Top 10 Strollers For 2015 You Can Buy Right Now


 I’ve already posted an article about 20 new strollers that you can expect to see sometime in 2015, but I know some of you need a stroller right now and don’t want to wait.

That is why I wanted to post a list of the top 10 best baby strollers that you can get today. While some of the strollers below have been recently released or updated, others have been around the block for some time, but still hold their spot.

All these strollers have been already tested by many parents and have received the highest ratings. And since the features are just as important as the price you are paying for them, I’ve also personally tested all of them to make sure you get the highest quality and the best value.

1. BOB Revolution Pro – $499


Each year BOB joggers are getting better and better, and this year has not been an exception. The new Revolution Pro jogger is to die for! It’s an updated version of the beloved Revolution SE which now has an adjustable handlebar with nine different positions and a hand brake that will give you the ability to slow down quickly.

The Pro model is designed for hardcore joggers who like to jog up and down the hill and need a hand brake as additional safety. For those of you who enjoy light jogging and don’t need the hand brake, BOB has released Revolution Flex model.

Just like the SE model, the Pro features a roomy seat, a huge canopy with a large viewing window, a large easy-to-access basket, an adjustable padded 5-point harness, and easy fold.

Aside from the large basket, it has two mesh pockets inside of the seat where your child can store toys or snacks and a large mesh pocket in the back of the seat where parents can store their essentials.

The seat is very well padded and has a deep recline that goes to almost a flat position. You can put a child into the seat starting from 6 months and up to 70 lbs. If you want to use it from birth, you can convert it into a travel system by purchasing a car seat adapter.

The main feature of the Pro is the large air-filled tires that can handle any type of terrain. Together with a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system, it creates a VERY smooth ride. From my experience, BOB’s suspension system is absolutely the BEST. This buggy weighs 28 lbs which is a little on a higher end.

Since Revolution Pro is the BEST jogger on the market right now, it’s at the top of my list.  You can get it in three different colors with a silver frame for around $499

Here is my detailed review »

Here is a quick video overview.

2. UPPAbaby Vista – $820


UPPAbaby has finally updated its strollers giving us the new and improved Vista. After being on my top 10 list for two years in a row, Vista made it here again. Vista is one of the most popular luxury all-terrain strollers that will last you for years and multiple kids. The quality and maneuverability is outstanding! And, the recent updates made it even better.

The new Vista truly grows with your family by giving you the freedom to choose a single or double mode. Now, it can easily hold two toddler seats, two infant car seats, or even two bassinets.

The new RumbleSeat is now a full-size reversible roomy seat that has a full-size canopy and a deep recline. Add a PiggyBack ride-along board and you can transport up to three children at the same time.

Other changes include a newly redesigned lightweight frame that is made out of aluminum and magnesium, a larger basket that is now easier to access from the back, single piece easier-to-clean bumper bar, never flat foam and rubber wheels, and super easy and intuitive one-step fold, similar to the Cruz.

Just like the old Vista, it has an adjustable telescoping handlebar, a roomy seat with adjustable leg rest, a huge canopy with a pop-out sunvisor, an adjustable padded 5-point harness, deep one-hand recline, one-step fold, and all-wheel suspension.

The frame with the main seat it weighs 27.5 lbs. The main seat can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 50 lbs.

I know many of you who recently bought an older Vista are now in tears because the new RubmleSeat works ONLY with the 2015 model. The older PiggiBack ride-along board will NOT work with Vista 2015. You will need to purchase a new board.

Also, after contacting UPPAbaby, I was told they have no plans on making a full size toddler seat for the older models. Sorry guys.

You can get it right now in one of the seven beautiful colors for around $820 – $860. It comes with a matching bassinet, bug cover, rain cover, bassinet bug cover, and bumper bar. Here is my detailed review »

Here is an overview video by Uppababy.

3. Bumbleride Indie 4 – $599


The Bumbleride Indie 4 is one of the best luxury all-terrain strollers you can get right now. It’s very similar to my favorite Indie, but has four wheels and comes with a matching bassinet.

Just like Indie, it features huge canopy, adjustable leg rest, adjustable padded 5 point harness, large basket, adjustable handlebar, and easy fold. The roomy seat has a very deep almost flat recline that is suitable for a newborn.

You can also convert it into a travel system by using an included universal car seat adapter. How great is it to have three options for a newborn?! The seat can accommodate a child up to 55 lbs.

The Indie 4 rolls on four air-filled tires that can handle any type of terrain. This stroller is great for long walks at the park or in the city with uneven sidewalks. It can handle beach sand and snow with no problems. The all-wheel suspension system provides a smooth ride. The Indie 4 is 2 lbs heavier than the original Indie weighing 22 lbs.

It comes in four fun colors and retails for around $599. It comes with a cup holder, bumper bar, matching bassinet, and universal car seat adapter.

Here is my detailed review »

Here is an overview video made by Bumbleride.

4. Baby Jogger Vue – $190


Baby Jogger has really stepped up with a reversible seat umbrella stroller called Vue. This is one of the best-selling strollers right now because it has everything parents want in the umbrella stroller like lightweight, compact fold, deep recline, large canopy, and a reversible seat.

The unique seat design allows you to reverse the seat without taking it out. All you need to do is push the back of the seat forward. Done! The canopy is also reversible and can be switched between modes in minutes.

The seat is very roomy and has a nearly flat recline so you can put a newborn right into the seat. Despite its lightweight, it also takes an infant car seat so you can convert it into a travel system.

This is a great stroller that you can use right from birth and up to 55 lbs. It also features an adjustable leg rest, tall handlebars, adjustable 5-point harness, and compact fold. This is a very sturdy stroller that weighs only 17.5 lbs. Vue could be the ONLY stroller you need.

I was also happy to see a reasonable price of $190. It comes in four different colors and includes a cup holder.

 Here is my detailed review »

Here is an overview video by Baby Jogger.

5. Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip – $499


Parents couldn’t wait for the Armadillo Flip to be released. Right after hitting the market it was SOLD OUT within a few days! Wondering what the buzz is all about?

Well, the Armadillo Flip is one of the best strollers for city living because it has a one-hand compact fold, a lightweight, sleek look, and a reversible seat. The seat has a very deep one-hand lever recline that goes to almost a flat position suitable for a newborn. It can accommodate a child from birth and up to 50 lbs.

This is a great stroller for public transit because you can quickly fold it with just one hand while holding your baby. And, since it has the WORLD’S most compact fold in its class, it’s not going to take up too much space on the bus or a train.

The narrow frame and great maneuverability allows to navigate tight spaces with ease. This buggy weighs only 20 lbs, which is lightweight for a reversible seat stroller.

It is an updated version of our beloved Armadillo. The main difference is that it has a reversible seat that has a very deep one-hand recline in both modes. You can also turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. 

It also features an adjustable padded 5-point harness, adjustable leg rest, a HUGE canopy, flip-flop friendly brake, large easy-to-access basket, automatic lock, standing fold, and all-wheel suspension.  This could be your ONLY stroller! The Armadillo Flip retails for around $499 and comes with a rain cover. 

Here is my detailed review »

6. Britax Affinity – $560


Britax recently came out with a new luxury stroller called Affinity. This is customizable full-featured stroller that you can use everyday for long walks at the park, going to a grocery store, or shopping mall.

The Affinity gives you the option to pick the color of your frame and the color of the seat, harness padding, basket liner, and canopy. The leather-covered handlebar and bumper bar give it an instant luxury feel.

The reversible seat is one molded piece with a deep lever recline. It can accommodate a child from 6 months and up to 55 lbs. If you want to use it from birth, you can convert it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat or you can turn it into a pram by replacing it with a bassinet (not included).

It also features a large canopy, large basket, adjustable padded 5-point harness, adjustable handlebar, and adjustable leg rest. It weighs 25 lbs which is an average weight for a reversible seat stroller.

It rolls on four soft pneumatic tires that are not all-terrain but can handle a lot of different terrain. The all-wheel suspension will help to absorb bumps on the road. It has an easy fold with an automatic lock and a standing fold.

I think Britax created a serious competition for the beloved UPPABaby Vista. It retails for around $560 and comes in gray with six color pack options and three frame colors. The price varies depending on the color and the seller. 

Here is my detailed review »

Here is an overview video by Britax.

7. BOB Motion – $300


If you like BOB joggers, you will be also impressed with BOB Motion which is an all-terrain stroller. This is a very practical and sporty-looking stroller that is great for long walks in the park or bumpy city streets.

What makes this stroller special are the 4 semi-slick air-filled tires and state-of-the-art suspension system found only on joggers. It has a very smooth ride and excellent maneuverability.

The roomy seat has a deep recline and can accommodate a child from birth and up to 76 lbs. You can also turn it into a travel system by using the included car seat adapter. BOB Motion also features a huge canopy, adjustable padded 5-point harness, adjustable handle bar, large basket, and large storage pocket in the back of the seat.

Once the seat is fully reclined, you will see a large mesh window in the back for better air circulation on a hot summer day. It weighs only 23 lbs.

I absolutely love the ONE-HAND fold! It’s super easy and quick. It also has an automatic lock and a standing fold. Motion comes in three different colors and retails for around $300. It comes with a car seat adapter.

Here is my detailed review »

Here is an overview video by BOB.

8. Stokke Scoot V2 – $599


The new Stokke Scoot V2 has better larger wheels! The updated 2015 Scoot V2 is probably one of the BEST strollers for urban lifestyle on today’s market. It has everything that urban parents want in a stroller like a sleek stylish look, reversible seat, compact one-hand fold, and decent size wheels!

That means you can easily fold it with just one hand while holding your baby. Great for public transit, traveling, or if you live in a building without an elevator and need to walk a few flights of stairs every day. The larger wheels can handle now many more types of terrain making it perfect for long walks at the park on city sidewalks.

The roomy seat with a deep recline can accommodate a child from birth and up to 45 lbs. One of the interesting features of the seat is that it’s positioned higher on the frame than on the average stroller bringing the baby closer to you. You can use it instead of the high chair at the cafe or a restaurant.

Scoot V2 also features a large canopy with a mesh panel, adjustable padded 5-point harness, adjustable footrest, large basket, and all-wheel suspension. The handlebar has also been updated from telescoping to rotating which provides more leg room for taller parents.

Other updates include a larger pop-out sunvisor, additional recline position, an easier-to-remove canopy, and two mesh windows on the side of the seat for better air circulation.

You can turn it into a travel system by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. There is no bassinet option, but there is a SoftBag sold separately that you can use for a newborn. The weight did go up 2 lbs to 25 lbs which is an average weight for the reversible seat stroller. You can get it for around $599 and it comes rain cover and bug net.

Here is my detailed review »

Here is a detailed review of an older version made by BabyGizmo.

9. Joovy Groove Ultralight – $189


The Joovy Groove Ultralight is a lightweight umbrella stroller that weighs only 12 lbs, but still is full of great features. This is a perfect stroller for traveling, public transit, quick ins and outs, or going to theme parks where you probably end up carrying it over your shoulder.

Despite being very light it still has a large canopy with a ‘follow-the-sun’ option, deep recline, adjustable leg rest, shoulder strap, and tall handlebars. The seat is very roomy with plenty of headroom in case you have a tall child. It can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 55 lbs.

There is plenty of storage! Aside from a medium size typical umbrella basket, there are two mesh pockets inside of the seat for your child, a zipper pocket in the back of the canopy, and a mesh bottle holder.

It rolls on four 4.5″ hard rubber wheels which are designed for flat surfaces. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight for rougher terrain.

It has a typical compact umbrella fold and an automatic lock. Since it does NOT have a travel system capability this would be a great second lightweight stroller for running errands. It comes in four different colors and retails for around $189. The price does vary depending on the color.

Here is my detailed review »

Here is an overview video.

10. Joovy Qool – $550


The Joovy Quool is a luxury full-size stroller that quickly became one of the favorites right after hitting the market. Parents love the sleek modern look combined with the high quality and lightweight. It weighs only 21.5 lbs (lightweight for a reversible seat stroller).

Despite the light weight, it has a decent size wheels which are 9.5″ and 7″ which puts it in the middle between all-terrain and lightweight models. This is a perfect stroller for everyday things like running errands, going to the park for a walk, going to the mall, or grocery shopping.

This buggy is full of luxury! The reversible seat has a super soft insert that feels almost like memory foam. The adjustable handlebar and the bumper bar are covered with high-quality leather.

The high-tech four-wheel suspension system and sealed bearing wheels will provide a smooth ride for your baby. The maneuverability is outstanding! I really like its huge canopy that goes all the way to the bumper bar shading your child completely.

The Qool also features an adjustable footrest, 5-point harness, large basket, easy fold, and flip-flop-friendly brake. The seat can accommodate a child from 3 months and up to 55 lbs.

The one-hand lever recline goes to almost a flat position. You can create a bed-like environment for your baby by reclining the back of the seat and lifting up the legrest. Great for long naps and quick diaper changes!  This can be your ONLY stroller!

You can also convert it into a travel system for a newborn baby by replacing the seat with an infant car seat. This stroller can be purchased for around $550 in one of the 10 gorgeous colors (avocado color is my favorite :). 

Here is my full review »

Here is an overview video from BabyGizmo.

You’ve probably noticed that some of the strollers from last year’s top 10 didn’t make it to this list. Don’t get me wrong, they are still fantastic strollers. But, for 2015 I wanted to give you newer and recently updated strollers rather than posting the same list all over again.

Stroller Trends for 2015

Most parents these days want a lightweight stroller with a compact fold, decent-size wheels, reversible seat, deep recline, stylish look, and travel system capability. Something they can run errands with, go to the park, and travel.

Nobody wants to buy 2-3 strollers. Everybody just wants to have one stroller that fits all of their needs and they don’t mind paying extra for that. Thankfully, the companies are listening.

I’ve been seeing more and more reversible seat strollers even in the lightweight stroller category. Since the babies grow up so fast, parents want to see them every chance they get. That’s one of the reasons why Armadillo Flip which is a lightweight compact reversible stroller and Baby Jogger Vue which is a lightweight umbrella reversible stroller were so popular as soon as they hit the market.

Adjustable leg rest is not a luxury feature anymore. It could be found on many new models including budget-friendly ones. Each year the canopies are getting bigger and bigger. These days, we want the canopy to go down all the way to the bumper bar. Some models have canopies that go even past the bumper bar.

I see a lot of new models have dark mesh peekaboo windows which create better air circulation while still providing sun protection.

As you know, I am a big fan of oversized canopies and would like to see it on every stroller. I’ve noticed that to reduce the weight many companies add a pop-out sunvior instead of making the canopy larger. The peekaboo window closures are now often magnetic instead of noisy Velcro.

I’ve also been seeing more strollers that come with a matching bassinet as a part of the package or have a bassinet option. I do like the idea of a package because many parents receive a stroller as a gift so the more things included the better.

I mean, you are not going to tell your grandmother who decided to buy you a stroller as a gift that she also needs to buy you a bassinet, a cup holder, a bumper bar, a child’s tray, and that organizer. Who does that? LOL. You just going to send her a link to the stroller you want :)

Footmuff is another hot thing. For strollers that don’t have a bassinet option, many companies make footmuffs that get inserted right into the seat. Stokke Scoot V2 is one of the strollers you can see it in.

The footmuff protects the baby from cold weather and creates a bassinet-like environment. I really like that option and would like to see more companies adding it as an accessory.

In the past, if you wanted a lightweight compact stroller you had to get an umbrella stroller. Not anymore! There are plenty of lightweight models like Mamas&Papas Armadillo, Baby Jogger City Mini Zip, Nuna Pepp, and Valco Baby Zee that are full of features but are more compact than umbrella strollers.

Have you noticed the black frame trend? Some companies even introduced color frames that beautifully match the stroller colors. Love it!

Sometimes the stroller is pretty crappy, but parents buy it because of the cool color frame. They later realize that they’ve made a mistake. LOL. Chicco Echo would be a great example of that. Sorry Chicco.

If you are having a hard time choosing a stroller, drop me a note and I will be more than happy to help you.

126 thoughts on “Top 10 Strollers For 2015 You Can Buy Right Now”

  1. Hi! I’m expecting my first and trying to find a stroller that fits our needs. We live in the boston area in a 3rd floor walk-up and walk a lot, so I’m looking for a stroller that isn’t too heavy or wide, that will be able to handle poor sidewalks in the winter and preferably has a large basket. I’m leaning towards the uppababy vista but am concerned about the weight and size. Something that could be stored upright would be great but I know that you can’t have everything :) Thanks! Olivia

  2. Hi Olivia. You are right, you can’t have everything. Usually, if the stroller has all-terrain wheels that can handle uneven sidewalks and snow, it’s heavy and bulky. But there are a few strollers that I would recommend. The Baby Jogger City GT – it has one-hand fold, large basket, very compact, has all-terrain wheels and weighs only 21 lbs. BOB Motion- has one-hand fold, very compact, all-terrain tires, amazing suspension, suitable from birth and up to 76 lbs, weighs 23 lbs. The Valco Zee is another stroller that is often overlooked. It has a large basket, one-hand recline, very compact fold, weighs only 18 lbs and medium size tires. You can separately buy an all terrain tires for it and us them when you go to the park. All of these strollers are more practical than Vista, but not as stylish ofcourse. Vista is one of my favorite stroller and I think it will be a hard choice. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello,
    My husband and I are expecting our first child in October. We’ve started looking at strollers, cribs and car seats. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to make a decision, because every store has different recommendations. Most recently, we were told that the Baby Jogger City Elite stroller would be a good one for us because the three wheels will allow us to be more mobile through all the thick snow we get in the wintertime. The Chicco 30 and the Peg-Perego 30 were the two car seats suggested because of their snug fit. At a different store the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan stroller and the Graco Snugride 30 and Maxi Cosi Mico car seats were suggested. Which do you support? Any guidance would be very helpful!!!

  4. Hi Carol. Start with a stroller because finding a car seat is much easier. The thing about the car seat is that they are ALL safe as long as you install it correctly. 70% of car seats installed incorrectly! Some of them have extra bells and whistles but it’s not as important. Find the stroller first and get any compatible car seat in your budget. You don’t need to get the most expensive car seat for it to be safe. It’s not like the more expensive the car seat is the safer it is.

    The stroller choice mostly depends on your lifestyle. What do you like to do? Do you like to jog? Do you go to the mall a lot? Do you wan to travel with your stroller? If you live in the suburbs, I would get two strollers, one full-features with all-terrain tires that can go through the snow and another one (you can get it when your child is older) a lither one for quick trips and traveling. For all terrain stroller I would recommend BOB Motion (best suspension system), Baby Jogger City GT (Elite is a little overpriced and weighs more), Bumbleride Indie (or Indie 4 depending on your wheel preference) and Vista (it is luxury stroller). They are all absolutely great choices. Let me know if you need help narrowing it down. I would be very happy to help.

  5. Hi,
    I am expecting my first baby in March and am looking into purchasing a stroller. I have been doing my research and now it came down to a choice of either the Nuna IVVI Stroller or the Joovy Qool. I need the stroller to be lightweight and fashionable – not to bulky, as well as easy to fold, since I will be taking it in and out of the car. Also I want my baby to have a comfortable accommodating seat. I have lots of relatives and friends that have the Bugaboo Bee and I don’t like it since the actual carriage and seat are too small, but what I like about it is that it’s a pretty, fashionable stroller. So which one from these 2 would you recommend after that?
    Thank you and looking forward to hear your response.

  6. Hi Michal. This is not going to be an easy decision because both strollers are high good quality, have a lot of great features and look amazing. I think it depends what’s more important for you. NI has a bassinet option while JQ does not. Is the bassinet a must have item? Nuna has larger wheels, but with the seat it weighs 30 lbs! This is one of the heaviest strollers on the market. If you have some muscles and don’t have a back problem like me, the 30 lbs might not be a big deal for you. JQ weighs only 21 lbs! Now, let’s talk about the price. NI costs about $800 while JQ only $400. BTW, if the bassinet is a must have, I would also look at Vista. To tell you the truth, the car seat is more practical and more convenient than bassinet, because little babies tend to fall asleep in the car and while you walk at the park and it’s much easier to transport them in the car seat rather than waking them up to put them into the pram or from pram into the car seat. Anyways, from what you told me already, I would pick Joovy Qool because it’s an amazing stroller that looks stylish and is easier to take in and out of the car. Hope this helps.

  7. Your response was really helpful, thank you!!!! I think I will go with the JQ. Quick question I have: Is it compatible with any car seat?

  8. Hi Michal. You can get a car seat adapter for around $40 for Joovy Qool that will be compatible with:

    Britax® B-Safe (great car seat)
    BOB® B-Safe
    Chicco® KeyFit 30 (great car seat)
    Graco® SnugRide® Click Connect 35
    Graco® SnugRide® Click Connect 40
    Maxi-Cosi® Mico
    Maxi-Cosi® Mico AP
    Maxi-Cosi® Prezi
    Cybex Aton
    Cybex Aton 2
    Cybex Aton Q

  9. Thank you for your fast response!
    One more question I have is if I buy one color carriage now will I by my next baby be able to buy another insert and change it?

  10. Hi Katrin. I really appreciate your and advices. Finally, I found and useful website for choose a stroller. Please help me with your opinion about Britax B Agile System. I checked the official website and they have 4 different options:

    I don’t understand the differences between them. Right now, just the first one it’s available. Do you think that the others is in the market soon? or is better buy it before this offer expires?

    My others alternative are Graco Modes Sport Click Connect Travel System and Aire3 Click Connect™ Travel System.

    In advance, thank you very much for your time and information.

  11. Hi Julieth. I think that Britax B-Agile Travel System is a great choice. I looked at the links you posted and it looks like the only difference with 3-wheeler travel system is the new B-Safe 35 car seat. One of the links was to B-Agile 4 wheels with B-Safe 35 car seat. The stroller is the same, but the car seats are different. I personally wouldn’t wait for the new car seat because the old one was amazing. Remember, that all the car seats are safe if they are installed correctly. I don’t know if 4 wheels is more important for you than 3 wheels. I don’t see much difference but the extra weight for a fourth wheel. Hope this helps.

  12. Thanks Katrin. For us, the Bridal 3 wheels stroller is fine. What do you think about Grace’s models (air 3 and modesl? Are better than B-agile system? Thanks.

  13. Julieth, I personally like Britax company more. I feel like Graco products are on a cheaper side. Sorry. Just not a big fan of Graco. B-Agile is 4 lbs lighter than Air :)

  14. Hi Katrin, I have read so much pram info I am going to burst!
    Expecting our first in June and, armed with your wise advice (and lots of other info) , went to the only store in my city (Perth, Australia) that stocks the Indie 3 due to it being good off road, built for the heat, fully flat recline, peek window and the bamboo fabrics. It was of course out of stock (should have called before driving 40 mins…) and my husband (ok, and me a little bit) fell in love with the Chameleon 3.

    In Australia the Indie 3 is $899 (I think) whilst the Chameleon is $1429. I just want something that is easy to manoeuvre like the chameleon and I must admit…did like the stability of the 4 wheels. However, I just think the price is a bit crazy, and not confident about storage and how it would go on grass/rocky/sandy paths. The assistant told us the Indie was the same as the city mini GT which my husband thought looked cheap and not very well put together. We thought perhaps the bugaboo range would be more durable than the Indie?
    I also have the option of shipping an Indie 4 from the US at around $950, but that means no warranty…
    Any advice or alternatives welcome. P.S we have a big boot but hoping for something not too heavy as planning number 2 to follow not too far behind this bub and lifting weights ‘n’ pregnancy are not friends. Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi Katrin,
    Thank you for all of the detailed reviews, the videos and great suggestions. I’m trying to debate if I should sell my old stroller and get a new more functional one. I have the City Select with two seats and the bassinet. My son will be just over 2 years by the time the second baby comes along. My son doesn’t use the stroller at all, it just holds our bags. I find the select challenging because of the size and I don’t like the two step fold. What I do like is the large wheels that can handle snowy terrain. Any suggestions on what might be some options? I thought about the new Vista, the Bugaboo Chameleon but if I don’t need to spend that much even better. I’ve wondered if my son would like the glider board option. But them reading about the new Vue or the Mamas and Papas Amardillo seem like great lightweight options but without the capability for all terrain. We did purchase the Mountain Buggy Nano last year for air travel. It seems like everything I turn around there’s an even better product! Appreciate any insights to this. Thank you!

  16. Hey Katrin,
    I really appreciate your advice it’s really helpful. I just narrowed my selection of strollers to these two travel systems.

    1. Britax b agile 3 / b safe 35 travel system
    2. Chicco bravo trio travel system

    Since both of their car seats are ranked really good so I am not concerned about these travel systems. The main concern is their strollers. They both are almost the same in weight, ride smoothly but not sure which could be better. I even read that b- agile 2014 has been recalled so I am having doubts about the new Britax b- agile 3 stroller too. Please advice.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Thanks for sure a great list and site. We live in small apartment in SF and are looking to get a foldable, compact but functional stroller for urban living. I think we have it narrowed down to the Armadillo (or Armadillo city) and the B Agile, although if we found a City Mini for cheap, that could possible enter the mix.
    I’m drawn to the Armadillo, but can’t find any information about it being folded with a car seat adapter. Is it foldable with a car seat adapter in place, or does it lose that functionality until the child is out of a carseat? Does the Armadillo City have a car seat adapter? Actually… I haven’t found much info comparing the Armadillo to the City– do you have any insight?

    The B Agile system seems like the best full package for what we’re looking for, but I always like comparing various options. Thanks!!

  18. Hi Carl. Thank you! You have to remove car seat adapter from all of the strollers. There are some strollers that you can just click-in the car seat without an adapter. B-Agile is a great practical choice that you will definitely love. Armadillo city is more stylish, but look at the wheels! They are much smaller than on B-Agile. If you don’t are about fashion and just want a practical stroller go with B-Agile.

  19. Hi Farah. Thank you for kind words. I think both choices are great. I do like Britax company but if the recall bothers you, go with your gut and get Chicco. Bravo looks like a great stroller that has four wheels and adjustable handle bar. I don’t know how it’s going to be overtime, but it has high reviews. You are absolutely right about car seats, they are both great. Keep in mind the safest car seat is the one installed right. :)

  20. Hi Leanna. I know how you feel! It’s like do I need the all-terrain or do I go for the lightewight and compact stroller this time. Oh. IF only we could have it all in one stroller. LOL. If you are planning on taking long walks with your newborn, you have to have an all-terrain stroller. Armadillo is great, but not for snow. Vista is one of my favorites and you can use the matching bassinet this time :) The 2015 has a new gliding board that you can attach to the Vista.

  21. Hi Amber. Lifting a heavy weight while pregnant is challenging. Chameleon, Indie 3 and 4 are all great options. Indie is not like GT. Indie is a luxury amazing stroller that I use every day. GT is a regular full features stroller that is very practical, but not as fancy as Cameleon and Indie. I wouldn’t even compare them. Both Cameleon and Indie have great wheels. Do you care about reversible seat? If yes go with Cameleon. If not, I would get Indie. I don’t know if you are a jogger, but you can jog with Indie 3 :)

  22. Hey Katrin!

    I really need an experts’ advice here! In 2006 I bought the Stokke Xplory. I liked it very mucht, but after a whili I found it to be not compact enough and especially the wheels bothered me: every road seemed too bumpy, and I was afraid my daughter would have brain damage :-)
    When my 2nd child arrived, we bought a Easywalker duo, and I totally loved the way it rolls smoothly on every surface. But now the 3rd one arrived, and I’m struggling: I want a buggy with a seat I can install both ways (facing me or away from me), I don’t want wheels that give my child a headache, and I don’t want it to be too heavy and easy to fold. So I’m planning to buy the Stokke Scoot (I think it’s a new model now). Is that something that would fit my demands? Immediately I see that the lack of possibilities of repositioning the support for the child’s feet could be a problem…am I missing something else?

    Thx in advance!

  23. After further research on the net I like the Romer Britax Affinity aswell. I also like the Nuna mixx, but I can’t find it in Europe, I only found the Nuna Ivvi, which I like aswell…

  24. Hi Sophie. The Scoot is a good stroller, but again the wheels going to be a problem. For smooth ride for your child you need to get a stroller with air-filled large tires. It will be perfect for long walks and easy to maneuver. There are a lot of different models with the reversible seat. Nuna IVVI is a great stroller but very heavy. I would go with something lighter like Britax Affinity or Joovy Qool. Is weight important for you? Qool weighs only 21 lbs.

  25. Thx Katrin for your reply!
    I looked for the Joovy Qool but it’s only available in the States, not in Europe unfortunately, bewause it does look great! The Nuna Ivvi is quite expensive, 700€… So I think it’ll be a Britax Affinity or a Stokke Scoot…what you say about the wheels: does that also count for the v2, the new version? Because in the first version, it had wheels comparable to the Xplory (way to thin, foam), the new version has tires injected with foam, thicker than the first version…do you have experience with the 2nd version aswell?

  26. Hi Katrin… congrats for this website. Your reviews and comments are awesome. Finally, I decided buy the Britax Agile Travel System. I read a lot and this looks like a great option. Today, I found a good offer in Target (349 us taxes S/H included) with B Safe 35 car seat.

    However, now I don’t know what accesories are really necessary. In Amazon, I checked these ones:

    Do you recommend me buy they?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  27. Hi Andres. Thanks for visiting my site. I would get the organizer and maybe a foot muff. You can always get all these stuff later. It usually ships within a few days. Britax Agile is a great travel system that you will enjoy. It’s very practical and great quality.

  28. Hi Sophie. I really like the new Scoot V2. The wheels are much larger and thicker. Now they are 10″ and 8″. Big difference! If you can get Scoot V3 in Europe, I would get it. Affinity is nice, but not on the same level as Stokke of course.

  29. Hi Katrin!

    Awesome site and so much info! I’m beyond confident you can help me out and steer me in the right direction.

    We went to a BabiesRUs to start a registry. Our first stop was the stroller section. My fiance and I are moderately active people expecting our first kiddo together at the end of April (perfect for the good weather season in Pennsylvania! But winter, and snow, is ALWAYS just around the corner). We both enjoy walking and hiking, not jogging, so a jogger isn’t necessarily what we’re looking for but an all-terrain is. Compactability, durability, safety, versatility are all concerns as we’re looking for an all-in-one type stroller, especially since we’ll be cramming a stroller and dog in the trunk of my SUV for weekend trips. We also plan on doing the whole travel package with car seat on top.

    The associate showed us the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat ($189.99) and more importantly, the City Mini GT ($349.99)–3 wheels, never flat, adjustable handle bar (we’re both on the taller side), easy maneuvering when shopping or on gravel, supposedly all-terrain, can buy an adapter for an easy click in car seat… But it seemed to tip backwards without a lot of force, doesn’t come with any accessories (such as car seat adapter, baby tray, or console) or car seat, kinda pricey for JUST the stroller, plasticky peek windows (do they warp?), seat area doesn’t lay flat (as in the foot rest doesn’t lift up)… Also, i’m a little confused about the recline option for the seat itself, is it one handed, strap or what? I’ve read that a lot of people are annoyed with the reclining seats that have the button strap system. Also, is the suspension that good on a gravel-like terrain? How about snow?

    I’ve seen the prices of other strollers (wow), and we understand that it’s worth spending money for a good product, especially since we plan on having more children and would like to use this for years to come. But price is definitely something that we need to consider, so we’re looking for the best bang for our buck, if you will.

    Do you have any other suggestions? Or do you think this is a good choice that meets our present and future needs?

    Thanks for your insight! It’s VERY MUCH appreciated!

  30. Another stroller I’m looking into was the BOB Revolution SE… In comparing between the City Mini GT and the BOB Revolution SE, i’m not really sure if there’s that much of a difference between them besides the obvious, BOB has larger wheels that need pumped up (and from some reviews, rather frequently) and also is a two step folding mechanism. They’re both around the same price on, both lack the accessories with the stroller purchase, same 4.5 star reviews… *sigh* Stroller decisions are tough!

    Thanks again,

  31. Hi Bianca. City Mini GT is a great option. It’s a very practical stroller with many features of a luxury stroller. I usually have so much stuff in my stroller it never tips back. LOL. BOB Revolution is very bulky. I will take up all of the space in the trunk, but the wheels and suspension are outstanding. I would suggest looking at BOB Motion which has a little smaller wheels but the same amazing suspension system. It’s very sporty and great for all-terrain. It retails on Amazon for only $260 right now. All other all-terrain strollers are above $300. Hope this helps.

  32. Hi Katrin. First, thank you for your in depth reviews. I live in an urban area and plan to be using my stroller frequently on city sidewalks. I’m looking for a reversible stroller and a stroller I can use from newborn to toddler. Right now I’m considering the Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip, the UppaBaby Cruz, and the Baby Jogger Vue. The Vue is obviously much less expensive but if the others are worth it and will last a long time then I would be ok with spending more. Which of the three do you think would work best for my situation? Or is there another option Im not considering that might also work well?

  33. Hi Abby. For urban lifestyle you need a stylish stroller with decent size wheels, reversible seat, compact fold, not too heavy and has a large basket. I like Vue, but the wheels are very small and the basket is a joke. I think that Cuz is a good option because the wheels are larger, I like the reversible seat, basket is large and it looks great! The weight is ok (22 lbs), but it’s bulky. It will be hard for you to fold it and carry in one hand into the bus while holding your baby. I would probably go with Armadillo Flip (the wheels are on a smaller side, but I like everything else) or Stokke Cruz V2 (has great wheels, one hand compact fold, reversible seat, huge canopy and deep recline).

  34. Hi Katrin,
    So I have a 40 lb 3 1/2 year old boy, and another boy on the way. I have narrowed it down to the bumbleride indie 4 (now selling without the bassinet for less $$) and the Bob Motion. I would also be purchasing a glider board. I feel like the Bob Motion is a better option, because it is so comparable to the indie 4, yet about $200 less. My only hesitation is I was planning to get the peg perego 4-35 carseat (from my cousin for a deal, so a huge perk) which is not compatible with the Bob Motion. That is ok, I can get the britax carseat for the Bob, but the problem is it only goes up to 22 lbs. My first son was 22 lbs at 6 months old! I am expecting the next baby to be the same or bigger. So I’d really like a carseat that goes up to at least 30 lbs that works with my stroller of choice. Do you have any suggestions for me?
    Thank you.

  35. Hi Angela. There are a lot of infant car seats that go to 30 lbs. If you have a Britax Infant Car Seat with the Click & Go system (BOB B-Safe, B-Safe or Chaperone – all up to 30 lbs), your infant car seat is already compatible with the BOB Motion stroller by simply using the Click & Go adapters that were included. No additional adapters are required. When choosing the car seat, keep in mind that they are ALL safe you just need to install it correctly. 70% of car seats are installed incorrectly. Just pick one that is good for your budget. Motion has very deep recline so you can put your child straight into the seat once he reaches 30 lbs :)

  36. Oh, I just figured out the problem!! Here in Canada, the Britax infant seats all only go up to 22 lbs, but in the U.S. they go up to 30 lbs.
    How frustrating! Do you think it’s worth it to buy a different brand of car seat altogether with an adaptor for the Bob?

  37. Hi Katrin,
    I am due in March and would like to replace the city mini jogger stroller we bought in 2011 for our other child. We have a graco snugride infant car seat that was compatible with the city mini, but there were a few things about the city mini that I didn’t care for. One being that I could never figure out how to keep the tray attached to the front of it for baby and a few other items that were complicated to get on and off. Second, I had a really hard time getting baby’s diaper bag in and out if the basket underneath and just wished the basket was a little bigger in general.
    I am looking for a stroller that is not too heavy, easy to maneuver, has plenty of storage space, has attachable ride along board for older child, and still be chic. It doesn’t matter if it has the new bassinet style. I would actually prefer it to still be compatible with the graco snug ride infant car seat that we already have, or have its own travel system.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

  38. Hi Christina. Since you are used to very compact and lightweight stroller, I could recommend Mamas&Papas Armadillo (it’s compatible with your car seat). Very light, compact, had one-hand fold, roomy seat. There is an universal stroller board that you can use with any stroller – Joovy Bumprider Universal Stroller Board. I also like Joovy Qool – weighs only 21 lbs, has reversible seat, large basket, and great manuverability. The wheels are bigger than on Armadillo and it is not as compact. It is compatiable with your car seat if you purchase an adapter ($40).

  39. Dear Katrin,
    I’m expecting my first baby in March 2015.
    I live in the Uae, which is a very hot country. I will be mainly using taxis since I don’t drive. And we do travel a lot.
    I am looking for a very light and compact travel system. The price is not an issue.
    I was thinking at the buggaboo bee 3 but it’s seems quite bulky.
    I will really appreciate your help as I’m very confused.
    Many thanks

  40. Hi Salwa. I would recommend Mamas&Papas Armadilo – it has compact one-hand fold, roomy seat with one-hand recline, adjustable leg rest and large basket. Great stroller for traveling. IF you want a reversible seat, you can get Armadillo Flip. It’s the world’s compact stroller.

  41. Hi Katrin,
    Thanks for your quick reply .
    I am hesitating between the buggaboo bee 3 and the armadillo flip.
    Could you please tell me what are the differences, which one is more light, and finally why do you recommend the armadillo more than the buggaboo ?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  42. I have a 22 months old boy, and I bought a britax B agile 4. Its a very good stroller, confortable for him, very good space for the kid, because he is big for his age. Very light to push, easy to handle.
    I choose the light brown one ( they call Fossil Brown) its very elegant ! Im in love about it !
    God bless you family, specially the little one in belly !

  43. Hi Katrin,
    I’ve read quite a few of your reviews now and I just need some personalized help. I am expecting my first child in the beginning of October. The catch is I live in Saskatchewan and we will have lots of snow from end of October until the beginning of April. I also live in a small home with not a lot of storage for a stroller. I’m looking for something that is going to be able to handle rough snowy terrain but also be very practical come the scorching summer months. I also need something that will be small enough to store in my home. It needs to be reliable and heavy enough that I will be able to walk my dog while pushing it and accommodate a large diaper bag. It would be fantastic if there was one that was able to hold the car seat as well.

    I look forward to all your advice

  44. Hi Kaitii. There are some great all-terrain stroller out there that has a compact fold (as compact as large tires can be). Take a look at BOB Motion (great suspension system and great price), Baby Jogger City Mini GT, and Phil&Teds Navigator (has ability to become double). If you feel you need larger wheels than that, I would go with BOB Revolution jogger that can go through anything but of course it’s a little bulkier. Let me know what you think.

  45. Hi Katrin! You seem to know so much about baby gear, it’s amazing. I’m a new viewer looking for a stroller and car seat combo for our newborn set to arrive in a month or so. I’ve done a ton of research and most of whats “up there” in reviews is also up there in price, which is matched in quality. I’m willing to spend for the best of the best, I’m simply having a really difficult time choosing the best stroller for my needs. I live in sunny SoCal so cold weather, rain, and snow are not issues here. I frequently love taking walks in my neighborhood, at the park, the mall, etc., but I don’t jog, so a jogging stroller isn’t necessary. Sun is pretty much the only weather issue here. I would like for him to be completely shaded but am not a fan of the flimsy shade material on some strollers(although it’s lightweight). Asthetics are very important to me so I lean towards the modern and simplistic strollers/car seats. I would like the strollers seat to be reversible and multi-directional(to tilt him back when he’s a newborn and shift forward as he grows older). I would like for the stroller to take my son from newborn to toddler. So far through my research I have liked the Orbit Baby Systems(I love that their infant and toddler carseats attach to the same stroller base with ease, but this system does seem heavy), Nuna Ivvi Stroller + Nuna Pipa Carseat(I absolutely love the idea of this combo, but I haven’t seen these options as a mainstream choice for many moms), the Bugaboo Cameleon travel system, the new Doona carseat+stroller in one(absolutely my favorite due to its ease of use, if only I could attach a toddler seat later!), the 4Moms Origami(I love the idea of pressing a button to close but this also scares me a little), the Uppa Baby Vista, and since reading this I’m really loving the Mama&Papas Armadillo Flip! A big factor to me is it being lightweight and easy to use, and especially easy to store. A bassinett isn’t mandatory for me as it would only be used for such a short period, but I’d just love for the stroller to be able to use both my carseat and have an easily adjustable newborn-toddler seat(I would prefer it to be removable, as I’m not a huge fan of the Nuna Peppa that the carseat goes over the stationary toddler seat). The Nuna Pipa is my favorite carseat as of yet, I love the safety features as well as the look(especially when the shade is drawn), but I know it’s not a very central carseat for adapters, etc., but then again I’m not very educated in that aspect. Is there a way to make it work with, say, the Armadillo Flip? Are there any other carseat recommendations you have that are safe, lightweight, and modern? Finally, what combination do you recommend that meets my everyday needs? I feel that I only mentioned a few that could work for me above, so feel free to include any that I may not know of or have not researched. For a quick recap: lightweight, easy to use & store, reversible seat, multi-directional, shaded, convertible(newborn-toddler), modern&simplistic, and above all, safe.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for giving me your pro mommy advice. I appreciate it beyond!

  46. Hi Alex. You sound like a stylish mom to be. I am all about style and modern strollers too. They are so much more fun! My favorite stroller combinations would be:

    Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip with Nuna Pipa or Cybex Anton Q car seat (have you seen how cool and modern Anton Q car seat looks? To die for!)
    Nuna Mixx (it’s lighter and more compact than IVVI) and Nuna Pipa car seat
    Stokke Scoot V2 (the light blue is amazing!) and Stokke iZi Go X1 by BeSafe car seat (also very modern). I like Scoot because the seat is sitting higher on the frame which is perfect for better bonding with the baby and you can use it as a high chair a the restaurant. Awesome!
    Vista would be a great choice if you are planing on heaving a second child later because you can transform it into a double inline stroller. Otherwise it’s not as compact light (28 lbs) like other strollers.

    Orbit Baby just like Origami are cool ideas but not very practical. I am all about style but it has to be convinient for the parents too. BTW, all car seats are safe as long as you install them correctly. Does that help? Take a look at these strollers and let me know what you think. I will be more than happy to help you to narrow it down.

  47. Thanks for your quick response Katrin!

    This information helps me a ton. I think I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip, the Nuna Mixx, and the Stokke Scoot V2. Stokke hadn’t been an option until you mentioned how high up the baby is held as well as the ability to have it as a highchair when dining! That’s a fantastic feature. Would you say there are any cons on these three strollers that may help me find a direction? The small size of the Armadillo Flip is really appealing, but the Nuna Mixx seems to be a bit sturdier! Then the Stokke Scoot has the higher seat, which is appealing as well. Wow! Who knew there were so very many choices. If only there was a stroller that had it all and was a no brainer!

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  48. Hi Katrin,
    Could you explain the pro’s and con’s of seats that are one molded piece (where the whole thing reclines) vs. seats where only the seat-back reclines? I’ve seen different people say that each one is better and I’m not sure why.

  49. Hello Katrin – I’ve really enjoyed your website and truly appreciate your personalized help with stroller questions. My husband and I are expecting our first in June, and I was gung ho on all things Mountain Buggy after a few recommendations from friends, until I began reading about Citi Minis and Britax.

    We live in South Carolina, so snow is not an issue. I do plan on quite a bit of uneven sidewalk walking — we live in an urban area and enjoy walking and biking as opposed to driving, if we can. What are your recommendations for strollers under $500? I was interested in the Mountain Buggy Swift, but the Nano, as well as all of the Baby Joggers and Britax B Agile look great too! I like the idea of one stroller for everything– trying to simplify as much as possible, if I can.

    Thanks so much! – Erin

  50. Hi Erin. I am glad you like my site! Swift has the bulkiest fold ever. Do you care about compact fold? Also, is weight important for you? I have a bad back so I am all about the weight, but if you have some muscles that might not be an issue. For uneven sidewalks you will need medium size wheels. Nano wheels are way to small for that. City Mini and B-Agile are both great. They have very similar features and if choosing between those two I would go with B-Agile because it’s just a little bit better. You can get it with a car seat as a travel system too under $500! This stroller will last you till your child is 4 and by that time they don’t want to sit in a stroller. I think that B-Agile is the most practical stroller on the market right now. After you are done with it you can probably sell it on Craig’s list.

  51. Hello Katrin,

    Your site is amazing! Its is so helpful! However I am so undecided on a stroller! I am stuck between the uppa baby cruz and the city select. I am looking for a stroller that can be used from birth until the toddler years. I really need a stroller easy to maneuver and fold easily since I will be carrying it in and out of my car. I will be using it mainly outside and on sports field. Any suggestions as to which one would work best? I received the maxi cosi car seat as a shower gift and was hoping to be able to use it with one of these stroller.

    Thank you so much!
    Vicky A.

  52. Hi Vicky. If money is not an issue I would get Vista for sure because it’s a better quality stroller. It will last you through many years and many kids. If you want to be more practical, than go with City Select because it is also a very good stroller it’s just not as fancy and stylish as Vista :)

  53. Hi,
    It’s been a few months and I am back again with more questions!
    It is really hard to see an Indie 3 in Perth so I have gone back to the drawing board. Due in June and stroller shopping is just like wedding dress shopping (shops telling you how close you are to the due date and how you had best order today…).
    With your latest reviews and seeing the Uppababy Vista, I am now bringing this into the competition against the mamas & papas armadillo (GX? GT?) reviewed this morning. I’m also loving the Stokke Scoot.
    The uppababy is $849 plus extra $349 for the bassinet here in Australia. So similar to a bugaboo chameleon or bufallo. I love all that it is (reverse seat, option to expand to two seats, amazing sunvisor and big wheels for grass and off road). It is not super stylish and feels a bit clunky and heavy though, not ideal when I’m hoping to use it whilst pregnant with number two. The armadillo looks much more stylish, and compact. And the Stokke is just plain good looking. Then I hear great things about the Indie, I just can’t view one!
    I guess I am leaning towards UppaBaby but can you throw an idea into the mix? Have I missed something? It’s so hard to choose! Any input gratefully received! Your awesome reviews sell me on a new product everytime! Thank. Amber

  54. Hi Amber. I think if you are planning for #2 already, you should get a convertible stroller that can become double when the second child is here. If the kids going to be far apart in age, than you can go with something lighter because of course convertible stroller weigh a few lbs more than non-convertible strollers. When your first child is older, you can also get a lighter stroller for traveling and quick ins and outs. Most parents have two strollers because it’s so hard to fit everything in just one stroller. In convertible category I would recommend Vista, Baby Jogger City Select (more affordable option), or Britax B-Ready (more affordable option). Stokke Crusi also is convertable but super expensive. Let me know if you want to go with convertible stroller.

  55. Hi Katrin,
    First off, I love your site! We’re expecting our first in May and your site made the crazy confusing world of strollers so much easier! I’m looking for a reversible seat stroller that pushes easily and has a full recline where the footrest can adjust for a flat “bed” (looks so comfy for naps and diaper changes!) It seems my options are Armadillo Flip vs. Nuna Mixx vs. Bugaboo Bee3 vs. Uppababy Cruz. Between these options, which would you recommend? I live in city/suburb and both drive and walk.
    Also, one thing I am confused about and maybe you can help- do you think a bassinet is worth it? I’ve heard it’s a waste of money because so short lived but I’m just wondering since I have 5 steps to get into my house- so let’s say I’m walking and baby falls asleep in stroller, without a bassinet wouldn’t I have to wake the baby up to get inside? A bassinet seems like a great way to carry baby inside still sleeping. What do you think? Thanks so much!

  56. Hi Sara. Thank you so much for kind words! I think that out all of the stroller Bee 3 is my least favorite because it’s bulky and wheels are small. I like Flip and Mixx. Cruz has seat that is one molded piece so your child will never be laying flat. I don’t like that. The fold on Cruz is also very bulky. Have you seen Armadillo Flip XT? It just came out! It’s just like Flip but has larger wheels 6.5″ and 9″, mesh in the canopy, and adjustable handle bar. It also has a bassinet option. I think that bassinet a nice feature but not very practical. If you drive somewhere, it’s probably will be easier to keep your baby in the car seat because what if your baby fells asleep while you are walking? You will need to place him/her from the bassinet into the car seat. If you step out of the house with the bassinet, it can work. You could also use the bassinet at home as an extra sleeping place for you child. Anyways, take a look at Flip XT and let me know what you think.

  57. Thanks so much for your response Katrin! I took a look at the Armadillo Flip XT and am loving it! I guess now my only question is do you think the reversible seat and adjustable foot rest that turns into a flat bed are worth spending more than double on a stroller when I can just get the B-Agile for over half the price? Do you think those 2 features (which seem to be the only things missing from the B-Agile, which is even lighter than the Armadillo and with a simpler fold) are worth the extra $300? I’m willing to spend the extra money, I just want to be able to justify it;)

  58. Katrin,

    Good morning – I am expecting my first in August and would like to have a travel system. After many years of babysitting for friends and relatives, I have found that I have a preference for travel systems.

    With that said,

    The two brands that I am considering –
    Chicco keyfit 30 bravo travel system


    Britax affinity travel system

    From my little research, it seems the Chicco brand overall has GREAT reviews with only 1 recall back in 2008 and it was not a major one. The recall was due to the latching at the base being stuck to the harness of your vehicle. Note you do have the option of harness or seatbelt to secure the base of the car seat so to me, if this is the worst that has happened, I am good with it.

    Britax Affinity has good reviews but it all seems more tailored to the luxuries of the stroller not regarding the safety features. The Britaz car seat that works as a travel system with the stroller has lower ratings than the keyfit 30.

    This being my first, I’m really open to as many feedbacks as I can get… I was initially sold on the Chicco system then I started hearing so much about the Affinity which, I had already written off since their car seat did not have the number of positive reviews that Chicco keyfit had…

    My needs in hierarchy-
    Safety / Quality
    Ease of use (easy to close open etc.)
    Storage (I plan on keeping it in the trunk of my vehicle vs. having to take it in and out
    Style – I’d rather it not be an eyesore 

  59. I havea 5 year old, a 3 year old and an 11 month old – we currently use the City Select in double mode for the 3 year old and the 11 month old. I’m imagining that the 3 year old will probably stop wanting to sit in the stroller within the next few months, and I’d like to “downsize” from the select (even though I absolutely love it!). I’m thinking about getting the City Mini GT – I just love Baby Jogger’s canopies. Do you think that is a good down-size but not necessarily down-grade?

  60. Hi Ashley. I think that most parents downsizing as soon as possible. Who wants to carry that huge thing around. GT is a great choice because it has all-terrain tires. It’s one of my favorite strollers. You can also get a stroller board in case your 3 year old wants to jump in occasionally.

  61. Hi Ami. The safest car seat is the one that is installed correctly. 70% of car seats are installed incorrectly. All car seats go through a LOT of testing before they are getting approved so ALL of them should be safe. All full size strollers have travel system option so that’s not a problem. I would concentrate on finding a stroller that you really like and than getting a car seat that works with it. Chicco Keyfit is my favorite car seat and it’s the most popular car seat that pretty much all of the strollers take. What other features you are looking for in the stroller? Do you have a budget?

  62. Hi Farah,
    Did you end up buying either one of these?
    Please do let me know how the decision went! I’m frantically trying to short list some strollers, and though my husband and I are both in love with the look of the Armadillo, the whole thing- stroller, adaptor, and car seat is adding up cost wise!
    Do let me know :)

    P.s. Amazing, addictive blog Katrin!!:) thanks for all the reviews and super valuable info.

  63. Hi Katrin,
    I am looking at similar strollers as this Abby (ironic we are both Abby!). Your site has been my go-to in my stroller search; awesome resource! Thank you for your time and effort into this site.
    I am looking for something to be a longer-term stroller (through toddler age +) and knowing that I’ll likely purchase a running stroller (although I have heard great things about the BOB and Baby Trend Expedition being good from birth to toddler +, but they seems very bulky for in/out of a car), I want something that can recline flat, has a reversible seat and has an upright position for when the child is older and is able to support his/her head and weight (I’ve heard from my friends that it frustrates them when their 2yr old is not completely upright in their stroller and they want to be able to see/look around). At this point the Uppababy Cruz and Armadillo Flip XT are the 2 I’m drawn to, but wanted to get your input to understand if there may be something I’m overlooking (that is still good but may be cheaper), and then between those 2 which do you like better? I will be using it often for walks, do not have to worry about stairs as I live in a house w/ a walk-out front door and garage, but still don’t want something super heavy. Any input you can provide is appreciated. Thanks! – Abby

  64. Hi Abby. Thank you so much for kind words! Just like you I was trying to find the prefect stroller with everything in it. Unfortunately that’s impossible. If you are planning on jogging I would definitely get BOB. But a lot also depends on the child. I have a very sensitive drama-queen daughter who would not let me jog with her. So my jogger is useless! From the other two, I would get Armadillo Flip XT because I like that flat bed-like deep recline that I think is important for the child to take a comfortable nap. Cruz has one-piece seat that is always in a sitting position even when you recline it. The fold is much easier and more compact on Flip. Another important thing are the wheels and they are much better on Flip than on Cruz.

  65. Hi Katrin,

    I am looking for a stroller and hope that you can help. For the first few months, I plan to use a carrier and/or snap and go/frame stroller. After 3 or so months, I want to invest in a good stroller (cost is not an issue). I live in LA, so I will want to go on long walks, light jogs and run errands with the stroller. Of course, I would prefer something that isn’t too bulky or heavy and is somewhat stylish. Which stroller would you recommended. Again, it would be from 3/6 months to toddler. Thanks so much!

  66. Hi Kellie. I would get two strollers one for jogging and another one for running errands. All joggers are heavy and bulky because of the hard core wheels. The best jogger on the market is BOB Revolution Pro! For running errands you can get something compact and light Mamas&Papas Armadillo. Do you care about reversible seat? If you get Armadillo Flip model, you can remove the seat and use it as a frame with an infant car seat/or bassinet for the first 6 months. It will look so stylish! What do you think?

  67. Thanks so much for getting back to me! Maybe I should have pointed out that although money isn’t a factor, storage space is. We live in a condo and unfortunately don’t have space for two strollers. :-( Since I don’t plan on going running or for long jogs, how about the Baby Jogger, Bumbleride Indie or Uppababy? I hate to be a pest, but there is so much info out there and I value your opinion.

  68. Hi Kellie. I like baby jogger strollers but keep in mind not all of them jogging strollers. It’s just the name of the company. I do like Bumbleride Indie because it’s the lightest jogger on the market (only 21 lbs!). It looks very stylish and has every feature your child needs. Uppababy Vista is also a great choice. Although it’s not a jogger, it has all-terrain tires so you can do some light jogging with it just fine. It has that cool fancy bassinet so you don’t really need to buy the frame. You can just remove the seat and use the frame of the stroller with bassinet or a car seat. That will save you money. Another great thing about Vista is that it is a convertable stroller that can become a double stroller later if you decide to have a second child.

  69. Hi Katrin!

    Thanks for a wonderful and helpful website! Such a great place to start when just getting into the stroller jungle!

    We’re a swedish/NZ couple expecting our first in September, and feel like mission impossible to decide on a stroller. We plan to invest in one on our US stopover in June, spend about half the year in each country with long stop overs while traveling in-between, so we need something compact to bring back and forth. At the same time stable enough for snow, suburban and city living. We are both tall, 6′ resp 6.4′ so that makes it more complex with the compact strollers. Something stylish and with 4 wheels also a big plus. Could be an option to also get an umbrella stroller as a complement but might be a bit too much to carry around.

    The ones we’ve been looking at, but open for other suggestions also :)
    Bugaboo Cameleon 3
    Uppababy Vista
    Stokke Scoot V2
    Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan

    Like the international warranty with Bugaboo, can imagine Stokke has something similar doubt it would be with Uppababy.

    So helpful for any advise!

  70. Hi Jen. How important compactness is for you? Cameleon 3 and Vista are not compact at all. Stokke Scoot V2 is very compact. Te Cosmopolitan is somewhere in the middle. Another super compact stroller is Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT – has one-hand fold, super compact, great for traveling, has great wheels and adjustable handle bar.

  71. Hmm, compact is a big plus but not a showstopper as long as it can go into the back of a cab and able to bring on the plane without testing your patience too much. Most important it would fit us as tall parents work ok for long walks and in snow. A one in all pram but preferably in the compactish size.

    Really like VISTA’s bassinet, would consider to use the it as the main bassinet for the babys first few months. But it seems like it might just be a bit too big and bulky for our requirements? Bugaboo’s design is hard to beat. Armadillo looks good but not sure how well it will handle snow and longer walks?

    Really is a jungle, thanks again, value your advise!!

  72. Hi Katrin,
    I must say your commentary and incite on this website are fantastic but even after extensive reading and research I feel completely lost. My wife and I are expecting in November and live in Brooklyn,NY. We don’t have a car so we find ourselves walking a lot and using the subway of course, but make trips via Amtrak upstate to her parents often. We’d like to use a baby carrier as a primary means of transport with a stroller being supplemental but aren’t sure how all that will really work out once the time comes. Versatility, mobility, affordability and compactability are I guess are main concerns. Vista seems like a favorite but Valco looks like a cheaper comparable alternative? Could we use a bassinet as an early crib? Britax? Armadillo? I literally feel like I’m just picking names out of a hat at this point. We would love and appreciate some solid direction for our particular needs at this point!

  73. Hi Jack. If you travel a lot and have active lifestyle you need something with good wheels, compact fold and not too heavy. All full size strollers have travel system option, but not all of them have bassinet. Here is what you can do: You can buy a great full-featured stroller with a bassinet and a car seat that goes with it. Once you baby is here, you can use it as a travel system with an infant car seat for quick runs to the store, errands and trips to the doctor’s office. For long walks at the park and trips to your friends house, you can use bassinet since it’s not recommended to keep your baby in the car seat for a long time. The bassinet can also serve as an extra sleeping place at home. There are a few great strollers that I can recommend: Armadillo Flip XT, Mamas&Papas Sola2 MTX, Uppababy Cruz 2015, and Baby Jogger City Mini GT. What do you think about these models? I do like Valco Snap Ultra but it’s not out yet. Vista is a little heavy and a little bulky so it will be harder for you to run around.

  74. Hi Jen. I think that Cameleon 3 might be a great choice for you because it has amazing tires and a very nice bassinet. Vista has good wheels and great bassinet too but Cameleon 3 wheels are better! I will go through all of the snow with no problems.

  75. Hi Katrin,
    Your website is so helpful, and now I understand why we are having trouble selling our original Orbit travel system on Craigslist. Times (and strollers) sure have changed! I have a daughter just 3 weeks shy of 3 years old, as well as 2 older girls. We are moving to a condo community in Los Angeles where we plan to walk everywhere (parks, pools, school, etc.). Our last stroller was the Baby Jogger City Mini double which took a beating stored outside for 5 years, We need to downsize to a stroller that will store very compactly in a small closet but I’d like it to still be chic, with good storage and functionality. AND if we should choose to go for baby #4 in the future, I’d love for our choice to be something we can get good usage from without spending too much money. I’m thinking the Armadillo XT fits the bill. Can you let me know if this is a good choice for our needs, and if there is another I should be considering? Thank you for all the great information!

  76. Hi Shannon. The Armadillo XT is one of my favorite strollers because it’s so light and super compact. I think it will be perfect for everyday trips to the store, park or cafe (I am sure you will be sipping lattes at fancy coffee shops in LA non stop. LOL). All Armadillos fold to a very small package perfect for condo living. The double stroller for one toddler is definitely too much.

  77. Hi Katrin,
    My son is 9 months old and is outgrowing his car seat and his Chicco Keyfit Caddy. We have the Uppababy Vista travel system which is great but is a bit too heavy and hard to collapse for travel and errands for me. I am looking to replace the Keyfit Caddy with something just as easy to tote around and use. What do you recommend for an ultra-lightweight stroller that is easy to collapse (preferably with one hand)? A large sun canopy, large storage basket and decent wheels are also important features. I also prefer a stroller with a recline for on the go naps.
    I was looking into the following but am very open to your recommendation:
    Uppababy G-luxe
    City Mini
    Joovy Groove Ultralight
    Britax B-Agile
    Summer Infant 3d Lite
    Thank you in advance!

  78. Hi Meredith. Out of your list of strollers I like B-Agile and Groove Ultralight. In the umbrella category I would also look at the new 2015 Summer Infant 3D Zyre – very cool new stroller and very inexpensive (only $140). In the lightweight closer-to-full-size category I would look at Mamas&Papas Armadillo. It’s super nice, the fold is the BEST, but it costs a little more. If I had to buy a second lightweight stroller right now and money was not an issue, I would go with Armadillo. If I had to get something inexpensive but still high quality, I would get 3D Zyre or Groove Ultralight. Keep in mind, this second stroller will probably be the only one you use most of the time anyways. It’s funny how much parents invest in the full-size stroller and how quickly they downsize using much less expensive model. Hope this helps.

  79. Hi Katrin! This is all such helpful and useful information! We are located in Boston (walk/drive/T) and expecting our first bundle of joy in the middle of October. We travel A LOT to New York (drive/train/walk/subway) as well as Europe and Disney (fly/drive/walk) at least once a year. We are big time walkers usually 6-10 miles a day (on mostly paved/flat surfaces around the esplanade and Boston common) with our large dog and bag o’ STUFF and I work remotely so between baby, dog, and email, I would love to find a really great one handed option. Especially with the snowmaggedon of 2015, we definitely want to be prepared for maneuvering through snow/ice in New England winter but ideally have breathability once the New England summer rolls around. We are also quite tall. Hubby is 6’6 and I am 5’9, so we definitely need a tall enough grip. As well as capacity enough for a baby who is bound to get quite large, quite quickly if genetics has anything to say about it ;) . It sounds from your reviews like we should probably be looking at the BOB Revolution or Motion? I am worried about how quickly our baby is likely to grow out of a 40-50lb weight limit listed on models like the UppaBaby Vista Joovy Qool? Is that a silly concern and should we just trade up when we get there? Do you suggest having multiple strollers? One for winter and one for travel (like the armadillo, Stokke, or bumbleride that you are so in love with!) Also are there any good bets on stores that consistently carry these strollers so that we can try them in one place? Or do we have to suss out each one individually??? We are not worried about price point (for the time being) we’d rather know what’s out there and just find the right stroller because it’s the right stroller to fit our needs regardless of price. Speaking of which, why don’t you mention Bugaboo’s? I don’t know anything about them other than that they are super expensive, but I find it interesting that they are not listed at all on this list…


  80. Hi there! So happy I found your website. We are expecting in 5 weeks and can’t make up our mind about a stroller. Budget is not an issue but it would be nice not to spend 1700+a hefty 15% sales tax. We live in Montreal Canada where it snows a lot, the roads are bumpy and it’s very cold. I have a lot of back problems and was concerned about all the weight differences. Husband seems to like the uppa baby or the bugaboo but I see so many other choices there. My must haves are maneuverability and ease of fold. Some strollers require a degree to fold. We live an urban life and go to parks and grocery stores on foot, take the bus or subway and space is an issue in all places and sidewalks. The BB seems to have to be folded in 2 steps while the UB folds in one. We have a small car and don’t want to invest in a larger car yet. We also travel a lot by air. All the fluf such as chassis color, canopy color is a nice to have. We already have a peg perego car seat, so maybe that would help. The stokke ergonomic
    Design looks cool but we are very confused right now and are running out of time. Help!

  81. Hi Katrin,

    My husband and I are expecting our first in September, and moving cross country to Phoenix AZ in November. We are trying to narrow down the stroller/infant seat/travel system choices but are overwhelmed! We want something that will handle gravel/sand/dirt and be cool in the hot Phoenix sun. A lot of friends swear by the City Select Baby Jogger, or the BOB Revolution but when we went to the store they both seemed to fold awkwardly and were extremely heavy for me to lift! :(

    We were impressed by both the BOB motion system (good price point, but no option for a second seat later; liked the quick one hand fold and pretty light), and the Uppababy Vista (pricey, and would add the mesa infant seat; like the bassinet…unsure if we should go ahead and purchase the rumbler seat now just in case of another baby or wait on that).

    Thoughts? Other brands that we are missing which would be stable and covertible, yet easy fold and lightweight? I feel like that combo of the “only stroller you need” is the holy grail…and that the companies manufacturing these things like it that way!

  82. Hi Cher. Unfortunately you can’t have it all. If it’s a convertible stroller, it will be bulky and heavy because it has to be stable enough to handle two seats. So you need to decide what’s more important for you. Most parents have two or three strollers. One bulky with good size wheels, and another one lightweight for traveling and errands. From the convertible strollers, I would recommend Britax B-ready, Vista, City Select, or Phil & Teds Navigator. The Navigator model is the lightest and most compact. It does not have as many configurations as other strollers but has a lot of great features. Have you seen Britax B-ready in person? It looks very similar to Vista. If you are on the budget, I would go with B-ready. B-ready has more configurations than Vista without any additional adapters. Let me know what you think.

  83. HI Moi. If you do a lot of walking you want nice size wheels. Unfortunately all strollers with good size wheels are bulky and heavy like Vista. Traveling with Vista will be a pain in your back. Why not get something in between? Do you care about reversible seat and bassinet option?

  84. Hi Lili. I’ll start from the end of your comment. I do like Bugaboo but if you compare it to BOB I think that BOB is much more practical. With your lifestyle I would get two strollers, one for traveling and another one for cold winters and off the road trips. BOB is amazing when it comes to long walks in the snow. Best suspension and maneuverability! The seat is huge so you should have no problems. It’s good that you are thinking about it because tall parents have even taller kids! And the kids end up outgrowing all those cutsy strollers very quickly.

    The second stroller could be very compact and stylish like Armadillo XT or one of the umbrella strollers. It will be perfect to travel with and running errands. Most strollers are not in stores really so you have to order tham online and return if you don’t like it.

  85. Thanks so much for your reply Katrin! After trying out the Bob I TOTALLY AGREE!!! We definitely much prefered the Bob Revolution Flex over the Bob Motion – the handling on the motion didn’t begin to compare to the Revolution Flex!!! And I LOVE that it doesn’t have so many pieces like the Bugaboo to fuss with… Just one and done (+ an infant seat for the first 6 months). There is one final test before we finish our registry… How do you feel about the Bob Revolution Flex vs the Thule Urban Glide??

    As for the second/travel stroller – once again you hit the nail on the head… as soon as we started looking we realized that two strollers were going to be necessary for our lifestyle… We are currently leaning toward the Uppababy Gluxe because of the handling, handle height, seat to canopy height, high weight limit, recline, and basket size… should we also consider the Valco Baby Snap 4, Bumbleride Flite, and/or Babyhome Emotion?

  86. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this article. It gave me so much information on strollers available on the market. However, i still cant decide on which one to get. I have a toddler (18 months). Our current stroller is not doing great anymore so really need to replace it soon. My must haves for strollers are 1) sleek looking and sturdy that we dont need to buy another one anymore 2) most upright seat and deep recline and 3) with snack tray for the child or something that i could buy as an accessory. Could you recommend something that will fit all our needs?

    Thanks you in advance,

  87. Hi Katrin

    I am hesitating between the b-agile and the affinity stroller. Which one would you recommend?

    Also do i need a bassinet? and the infant car seat? It just feels like the bassinet is expensive considering that will only be useful for 2 or 3 months. Now for the car seat i was thinking of buying a big one one that my baby can use for many yesos. But im just not sure if maybe this one would not be adequate for a newborn.

    Please help!

  88. Hi Kathy. You definitely need an infant car seat. The larger seat will be much more difficult to carry around and it’s not going to fit onto the shopping cart and the strollers. The bassinet is totally optional. If you don’t want your child to spend too much time in the car seat, you can get a stroller with flat recline and an infant insert that you can put into the seat of the stroller for more support. The B-Agile travel system is the most practical solution because this could be your ONLY stroller where with Affinity you will need to buy a lighter one later for running errands and traveling. B-Agile is compact, light and has very roomy seat that will last you till toddler years. Affinity is more about style and it has reversible seat that all parents want. With the infant car seat you will see your child for the first 6 months anyways no matter what stroller you buy. And after 1 year, kids want to look out and not at their parents. So if you want to get ONLY one stroller I would pick B-Agile.

  89. Hi Chyne. I think you might like Uppababy Cruz. It has very upright seat, deep one-hand recline, very stylish look, and comes with a bumper bar. You can also get a snack tray and a stroller board as an accessory. It’s very high quality and very durable stroller. What do you think?

  90. Thanks for your reply Katrin. After hours of research, I actually decided to get the Cruz and so glad you that’s your recommendation as well.

  91. Hi,

    I am torn between the newer Britax B Agile Double and the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller. They both have the quick fold technology and so many similarities it’s hard to decide and there is no local store that carries them. The britax has a couple new features that look like accessing the storage is a lot easier such as the zip out compartment in the foot rest option and easier side accessibility. So my questions are: is the baby jogger basket really that hard to access? Does the Britax fold and unfold as easily since this was originally a Baby Jogger technology? Is handling similar for both?

    Thanks for your help!

  92. Hi Katrin,

    What a great website! My head is spinning from all of the stroller options so I am hoping you can help identify a couple of good options. I know you can’t have everything, but hopefully I can find one that fits most of our needs.

    -Lightweight. I am very petite (5 feet tall and at 6 months pregnant just under 110 lbs). I don’t want to be lifting half my weight in stroller everyday!
    -One hand close. My sister has a Graco stroller that is like wrestling an alligator every time I close it. I vowed my first stroller would be an easy one handed close stroller.
    -Adjustable handle bars or a stroller that will fit both me (5′) and my husband (6’2″) comfortably.
    -Large Basket that is easily accessible.
    -Ability to add snack tray or bumper bar (I know right away this won’t be important, but I know from my nephews and nieces that after 1 snacks in the stroller can be a life saver while shopping, zoo, events, etc.
    -Something easy to steer with one hand would be a nice extra as well =)

    This would be for my primary stroller. It will be used for shopping, trips to the store, zoo, parks, light trails, grassy areas, unpaved roads. I am thinking my best bet is to find something with all terrain wheels since I would like it to be versatile.

    I also don’t mind older model recommendations that I can look for used as well.

    Thanks in advance for any stroller options!

  93. Hi Danielle. You sound like a practical person that doesn’t have to have ridiculously expensive stroller. I would recommend City Mini GT or BOB Motion. Both have everything on your list plus very compact fold, large canopy, and travel system option. They looks sporty, very affordable, great quality, and easy to maneuver with one hand. What do you think?

  94. Hi Angie. The B-AGile is just a little better. I like the material better, the basket is easier to access, the handle bar is foam, the wheels are a little better, and the frame design gives you a little more leg room. All of these things are very minor.

  95. Thanks Katrin! You confirmed my research, those were two of the ones I had narrowed it down to (was also looking at Britax B Agile and Armidillo Flip- but neither have adjustable handle bar and Armidillo has no option for snack tray). Those two seem to check every box on my wish list.

    I think I will go test drive both and see how they feel. Any other recommendations where there is an option for baby to face you? It’s not a must have, but I figured I would see if there was one that checks that box as well!

    Thank you so much for all the information on this website, it is so helpful!

  96. Hi Katrin,

    I currently have a Chicco stroller and I am ready to buy a new one because I feel it is falling apart and not providing a very comfortable ride for my 8 months daughter. I am a petite woman (5 feet tall) living in South Texas where it is hot and humid with temperature in 3 digits 8 months out of a year.

    The main use of the stroller will be to walk around in our neighborhood (sometimes in uneven pavement) and in parks. Since it is always very sunny here in Texas, I would like something with a big canopy to avoid the blazing sun shines in my baby’s face. A breathable material will be a plus. t is not necessary but it will be even better if it comes with a bug cover (or an option to purchase) since the mosquitoes here are horrible.

    Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.


  97. Hi Katrin,
    Thanks for the great reviews! We are expecting our first in October! We live on an island, and so, are looking for a stroller that could go from pavement to beach with relative ease. We’ve been eyeing the Vista for quite some time but also have the Baby Jogger Summit X3 in the mix. Do you know how the Vista does on the sand? And if it doesn’t do well, what is the closest stroller to the Vista that would work on the beach? We LOVE the fact that the Vista adopts for more than one child and comes with the bassinet, which is what is putting it ahead of the Baby Jogger for now. I’d just hate to spend the money on the Vista and be disappointed with it when we go to the beach. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  98. We have a City Mini GT and love it, but here in Florida, it gets way too hot to use it for longer outings. The huge canopy is great, but it doesn’t allow for any air flow. I have been looking at umbrella strollers that might work for us. I was very interested in the Maclaren Mark II, but the canopy is way too tall to be of any use (our daughter is very petite). I love the Uppababy strollers, but the handles are way too high for me. Do you have any suggestions for a short mom and short kid that need a lot of shade and air flow? Have you had any experience with the Inglesina Net? Thanks! Love your site!

  99. Hi Katrin,

    I will be doing a bit of traveling with my (currently) 2.5 month old daughter and was hoping you can help suggests some good options for us.

    I’m looking for a stroller that is lightweight, has a deep recline, easy to fold and can be pushed with one hand.

    I currently use the Britax Affinity for everyday at home but it is just too heavy for travels in my opinion. A stroller with similar features but much lighter would be ideal.

    Thanks so much!

  100. Hi Lily. Do you need this second stroller to have travel system option, or you ok with putting your child into the seat? Both Baby Jogger Vue and Baby Jogger Vue Lite have reversible seat, travel system option, deep recline so you can put your child right into the seat. Both are umbrella strollers with two handle bars. Another option would be getting a compact stroller with a single handle bar like Armadillo (only 17 lbs) or City Mini Zip (17 lbs). They look like full size strollers but have very compact fold that is great for traveling. Both have travel system option and deep recline.

  101. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m thinking a travel system option would be more ideal since we plan on having another baby in the near future.

    Between the Armadillo and City Mini Zip, which would you recommend. They appear to be very similar so I was wondering if there’s one that you would pick over the other and why.


  102. Hi Lauren. Of course any jogger will handle sand better. Joggers have larger wheels, and much better suspension system. Vista will do just ok, but not as well as a jogger. Another stroller that will handle the sand that is not a jogger is Bugaboo Cameleon 3.

  103. Hi Jane. It looks like you need something with decent wheels. You didn’t say anything about reversible seat. If you want a sporty stroller, I can recommend BOB Motion, or City Mini GT. From more stylish options, I would recommend something like Mamas&Papas Sola2 MTX, or Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT. All of them have a mesh window in the back for better air circulation, very deep recline, very compact fold, great size wheels, and adjustable handle bar. What do you think?

  104. Hi Lily. This one is tough. Both of them have their pluses and minuses. I would probably get Armadillo because it has larger seat that will last you for much longer. I also love how cute it looks and the colors! So modern!

  105. Hi Katrin!
    How would you compare the Armadillo Flip XT to the Bob motion?
    Most important factors for us are maneuverability in rough terrain (but remaining relatively lightweight), possibility of adding car seat and bassinet, compact fold, storage basket. Can both of them be used since birth by the way? Any other ones you would suggest over those 2?
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

  106. I’m trying to decide if I should buy the stokke trailz or scoot v2 for my two year old. We’ve tried a lot of strollers….here’s what we’ve tried and why we need a new stroller.

    Orbit g2-loved as an infant, he hated the toddler seat, refused to ride in it.

    Bugaboo Donkey, fixed 5 point harness, way too cumbersome and a pain to take apart and put back together.

    Bob-he couldn’t stand that the canopy touched his head when not out and he doesn’t like canopies to be open.

    Citi Mini GT-way too easy for him to unbuckle and run around the store, also tips backwards way too easy-he likes to unbuckle himself and then stand.

    Umbrella strollers are not for us…we go to the park too often for them to work…we have one and only use it when traveling by airplane.

    I know I need a new stroller, I know I want something that faces both ways and that isn’t easy to escape. Which do you suggest or is there something else I should look into?


  107. Hi Katrin!
    Which umbrella stroller would you suggest that fits these criteria: (1) lightweight (my main stroller is only 21 lbs so lightweight means pretty darn light), (2) nice wheels/suspension quality, (3) 90 degree sit-up angle [or close to it]? The G-Luxe seems like the only one with decent wheels, and the only 90 degree angle seats I’ve seen are full-sized strollers like Bugaboo and Vista…
    Thank you!

  108. Hi Nikki. Gluxe 2015 is one of my favorite umbrella strollers this year. Maclarens are also nice ofcourse but I don’t think they are much better in quality. Gluxe 2015 also got so many positive reviews from parents, I would go for it. It should last you for many years and multiple kids.

  109. Good evening .
    we are sooo happy the airline lost our stroller. My daughter is 14 months and the height of a 2 yr old. We would like a lightweight stroller, reversible seating, large canopy and basket, good for tall parents, a bit of luxury and any other amenities. Please advise!

    Your site is an excellent, well organized resource for time strapped parents.
    Thank you for all you do
    Ruth – Joy

  110. Dearest Katrin,

    I am currently planning on reorganizing my stroller situation due to my health and my son’s height. At 18 months he is very tall (35″) and 100% for height. We own a 2013 UppaBaby Vista and a Baby Jogger City Classic. The Classic fits his height well and is easy to fold but I don’t like the buckles and the underseat storage is horrible. I also no longer need a jogger as I am having auto-immune health issues and need a very lightweight stroller. I still would like an all-terrain option as we are adventurous- sand and snow types. The Vista is heavy, and the only other issue I have had with it is since it’s center of gravity is high and my son is tall, it tips backwards VERY easily. I am spoiled by the Vista’s features- such as no strap recline, adjustable leg rest, etc. So many options out there! Any advice for a mommy with weak hands and and tall toddler? Also my budget is less than $400 new or used. Thanks so much!

  111. Hi Katrin,

    We are expecting our first in the coming months and need to make a decision on a stroller. We are very intrigued by the Joovy Qool, however no store has them available to test and there is not a great deal of user reviews. We a fairly active and would like to only have one stroller if possible that can handle it all from grocery stores to light off-road terrain and occasional sand. What is your opinion, and how does the Qool compare to similar competitor products? Thanks!

  112. Hi Katrin,
    I am expecting my first child in January. We plan to have a second within two years of the first, so I am hoping to get the pram selection correct the first time around! We live in a house in the suburbs in Sydney, Australia. We live within walking distance of the beach (down a hill) and I currently walk our dog everyday. I have come to realise that two strollers will probably be the best choice for us, but am trying to decide which ones. One that I don’t have to fold or lift and that can remain in the house for long local walks to the beach, parks and cafes, and a second stroller that will be used on car trips to shopping malls/parents/cafes that needs to be able to be lifted and folded easily. I have a relatively large car, so space isn’t an issue. What would you recommend? If a bassinet is required for a newborn would it make sense to buy both strollers from the same company so that a single bassinet can be purchased and used between the two (as it would only be for 6 months). Also, would a two-year-old require a stroller once we have the second child? Is there any point getting anything like the Uppababy Vista as our “home walks stroller” which can carry two children if the second “car stroller” can only take one child?

  113. Hi Katrin,

    I am wondering if you have any experience with the Chicco Urban stroller? We recently played around with one at Babies R Us and are torn between that and the Britax B Agile system. I wish I would have also tried out the Chicco Bravo…we may have to go back out to try it. What are the pros and cons between these three systems? I can’t find tons of reviews for the Urban–I think it’s on the newer side.

    Thank you!!

  114. Hi Katrin,
    I’m looking for a compact lightweight second stroller. I currently have an Inglesina Trilogy which is ok at best but it’s heavy and awkward to carry and the basket is small and hard to access. Our LO is 14 months now and I’ve only used it 3 times. We’re planning a few all day trips to Disney, the zoo & Sea World. I do not want to lug that thing around and My hubby does not want to spend lots of money on another stroller. What do you recommend?
    I was looking at the Armadillo City or the Valco Snap Ultra but I want to make sure LO will be comfortable it in. Also, he’s kinda on the taller side and I would like to use this more than once or twice.
    Thank you!!!

  115. Dear Katrin,

    Firstly i want to congratulate you on this amazing blog . you are helping soo many mothers out there . since i have found you i dont even look at any other website . I feel secure going through your blog and trust your judgement .
    I am WTM really nervous about this whole thing. been to store nearly 4 times looking at the same strollers again and again and every time I am back i have a headache and still no decision .
    I have narrowed down my choice going through your different articles as price is also a concern , i dont want to spend more that 350-370 on a travel system .
    I like the britax agile 3 ( if i buy the 2014 its cheaper then the current one ) and the Chicco Bravo. I Love the Britax but the car seat felt really heavy as compared to the Chicco .I dont jog or run , live in texas the heat just gets to me , we do travel a lot on holidays, need something comfortable for my baby and it looks fashionable at the same time.

    I did see the graco one click travel system , its a lot cheaper do give your thoughts on that too please.

    I will really appreciate if you can help me on this . looking forward to hear from you

  116. Hi Nabs. Thank you for kind words. I try my best to answer all the comments and emails! I do like both of your choices. I would stay far far away from Graco! Usually, the more stylish the stroller the less practical it is. LOL. I like the reversible seat on Bravo and the look is more modern than B-Agile, but B-Agile is much more convenient and practical when it comes to traveling and running errands. B-Agile is more compact and lighter. You have to compare it to the experience of reversible seat and looking at your daughter when she is little. What’s more important for you?

  117. Hi Priscilla. Armadillos are great. Snap is more of a full size because of the reversible seat. It’s bulkier. You should probably get something like Armadillo (not XT) or one of the umbrella strollers like G-Luxe 2015. Inglesina is not my favoite. I think because of the wheels, it’s kind of in between lightweight and fulls size, but it’s really not lightweight, not compact and the small wheels make it not full size, if this makes sense. If I were you, I would probably sell Inglesina and get Armadillo.

  118. What a fantastic website! I love the detailed review that you provide with all the stroller models!

    As I was browsing through the internet, I came across i’coo strollers. I don’t see it here on your site and I’m just wondering if you have any experience with this brand of strollers and how it compares to the Armadillos, etc.

    Thank you again for the amazing work with this website Katrin!

  119. Hi Katrin, I love your site and information. I’m a 36 year old first time mom and want to have at least one more baby. My first is due in April. As I delved into the stroller world my husband says I’ve become obsessed with researching them! I think he is right! My conundrum is should I buy a travel system for my one baby due this spring and upgrade to a different stroller if/when second baby comes or buy one of the convertible types now? I like to save money, but also like safety and style right up there with budget. I’ve considered B-ready, City Select, GB Evoq systems. I really want a reversible seat no matter what I end up with. The brands and styles are endless and I wondered your thoughts? Thank you 😊

  120. Hi, I am trying to pick between the Bob Motion for its functionality and the Britax Affinity for its good suspension. Is there one you would recommend over the other? Right now, the prices are not too different on Amazon. I am concerned that my baby may outgrow the Affinity sooner. Thanks!

  121. Hi Katrin I am looking for compact,stylish and a comfortable stroller.I am too confused between uppababy cruz and stokke V2.Please help me find the better one.Looking forward to hear from you.Thanks

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