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This year I was lucky enough to be at the launch of an exclusive collaboration between Mamas & Papas and Liberty London. This was a big unavailing at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

I knew it was something special when I saw a royal British guard guarding a large display with a bright red curtain.

After the curtain dropped, we saw a beautiful display of the new Liberty London collection. Liberty London has inspired shoppers with their unique style since 1875. This year Mamas & Papas decided to infuse their innovative designs with Liberty’s world-famous prints.

I personally love to see some interesting colors, patterns, and fabrics. In a way, I look at it as a fashion show. Who wants to see black in every collection? Boring! So I was very excited to see the iconic and distinctive patterns in this special addition.

This collaboration between Liberty London and Mamas & Papas includes new baby fashion, accessories for interiors, and stroller options. As cute as the baby clothes could be and they were VERY cute btw, I of course was concentrating only on the stroller collection. 

Thankfully, this is NOT a limited edition. The Urbo2 is retailing for around $699, the bassinet for around $249, and the diaper bag is around $169.

I did snap a quick pic before they dropped the curtain. This guy was so serious guarding strollers I couldn’t stop laughing.


Take a look at this beautiful collection! The print is to die for!

As you can see the collection includes Urbo2 and Armadillo Flip XT models as well as matching bassinets, a diaper bag, a cold weather footmuff, a blanket, a doll, and a reversible seat liner.


The beautiful matching diaper bag.


Here is the Urbo2 stroller.


-5-point harness.


Here is Armadillo Flip XT model.


Look at this huge canopy. I also liked the leather cover on the handlebar instead of the foam that you could see on a regular Armadillo Flip XT model.


Matching bassinets.


Here is how the bassinet looks on the Armadillo Flip XT frame.


And here is how the bassinet looks on the Urbo2 frame.


Here is Urbo2 folded.


You can also get a matching footmuff.


I didn’t walk away without a GIFT! I got a blanket and this adorable doll.


The Urbo2 is retailing now for around $699, the bassinet for around $249, and the diaper bag is around $169.

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  1. Hello there!!!
    You have done an amazing job with your reviews!!!! I am a mother to be and I am trying to find the best possible solution for our stroller. I really got so confused and seriously have no idea with which one I should go.
    I have managed thanks to you to minimise my options to urbo 2 and book plus but seriously I don’t know with which one I should go. Can you please if you can manage to find some time give me a hand of help?
    Thank you so much in advance for your reply!!!
    Good day!

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