hard time. Right now I’m in between the Cruz and Citi Mini GT but after reading all of these posts, maybe considering the Indie 4 although I haven’t look at it in person. I really want something lighter than the Vista but am interested in the all terrain tires. But also thinking that I will need a bassinet as we will be doing a bunch of walking in the neighborhood and am not sure if the newborn would be comfortable in a carseat.

    I live in the suburbs. The path that I will be walking on isn’t extremely bumpy but I wouldn’t consider it a manicured sidewalk as there really aren’t side walks here. More like very wide roads on side streets. I am also considering increasing my walking when the baby arrives so may need something that can handle some bumps and lots of walking. Would the Cruz do the trick or do I need the citi mini gt? With the gt, I don’t like that the seat doesn’t sit up all the way straight and have heard that this causes problems for some children that are curious. I don’t need a seat that is reversible.

    Please help if you can.

  337. I wouldn’t consider the Vista (suspension is not great) an all-terrain stroller, and the Cruz with it’s smaller tires even less so. The problem with the gt is that the 3 wheel design makes it tippy, especially when the seat is reclined; even when you don’t hang a bag on the handle. The indie 4 seems like a good choice for you, and you can buy it with the bassinet as a package deal. The bassinet is a nice accessory to have, especially in the summer months. Many high end strollers have seats with deep reclines that make bassinets or car seat adapters unneccessary though. Just buy a snuzzler/body support pillow for newborn comfort. I’d also check out the valco snap 4, it has an air tire option (valco sports pack) that makes it the lightest all terrain stroller at ~18 lbs.

  338. Hi Julia. Prams usually are used only on reversible seat strollers. Bumbleride Indie is probably the most luxurious jogger with a pram option. Have you seen it?

  339. Hi Katrin,

    I am having trouble deciding on a smaller pram for travel and trips to the shops.
    I currently have a 2nd hand Bugaboo Chameleon, which has been through 3 kids (one of which is mine) and whilst still going strong, I feel it may not last to our next bubba. I have a 14 month old who still loves the pram, so am wanting something smaller than the Bugaboo but sturdier than an umbrella stroller.
    I am happy to spend a bit more to buy a smaller stroller that would see us through from newborn to toddler again.
    I am currently trying to decide between:

    Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip xt
    Baby Jogger City Mini zip
    Valco baby snap 4

    Budget is between $400-$600, I’m just not sure if the extra features of the flip xt warrant the extra $$.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and if there is any other model you think might suit my needs I would love to hear about it. I live in Australia by the way, so we may not have access to all the models you have.

    Thanks Jenna

  340. Hi Jeanna. I would probably get Armadillo Flip XT or Armadillo Sola2 MTX (this one has great weheels). Valco Snap 4 is has simpler style and is more about getting places than looks. If you really don’t care about the look that much and want a good practical stroller that can get you through I would just get Britax B-Agile. It’s simple, practical and very inexpensive.

  341. Hi Katrin,

    I’ve been reading your reviews and comments and they’re very helpful. Im 8 months pregnant and have been looking at strollers for a while but its been overwhelming to come to a decision. I am looking for a stroller than I can take with me overseas because my husband and I travel loads. However, I am thinking of getting a stroller with a bassinet because I heard that it is better for a newborn’s back to be laying flat. I was thinking of buying the UPPAbaby Vista because it comes with a bassinet, or the Stoke Scoot, which reclines fully. However, I am not sure if these options are better than a travel system, as I am thinking maybe I need to take a car seat with me when we travel as it may not be provided in cars abroad. You’re help is appreciated!

  342. Hi Kay. You 100% need a travel system. Out of two stroller, Scoot will be a better choice because it’s very compact and much lighter. Easier to travel with. The wheels are great. Just get a car seat that goes with it.

  343. I’m petite and found out a lot of the popular strollers aren’t comfortable for 5ft. girls like me. I want to know what brands can you recommend with angle-adjustable handles versus telescoping handles ( like uppa baby vista) which aren’t as comfirtable when I tried several strollers in the store. Priorities for us are: adjustable handles, easy fold system and not too heavy. Thank you in advance for your help!

  344. Hi. I am on the market for a travel stroller for my 1-year old. I really think I want something self standing. And I want a shade, but I could always clip on a blanket to a small shade? A 1-hand fold would be ideal. It doesn’t need to lay flat, but have some recline. I want something light for taking on the subway, trains, planes, etc. And a carrying strap. There is always some catch with every stroller.

    I think I have narrowed it down to:
    1) Mountain Buggy Nano
    2) inglesina Net
    3) Zoe XL1
    4) uppababy g-luxe

    Anything else you would recommend?

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