Mutsy Nexo 2016 Stroller Review

mutsy-nexo-stroller17The Mutsy, a Dutch company that has been creating strollers since 1937, has just introduced their new lightweight stroller Nexo. Since this model is not out yet, I can only give you a quick overview of the main features I saw at the ABC Kids Expo 2015 in Las Vegas. This model has the same cool modern design as their Mutsy Igo and Mutsy Evo models, but is a more compact and less expensive.

If you don’t care about reversible seat and want to buy only one stroller for everyday life, Nexo is a good option. It has a lot of great features like deep recline, adjustable handle bar, large basket, adjustable leg rest, all-wheel suspension, and flip-flop-friendly brake.

The fold is very easy and compact. It weighs 19 lbs and can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.

You can also turn it into a travel system with a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat. I really like the clean and simple design of the frame and the luxury finishes like leather handle bar and bumper bar. This buggy comes in two color combinations and retails for around $299 (free shipping). The bumper bar is included.

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Before we get into the details, I want you to see the first model made by Mutsy in 1937.  I don’t even know where you would put your child. This is too funny. LOL. Doesn’t look like an ice cream cart? Haha! Poor great-grandparents and grandparents!


Comparing to the new Nexo…




-Medium canopy. This is not my favorite canopy considering this is a luxury stroller. I would like to see a larger canopy that is not attached to the frame and can go down to provide more coverage. There is also no peekaboo window. The small sunvisor has very nice leatherette detailing, but doesn’t help much with the he sun coverage.



-Adjustable handle bar. The telescoping handle bar goes from 37″ up to 41″ from the ground. It has nice leather cover that ties in with the overall design.

-Roomy seat. The seat is 13″ wide with 20″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. Wondering how do I know all that info? I brought a tape measure with me to the booth! I know, the salesperson was very surprised too, but didn’t say anything since he didn’t know any of the seat measurements as well as the wheel size nor the handle bar height. How do they sell their stuff? Anyways, the seat is an average size. I would like to see the canopy a little higher at around 24″ since 22″ is usually the canopy height on the reversible seat strollers (as you know reversible seats are a little smaller).


The seat has a very deep almost flat recline that is suitable for a newborn. It can accommodate a child up to 50 lbs. It is a one-hand lever recline that is very easy to operate.


-Bumper bar. INCLUDED! The bumper bar is removable and swing-away. It’s covered with nice leather-like cover that matches the handle bar.


-5-point harness. It has an adjustable padded 5 point harness with center release buckle.

-Adjustable leg rest. The leg rest can be adjusted to provide more stretching room for your child.



-Large basket. The basket is a great size and is very easy to access from all the sides. The simple frame design helps a lot with the accessibility. You will definitely be able to fit a large diaper bag in it.


-Wheels. It rolls on four EVA never-flat wheels with 6.5″ wheels in the front and 8″ wheels in the back. The front wheels are swivel, but could be locked straight for rougher terrain. This is an average size wheels for stroller in this category. For comparison the Armadillo XT rolls on 6.5″ and 9″ wheels while popular Uppababy Cruz has 6.5″ and 8.25″ wheels.


-All-wheel suspension. Always nice to have.

-Flip-flop-friendly brake. It has a single foot brake that locks both rear wheels in place. It’s flip-flop-friendly.

-Compact fold. It’s a two-step fold, but is very easy and pretty compact. There is also an automatic lock. You can roll it behind you like a luggage. It has folded dimension of 25.5″L x 20″W x 17.5″H.

mutsy-nexo-stroller9 mutsy-nexo-stroller10 mutsy-nexo-stroller11

-Travel system option. It can be turned into a travel system and works with Maxi-Cosi infant car seats.


Stroller weight: 19 lbs
Weight limit: 50 lbs
Handle bar height: 37″- 41″
Seat to canopy height: 22″
Rear wheels: 8″
Front wheels: 6.5″
Stroller width: 20″


The Mutsy provides a 2-year warranty from the original date of purchase and you have to be the original owner. Here is more information on the warranty.

Available colors

Mutsy Nexo will come in two colors: blue melange and grey melange with light brown leather finishes and silver frame.

 Where to buy it

My favorite place for buying strollers and a lot of other baby items is Amazon or PishPoshBaby. You can get Mutsy Nexo in one of the two beautiful colors for around $299 on PishPoshBaby (free shipping). The bumper bar is included.

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~Susan Brian

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7 thoughts on “Mutsy Nexo 2016 Stroller Review”

  1. I would definitely not recommend the musty pram. It is hard to put down, I have been in the pouring rain trying to get the frame down. Now only having it for just over 2 years the frame is broken. I did a lot of homework on prams and thought I had brought the right one but don’t buy this brand it is not user friendly at all for a first time mum,

  2. Hi! I am interested in this stroller but can’t find any reviews online. Have you spoken to any parents who’ve owned and loved this yet? Thank you so much for writing your review. I appreciate it!

  3. I was wondering how this compares to the Igo and Evo models. Thinking I want reversible seat, but can’t really tell the difference between Igo and Evo

  4. Hello! Thanks so much for this review. I am between this one and the Nuna Tavo, with this one winning out for being 5 lbs lighter (I have back issues and every pound counts!) and having a less bulky fold. Would miss the Tavo’s canopy and easy car seat install. What I’m also wondering about is both strollers’ maneuverability and ability to easily handle cracked sidewalks and a bit of park terrain from time to time – they both have suspension and the same wheels, but tavo’s wheels are larger – wondering how much of a difference this would make! Can’t try the Nexo locally so your opinion is extra appreciated! Thank you :)

  5. Do you have any reviews on Mutsy Igo and Evo? These models were on my radar but sadly there were no reviews of these items on this website. Thanks!

  6. Wow, thank you, Susan, for such a helpful and thorough review!

    How would you compare the Mutsy Nexo wheels/suspension to the Nuna Mixx and Tavo? Would they do well on really bumpy sidewalks?

    And in your opinion, could the shorter canopy be a deal-breaker for someone who lives in the Texas sun?

    Finally, if you had to choose… Nexo or Tavo?

    Kindest of thanks for any insight you can provide!

  7. We own exactly same pram as here in pictures, Nexo. I cant agree with Lou statement that is hard to put down frame and get this pram in car. Yes, in the first month needed a little practice, look at setup, this funny clip. etc But now, after 1 year, for me takes 10 sec to get this pram in car and throw in with one hand. In general this is great pram where you can see that manufacturer thinked before releasing out from factory. I agree with statement that this aluminium frame is not bulletproof and after a year there are some signs that it will not last very long. Before Mutsy we owned Emmaljunga and I can say very sure that Mutsy is far better in weight, look, quality and usage. I very love this pram, 9 of 10 stars!

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